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  1. Ok, so the purples didn't tattle on him, they made fake accounts to post porn in his chat. Whatever it is, it's sad. I mean, I have no love or hate for Sela, but it seems if you show the masses the tips and tricks the purples have, they get pissy.
  2. Still links to this thread. Can you repost link instead of just editing your old post.
  3. You linked to this thread.
  4. The pen is great, I'm not disputing you there, but on average I do around 90-120 damage in my fury Per shot. Sticking your dick out in a squishy tier 6 for 150 doesn't quite do it for me. I did see it last night, and it's pretty badass, but man...if it only saw 6's and 7's it would be so much better.
  5. I have not seen a reciept, but when I get home I'll check. So, being one of the players that just missed out on the tank, is there a tank that people are putting their camo on to collect pubbie tears? Like the '59?
  6. So....what? Sela was showing people how to be better players and other better players tattled on him to WG and had WG shut him down? that's what it sounds like.
  7. So basically this is a Fury, with a slightly better DPM and a longer reload. Ouch.
  8. Some people are just born plain stupid. Sometimes I platoon with other clan mates from various clans who have lower win rates, just to maybe help them, or whatever. These muppets are just plain old born stupid. And in the age of entitlement, whatever they think is right. Spam HE is the best....they will never change their thinking. You can't patch stupid.
  9. I have a question that I can't seem to be answered about spotting in 9.5. Is 9.5 the patch where if you are spotted you must actually remove yourself from the line of sight before you go dark? Basically the removal of Romulan Cloaking Devices.
  10. I splurged and got, this thing is a beast. I can see how midly retarded middle americans complain that this isn`t a good tank. It`s hard to make work, but man, if you set yourself up nice you`ll plow out 2k damage easily.
  11. Ok, because the way they described it was this. 1. you get spotted 2. you must remove yourself from the line of sight of the tank that spotted you before you will go dark. Another ambiguous WG description.
  12. I`m not going to freak the funk on front street here. I offered felatio. Like, for reals. No dice. I seriously thought the guy I was dealing with was a queeb...or a quay. dice.
  13. I just want to be able to get my PM`s. I asked for the ability to do just that and apparently they have to give you permissions for it all or permabanned. There is no inbetween.
  14. I've been asking nicely for a while now to get my forum permissions back. No dice. Even if you ask nicely. I'm hoping to catch a noob who will throw the switch.
  15. *sigh* Sorting by damage dealt makes things even more sad.
  16. So Is the e25 still worth getting, even with the up coming TD nerfs?
  17. This was another much more damage do I need to do?
  18. Hello, Clearly this place is the place to get better. Simply put, I want to learn how to increase my gameplay. I think I've improved as much as I can on my own and need help from this point on. I believe there is something to this game I am missing. Some metric, some nuance of the game that is passing me by. I've done plenty of TC's and CW. Many training rooms and discussions but I feel there is something missing. So, here I am. Wipe your cock off on the drapes and give me the rogering I most likely deserve.