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  1. take a break and come back at it another day the second things start going not your way
  2. Type 59: 14WZ-111: 16112: 22T-34-3: 14FCM 50 t: 11M4A1 Rev.: 30AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 23leKpz M41 90mm: 18 (-3 because it is, like the CDC, only a stronghold tank and absolute garbage for randoms. The shell velocity combined with by far the worst LT platform on the tier make it very underwhelming for something with tier 9 MM)Skorpion G: 27Panther 88: 2 Löwe: 31Pz. 58 Mutz (Black): 22STA-2: 26M46 KR: 22 (+1 really solid tank after the buff, not like it needed it but man does it feel better already)T26E5 (Patriot): 28IS6 (Black): 3KV-5: 20T-44-100: 13T26E4: 18IS-3A: 20IS-5: 20 By the way, I don't really see the point of some peoples arguments, downvoting the Type 59 and WZ-111? I'm sorry but the tanks are good, and you might be the problem rather than the tanks Seriously, have you tried the WZ-111 after the buff? If you own this there's absolutely no reason to pick an IS-6 over it. And the IS-6 is by far a better tank than the IS-5 in randoms. See the point here?
  3. Can someone upvote the KV-5 and neg the T-44-100 for me? On mobile KV-5 is by far the best yolotank in the game. Also the only prefMM T8 that can reliably 3K DPG bevause of the insane DPM on a very special platform. It's 10/10 for winning too, 50 games and an 89% WR since getting it back with 2,950 DPG and 1k assisted, I think a lot of people misunderstand how to play the tank. I also have the same thoughts on the Mod1, it's an amazing pub stomper. It bullies well and the gun is more than fine. Sad thing is that it's already powercreeped. Compared vs the medium normal 8 prems (STA, CDC P88 etc) it's my personal favourite among them, but against a Patriot it has nothing going for it
  4. Circon is streaming Obj 252

  5. Mod1 is good you all just suck
  6. Type 59 - 24WZ-111 - 18112 - 21 (+1, godtier buff made it by far the best T8 prem MM tank in the game, I'm pretty certain it's the absolute best tank for winning right now in its current state)T-34-3 - 18 59-Patton - 11 (-3, this has got to be the worst tank I've ever gotten gifted to 3mark. 2K DPG is literally good on this thing while it's trash for everything else on this list)FCM 50 t - 24M4A1 Rev. - 22AMX M4 49 (Liberte) - 20leKpz M41 90mm - 21Skorpion G - 22Panther 88 - 20Lowe - 28Pz. 58 Mutz - 20STA-2 - 23 FV4202 (P) - 14T26E4 - 18T34 - 17M46 KR - 21T26E5 (Patriot) - 23 T-54 Mod. 11IS-6 - 15 KV-5 - 20T-44-100 - 21
  7. Conqueror is a bit tricky, the gun is by far the best in tier and it can hulldown pretty well. These traits usually mean picking long lanes with lots of HP where your gun and armour hold up. If that's too fast with too little damage then the Conq has another ace up it's sleeve: it can snipe really well. Conq is one of the few T9 heavies that can reliably hit its shots at 500M meaning you can clean out your engagement and start leeching off of the next much better than your peers. On the downside is that the hull is garbage and so is the mobility, meaning you have to make the right decisions from the start. It's hard to rotate in it so if you realise you fucked up the best thing to do is dig yourself in and farm as much as you can until you die. The second people get close your tank starts losing out because CQC doesn't require as much gun handling. You're much better off in attrition games on 300meters where you have a real advantage over everyone else. Not to mention the garbage ammorack the second someone pens your UFP so it's either semi-aggressive hulldown or 2nd line support in this tank. Sniping works of course but you have HP for a reason and not using it will have a negative impact. Smaller things: 22 is your friend, Conq APCR is the best T9 round in the game and everything is pennable for it Decent tracks so sidescraping works for baiting shots. (You can't get a shootable angle on them though, but it helps blowing reloads) Gun is more than good enough to reliably track enemies, utilize it as much as possible. If a tank is not moving, go for track instead of center mass. If a tank is pushing on you, snipe his track so you can farm him from hulldown without being able to close in on you. This will net you higher DPG, but mostly wins and assisted. Farming points of the tanks that would die anyway is good on the off chance they could pull back into support (someone poking a corner means instatrack, seriously) I've been doing this in 62A lately and WR went up to 75% for the last 7 days I played simply by semi-aggression along with really making sure that the tanks that "should" die actually die by tracking them. Even the most retarded pleb can finish off a tank that can't move.
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    100% marks on 62A :kreygasm: 

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      my overall wr/dpg on 62a is pretty low, last 100 games in 62a are 70+WR though :) 

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  9. I had this issue playing on my MacBook (was using the codeweavers thingy) and the problem was only on newer maps. Removing them from the directory and forcing WoT to install them again didn't work, neither did a fresh install. A simple download of the map files worked though. Somehow my Mac was corrupting the files on Kharkov and the new iteration of Malinovka and trying them 10 times each to load in in a training gave no results at all. Simple crashes with need of restarting the entire computer because the whole thing froze. It's not the same problem as you have, but it's how I fixed my issue.
  10. Well it'd most certainly be new tanks. I'm not sure how many japanese tanks fit the bill. China would probably get a tank that squares itself in numbers every time it dies Type 59^2 Britain might have some options, and so does Germany, but I doubt other nations have good enough tanks to push out since these new prems are supposed to be a taste of how T8 is going to be balanced later on
  11. Aren't you glad Garbad talked you into getting that Founders pack guys?
  12. And here I am paying Kitten to bring 907 values down to normal RU med WN8
  13. E 50M really was perfectly balanced as it is, maybe even got a little stronger since most new maps are corridors and the armour is something that keeps coming in handy. I remember when E 50M and Leo 1 were compared against eachothers in the vision meta because they played pretty much the same E 50M is certainly not underwhelming, but it isn't exactly in need of a nerf either. It's pretty unjustified to make the tank taller (rip camo) and longer, along with giving it worse armour when HEAT goes straight through the UFP. It's one of my personal favourites in my garage and a tank that I really do enjoy playing. Short of 140/62A and M48 the E 50M is by far the most reliable gun to use as well, it'll hit when aimed but can also decently snap semiaimed. If there's only one tank I could play in the entire game, it'd most likely be the E 50M if M48 wasn't a thing. The mobility/gun/armour combo is really something rare to get in the game, only the E 50M really has all three factors well enough to never feel out of place. (E 50 is of course great at it too, but it's slower) There's a reason there's people like Ew_ and morgotz with over 10k games in the E 50M, trakais as well
  14. make it an (E)50M freestyle and you got yourself a deal