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  1. My problem would be getting an NTSC LD player, that or I'd have to go with the weird thin-sounding japanese masters, including having to track down those copies as well. Something that would be equally difficult since Rush wasn't exactly big in Japan, they did two shows in tokyo back in 84 on their Grace Under Pressure tour, but they never went back, so I doubt more than a few thousand copies exist of either one.
  2. Do you have an actual laserdisc player or is it just for collection purposes? I've been interested in getting one ever since I found laserdisk editions of both Exit... Stage Left and A Show of Hands (live Rush albums) on a collector website. Both have certain parts uploaded to youtube, but I kinda want my own copy.
  3. I guess I'm lucky in that my career path will allow me to keep gaming, and be around people irl who have the same interest. good luck my friend, we've never really talked much outside of discord/chat/forums, but I hope everything works out.
  4. TL;DR someone decieved us into trusting them with power. Shit happens unfortunately, but we're not going to let it kill the clan.
  5. whoa someone revive kewei quick he'd get 6k dpg ez pz
  6. http://www.wikihow.com/Tie-a-Noose
  7. - 59% 3000wn8 recents - Treedown mod - Ability to tolerate OP_Hacker
  8. lfc

    when are you finally going to have an account to setle in because you've gone throught like 4
  9. lfc

    I was replying to you
  10. lfc

    Maybe you should include that you can't even achieve that on a bought account.