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  1. From south on Ensk you can play the leftmost railtrack (with angles into city). There's a pocket where you can knock trees over so you'll shoot into the city unspotted with no risk if mid isn't getting pushed. The shots are the best when the enemy team is winning the city and poking out from the central brawl complex. However if your team is winning it you can just move up one pocket for better shots. The early play for this is redline on tracks because committing there without info is way too risky. If it doesn't pay off, decide on 1line redline or 0line redline with a decent followup idea. That's pretty much how well you can reliably play Ensk in fragile non-turreted turds anyway
  2. FAME 7x7 in WGL next season :kreygasm: 

    1. FullGore
    2. TAdoo87


      The Himmelsdorf attack was the one of the most confident win I ever seen. :kreygasm:

  3. I've been using Deathadders for years, it might not be the best mouse on the market anymore but it's simple, comfy and if you keep your mousepad clean the sensor is perfect. Speaking of mice, has anyone actually tried the Fnatic gear mice? I've heard good things about them but I can't escape the thought of them being garbage
  4. welp... i hit 3k overall despite RU med values not being fixed yet, looking forward to even more arty focus \ :doge: /

    1. CheekiBreeki_


      I promise to only focus you in a match if I see you. :^)

  5. This might be a CW reward, the playerbase is happy with the 113 so there's no reason to change it. The alpha change doesn't make sense at all from 111-14 to 113 but I really doubt they'd branch the tank off of the 1-4, it's most likely a reward of some sort, or an eventual change for a second heavy tank branch. It doesn't make sense to 62A/140 it, a new line makes or some reward makes much more sense to me
  6. you do realise you can buy over 100 emblems? buy that for one tank that gets switched and it's 10k gold, then you have inscriptions and camos, buy everything for the lights that get switched during the camo sale you'll have spent like 10k gold on one tank alone and earn 10k (you'll get 20k back) it's not hard to spend 15k gold on 4 tanks even on discounts
  7. i was doing 3,5k in it like a month ago dude
  8. QQ1ZdDj.jpg

    easiest 100% mark i've ever done

  9. I am poking back and forth on him and he's shooting my side turret and not front, so he won't pen
  10. you buy every camo for every light
  11. it's the best armoured tier 10 med in the game, if ur getting penned through ufp he's shooting heat and then u need to back off obviously, i won't keep engaging tanks where my armour doesn't work - hence i bounce more
  12. well ur amount of credits pretty much show how the tank should be played, it can't even load HE rounds so no reason to not just be full gold nub
  13. can status updates include ignored users anytime soon

    1. Zepherex


      Who is the ignored one :^) ?

    2. MacusFlash


      @Kolni That guy from your ignore list just asked who is the ignored one :doge:

  14. They gave out the digicamo on EU for tier 8 campaigns as well, so we have two sets of that and one set of the old summer camo and the new winter one per nation
  15. I have like 30 hours of E 50M streamed at 100% MoE the last month I also have a full YT session of a 100% MoE run:
  16. E 50M is the best pubstomper ever, there's no situation where you feel out of place or where you can get reliably outplayed
  17. After having around 300+ games in every single tier 10 medium (no rewards) I've decided that E 50M is the best. 

    No backsies

    1. Va1heru


      Been playing it heaps the last few weeks, have to agree

    2. TAdoo87


      Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.

  18. run optics and have fun spotting lights at 400m and bushed heavies at max vr OpieOP you can always ask carbon, the only guy i've seen who managed to run 500+vr and still not get 2 avg spots per game
  19. play guitar hero instead you weebs
  20. AFAIK theres a "possibility" to farm like 5-6 confeferate medals on each team due to damage to amount tanks being the only factor. I've a game where there were 2 on my side and 1 for the enemy
  21. It wasn't even a joke I actually did it
  22. I blew a smoke ring and put my dick through it. It's only one in this world. Impressive yes?
  23. NA players play against bulba platoons all the time so we should be better at fighting unicums