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  1. So 9.22 was bad, this is worse. I'm just going through them map for map that I've played and the problems and I'll move onto the rest afterwards: Abbey - Looks much prettier, basically the same layout except for the 2 line. The rock in the middle that gave you cover from the north is much much smaller, and the bushes don't cover the gaps you give into the Abbey all the way. The northern play of going 2 line is completely demolished as you can't commit to it without an instant crossfire you can get out of if your team doesn't take the Abbey. With the gaps you're getting spotted from the Abbey when crossing. The bushes are completely pointless. GG. The modeling of the rock doesn't exactly help either as you cannot actually poke in regards to it without committing all the way to the next gap where you will simply get spotted from the Abbey again and into another crossfire. 2-line from north is a complete waste of time now. Cliff - It's been biased toward the south side for ages, and still is. This is one of the maps that actually got flatter. With the bigger backgrounds it looks like every map did, but most actually didn't. This one did however. The TDs now have much better shots in the base and straight into the middle, and the one good thing about the donut is that while the south play is still better for taking it, the hulldown when peeking from it into the middle is gone. That said the middle is worse to play, less variable options and you need depression to work it, playing on the outside doesn't work anymore because you get shot from the base. 9-0 line feels fine and so does the hill itself though. El Halluf - TD lines have been demolished, the mountains are so much taller so playing a defensive game after losing the northwest is much harder, much fewer places to punish people peeking from the opposing ends balcony .The south spawn had its hulldown spot in the NW taken away as well, it still works but now it requires 6 degrees of gun dep while facing the the enemy head on with your front as your UFP will stick out otherwise. With a strong UFP it still works, but it's much harder to poke from and much easier to punish from the heavy corners. I honestly don't know if this change is a good one or a bad one, these positions a little bit too strong. Ultimately I think the value of winning the NW went down a little bit and gave more options to the beach, but I haven't tried that yet so I'll have to wait and see. Himmelsdorf - This one is actually pretty good. No major changes in the middle and I haven't checked out the hill yet, but the middle and the 1-2 felt very playable from both sides which is honestly a sidegrade at worst, while looking much much better. Siegfried Line - This one got me real mad, the opening spot from south where play against the church on the southeast corner where you can shoot through the small tunnel on the heavies is not gone, but there's a strategic bush there now that makes you unable to spot most tanks through it. There's also rubble there now so you're a bit safer fighting there if you have a low profile, but if you have a low profile it gets much harder to put your shots in. Otherwise the map felt fine, the field seems flatter (probably a mirage of the bigger backgrounds) but I did notice that the shots into people crossing to 1 line are much bigger and last longer, so some elevation changes are bound to have happened, I just can't think of where yet. Serene Coast - The peninsula feels like an overall upgrade. This map has some pretty big visual bugs there but that flank is much better from both sides to play. Safer angles and the ridiculous TD spots in the north are much worse and way easier to dig out, an E3 can't just hulldown there for eternity staying permaspotted now. The C1 area got a lot flatter, and depression seems to matter less. Turret armour matters more. It's divided into two roads like it used to be, but the divider is much flatter so the first team to get there is even more likely to win the area. It turned into a trading game very quick, but I haven't checked this from the north spawn yet. Murovanka - a lot more trees are added along the outside of the forest, and the pushing into the south downside there is opened up much more, giving you a much harder time against redliners to push it whatsoever. From the outside of the forest it was also way way easier to discern where you have the shots into the 1-2 line ridge and preaiming for them, so that's a plus I guess. I doubt meta will change on this map but I think the overall acceptance of the north winning the forest by default is going to die out pretty quickly. I haven't played 1-2 yet. Redshire - Same thing here. I've spent my time outside of the main engagement to let me have more time to check out the rest of the map. 9-0 still unexplored but the rest of the map is entirely useless. 9-0 meta became even more firm. There's no way trade well on this map or rely on vision in the west anymore, it's too open and the few abusable spots that were have had their bushes removed. What's good about all of the changes is that very few maps have made any really big changes, so you feel familiar with the angles and not disoriented. Go play Prokhorovka, it's the exact same map but it really doesn't feel like it despite very few changes. What's obviously bad is that WG really hammered down on micropositioning, much fewer hulldown spots and much fewer abuseable bushes will sadly just bring the player skill spectrum ends closer to eachother. These are however the only maps I've been getting, and I've really taken my time to explore the areas for general impressions. I still need to play the new Erlenberg, and a few others so I'd really like some opinions on them. Some other things about the patch: Firing your gun behaves differently, I can't tell if it's good or bad