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  1. currently averaging 4870 DPG in the Foch 155 after 18 games in it, didn't even break a sweat :serb: 

    who said this tank was bad when you have a 2k dmg clip and autopen heat? :kjugh: 

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    2. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      The arty change has really helped imho as you don't get memed on (as hard).

    3. Kolni


      arty still hits for 500 due to huge flat roof


      so far it's been nice to play but the flaws are starting to show... 

      maps like tundra are just complete shit because the tank cannot poke against hulldown tanks whatsoever (you're showing policebar before having a shot even on tall turret tanks like the M103) but once you get a map with a decent firing lane you just destroy everything

    4. Rspctd
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