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  1. This is the forum rule that applies: Additionally, excessively long forum signatures are not permitted. Signatures may not exceed two lines. If these limitations are exceeded, then the disruptive elements will be removed without explanation and the offending account may receive sanctions. Users are allowed to use images in your signatures, but their size must not exceed 468px×120px (length x width). The signatures can contain animation, but it should not be annoying. In my view if you can fit them on one line it is ok.
  2. You should be able to fit them side by side, give it a shot
  3. Time to start a Patreon account perhaps.
  4. That seems reasonable to restrict by IP so they can manage the load, can you ask Azure for a NATd address so it doesn't have to change?
  5. I'll go and look for them
  6. Middle position on Fisherman's Bay farming heavies moving into town. 3.8K damage, 1.8K spotting
  7. 4,200 spotting and got my first MOE on it.
  8. https://ritastatusreport.live/2018/03/03/dont-ask-questions-moderator-abuse-in-world-of-tanks-consoles-forums/#comment-58998
  9. There are two trainees and it's like they jump at shadows.
  10. On the CT server so probably not relevant, but felt good after a shitty day.
  11. Getting to Improved Equipment, 1 bond at a time
  12. I only act on JOCs reports when they make sense, just as I would for any player. Unfortunately for Germi JOCs reports make more sense than all of his posts.