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  1. I have not enjoyed SB at all, maps look nice and all but the gameplay quality (even for SB idiots) and playability is so much worse. 

    I really don't like the idea of aesthetics>gameplay, and there aren't any signs of an improvement there at all. Stuns were a sidegrade at best and seeing this atrocious map design with absolutely no regard of game balance means that I lost interest completely in the changes.

    I really want to quit but this game's a fkn boomerang :babyrage: 

    Little comfort in arty getting screwed over tho :feelsbad: 

    1. TAdoo87


      SB map design in a nut shell: fuck arty, fuck bushes and fuck short cuts. 

    2. TheMarine0341



      I plan on doing some training rooms and look at some balance issues and try to highlight them