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  1. 3 hours sleep, 2 pots of coffee, running on fumes, considering a bump of crystal to get me through the day....fuck. The things we do to get a partnership in the company.

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    2. clownshoes2


      You'd be surprised how many people do drugs guy...I do structural investigations and I go into a lot of apartment buildings...Nothing but weed from at least 30% of apartments on every floor.

      It's a plague.

    3. PrivateBert


      I know.

      Also I don't see occasional weed smoking as a problem, because it causes no physical addiction and not much harm to the body and mind.

      Totally different story than meth.

    4. clownshoes2


      Occasional weed smoking...not using disability as a crutch to get welfare and smoke weed all day long because you're too lazy to work.