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  1. hoooly shit the m46 moe has dropped so hard


    the output i had for 100 battles a year ago for 3 marks is now the same as 3 marks at 78 battles :kjugh: tank really suffered from the corridors and superheavies :feelsbad: 

    1. GreyKnight9612


      It seems to be the same for almost every single tank though. Every time I re bought a tank to grind marks on it I gained like 2% at least just for starting a game, even if I ended up doing no dmg. The most noticeable was with the Object 416 a few days ago. I played that tank a really really long time ago trying to 3 mark it, back then I was really shit though and I only got to 89,09% with terrible dpg and everything. I bought it again recently and after the first game where I did 800 dmg I jumped up to 94.03%, I literally increased 5% just for starting a battle 

    2. mati_14


      try WZ 111 1-4 rebought it for 5A grind and mark went from 95 to 88 after the 1st game

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