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  1. So tonight I figured I should make something like this, I didn't find anything about it so here we go. Most of the people here know about macropositioning, the general area of where to go on maps, so I thought I'd break it down a bit more, I'm not especially good at heavy tanks (been trying lately, rip wn8) so my spots will be mainly for mediums. Unfortunately you can't go into a training room on your own so I only have a few spot to show for the moment, but it'll be more coming up soon, and you're all very welcome to critique and show your own spots! Edit: Now that we have 10 pages of material, I'm compiling it all up into the OP! Not done by a long shot yet though ;_; this takes so much time >< will finish rest tomorrow, too tired Abbey: (Kudos to Luna and loxx12 for this one! Big cheers! (Let's not bulli Lunas graphics)) Cheeky nerd spots by loxx12: Airfield: Kudos to Luna again! From there you can spot and shoot tanks driving out of spawn, and you can hit camping TDs at D2. You can also hit anybody moving up at G5. You can't be hit from E5, but you can hit them if you move a little forward. If you move a little back, you can hit anybody at J5/6. You can also cover part of their base. Cliffs: El Halluf: Ensk: Erlenberg: Fjords: Hidden Village: Highway: Live Oaks: Lakeville: Malinovka: Mountain Pass: Murovanka: Northwest: ¨ Prokhorovka: Redshire: Sacred Valley: Sand River: Siegfried Line: South Coast: Stalingrad: Swamp:
  2. PM me if you want some coaching, I’m bored and my work projects are done until late August Through Discord, either live game if you have the bandwidth or just replays. 5K wn8 player for those who don’t know me My Discord will be provided through PM, as I just got spammed to shit by putting it out publicly xd
  3. Kolni

    What is your FoV?

    Hold right click down as you go out and it'll stay wherever it is. Reducing FoV gimps your gameplay more than learning that trait will
  4. Kolni

    Free Coaching Through Discord

    Maybe, not sure. Onto the rest, right now I have a few people to do and as each takes roughly an hour it'll be two days or so of waiting before I get through the current ones that wanted coaching
  5. Kolni

    Free Coaching Through Discord

    EU evenings/nights, whenever that is for you I can't use skype so it's either Discord or nothing I'm afraid
  6. Kolni

    Free Coaching Through Discord

    I accept everyone! All you need is the bandwidth either up (to screenshare live games) or down (to watch me go through your replay)
  7. Kolni

    Free Coaching Through Discord

    Alright, did my first one and it went decently. Just wanted to point out that I won't be making any sort of content out of it, but you're free to record it or whatever if you want to, idc really
  8. If you have Discord and the bandwidth to screenshare I can give you some coaching. (former 5k wn8 player)
  9. welp, my acc is sold

    wot's been fun but sadly it isn't anymore, i'll probably come around here every now and then but for now i'll focus on other things

    c u friends

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    2. sohojacques


      Travel well Kolni.

      Pretty impressive of WG to fuck the game up even more with 1.0. The number of already jaded streamers who gave a thumbs up to the new graphics then completely stopped playing soon after....

    3. HemanathanRX7


      I like how most of the comments are pls gib pricing values and how :^)
      To be fair I'm curious as well as to how much you got for it considering you don't have much crews or tier xs.

    4. Kolni


      it went for 550 eur, which is considerably more than i spent on the reroll (not on the old acc though :serb:) so i'm okay with it, funny thing is the highest offer i got before that was 300 eur which i honestly still would have sold it for

  10. pick maus, spall liner to not get tracked by HE and wait for malinovka, sidescrape a rock that you'll be spotted from in base = gg
  11. Kolni

    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    Belgium has had the best squad for years now and they can't get their shit together even for a single game. That Panama game (3-0 aside) didn't look like a strong Belgium. Argentinas offense is good, no way around it and they played fluidly. It's their defense that's shit and can be played around. Messi, Aguero (supersub with Higuain is huge) and Di Maria is about as dangerous as an offense gets. Argentina is probably the most scary team to face around the 75-minute mark and onward just because of their ability to pace and counter well. Iceland answered with not letting them counter and just handing them the ball since Argentina likes spacing for tempochanges and relying on 2v2s where Argentina has at least 4 people that can close those situations 9/10. Problem is that they suck 8v10 in the box No way Spurs is winning WC, too unreliable just like their club play and since this team plays 40+ games a year on avg televised, studying them suddenly gets real easy when basically all strategy is coming from the Tottenham handbook. Armchair experts can develop strategies here, with millions to spend on enemy spying it's looking real easy to figure out gaps in their play, on the flipside England played decently against Tunisia. People fuck up sometimes but the grand scheme looked good considering this easily could have been 3-0. Tunisia played a better game than they should and England handles keeping a lead poorly watching this one compared to equal where they pressure much smarter. I'm hyped to see matchday 2. Should tell much more about the contender teams for the title but I honestly believe France, Argentina, Uruguay, and Germany are the real contenders for the championship from seeing matchday 1. Time will tell more obviously but just my thoughts considering that this is a more competitive WC than last time and having a real edge is priceless like these teams do. Germany has all the pressure against them in their next game and they generally don't have their backs against the wall basically ever so they could fumble against Sweden and you can end up with a Brazil - Germany 8th final etc and these things happen EVERYWHERE due to only one group not having a "clear number one" which will really water down the amount of "superteams" in the closing ends of playoffs. That's how Iceland beats Uruguay in the WC final just saying
  12. Kolni

