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  1. U ppl talking about xvm focus like u know shit Congrats, bigger wn8 - more stuns
  2. New PC up and running, surprised I built it by ear and everything worked first try :kjugh: 

    Let's spend the entire weekend clocking and try and stay away from WoT now since I've already been away 2 weeks :doge: 

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    2. BlackAdder


      Nice issue diagnostics, it was faulty pc all along :serb: 

    3. Kolni


      well i had cpu and ram lying around, only psu/mobo/cpu cooler that's bought and otherwise old pc parts

    4. Marty


      Nice to see someone getting an actual decent looking case not some abomination with million LED's, plexi on each panel and weird shapes :feelsgoodman:

  3. Things someone has actually said: dont make the stats too good so ppl dont think someone else did it >plays like normal but drowns every 10th game
  4. ppl just realised it was cheaper over time to get a job and pay carbonward to keep ur e-penis alive instead of wasting the time to learn this game i actually still think there's plenty of content left to be made for the game but they're too big of a project for absolutely no return but 20 replies and some upvotes
  5. Literal shitfest, wouldnt even do ranked if the rewards were double
  6. Havent picked it up from the post office yet, will update CPU, Mobo, PSU and Ram anyway so pretty much a new PC
  7. I have tried all combos, tried rebooting after removing a part everytime It boots with a different Mobo and CPU, I cant test my CPU because it doesnt fit in that socket.
  8. I got behind the previous tech tree -> reward tanks because they have issues and this satisfies both sides but the 183 is a broken tank, making it a reward makes it even harder to get rid of, especially when so many active players have it compared to the Foch and 215b so i do not like this excuse to replace tanks just replace the tank, no reward bullshit and rid the game of a top 3 biggest cancers in T10
  9. It will not boot with only PSU and Mobo, backup BIOS trick does not work I've deassembled and reassembled it three times since. Checked all wiring, pins and parts and they all work except for the CPU which I havent been able to test. I gave up on this and new Mobo should arrive tomorrow, time to reclock everything
  10. I've tried booting without the CPU. Even tried with Mobo, a ram stick and PSU only but no luck there either. I did remove it, checked the pins underneath and everything was fine