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  1. 121: 21 113: 20 TVP T 50/51: 21 Foch 155: 5 (-3 for reasons glaringly obvious) AMX 50 B: 20 Bat.-Chatillon 25t: 20 AMX 30 B: 17 Jg.Pz. E 100: 17 Maus: 22 E 100: 21 Pz. VII: 20 Grille 15: 21 E 50 M: 22 (+1 because no other tank in the game is this comfortable, M48 comes close but this tanks ability to play against heavies is just unparalelled among other mediums. The low DPM is a tradeoff for what otherwise is my perfect tank that I'm happy to take) Leopard 1: 20 STB-1: 21 Type 5 Heavy: 23 Centurion AX: 21 FV215b (183): 17 FV215b: 20 T57 Heavy: 20 T110E4: 18 T110E3: 20 M48 Patton: 23 T110E5: 23 Obj. 268: 14 Obj. 263: 20 T-62A: 20 Obj. 430: 20 Obj. 140: 21 IS-7: 17 IS-4: 17 Kranvagn: 17
  2. personal best in amount of arty hits fired at you in a game: 29

    1. zapyoug


      about 50 I think

      had multiple 304's spamming my KV5 for minutes on end, couldn't move but mostly 0 damage hits.

  3. the only answer you will ever need: is apcr the premium ammo? load full gold, i don't see how it's not better than forcing yourself to take ap when its literally just worse if heat is prem ammo then you spam heat until you shoot at tracks or spaced armour, shoot with normal ammo if you have less than 40 heat in your t54 ur playing it wrong
  4. Right, so I've decided to YT replay reviews since I'm very very very bored and I've run out of games to play after ragequitting tanks. Here's a Type 61 session that I played which means that I didn't go into positioning and initial deployment as much as I normally would since I found it to be "right" by default and didn't pay too much attention to it. The quality is pretty poor as I forgot to change my OBS setup from streaming bitrates to recording ones, I'll change that for future reviews. I'll take any replays you got, but I'd prefer games that aren't completely retarded since there won't be a lot to talk about. Just upload them to any replay host or filehost and post the link here and I'll review them. Cheers
  5. TVP is exactly the same but yet people have less issues with it now than before playing against it, it's still easy as hell to 4k dpg and nothing's changed except for peoples ability to play around them. Waffle had the exact same thing, sure it got nerfed after release (which was needed) but once you learned how to deal with it that thing was a more balanced tank than the Grille'll ever be. Personally the 140 would win for me, exactly as I said the last time. The tank is by far the best compared to any other if you put a top level player in it and compare all possible scenarios and the outcomes compared to any other tank Mobility and gun handling along with useable armour is what the top end keeps playing with and that's not without its reasons. Maus is OP as balls though, it's by far the best tank for winning so I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up having 3 times the points of anything else, and the Type 5 isn't really good, it's just super easy to play. Derp guns generally rely on MM and RNG more than anything so something that is situationally good (but very good in those situations) is not a good tank. Any tier 10 tank with a brain behind it can play around the tank reasonably well anyway
  6. pompous cant be the only one
  7. give me ur acc
  8. thread is pointless, tvp bias shifted and e5 got nerfed so they're not going to end up as high anymore maus and type are retard proof so ofcourse they'll win because people here seem to think that tank performance and tank capability are one and the same
  9. get an E 50 and get out of that green overall
  10. Deal with the bullshit and don't let it tilt you, if you really need to perform the best way to do it is to remove the pressure of having to perform, who gives a shit if you drop a % or two, if you're good enough for it you can push it up again, you just need a bit of time
  11. Golden test - Unicum TriHard response activated It's one of those maps that have virtually no early game because everything is so safe before people actually can take their positions. And literally no endgame either because the midgame is so long and every engagement takes ages to win. Because of it I normally take a passive approach until I get enough info. Middle is much stronger from the north side so from the south you can't really expect to do well there at the start when it's unclear if the enemy IS-7 will play mid or city etc North: North is literally just play mid from beginning or yolo 1 line. 1 Line is a fast aggressive play that can work very well if you actually commit to it and don't play passive, but the progression is horrible after winning, you can't really fight with the middle (see video at the bottom) so you simply have to go back and into the middle again. It's a very simple play though and works for when you have no clue what do to, but otherwise I