but in sniper mode it's much easier to account for terrain and adjust accordingly, but also gives you a much worse impression of where your shell is going unless you resume in sniper mode until the shell connects. Sometimes it just doesn't even trace at all which is super frustrating since the sounds are bugged and you only have the enemy HP indicator to tell if you connected or not. This is obviously going to get fixed but the the shells themselves seem bigger as they aren't pixels anymore, they're much easier to spot when someone fires at you and misses and so on. Bugs. So many of them. Tundra has places on the map where your tank pretty much flies, plenty of trees that don't knock over and so on on other maps. No recieving damage sounds. Obviously getting fixed but still. Chromatic Abberation doesn't work very well and you can't turn it off. If you're facing bright lights the environment around you it reacts with will start losing focus and it really sucks. The physics are still far too poor to actually warrant the HAVOC engine, even on good framerates demolishing objects looks poor at best. Optimization: FPS values are much better, I'm playing maxed out right now with a 7700K and 1070 and am able to run 2 1080p side monitors along with the 4K DSR on the main one for the WoT without dropping below 80 even once. If I put it to high (where it looks better than the current ultra tbh) then this runs better than the old client. For people on the mid to high end this is a much better optimized game. Can't really say for the lower end yet though. Some modeling needs to be redone as even on Ultra there's plenty of misleading textures (especially with the rockspam they've made on mountain sides) So what do you guys think so far? I like that it's pretty, but despite being test server and test server baddies the gameplay is a big giant downgrade to me.
  2. Famous Kolni post #2525253454545 Read team comps thoroughly - When there's a lot of big guns, which is fairly common on T10, you have to adjust to it. Pushing up gets riskier because you can get punished harder, even when there's only 1 or 2 of them they can still blap you if you play into them. This is something you need to learn to circumvent it and prevent it from happening at all. So how do you do it? Put yourself in their shoes. Where would you go? Where would you be based on this information that your team is giving and the info the enemy team is? Or are they windowlicking braindead mongoloids that won't ever move? Common camping spots should be considered, and that they could have moved up and what the maps allow for. On a map like Tundra for example there's very few places a TD can sit on and have tanks running into their shots. Those places are best left alone until you gain advantages elsewhere until the point where it basically doesn't matter if you get caught by it or take a hit. On a map like Ruinberg however where the big alpha TDs have an easier time not camping and actually playing the city puts you in a trickier situation, especially from the south where you're naturally disadvantaged on the field so playing city is the better option. Now you need to time reloads, not poke on corners you don't have vision on and constantly keep your micromanagement up to still deal out damage since it's a riskier angle. Even worse is that you're basically running against the clock due to the field being won sooner or later, so until you can time these things and put yourself in a situation that would counter yours and prevent it from happening you're going to get caught by these things. This is much easier on lane maps than open ones due to vision control. Follow up on information. Have they been spotted anywhere? How is that area looking in terms of winning/losing? Have they pushed up, stayed or perhaps relocated entirely? What's their mobility? How far can they have gone? Where should they be now? - These are all questions you should be asking and answering to deduce what the possibilities are. This basically goes for any tank, but keeping track of the really big guns is the easiest and also the most important since one poke can cost you everything. Keep track of the minimap constantly, treat the enemy team as a wave rather than single tanks and you can control it better. When the information is simply not enough you have to start taking more procautions. Avoid checking corners that nobody's checked. A trick to this I picked up from MOBA games is that treat all areas you have absolutely no vision of that anything can be happening there, the enemy team can do anything on areas you don't see. This is how people get blown up by five tanks pre-aiming a corner. Same rule applies to big guns. Don't check areas you don't have vision of, and if you must then figure out a route and way so you can stay as safe as possible. This means little exposure and cover to get into after doing it, just in case. Execution. Get good at fighting them. They have a huge alpha but also a huge reload, a lot of people won't rush shots and others will. Use both to your advantage. Give shots that can't pen, or just poke very quickly so they have to rush their shot if they want to hit it (play the odds pmuch). You'll notice that a russian medium can sink 3 shots into a TD still waiting for a good shot he can pen, it happens frequently. TDs hate missing shots over everything else, but not penning them is the same. Force them into bad-bad decision. On reload they're XP pinatas. 15 seconds is more than enough to get a positive trade out of it. For aiming, check your grip. If your mouse goes downwards while pressing your grip is probably poor. Your palm should block the mouse from doing any free movements combined with thumb and pinky. Palm should be on the surface you have your mouse on, and the actual grip is whatever's comfortable really. I run a claw grip.
  3. Armored Loot Box Warfare

