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  1. Caernarvon is the most OP thing I’ve ever played :serb: 

    Pre-nerf T-22 doesnt even come close :jebaited: 

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    2. Tarski


      The only thing keeping me from buying one after the buffs is the fact it's a tier 8. I take it you don't mind the MM? 

      On another note, 2500 DPG would put you at the top of the server. 

    3. Kolni


      I have 3,4K :serb: 

    4. DHP


      You don’t see them often and when you do it’s rarely a good player so it’s not a really big issue to face. But it just happens that I met one yesterday and the players was above average and he COMPLETELY wrecked me in it.. I was in a type 59 and he just ate me up. The DPM is quite ridiculous.


      And my guess is that not a lot of people will play it since it’s still suffer from its history reputation quite a bit (kind of like the T95) and therefore i can totally see WG not nerfing it because "hur dur we have no stat in it". Plus has said above it’s a freaking tier 8, and in this MM it’s just not interesting. In CW (if tier8 is ever to comeback) I could see this coming into the battlefield.

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