    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    My bets for the group: this is the highest goal avg/game WC's ever had. I'd be surprised if there are any goalless games until matchday 3 tbh 1-1 Mexico vs Germany (wrong), rip my billion dollars from unibet 1-1 Mex-Swe Safe bet, won't be goalless but hard to see who wins it (Mexico has better players but Sweden has better synergy) so it's reasonsble. Mexico scoring early putting pressure on Sweden means a different result though. Sweden sucks from behind. 3-1 Mex-Korea (Mexico has a much higher pace but korea plays smarter football with a lot of leaps and finding gaps within the defense so I doubt Mexico will keep the 0) 2-0 Swe-Kor, slower pacing than Mexico but much better squad synergy for Sweden 2-2 Ger-Swe, a history of draws between them and without Zlatan sweden struggles getting through their backline but they're a fresher squad with better tempo imo, Toivonen will score though. 4-0 Ger-Korea. Defenders are too good. No way they get through or are able to punish on germany moving up the ball along with their team to the enemy territory.
  13. Kolni

    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    I think it might be during the playtimes of the actual WC, probably more intended for LATAM that have football as an identity/lifestyle.
  14. Kolni

    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    If anyone wants to make some money I've guessed the winner in every game so far and scores right in all but Russia-Saudi and Portugal-Spain I'm on my phone so cba to look over the games but a few things: Croatia is the best team in their group, Argentina looks better forward but Croatia has 5 CL finalists on their starting roster that people don't respect at all. Argentina lacks in defense and plays super heavily on possession on the opposing side of the field. Argentina is weak against teams that can keep their defense closed and not let people in between them, Iceland even got to pressure Argentina LUL Germany is the best team in their group but their squad is getting older, so younger teams can play a higher tempo and eventually wither them down. Mexico and Sweden have free wins there if they strangle germany's ability to systematically move the ball up. Mexico has a history of losing against Germany (never won in WC) but haven't lost their opening game in 24 years. Worth considering. Colombia has two free wins basically. England has a free group considering their squad is plug n play from the Spurs and should have a more sophisticated playstyle than before. Uruguay has the best offense in the entire WC hands down but Egypt has Salah so you never know, he started benched tho so who knows. Russia won't make it out of groups even with home-turf. You should consider the dynamic of the rosters who face each other rather than who the better team is. My Iceland-Argentina bet gave me a nice payday just saying Edit: I know Ger-Mex has finished already but I havent watched it yet, no spoliers pls
  15. A new British TD has surfaced, and one that is truly challenging the Churchill GC for the ugliest tank in the game. I'm not familiar with tier 6 so I'm not sure how good these stats are, but there are two different gun options where one seems to be a derp with fairly high HE pen for T6 but absolute garbage in every regard and a standard pea-shooter british low tier gun as the other. It's also a bit special as it has 90/90 traverse which is is similar to the Obj 430v2 and 416, and nice depression but that isn't uncommon for low tiers anyway. 18hp/t makes it look like a mobile tank with a top speed of 50, and the pea-shooter seems to have okay pen values with very nice gun handling (1.6 aimtime is very low and .33 makes it effectively as comfortable of a gun as a russian T10 medium regardless of what the hidden soft stats might screw it over with). Armour is garbo but the closest thing I can compare this to is if the Churchill GC and E 25 made a baby. This is that baby.
  16. Kolni

    WG's EULA Changes NA

    I just remember back in the day how a game developer averaging 35 million dollars a day on microtransactions not only tried to list on the Cyprus stock exchange (and ended up on the emerging market) but once they did they fucked their financials so bad that they got de-listed despite being a promising company. They were just sloppy and didnt give a shit. A company opens up for public interest and it should be one of the game-changers for the company whether it sinks or swims. I've seen companies opt out of the market but a company that generated close to a billion dollars a year with 1600 employees and 20 offices is a pretty good one getting _shut down_ means someone clearly fucked up. The story of WG: We Fuck Up But Who Gives A Shit LMAO You Agreed To The EULA You Fucking Dipshit - A documentary
  17. 14 second reload is very steep for a medium though. 0,35 accuracy is a bit too good so it can just trade pokes on reloads, but this thing is a trading tank and while it should work like one the accuracy needs a hit to the point where it shouldn't even be able to hit shots from afar. It's taking both perks out of TDs and mediums with little to no downside right now, kill the ability to roleswap
  18. Kolni

    When you're top tier with a T29

    i can take a joke just fine, yours just happen to be about as funny as having your wrists slit while subjected to sarin gas
  19. Kolni

    When you're top tier with a T29

    How are you unfamiliar with the meme that is "LEAAAAAAAAAVE WOTLAABS!!!!!!!"?
  20. Kolni

    Murazor is kill

    Ruinberg is a trainwreck of a map as it is already, I'd rather have them beat a dead horse than replace a fully functioning T10 TD and replace it with a tier 11 TD
  21. Kolni

    You're not a real world of tanks player until...

    https://clips.twitch.tv/HumbleQuaintOysterDBstyle?tt_medium=clips_api&tt_content=url you're not a real wot player until this has happened to you
  22. Kolni

    Murazor is kill

    I think it's fair to say that those who didn't leave after 268v4 are too addicted to the game to quit even if they just made a tank unpennable by every other tank and whoever has it autowins at the price of 10k euros, so no problems there
  23. Kolni

    Murazor is kill

    well, the good thing is that it can't possibly get any worse than Murazor bad thing is he left a fucking mess behind that is quite honestly a bit much to fix, so even if this guy is the guy who wants a competitive game rather than a meme it's likely that won't happen for very long. murazor's been beating the game into the ground as hard as he could so whoever has to handle the chernobyl of game design might not be able to eradicate it anyway
  24. Kolni

    Rheinmetall Panzerwagen

    Use your mobility to impact the map. Contest early game valued areas, rotate to pressure advantages (almost always better than to reinforce weaknesses), and your camo on the move to gather as much information as possible for you. (Your team doesnt make use of it)