    Just a correction: LoL is a clone, it was just the one that got the biggest. "Real" MOBA started with DoTA, which is a mod from Warcraft 3, and the battle arena concept started with Starcraft, but with RTS gameplay. LoL, Smite, Heroes of the Storm, Heroes of Newerth and all the others are clones off of a F2P Warcraft mod. Also tanks are a niche market, on some level a little bit of history/tank interest has to exist to stick with the game in the first place which is something most games don't need to. Other games invent their own lore, which has all the benefits over actual history when it comes to game design. I think it's fair that WoT made it big, but it's a small market that's fairly monopolised so WG can do whatever they want and it'd still stay afloat. Other games can't BS their way towards something because they have competition. CoD can't re-skin a game over and over with a new story and call it a new game for long until people start looking for other things. WG could probably have left the game without updates in 2015 and the game would still be running
  4. Armored Loot Box Warfare

    I quit as soon as I got 5k games and #1 WN8 EU
  5. Armored Loot Box Warfare

    If WoT just followed Blizzard's steps and made a vanilla-type remake I'd come back to the game in an instant
  6. The Return of Camo Meta?

    all maps are worse hands down bushes are conviently added to crossfire spots (the church spot on siegfried line from south where you can shoot through the small walkways that line up into the heavy sidescrape corner conviently has a bush placed right in front of it so you can't spot on your own) to ruin gameplay, rubble has been added in seemingly random places that totally break maps and while most people just said that maps seem flatter because of the background, most of them are actually flatter so less ridges that are workable which is really noticeable on fishermans bay, the angles you get now as a redlining td is like twice as good they also broke prokho because now you have spots from north spawn where you can sit completely safe from the middle on the hill, before you used to have small shots but now medium sized tanks are safe which is a nice meme because that map wasn't biased to the north already clueless balancing, abysmal thought put into it and probably the single worst balancing department any game company has ever had in the history of any game ever
  7. Glacier

    I played it twice. Farmed like crazy cuz ppl are still merons regardless of the map they're on
  8. WN8 vs WR correlation

    Comes from the guy who plays beach on El Halluf more often than not
  9. (Official T21 thread since I searched and didn't find any) Replay link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mj6otbypcblno9p/T21 1%2C7K DPG 3MOE36GAMES.rar?dl=0 So with the T57 Heavy as Top of the Tree on EU and already having ground through the other LT line, I started this one, being on discount and all. I started with the M7 which was also a nice surprise in terms of damage output, especially considered how easy the tank was to 3mark and it was a very quick grind. So that ended me up with the T21, a tank I never really saw anyone play or didn't know anything about. Hell, I was even surprised it could mount a rammer, thinking it was an autoloader when I first bought it. I had my crew at around 90% when I first started playing it and found the tank to be pretty good, not anything special, just pretty good. A T20 with a noticeably smaller gun pretty much. After 5-6 games with crew reserves I got the crew up and oh boy was thing good. Here's the results: I never thought the tank would be able to achieve this kind of performance. I ended up 3marking it after 36 battles so I didn't play more, and with only 2k XP left to go for the T71 I decided to just call it quits there. ^ This was played in two sessions and this is the last one. Now as you can see I got lucky with not getting too many citymaps for my last session (however there city maps in the rest of the replays) I hope this helps anyone with the general LT play (lower tiers are just so good for practicing real vision games) and especially in dealing damage since I mostly subbed for a medium, despite the low alpha.
  10. watching the doc play wot is fucking hilarious

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      Ofc they were and not just these two

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      All these sponsors, still not #1 viewed game on twitch. And worst of all, we all know where the WGL money went to.

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      @FulcrousWell, Ninja alone has more viewers than those streamers combined so it's hard to compete in that department.