recommend typical middle play: This is just the standard free damage on heavies bushes from middle, and it works for a little bit but then I recommend passive mid play the ridge until you simply see an opening. Staying passive isn't the worst option either, you have plenty of shots just from the middle when heavies are pushing, or when the 1 line is getting pushed. Middle is just the place to be until you can actually push somewhere and that's different every game and sadly pretty hard to help with.. Good decisions and redlining helps South: From south the only reliable early damage I have is from the F2-3/G2-3 area: because stupid people are stupid and they cross at C2/D2 instead of going all the way back when going into the 1 line. This only works in tanks that can get there in roughly 30 seconds because otherwise all crosses already been done, you also have nice shots into the mid with double bushes from there, especially if you know what houses to shoot down. I usually stick around here until people stop poking from the middle. The only real problem is that you have a blindspot from the bushes in the back that are just outside of drawrange so in case of a 1line yolo from south you can't actually support it all. From here the normal option is just to go into the middle: once no more damage can be done here, I normally don't go mid right away because it's so vulnerable and the north has the middle advantage for sure. You have a nice lock on the heavies in several gaps between buildings but the fact that the middle is so crowded from the north side makes it super risky to play early, but a bit simpler when you have more info. If you can actually play the mid aggressively (the enemy mid players are low or dead) then you should just drive straight into the next engagement, middle is pretty useless once you actually won it. If the 1 line has nothing commited to it but just campers in the back you can actually take it pretty aggressively and use the ridges to lock them all down and get sideshots onto the middle as well. I normally don't recommend city as a whole if you have any form of mobility. If you're able to clear the 1 line from south then the progression into the middle is super easy and the game is normally won by this stage already: Explaining past these points shouldn't really be necessary, any angle you can lock people down on is where you should be after this, the game is rarely a city heavy game so in anything with mobility these plays are literally all you need. Some notes as well, if the enemy team yolos 1 line hard you can stay here and lock it down very well: I have a video example of pretty typical defensive play on Fishermans Bay: This shows pretty well how the middle works. Now the game was exceptional but that's besides the point. Here I do almost everything but play the 1 line aggressively as I mentioned and it should be much easier to understand the angles you get and why I chose these places over others.
  12. what do u expect when every other tank in the game is shit in comparison
  13. Yeah, I have 3 of the same ones bought for the exact thing, but thanks for the info
  14. You can literally put DSR onto your entire desktop and it'll unlock native resolutions in game that you allow from the NVIDIA control panel 4K res on a 1080p monitor looks pretty damn strange 2550x1440 really made a difference though, i run my desktop now at that and the game as well when I'm not streaming, only real problem is that OBS doesn't accept a downsampled resolution as your actual resolution meaning I stream only a part of my screen
  15. Yeah unless something malfunctions that build on 1080p will last quite a while. Speaking of monitors, has anyone tried downsampling here? It's setting your GPU to render a higher res than your monitor can display, and then rescale the images for a quality improvement. (Basically Anti-Aliasing afaik) Newer NVIDIA cards offer it by a setting called DSR and AMD by VSR. Games get more GPU intensive AFAIK but at least for WoT it looks really stable and hasn't given me any real problems except for HUD scaling on some older titles I'd also like to know if any people here have any clue when to buy new RAM. I did a memtest and one of mine's going bad (I have a replacement so it's fine for now) so I'm set for now, but they're probably due an upgrade soon anyway and was just wondering if anyone here knew if anything's getting released soon that will drop prices of others or simply a new version of RAM going live etc etc
