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  1. I'm just going to do the even more dickish thing and platoon my waffle with 2 Type 5s that tank the hits for me before I clip shit
  2. -3 for Komarin (kill) +1 South Coast as mentioned before and far the most playable map among these. Taking mid from south and 9/0 from north were super controlling plays that allowed you to do so much in terms of map control that plenty of maps don’t allow today. This was by far the best small map in the game. Pearl River was removed because of pubbie complaints afaik
  3. (On phone so someone pls add these) +1 South Coast - I really liked this map. The middle had some pretty cool spots and the 9-0 line was actually fairly well made, the beach had better use than any beach on any other map as well. The only issue I have with the map is that it doesn’t work with the current meta. Strvs would kill every chance of aggressive play and it would become one of the shittiest T10 maps pretty fast, but in the meta it was in, it was pretty good. -3 Severogorsk - This map is the worst ebola I’ve ever played and we have maps like Windstorm in the game right now. No iteration of it ever worked. You could do nothing but trade regardless of where you went.
  4. And 2 more pages of twitch clips of just my FV4005 pens. Maus turret for 2k, E100 turret, E3 LFP on the move, Type 4 snapshot pen frontally (no idea where it hit) and hitting a hulldown pixel of a T-44 for 900 while drivning downhill at 55kph almost forgot about the IS-7 UFP pen. That’s just off the top of my head. Accuracy is a joke with RNG on sigma and pen
  5. I have it set to x8 and shift into it without any issues. My reason for shift is that moving your fingers while aiming screws your smoothness over (try to snapshot while changing zoom levels, it’s more disorienting if anything), and shift defaults back to your last setting. The topmost comment isn’t true (at least for me). Aim in 3rd person > adjust in x8 > fire > shift back to FULL FoV meaning I have as little time in sniper as needed for minimal tunnelvision. I press shift as I fire so we’re talking less than 0,2 seconds in sniper for snapshots. I have my sniper and arcade sensitivity the same so the transition is seamless and not disorienting at all. For 10 meter shots I just use 3rd person since at that range I can hit anything, and if I need to hit very precise I just increase the zoom to the level just before sniper mode hits anyway. I have it set that way often in brawls anyway because I get a better look of my micromanaging and if I’m actually hulldown and so on. Basically if I play macro I go with high FoV and for micro play I go with more zoom. I can’t justify the scroll wheel for zoom as I want max FoV out of sniper asap
  6. 430 has 248 pen on the gold APCR round, just instasell it
  7. My FV4005 penetrating TVPs driving full speed 30 seconds into a game begs to differ I'm honestly not worried, the tank has always been easy as shit to outplay no matter what player's on the other end. The only difference is that unlike a shitbarn you'll take 560 for being caught off guard instead of an instant 1750. If you are too blind to see it coming, committed too deep to get out in time or whatever other reason you can have for getting clipped by it it's mostly on you and not the waffle. It's always been easy as shit to win against, it's so big that literally any tank can sidescrape it and have a shot while giving a perpendicular side to the waffle. It's terrible at camping and really only works in cities with hard cover, and if you have any sort of hard cover it's so easy to outplay. The only time it has a broken element to it is when it catches you for either being in too deep or getting caught in the open. There are literally 10 tanks on the top of my head that have those qualities without the huge drawback of the waffle. Stop being shitters and let me get my waffle back
  8. Honestly thought 777v2 was more fitting for the 430v2 considering the low silhouette and rear turret, but on an armoured platform
  9. Perfectly fine to post it here, it's basically what this subforum is for
  10. a super conq platoon should just not be able to get westfield entirely...

    1. TAdoo87


      I know it is an unpopular opinion, but tier 10 platoons should not be a thing at all.

  11. ySmlBl0.jpg

    we can duck in HD next patch :doge: 

    1. kukis12345


      Duck my life that's beatiful

  12. EU moderator has confirmed that having the T-10 in your garage will get you the 257 as well, so rebuying it is probably a good option official tech tree
  13. 907 MoE progression per day

    started at 80

    next day 88

    next day 93

    next day 94,5

    next day 93

    next day 85

    .___. i give up

    1. TheMarine0341


      Oh hey, that was my IS7 progress

  14. Caernarvon is the most OP thing I’ve ever played :serb: 

    Pre-nerf T-22 doesnt even come close :jebaited: 

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    2. Darvek


      Main problem with it is that it still gets t8 MM, but it's the only tier 8 heavy I've had much success with lately.

    3. GehakteMolen


      i got it back during christmas special, and put a female crew in it (the free one) once the bonus exp thing is over, im gonna try it out a bit (it should be good)

    4. Fulcrous


      2 hours ago, Darvek said:

      Main problem with it is that it still gets t8 MM, but it's the only tier 8 heavy I've had much success with lately.

      It's a tier 8 that's effectively tier 9.