  11. WN8 vs WR correlation

    I'm not a nerd so I don't crunch numbers but Some things: Battle count. I have sub 50% WR sessions in T10s with 4,5K DPG and above. Until you're hitting 100+ it's honestly not very accurate, and by that point and I'd still say it can easily differ +/- 10 simply because of maps/teams regardless of how well you play. It obviously gets more accurate the more you play, a 1K games tank is about as precise as it will be. My STRV S1 has played more Stalingrad than every single other tank combined has in 9.21 which is just an example of how you just don't fit and do worse because of something completely out of your control. The T-10 fares decently on almost every map though, so less of an issue but it still is one. Breaking point: Until you really understand how to actually win games it's going to vary because different tanks and different playstyles excel at winning in different ways. A T10 wants to push, and KV-1S wants to trade which are two different things. This means that these tanks shouldn't be played in the same way and while you might get similar results in damage the difference is that you're doing better damage at the right places in one of them. Higher tiers are obviously harder to do well in, T-10 has always been one of the most popular T9s so the values are absolute dogshit so it's not very hard to pad in so this might give you a false sense of improvement etc. A KV-1S absolutely shits on other T5s and that's a place where people are generally worse players, and it's fairly new so the values are higher. Very few people actually know how to win. Most unicums don't either. Picking a favourable engagement, stomp it and going to the next one is all they do which is not all that there's to it. Map control, vision, team comp and positioning are all equally important (vision is still vision, corridor meta but still matters because you want to see what's happening) and knowing them well can get you further than any micromanagement skill. Understand what leads to what to start getting the hang of gameflow, and timing. Knowing this well makes gameplay much easier to predict, and if you can predict it you can counter it without needing a triple platoon to help you. Until I started playing meme tanks I was soloing over 70% (playing 907, E50, M46 and other strong aggressors) and 100 game streak in the M46 landed me at 84% WR there. Understanding how the macro is played is far more important to making any tank work. I can hop into any tank at this point and perform very well, while you have the other type of unicums who literally only know how to play russian mediums and nothing else and so on, and while they might outperform me in that end I'll outperform in every other one because rather than knowing the tanks limits/strengths very well I know the game itself very well which is ultimately a bigger thing to have. Knowing the game well enough to never have to end up in a 1v3 is a better skill to have then being able to win the 1v3 in the first place. Ultimately knowing what your tank is good at will have to take place in the equation as well, just by looking at your stats on other T9s I'm fairly confident in drawing some conclusions to it. Your E75 does well in winrate compared to your damage output, the tank is honestly not very good but it's a tank with traits that are simple to understand and easy to utilize which is why you're likely doing well in it (Slow as shit so overextending is hard, sidescrapes well and easy angles to manage and the gun hits fairly hard so trading is viable) while your Jagdtiger is putting up the same damage output but not doing as well in WR simply because it requires different ways of winning. You can't hold angles because you can't shoot and keep your armour strong at the same time, and as a result you have to use your HP for favourable trades and basically treating your armour as an unreliable extension of your HP whereas the E 75 does it the other way around since the armour is workable and the HP can be treated as an extension of your armour. An E75 can trade while low HP but a Jagdtiger cannot, while a JT is much more dangerous with HP than an E 75 is. For the T-10 it gets trickier to be honest since it's a tank that does everything fairly well, and you can play it to the strengths of your gameplay rather than the gameplay that the tank might be best suited for, at the drawback of not being as good as other tanks in that situation but still not bad and this is exactly why the T-10 works well for many players. Regardless of how you like to play (bunch up with mediums and take map control or trading in CQC with heavies or simply full on aggression) it works. The ideal T-10 gameplay is honestly crossfire creation and using the armour to mitigate the risks of taking those cross positions, but you can't really do that most games so it often falls back into whatever you feel comfortable doing since the T-10 can do it even though there's other tanks that are better for it. I'd suggest you grind and try the WZ-111-14 for some more insight on it, similar gameplay but different traits that make it a bit more defined in what it's good at. The WZ-111-14 is by miles a better tank for me in terms of winning, but for most people I think it's actually the T-10. Versatility is a very good trait to have when maps can shit on you so bad for playing anything more defined but it's also at the cost of performance in general to me. To me the T-54 is the end-all tier 9 tank right now. A lot of people don't agree with me on it but here you have versatility but much stronger presence at the cost of being more vulnerable. A T-54 can shit on any tank just with outplays and good positioning while it gets harder for the T-10 to do so even though it certainly still can. Basically winning is a concept that is difficult to figure out, and you never really hit a breaking point where the penny drops but just keep collecting small bits of information that gradually improves your understanding
  12. WN8 vs WR correlation

    what i do: stomping nerds have two outcomes stomp enough nerds to win game stomping enough nerds but enemy team stomps our nerds harder so we lose
  13. Pretty insane how Ninja's beating official league/ESL e-sport streams in viewers :serb: 

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      Season 3 he's not doing as well, but season 2 he was certainly tippity top, top 1.6% in solo, top 10.7% duo.

