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  1. It's not. I've driven Type 5s across there several times
  2. 3 games straight of highway south in ranked

    3 4min games

    3 chevrons

    fuck u wg

    1. DirtyACE7


      You lost 3 or gained 3 chevrons?

    2. Kolni
  3. Personally Super Conq is by far the absolute best tank for ranked. Superior gun handling, DPM, turret armour, depression and ability to sidescrape is all you need in a mode where the gameplay is more coherent and organized. (People don't solo play and stick with their team). You can hold chokepoints, push into things and the gameplay is campy enough at higher tiers that the mobility is rarely a problem. The reason for it is that no matter the map you won't get shafted. SConq is as close to 2013 E 50M and 2016 E5 as it gets right now which is why it's the best. You're never useless, and rarely outperformed in basically any situation due to your gun. Considering that you'll spend most of your time fighting actually good tier 10s make solid armour that won't get penned much more useful because regardless of the tank it's hard to fight back against you. There's also much less arty so digging yourself in doesn't hurt you nearly as much either. Ranked Battles are all about XP and not DPG. This means winning is ultimately the best way to efficiently move up the ranks. The thing is that the Super Conq is very, very good at both so not only is it much easier to top the charts on a winning team, but a losing team as well since digging yourself in at range makes you just ridiculously hard to push. Then again I'm playing AP only shitbarn and have yet to have a game where I haven't recieved a chevron yet
  4. So 9.22 was bad, this is worse. I'm just going through them map for map that I've played and the problems and I'll move onto the rest afterwards: Abbey - Looks much prettier, basically the same layout except for the 2 line. The rock in the middle that gave you cover from the north is much much smaller, and the bushes don't cover the gaps you give into the Abbey all the way. The northern play of going 2 line is completely demolished as you can't commit to it without an instant crossfire you can get out of if your team doesn't take the Abbey. With the gaps you're getting spotted from the Abbey when crossing. The bushes are completely pointless. GG. The modeling of the rock doesn't exactly help either as you cannot actually poke in regards to it without committing all the way to the next gap where you will simply get spotted from the Abbey again and into another crossfire. 2-line from north is a complete waste of time now. Cliff - It's been biased toward the south side for ages, and still is. This is one of the maps that actually got flatter. With the bigger backgrounds it looks like every map did, but most actually didn't. This one did however. The TDs now have much better shots in the base and straight into the middle, and the one good thing about the donut is that while the south play is still better for taking it, the hulldown when peeking from it into the middle is gone. That said the middle is worse to play, less variable options and you need depression to work it, playing on the outside doesn't work anymore because you get shot from the base. 9-0 line feels fine and so does the hill itself though. El Halluf - TD lines have been demolished, the mountains are so much taller so playing a defensive game after losing the northwest is much harder, much fewer places to punish people peeking from the opposing ends balcony .The south spawn had its hulldown spot in the NW taken away as well, it still works but now it requires 6 degrees of gun dep while facing the the enemy head on with your front as your UFP will stick out otherwise. With a strong UFP it still works, but it's much harder to poke from and much easier to punish from the heavy corners. I honestly don't know if this change is a good one or a bad one, these positions a little bit too strong. Ultimately I think the value of winning the NW went down a little bit and gave more options to the beach, but I haven't tried that yet so I'll have to wait and see. Himmelsdorf - This one is actually pretty good. No major changes in the middle and I haven't checked out the hill yet, but the middle and the 1-2 felt very playable from both sides which is honestly a sidegrade at worst, while looking much much better. Siegfried Line - This one got me real mad, the opening spot from south where play against the church on the southeast corner where you can shoot through the small tunnel on the heavies is not gone, but there's a strategic bush there now that makes you unable to spot most tanks through it. There's also rubble there now so you're a bit safer fighting there if you have a low profile, but if you have a low profile it gets much harder to put your shots in. Otherwise the map felt fine, the field seems flatter (probably a mirage of the bigger backgrounds) but I did notice that the shots into people crossing to 1 line are much bigger and last longer, so some elevation changes are bound to have happened, I just can't think of where yet. Serene Coast - The peninsula feels like an overall upgrade. This map has some pretty big visual bugs there but that flank is much better from both sides to play. Safer angles and the ridiculous TD spots in the north are much worse and way easier to dig out, an E3 can't just hulldown there for eternity staying permaspotted now. The C1 area got a lot flatter, and depression seems to matter less. Turret armour matters more. It's divided into two roads like it used to be, but the divider is much flatter so the first team to get there is even more likely to win the area. It turned into a trading game very quick, but I haven't checked this from the north spawn yet. Murovanka - a lot more trees are added along the outside of the forest, and the pushing into the south downside there is opened up much more, giving you a much harder time against redliners to push it whatsoever. From the outside of the forest it was also way way easier to discern where you have the shots into the 1-2 line ridge and preaiming for them, so that's a plus I guess. I doubt meta will change on this map but I think the overall acceptance of the north winning the forest by default is going to die out pretty quickly. I haven't played 1-2 yet. Redshire - Same thing here. I've spent my time outside of the main engagement to let me have more time to check out the rest of the map. 9-0 still unexplored but the rest of the map is entirely useless. 9-0 meta became even more firm. There's no way trade well on this map or rely on vision in the west anymore, it's too open and the few abusable spots that were have had their bushes removed. What's good about all of the changes is that very few maps have made any really big changes, so you feel familiar with the angles and not disoriented. Go play Prokhorovka, it's the exact same map but it really doesn't feel like it despite very few changes. What's obviously bad is that WG really hammered down on micropositioning, much fewer hulldown spots and much fewer abuseable bushes will sadly just bring the player skill spectrum ends closer to eachother. These are however the only maps I've been getting, and I've really taken my time to explore the areas for general impressions. I still need to play the new Erlenberg, and a few others so I'd really like some opinions on them. Some other things about the patch: Firing your gun behaves differently, I can't tell if it's good or bad but in sniper mode it's much easier to account for terrain and adjust accordingly, but also gives you a much worse impression of where your shell is going unless you resume in sniper mode until the shell connects. Sometimes it just doesn't even trace at all which is super frustrating since the sounds are bugged and you only have the enemy HP indicator to tell if you connected or not. This is obviously going to get fixed but the the shells themselves seem bigger as they aren't pixels anymore, they're much easier to spot when someone fires at you and misses and so on. Bugs. So many of them. Tundra has places on the map where your tank pretty much flies, plenty of trees that don't knock over and so on on other maps. No recieving damage sounds. Obviously getting fixed but still. Chromatic Abberation doesn't work very well and you can't turn it off. If you're facing bright lights the environment around you it reacts with will start losing focus and it really sucks. The physics are still far too poor to actually warrant the HAVOC engine, even on good framerates demolishing objects looks poor at best. Optimization: FPS values are much better, I'm playing maxed out right now with a 7700K and 1070 and am able to run 2 1080p side monitors along with the 4K DSR on the main one for the WoT without dropping below 80 even once. If I put it to high (where it looks better than the current ultra tbh) then this runs better than the old client. For people on the mid to high end this is a much better optimized game. Can't really say for the lower end yet though. Some modeling needs to be redone as even on Ultra there's plenty of misleading textures (especially with the rockspam they've made on mountain sides) So what do you guys think so far? I like that it's pretty, but despite being test server and test server baddies the gameplay is a big giant downgrade to me.
  5. it took a pretty fucking sick session to push this up, not gonna lie
  6. EtUIZmA.jpg

