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  1. This just now in General Chat: classycal (7:57:38 PM) gay cutn arty players classycal (7:57:42 PM) cunt 3 day chatban given for the homophobic statement
  2. My guess is that manga content was accepted from a player contributor without much oversight, and it dates back before I became a moderator so I wasn't even aware of it. We have clear rules in the Game Rules and Forum Rules that prohibit derogatory statements based on sexual preference, so it should not have been accepted as content without change. Personally I was surprised as all players were with the NA statements as there were no such slurs in SirFoch's content, that may have been conflated with Circons although I only read about that and didn't view his content, nonetheless it was both inaccurate and defamatory in it's own right.
  3. I will let the WG Asia Community Manager know (Elphaba), she's pretty good at getting things done, but I wonder how long that shit has been sitting there.
  4. No issue on the forums as far as I can see spacey, your last warning/sanction was in December.
  5. OK, I am a shitter but this just scrapes in
  6. Reactivate it and I will pin it so it stays at the top. Heman I will request the chatlogs from WG for the player, the log is across all channels. This may take a day or two.
  7. Tan has restored your forum rights, can you login and test it and let me know if there is any issue?
  8. Another player was complaining in General Chat yesterday about being TKd by a DDPS member, must be a thing with them. The "all the big clans use illegal mods" is also a favourite saying of General_Kleist from there, I have quoted him here before.
  9. You should ask JOC what he did to get back, but I will ask Tan on the basis of your main thread helping players. This could take a little while.
  10. That is likely not far off the truth. If other Singapore games have better ping, their original route may already have been optimised on the Hong Kong links by ISPs. With the Perth link failing the traffic normally optimised on that link is being forced onto the Hong Kong route and getting the finger from the other carriers. It's a bit like flying in to Canberra from Melbourne and getting diverted to Sydney because of fog and when you get to Sydney the flights to Canberra are already full of normal passengers, so you have to wait until seats are available.