      But of course... theres Shroud https://pubg.op.gg/user/shroud?server=na

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      Top 1.6% is pretty easy to get into for pubg tho.

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  14. xiZcn3P.png

    ezpzlmnsqzy :doge: 

  15. Arm movement is obviously better for general aim. With practice you can combine arm, wrist and finger movement and end up super accurate much faster than somebody using their wrist because bigger movement is easier for muscle memory, Arm for general aim, wrist for adjustment and fingers for pixel perfect final adjustment. In WoT you have 2+ second aim times so aim as a skill is vastly overrated in the game. If you can point at something without having to readjust then the aim is honestly not worth a lot of extra work. Some things though: Learning how to aim in sniper while moving is tricky but the only situation where WoT has any clutch-gameplay. A good trick I used to work on this was to pick a spot on friendly tanks and constantly aiming on it as I move where I want to go and the difficulty of doing it increases (roughly 5 seconds as I drive out of base) with speed and distance. Can you align a track shot on an unpredictably moving tank? That's about as good your shooting can be unless you're exclusively playing Strv/SConq Also, you never move 270 degrees. That's stupid. 180 deg each way and that should be about one lift+swipe on a medium/large mousepad
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    fkn briber and moderator bias :babyrage: 

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      I pity the fools

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      cuz i haven't been active :doge: 

  17. Forum Software Updated

    hey i can fap to being the #1 non-mod /non-briber on upvotes now
  18. i like big boobs is asking for your help

    No. No flat butts. Small shapely butts are however the real deal
  19. League of Legends - where the equivalent of a 39%er dying to an enemy 39%er enough times turns the 39%er into a 70%er

    how is this game so big :facepalm: 

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      it's basically like 268 v4 vs purple tier 8 :doge:

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      >how is this game so big

      It has a shitload of rule 34 content.

  20. rip FAME :feelsbad: 

    daki had his info leaked and rip

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      His account login details. Due to this, the guy behind this was able to demote Daki's account and appoint himself as a commander, kick everybody from the clan and post about it on forums too (along with a video you could've seen on TAP few days ago...) . It's not the first time this happened - I think this was the 3rd time?

      Anyway, all's fixed now, everybody's back in the clan, forum thread is gone. 

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      And the piece of trash who is responsible for this, what happened to them? Banned?

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      I think I am the only one who hasn't seen this daki video. Anyone has a link? 

  21. It's not. I've driven Type 5s across there several times
  22. 3 games straight of highway south in ranked

    3 4min games

    3 chevrons

    fuck u wg

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      You lost 3 or gained 3 chevrons?

    2. Kolni
  23. top dpg is only 3660? not gonna let you keep that for long
  24. Ranked Battles Tank Choices

    Personally Super Conq is by far the absolute best tank for ranked. Superior gun handling, DPM, turret armour, depression and ability to sidescrape is all you need in a mode where the gameplay is more coherent and organized. (People don't solo play and stick with their team). You can hold chokepoints, push into things and the gameplay is campy enough at higher tiers that the mobility is rarely a problem. The reason for it is that no matter the map you won't get shafted. SConq is as close to 2013 E 50M and 2016 E5 as it gets right now which is why it's the best. You're never useless, and rarely outperformed in basically any situation due to your gun. Considering that you'll spend most of your time fighting actually good tier 10s make solid armour that won't get penned much more useful because regardless of the tank it's hard to fight back against you. There's also much less arty so digging yourself in doesn't hurt you nearly as much either. Ranked Battles are all about XP and not DPG. This means winning is ultimately the best way to efficiently move up the ranks. The thing is that the Super Conq is very, very good at both so not only is it much easier to top the charts on a winning team, but a losing team as well since digging yourself in at range makes you just ridiculously hard to push. Then again I'm playing AP only shitbarn and have yet to have a game where I haven't recieved a chevron yet
  25. Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence

    it took a pretty fucking sick session to push this up, not gonna lie