    this mark was just ridiculously hard

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    2. CarbonWard


      took ya long enough.:MingLee:

    3. Kolni


      yeah, the amount of chokes at 94,xx% were just insane, everything from odd disconnects, the server literally kicking me off (not even joking this actually happened while the game was still going), ridiculous map rotations and just insane rng in general: :feelsbad: 

      considering the fact that i actually dropped down to 81% again after about 70 games above 90 straight because of what i consider to be my longest streak of terrible rng and tilt as a result it took me so much longer to get back up :doge: roughly 400 games of tryharding to push from 79 to 95 :serb: 

      good thing is that now every other mark feels easy like hell

    4. hazzgar


      @SaintLaurentius then it must have gone down. I was at 4.6k like 4-5 months ago. Right after buff and it was definately not 4.6k. Guess I need to try again

  7. With HE of skill tanks like the shitbarn and and Type 5 you can shoot the tank and splash the ice at the same time :^)
  8. FV4005 AP worked surprisingly well in ranked. Super easy to do 3 shots per game meaning I earn credits and consistently rise up ranks with a stock crew despite the meta. Mostly able to keep chevron on losses and gain 1 on wins since it’s hard to push up for top damage with AP only

    Next up is standard HE Type 5 with optics for memes to see if results are similar 

    I refuse to waste my credits on this shitty mode, going F2P wasnt as bad as I thought

  9. whatever you do just don't fight on it as you're on such a thin area that if arty can just splash you crossing there (esp if he's down in the pocket) you will likely die. cross the first part and stay until you're unlit to cross the ice if there's arty in the game, one bad splash and your game is over regardless of hp so it's really not worth risking it over otherwise iceroad play is gud, just make sure to keep an eye on the td balcony because they might not notice you at first but they have clear free shots onto you and most of them won't get lit until they actually shoot at you so trying to stay hulldown to both the heavy area and the ridge is generally a good idea
  10. do 15cm+ guns just automatically set the udes on fire?

    every single hit from a 650+ alpha gun i've taken has been a fire and it's becoming less and less anecdotal with 12 hits and 12 fires as of now

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    2. TAdoo87


      According to this: http://wotbase.net/en/tank/S21_UDES_03/hangar/

      The udes got 175 fuel tank health against 205 module damage of the 150mm guns. So if the hit is critical it should cause fire  most of the times, but only one third of the shots should cause critical damage.