  16. Looks perfectly fine if you consider how T8 mediums normally play. I have no experience with tier 8 meds in randoms at all this patch with all the new boxes coming along, but I consider the M46 KR one of the best mediums at tier 8, not even excluding prems. As a decent mid-long range fighter with the nice bloom values and a turret that can hold off same tier tanks (at least) makes it perfectly viable in many situations where you simply cannot flank and instead have to fight the enemy head on. This tank looks a little more different, less like a Pershing and more an M46 Patton on tier 8 (funny how the M46 KR is a Patton but I'm talking about the Pilot now). A bit better mobility and and gun handling+dpm for what seems to be an overall armour tradeoff. However from tanks.gg this thing seems to have thick enough tracks coupled with just enough side armour to being able to sidescrape while being able to shoot back (this is a trait only E 50s and T22/907 and 430v2 shares out of all mediums) while fighting most guns it'll face above tier 8. Now it's completely pointless in terms of invulnerability because your turret face can get penned easily and you'll be showing slivers of UFP that also acts like butter. But it gives you a real advantage against other mediums when it comes to baiting shots and the amount of pennable areas you are showing while fighting decrease by quite a lot. This is a huge thing for mediums when it comes to fighting bigger guns. This alone is worth a lot to me. Sadly the tanks.gg model might not be 100% accurate but if my math is correct then you need 152+mm in calibre to reliably go through the side, problem is that the rear part of the side is less armoured (38mm compared to 50,8) which means that 122mms can overmatch the rear end of the side in a sidescrape, which is bad because it's the part you'll be showing first. Luckily the amount of tracks this tank has makes most of those shots likely to just crit your tracks due to their size. AP round is literal ebola though, not sure why they'd give it 193 when all the newer prems have a higher base pen but lower premium pen than before in comparison. 243 APCR is okay but it's going to really struggle against armoured meds and up tier heavies with the current armour scheme is such a huge nono that this is one of the few tanks that are probably forced to fight certain areas just because it has to play on its traits rather than actually playing where you can theoretically accomplish the most (somewhere you'd take a russian med for example) I think that the tank will fit just fine compared to other mediums, the fact that it has real gun handling is a trait I really like and I'll probably end up doing these missions if they aren't too tedious (having to spam one class or nation for one day etc will fuck randoms over so much they won't hold my standard etc).
  17. Maus nerf is due soon, keeping it like this is very unlikely That aside it really depends on what type of armour you're good at using. Turret armour and hull side armour are the two main factors really, so it mostly comes down to either how well you know the maps you play (searching for hulldowns) or knowing deployments from enemy lineups to know what building to sidescrape for chokepoints. The armour is most likely pointless if you can't utilize it, so if you don't feel comfortable with either of the two I'd go with something more forgiving in terms of it, which even after the nerf is probably the E5. The only thing you need to keep track of is where your cupola is, and that's probably as simple as a tier 10 armour scheme is going to get
  18. The T-10 isn't a new years firework finale on tracks why would you wanna see T9 IS7 when there's defenders which is exactly that
  19. FAME>CSA>G100 atm I think G100 isn't as good as 3XR because their A-team didn't come along. The WGL players went to WHYOU or FAME and I think the overall standard of the clan lowered in terms of individual skill but they make up for it in coms and proper strats CSA has always felt like a strange one but damn they're not bad at all, SHs against them are by far the most challenging ones I think there is some merit to it though, two years ago there were more than 1 international clan to choose from, a lot of powerhouse clans died fast in the competitive scene. UNICA, F15, -MM, 322, KAZNA, EFE, PTS and the entire OM cluster existed at the same time and were good at it, a victor of campaigns weren't predictable and the top 10 could be placed any way. It's a bit like football, it used to premier league with tons of even teams fighting for the top but now it's Bundesliga with only the middle and below part of the table is the unpredictable one
  20. XVM whored AND penned by arty in various tier 10s 5 games in a row, I don't even have words

  21. i like how you imply that "it's carbon, so it doesn't count"
  22. lol at you fucking plebs hating on the only good maps in the game also these changes are nice visually but holy shit the areas look complete fucking clusterfuck when it comes to actual gameplay, removing climbs on cliffs will probably remove its validity as an esl map completely, mines is too difficult to tell since the hill changed so much and they didn't show much of the beach
  23. my WN8 should be higher