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  1. 5k wn8 and 70% solo wr at ur service
  2. The Chieftain is actually in the client and I've seen gameplay of it (A player accidentally got it credited to his account and uploaded a twitch VoD that got spread around until WG found it and took it down). What I can say about what I saw is that the gun acts roughly the same as the 215b (RoF felt slower, but that just might his shit crew), but the armour actually seems worse. The turret placement means it can hulldown much better but in terms of gameplay it felt way more similar to the Action X rather than the current 215b. It's more mobile but pretty much garbage armour (in the game at least) meaning it's a support medium rather than a support heavy. The best way to describe it is probably a single shot 50B with a good turret, which is still pretty interesting but not exactly the best replacement for the meta. I think the FV215b still fits better
  3. That's a pretty dank survival ratio if anything
  4. weaktankbesttank
  5. lol look at these people unable to play the 2nd best t10 med in the game
  6. guys send me the replays u want reviewed, thread is ded but now i don't have any replays to do, and i have some free time :D 

    1. robosapieo


      @Kolni Make a new thread then? :fish:

      I know this reply is hella late, but I didn't have any decent replays. This one is from a friend of mine


      He's so full of himself after being able to carry that match. Thinks he played it almost perfectly, except for rushing the WT. Could you teach him a thing or two? Don't be too harsh :minidoge:

    2. Kolni
  7. He's from Finland... I don't think I need to go further into the subject than that
  8. No, everyone they could prove that rigged got their tank removed, and those who didn't have it yet got it removed during the second wave if they had gotten it then
  9. It's obviously exploiting a bug and I would advise against doing so. EU mods spoke out against it meaning people who use this to their advantage might have bans on their hands. Skill's going to be in a rough spot which I think is more than fair. I don't think it's right to consider it OK when he was spamming defender with T8mm which is where it's the absolute most OP. He's playing the game with different matchmaking rules than other people, to his favour. How is that not flat out cheating?
  10. WGR is stupidly easy to pad. Play unranked teambattles and you can reach 15k with a tryhard team (they need to be lower PR than you though, but as this goes on it's not very hard, RU server has several people above 14k as of now, and 15k was reached). Just look at NewMultiShow: obviously an inferior player in randoms to A LOT of people by literally every single important metric, yet he's almost 1k points in PR ahead of everyone else on EU (last time I checked). All you need to do is get a bunch of 2k PR people on TS with you and you can watch your PR skyrocket while grinding a shitton of credits since SH boosters work for TBs, especially now since TBs are the best way to grind credits after SH hours. The point with this is that you just by playing with the right people you will inflate the metric. Sure W/R can be inflated as well, but padding WR in platoons won't give you extra WN8 just like that. WGR doesn't just take random battles into account which is the obvious flaw here. On another note that I'm curious about, if there were to be a rating (besides the WG one) for ranked battles, would it be the same values? I can't imagine tanks performing the same in 15v15 T10
  11. The Sheridan has a 1,45 aimtime or something silly like that (on the small gun) meaning it has one of the best guns in the entire game gun handling/performance wise. The only real problem seems to be that it's too big to really work as an LT. It plays more like a paper med a tier below, but gets rewarded with a pretty damn awesome gun besides the stupid, stupid pen. It honestly feels like an M46 on Steroids with a T10 MM. The T49 is insanely good too, 90mm has two useable rounds now instead of just 1, and its mobility along with the pretty good gun (insane DPM too) makes it a pretty damn decent damage farmer during cleanups and flanks. This tank is pretty much the ideal LT for people who actually like playing LTs like more mobile mediums with a scouty role (the best way to play them ). The Ltwt is also damn decent for this, and the bloom buff really helps it, but it's still too much medium with LT mobility and lacks depression and stuff that makes the T49 able to farm everything so fast and efficiently. It's a decent brawler though. I have questions about the chinese lights, I played them both on test server and really liked them, but they killed the accuracy completely of the WZ-132-1, on paper it looks almost unplayable but I want word from people who actually played it. I never had time to test a 2nd time before the patch it when they revamped them heavily.
  12. If you actually don't know how to win, start with slow ass heavies. Winning in them is about as easy as it'll get. They can easily pull 70% solo and the fact is that they're slow enough to limit your positioning decisionmaking down to a minimum. Positioning and deployment is everything, I'd argue that in the long run they're more important than mechanical skills and micromanagement (even though the latter can help you through some rough spots). Just think real hard going into a battle, you have 30 seconds to decide where to go and this is where you should have decided. Never go anywhere on routine, always double check it. Otherwise you'll end up being overrun because a normal play that usually works doesn't because things didn't play out like normal = consistency gets thrown out the window. Read your teams lineup and compare it to the enemy team. Easiest way to do it is just to press TAB and you get them lined up by eachother for a better comparison. This is where you decide what areas of the map might be weak/strong and what to capitalize on. You obviously can't predict what every tank will do, but you do have vision on your own team and that information combined with the enemy lineup should give you a decent hint of what areas you can win, and what areas to avoid. Almost all maps have flanks that don't really relate to eachother more than that they lead to enemy bases. So playing one side being scared of losing the other is not really a problem until they start closing in. The one problem with heavies and where the real top players stand out is that they see it early enough to catch it in action, while the good ones might see it too late most of the time and only get there once they've already dug themselves in and there's much less to capitalize on. Slow tanks prey on attrition lanes, it might be bigger guns on average, and less damage farms but I'd argue that fighting anything is better than being outrunned by your team and fighting nothing in the faster lanes. (In some maps this obviously doesn't apply, Stalingrad and Windstorm lanes are all slow so it's all about team deployments/lineups and making good decisions rather than being forced into a play you don't want simply because it's the only viable option). A tank that's not able to catch up to current fights is worth about as much as a dead tank until he can get into the engagement, and the later he arrives the less impact he'll have. The biggest reason for slow armoured HTs being the easiest is as I said, the fact that your positioning needs to be good from the get go, and being forced into that black and white type of play is much easier to grasp than the much more fluid grey of lights and mediums. Once you start positioning well earlier, with every break from taking fire/firing you get you should think of what to do next, and what's happening around you. If you see 2 enemy tanks fighting 7 allies on the other side of the map, it's pretty safe to assume that they're going to take it. But it also means there are 5 tanks from the enemy team are somewhere else, and you need to take that into consideration when deciding what to do next. Cutting corners. Everybody does it, whether it's crossing a little too much to the left and take an extra shot for it, or a trade you obviously wouldn't win. Good thing with heavies is that they get punished the absolute minimum for this out of all classes. Armour is a real thing, even in gold spam meta. Cutting corners is necessary to be able to catch up, and the difference is that you're now doing it on purpose and most importantly with reason. An example would perhaps to skip out on the two shots of damage in the 8 line of Himmels at the endgame and driving straight through the middle square to make it in time for the last cleanup on the rails if you think there's more there. In an endgame this won't change outcomes of games, but once you start seeing these situations in early and mid game, they most certainly will. The earlier you get to an engagement the more power you have to influence it, and by doing good in this, you'll not only end up with better games, your winrate can go up like 5% on this alone. The earlier you start seeing things happening and react to them, the better you'll perform. Fighting dead flanks. This is something the damagewhore in me can't really give up on yet. If I'm losing my flank, or about to win it but losing literally everywhere else. The damage I do on this flank is pretty much useless. The tanks there aren't doing anything useful but the enemy tanks on the other side are. The productive enemy tanks need to die, while the ones stuck being useless can be dealt with later. In slow heavies this can be tricky and you have to see it really early to be able to counter it right and it's probably one of the hardest things to get right when your mobility allows for very little wiggleroom in your deployments. Good thing is as I said, little wiggleroom means having to make right decisions or they don't work. In mediums and lights this becomes alot more abstract, because you play on mobility and much less on lanepushing and more on enemy mistakes such as pokes, overcommitments and bad deployments (catching a tank for free pretty much). But they also rely much more on vision and constant targets, meaning you have to keep moving to do what you need to. And while you can push a side aggressively in russian mediums etc, most people have no idea what to do next. They won this side, what next? Any good enemy player would have seen it coming and gone elsewhere, sure the side was an even easier win but everything else will be a harder one. Map control is also pointless if you can't make use of it. It's good for reassurance though, but you can't really capitalize on it in blitzes, you need to keep moving constantly until you hit a point where your impact will be good enough, and that's much harder to keep doing without armour or a big gun. Smaller guns means more exposure and more exposure without armour means your HP is much more valuable, so you can't really start trading until it will start affecting a game outcome. If you want I can go on with this subject forever but I think this should be enough to get the hang of the basic metagame that you might have overlooked.
  13. tier 9 lights are still performing somewhat better than they used to as tier 8s, only problem is that some of them are new and some aren't so it's hard to compare them for what they are, the ru251 and lightweight are for sure better this patch, HP buffs, ltwt got HD and RU got an HP buff it needed however, im still worried you'll have a metashape due to the new metric like wn8 did with the tier 9 meds in general, some exceptions are kind of needed. the entire tier 2 padding scene pretty much died with WN7 so i think it's fair to say that the metric has made its footprint on the game and will keep doing so the 907, arguably the stupidest tier 10 medium around right now, will be by far the best medium padder of the metric in the game. you can play it like a braindead monkey and overperform for your skill level, not to mention it's very popular as it is already, and throw a padding incentive into it and then you have the stupidest tier 10 tank in the game being by far the best padder the tank is OP, very stupidfriendly and hard to do poorly in. u have the same issue with the maus, it's wr is up by a lot just this previous patch and currently it looks it'll keep these buffs. the tank is stupid easy to play and downright op and will be the best padder for its class, it's literally the T18 syndrome all over again i think some tanks need a bracket of their own at least, they're just too strong for the tier they play in and giving them paddable values doesn't really make any sense to me even if it'd arguably not change anything of current player stats, it would in the future and then you'd have to start manually adjusting it, just like wn8 required. to make even more light of the issue you have the fact that the Strv103B has over 5k dpg potential (and 3k does itself) while other TDs struggle to just reach those numbers completely. A 268 and a 103B do not belong in the same category, they're just too far apart imo to be put together an example of what i mean: Leo1, AMX 30B, CAX, Obj 430, E 50M, BC25t and some others might work together, some stats (avg spots) will be very different but their raw dpg/wr numbers shouldn't be too far apart anyway but throw 907, TVP and T-22 in there and you have 3 massive overperformers in general, especially among the mid-high end. Id consider giving these their own bracket until something changes or something similar to it
  14. The swedish voice is about as garbage as it gets, it varies from dialect to dialect more than a genderfluid tries to decide what gender they are
  15. maxresdefault.jpg

    somebody embraced his inner chai and reached a new level of bushwanks