      I have no clue how WG changed this system. 

    3. rojo180


      I see not issue with UDES' and STRVs being set on fire :gachi:

    4. Haswell


      Remember when German tanks get set on fire every time you get shot in the LFP (where the transmission is)?

      Probably something similar.

  11. FF directive earns itself in on T10, on 3skill crews that don't have FF yet means you can still run food on them without huge fire losses. If you have FF on a few members but not all then FF directive effectiveness goes down the drain, and it's less useful for the 150% boost with full FF on your crew anyway. My advice is to save up bonds for improved equipment on keeper tanks as much as possible, and use the proper directive to mitigate a weakness on tanks you're tryharding on, otherwise use them for equipment mostly
  12. Erlenberg is very very different, entire east side plays completely differently now since they removed all the elevation on the southern end Mountain Pass seems fine, the south plays roughly the same but with some changes, pretty much all gaps are tighter and smaller meaning poking and closing the distance is easier, overall a better thing, only problem with the map is that the TD hill from the north has even better shots when you push into it from the south... Fjords is a giant fuckfest right now, map looks very nice and has some nice spots, but they've opened up the middle so much while closing in the north so much that it's really really hard to fight several tanks at once, you can't stay safe. C7 is gone and can be challenged from both sides now, lost its value in reality because you commit to it and then you're stuck and can't get out. North crossfire is still there and since it's played by slopes instead of bushes you don't really have an edge fighting from there anymore
  13. El Halluf beach seems better, much better progression from the north with better angles
  14. Siegfried Assault is completely ruined, the north area from the attacking side is much harder to play. The angles you have from the bunkers all have added rubble so you're going against camping hulldown targets. GG. Also, hugging tanks have the same bug they did after the last physics change. You can hardly move and stick to them, hugging a Type 5 side is noticeably harder
  15. https://thedailybounce.net/2017/12/29/object-705a-branch-its-time-to-start-your-grind/ So basically they're redoing a bunch of the soviet lines, switching the T-10 to a potentially new line along with a lot of other stuff. I'm not sure what changes will be but would make sense to use the Object 705 as the tier 9 for the Object 705A as well. It does however branch from the IS so who knows. They also kept the 430v2 as a tier 9, so hopefully it stays in its current form. 430 gets downtiered and 430U goes live, having a 430 will let you keep the 430 and you get the 430U. Having a T-10 means starting off of the tier 9 from what could be an entirely different branch as well. This together with the TD changes make for a very big russian patch. So far it seems okay, 430U is OP but compared to the new level T10s are supposed to perform at it's fine I think. There's still some speculation to do about what tanks fill the gaps that these changes will leave, and also what tweaks will be made to them so I guess we'll see. I'm personally very interested in the T-10 right now.
  16. It’s really good. Not as OP as made out to be, balance on par with 5A and SConq 5k dpgable for sure
  17. The game's shittier than ever. 9.22 patch basically sealed any chances of this game ever having to do with skill so as they effectively killed WGL and tournaments in general taking the game serious in any regard is really just a huge waste of time and frustration. For a casual pew pew tank game it's fine, but it stops there and goes down the rabbithole real quick. Most of the good players have left both the game and this forum.
  18. the 263 at tier 9 is just a whole load of BS, how the actual fuck was it allowed to keep the armour?

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      because balance

    2. ZXrage


      >it pretty much keeps the gun with nerfed prem pen and DPM

      the absolute state of WG, everyone

    3. orzel286


      rip wows as well? Seems like it to me.

  19. the new tanks sealed it, the game is broken beyond repair

    1. nabucodonsor


      Not as much as their drug abuse. Have you seen how they have "fixed" Ruinberg? And Pilsen with "coal holes where LTs should go to spot"? I know it is a bit too early to speak but those do not seem to be improvements.

    2. monjardin


      The new 268 is total cancer. WTF were they thinking?!?

  20. Balancing something that was seen broken by making it better to make it "fair" is not really balancing though is it
  21. Server roaming's been available in the past so I don't see why not (through a WG blunder but still). NA west could go Moscow server or something like that for decent ping and NA east would just have to live with 120 on EU etc that said NA LUL i don't want you people on my server
  22. -3 Pearl River +1 South Coast
  23. -3 Pearl River +1 South Coast
  24. got outplayed in a 1v1 because the t49 shot the ground next to the rock i was hiding behind and set me on fire 



    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      And people still say the 90mm is the better gun :disco: