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  1. Does anyone know why Serb's name is on that tool? I am not sure I understand the reference.
  2. I just wanted to say merry christmas and happy new year to everyone now that it is finally christmas (at least here in Viking land). This thread can act as a thread for everyone to spread some festive cheers! I wish you all favourable RNG and happy grinds in the new year. GLÆDELIG JUL (MERRY CHRISTMAS)
  3. Would you use the derp or 90 mm when trying for the third mark? I can see the derp giving amazing games, but the 90 mm can almost be more consistent (but way less fun).
  4. Maybe I am a special snowflake, but I dont feel the focus because of stats at all. I have many games where arty chooses to shoot someone next to me, or not at me at all (picking another flank to shoot at). Of course I still get the annoying one-shots from time to time, but that is often because I seek out the fight in the usual quick/aggresive positions and stay there to fight. Then they smack me because of my positioning and not because I am a special snowflake purple player. I think there is a lot of confirmation bias going on with this. One only notices arty when they smack one repeadtedly. It is hard to notice when/if they shoot at something else, because WG didn't make it obvious when arty is firing and where.
  5. If you guys are really struggling this much, why not just stop (read: take a break)? You are clearly not having fun, so stop playing tanks and go play something else until you feel the game might be entertaining again. That is what I did and I am having quite a good amount of fun now, after a 3-ish month break from the game.
  6. Cromwell is in HD. Can't remember when it happened, but both my Cromwell and Bromwell has fancy HD tracks EDIT: And AFAIK they are the same size (besides the gun).
  7. So now on EU we have the KV-122, one of the new premiums that has been leaked resently. A quick look at the stats on tanks.gg shows it to be an IS-2B that trades armour for a bit of speed and better gun handling. Since I already have the IS2B, I wont be going for this. But if someone missed out on the IS2B, I can see this tank being a decent purchase. It even comes in a standard bundle without anything attached (as in, only the tank itself and a garage slot IIRC).
  8. No worries about exact numbers - just curious about a rough figure. Sounds achieveable with a bit of MM and RNG luck
  9. Just play enough to unlock a million packages and slowly trade them up for higher tier stuff. For lvl 9 you need almost purely tier IV and V stuff. Dont forget you have a month to do it, so no need to rush.
  10. Congratulations on the nice marks. Those two tanks are high on my want to-do list. What did you average on both of them? Just so I have a rough guideline as to how tryhard it has to be.
  11. So you complete these missions and decorate your tree - then it unlocks the crew members and such? It sounds like WG went in the opposite direction with these mission if it only takes an hour or so to get the three crew members. I am not complaining as it is supposed to be a holiday, but still funny to see when compared to the previous mission sets.
  12. Congratulations! How much damage were you averaging at the end to push it over the 3rd mark? I'm at the high-80's and need to know if it is something I can achieve without pulling myself too much together to triple mark this thing
  13. I can only echo this. One of the most well-crafted universes ever made. I also read the books/novels (except for the last and fourth one, because it is not seen as "canon" because of shit it is). Love those games and will have to replay them for god knows what time before Andromeda comes out. I just haven't tried a series/franchise that has been as good as ME, and I dont think I ever will. But HL2 also has a special place in my heart as that was the first full singleplayer game that I played and I loved every minute of it. I regularly come back to it just to experience it. The level design, the story, the combat and pacing - just all of it is excellent. It opened my eyes for what gaming can be all about.
  14. Just here to back Matra up with this. The fanboyism can be a bit much at times, but most of the other time it is a nice community with friendly and fun people. Most of my best tanking buddies are back from my QSF days.
  15. There lies a big difference that will be a problem in this discussion. It is a tank that doesn't look good on paper, but it can be really fun to play with other people. But fun is a subjective thing, so that is also worth considering. This 1357 is not to be played with a serious mindset. My point about the panic is that lesser experienced people tend to panic when their tanks are hit repeatedly - doesn't matter how much they are hit for. The 13 57 hits every second, compared to every other second. If you are two of these tanks in a platoon, then the enemy tank will take a hit every .5 seconds (at close range). Also, I dont understand why you compare it to the M41-90, as I didn't (and I dont think anyone ever will) claim that the 13 57 is a better tank than the M41-90. I will repeat myself: This tank is not to be taken seriously in any way - but I see it as one of my favourite tier 7 LTs because of the uniqueness (uniqueness =/= greatness) of the needle dick autoloader it has.