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  1. That's called snowballing and your better results might have less to do with "you" than you think. When a team is doing good things it's much easier to progress and benefit from it, what's much harder is to try and capitalize when that doesn't happen. I had a 4K WN8 30 session back when I was a pretty much blue player in the BC25t. I felt like I was playing ridiculously good, but looking back on it I know that I wasn't. A bit of luck, a bit of decent teammates and maps all play their role in basically making you a better player than normal, or a worse player than normal if you put it the other way around. Turning a losing team into a winning one is probably one of the most valuable qualities a player can have, and those players actively help others play better just by doing that. Enabling your teammates is something I consider all the time and let's go down memory lane and look at how Garbad and MaxL played the game. No doubt that the game has changed but personal performance aside in numbers isn't all that matters. When you have a player who not only considers himself but his teammates and what they can do for him and for the team everyone ends up playing better. That's pretty much how it works. If you look closer on those replays from the good days you'll probably see that your teams progress much better in general rather than only your own performance. I still see my sessions spiking up to 6k rather than the usual 4,5-5 whenever my teammates do what I want them to.
  2. The lack of a premium multiplier means it'll hurt you in the long run if we're talking about efficiency. However I personally dislike almost all the premiums and tier 8 as a whole ever since 357 so who's to say what's better. The efficient way would be to play prems that shit XP like crazy, Patriot, Churchill III, Type 64 and so on but enjoyment is also a part of the game for me so I'd probably end up doing it in the tanks I like to play rather than the ones that are better suited for it. Why tier 8 prems work so well for it is that you get everything at a better rate: credits, crew xp and regular xp at a higher rate meaning you're being profitable in the best way possible. OP, good multiplier and decently fun to play is what you're looking for. Tier 10 will lose out due to lack of higher tiers to feed on so I'd suggest just running good tier 9 tanks, or tier 7 if you can stand playing it. 13 90, Bat AP, Conq, E 50, M46, PTA, T-10, T-54 and WZ-111-14 are really good for this imo. T-10 is probably the easiest one to play of them all if that's an issue while 13 90 and E 50 easily hold the top spots for XP/avg for better players. It might be the worst of the US heavies but it's not a bad heavy for tier 9 at all. The buffed really did it well and the gun is so much better than people seem to give it credit for. The turret cupola is still an issue but pretty much the only big one. There are plenty of times where I think it suits engagements better than any other T9 heavy, especially in actual brawls because the front holds up much better than any other tank of this kind, poke almost sideways and you'll pretty much bounce everything. Best part is that the HD tracks troll like the E5 used to so a lot of sprocketshots don't track and even less damage you. 340 HEAT on a gun that isn't terrible is awesome too. Not a lot of guns with that combo on the tier and HEAT works much better than APCR now anyway. No loss of pen and much nicer regarding angles so farming T10 heavies is about as easy as it'll get in this tank.
  3. If you go in with a losing mentality then of course you're going to get shat on. What you need to do is treat everyone the same, some respect and you should punish if they don't respect you. The latter happens far more often than you'd think so I just end up outplaying salty permablues, permateals, permagreens, permalightpurple and 4k+ players the same way. I don't give a shit how good they are, if they're misplaying then they are and their playerskill won't change that
  4. 330 gold round, it doesn't care about armour so it gives literally 0 shits about meta
  5. I don't see the need for this, 430 is unique enough as it is, the 430v2 and 416 are both great tanks that don't really need changes either. 430 is a bit worse than other RU meds but it's much easier to play as a result as well. The armour is much more forgiving which makes it a much better russian medium for plebs. The camo rating and sidescrape potential compared to the other RU meds made it a bit different to play too. With the 113, 5A and 907 now being as they are I guess it's outshined in both the russian medium role along with the heavium with dpm and gun handling meaning it lacks specialty. I don't see how replacing the 121's place in meta is a fix for this though, the whole gimmick of the chinese top tier mediums were the high alpha with decent handling, now the chinese mediums suddenly lack specialty.
  6. I have not enjoyed SB at all, maps look nice and all but the gameplay quality (even for SB idiots) and playability is so much worse. 

    I really don't like the idea of aesthetics>gameplay, and there aren't any signs of an improvement there at all. Stuns were a sidegrade at best and seeing this atrocious map design with absolutely no regard of game balance means that I lost interest completely in the changes.

    I really want to quit but this game's a fkn boomerang :babyrage: 

    Little comfort in arty getting screwed over tho :feelsbad: 

    1. TAdoo87


      SB map design in a nut shell: fuck arty, fuck bushes and fuck short cuts. 

    2. TheMarine0341



      I plan on doing some training rooms and look at some balance issues and try to highlight them

  7. I forgot that people overseas have terrible internet 6K 1440p here
  8. Mod1 masterrace
  9. I'm a better poster on the official forums, I mostly just epeen here anyway My youtube is a much better source for direct analysis on gameplay If only he'd pawn off his EU work to me instead of another chinese
  10. tfw u wanna dpgwhore on conq and will be better next patch but FV215b means u have to do it now >< bye 4,5k conq
  11. solution: a certain donation to a certain paypal will fix that curve for ya real quick
  12. It's not. However if you seem to fall short on winning you simply might be doing one of these too often: A) dying too early and being unable to clutch it out B) playing too passive meaning you miss out on the actually important damage C) derp and more derps
  13. Because WoT tanks threw game balance out the window when they realised that half their playerbase doesnt care about it
  14. I'm pretty sure this is how maps look in early testing, have fun wasting a shitton ton of time rendering HD pyramids only to realise you need to move them and re-render them again
  15. Hiding your stats in Hall of Fame will effectively hide them from the API, so you can hide them in XVM as well :kreygasm: 

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    2. Kolni


      Yet again WG doesnt know shit :doge: 

    3. DHP


      And i just rechecked the guy that was in a grey and it is apparently a stat reset account.

    4. Enroh



  16. Also recommending the OP5, what's really noteable is that the phone takes way less time to charge from dead to full than any other phone I've had while the battery time feels normal (once ever day/2 days depending on usage)
  17. OMoBrin.jpg

    ppl ain't got shit on me :doge: 

    1. Siimcy


      Wait till Sloomcy returns :kappa:

    2. Fulvin


      what spot are you by wg rating? :doge: 

      their formula works in mystifying ways tbh. according to 62A rankings dmg blocked is the true measure of skill


    3. GehakteMolen


      Doesnt matter, im the KV4 and ST-1 champ!!


      ps: lowe platoon padders + post-buff wannabee screw my gloriouos lowe results though, so im still dissapointed :(

  18. #1 in DPG on 907 in september, just need 11 more games, what happens the next 5 games is that i spawn south fjords twice where a shitlord boosts both times and game is over in 4 minutes, 3 fires in those 5 games and 11 bounces on batchats, along with a total random disconnect that had nothing with my internet to do at all, just WoT :)

  19. 325 pen on a t8 heavy
  20. Ah, I was thinking overall DPG
  21. >tk'd cuz of "obvious hacks"

    rip my E 50M #1 :feelsbad: 

    1. Fulcrous


      rip dpg contest :feelsbad:

    2. Tarski


      Should have made it less obvious!

    3. CandyVanMan


      Fucking haxx0r! :triggered:

  22. #2 DPG in E 50 since June and #2 DPG in E 50M in September... time to push it to 1 :doge: 

    1. Siimcy


      is qb #1? :thinking:

    2. flare_phoenix


      @Siimcy you really have to ask? :kappa:

    3. Siimcy
  23. Would you rather only be able to play T49 and no other tank or have the T49 be the only tank you could never play again