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  1. I think your methodology is wrong because you're thinking of the problem in 1-dimensional sense and then doing it in two axis to pseudo simulate the results of a 2-dimensional solution. Also your results is binary, a near miss is no different than a complete miss, and a near hit that would ricochet would count as much as a dead-center hit. Really IMO the right way to do it is to calculate the circular error probable (CEP). It's what most military use to judge the accuracy of their weapons. The way I would go about it is to record a replay of you shooting at the same target from the same distanct(you only need to shoot at the same point really but a target would help you keep a consistent aim). In the replay/freecam put yourself on top of the target and zoom out. Watch the replay and record where your shells land, plot it on a graph, and calculate the CEP for each ship, and now you have a non-subjective and easy to compare number between any ship; provided you are shooting at the same range in each ship. Of course this is easy for me to say because I'm not doing the work... this is a lot of work but IMO it's what you need to do in order to get non-subjective good data to compare between ships short of getting source code from WG and running a simulation using their ballistics formulas.
  2. Honestly, the Pensacola would be a great ship if it had more concealment. The gun handling on that ship is amazing. Too bad it's on a tin foil platform with poor concealment.
  3. The problem with this idea is, you'll just have DDs laying a smoke wall as the opening move at the beginning of every game and nothing can engage each other until brawling range because no one can see each other. This isn't all that different from what happened between Rank 5-1 in last season and it was definitely not fun for anyone. IMO, there's a happy medium between ~3-16km that the Devs should try to drive the engagements towards. What we have right now is too many people/engagements happening at 16+ km, and I think your idea would push it far too close down to ~2-5 km.
  4. To be perfectly honest I don't completely rely on my ability to spot torp splashes with or without bioncos because I see too many false positives from to shell splashes. For myself, I really have to stare at the target to be able to discern with certainty whether it was a torpedo launch or a shell splash. I would have to give up too much real SA to look for these splash with 100% accuracy. This is why I find anything to increase torpedo spotting to be useful. I would see a splash and have to 50-60% confidence that it was a torpedo spread and not a shell splash, and proceed to start dodging with 1/2 rudder or change 1 notch of speed. Increasing torpedo spotting range helps me push that to 100% confidence as to whether it was a real torpedo spread or a false positive earlier so either I can complete the dodge maneuver or go back to full speed chase sooner. I'm certainly not saying this is the "right/only" way to do it for everyone. Some of you are certainly better than me at reading torpedo launches and thus only find a tiny marginal benefit to having TA but it's what have worked out better for me lately. I constantly re-evaluate the usefulness of these 3 captain skills and I have changed them more than once; I wouldn't put it beyond myself to have switched all my captains to SI the next time someone asks.
  5. If you want to give up real situational awareness and stare at your target through binocs and watch for torp launches sure you can see them when they launch. Blink and you'd miss it, and I only spend the 2-3 seconds to aim in bionics and watching everything else that's going on around me. I just think real situational awareness has value and if TA aids in that then it's not a waste. I do think having more than 4 charges of RP is a waste 95% of the time because that 5th charge it doesn't tip games and it's a more efficient use of resources if you use prem RP and put that 3 pts into something else. If you want to pigeonhole yourself into thinking that SI is the only choice and follow the lemming on what everyone else chooses, that's fine. There is some wisdom to choosing SI after all. Having thought through and observe my experiences, I've come to the conclusion that TA, HA, SI as a tier 3 skill have more or less the same value at the end of the day and I wouldn't fault anyone one for choosing any of those 3 skills for their BB captain.
  6. The purpose for TA isn't to dodge IJN cloak torpedo ambushes for which SA + WASD counters, it's to give you more reaction time in short to brawling distances (5-10km) against torp launching CA or Torp armed BBs that you're trying to chase out of caps/strategic positions. It lets you close distances faster if you can (with more confidence) just weave between a torpedo spread rather than zig zagging half the width of a cap circle. If you don't want to put pts into TA, fine, put it into high alert. My point is, SI isn't the only viable choice for tier 3 BB Captain skill.
  7. I don't know about you but I don't find myself using up every single charge of repair party (RP) everytime I take a BB out even when I only run with Premium RP for a total of 4 charges w/out SI. By the time I use that last RP the game is typically decided already. Every time you don't use all 4 charges (5 with Premium RP +SI) then SI is wasted and those 3 points can arguably be better spent on something else. If TA helps you dodge just 1 torpedo you got more use out of TA than the 1 extra charge of RP that you didn't have to use from your 3 pts you spent in SI. I'm willing to wager that the 5th RP just gives you a comfy feeling that it's there if you need it, but statistically speaking doesn't tip as many games as people thinks.
  8. BBs are excellent at pushing caps given their durability but it's hard for them to take and hold a cap solo given their high visibility and poor maneuverability. When you initiate a push you need to be the one the make sure that if you push, you stand a good chance at taking the cap and that your own teammates are in a position to be able to follow you through and hold it before you start the push. I find that if you make a push and you aren't dying to a hail of fire, most pubs are wise enough to follow you.
  9. I think arguments can be made for both TA and superintendent ever since they put an extra charge for the premium version, but for Bismack I don't think you need TA cuz you have hydro.
  10. As @Mesrith said a lot about BB play is positioning. For the first 30 sec or so of the game I tend to wait and see which way the team is going, and I typically go to the side where the majority of my team is going because this game favors concentration of firepower. Keep an eye out for the other flank, and flex back if you have to defend cap. If you are defending cap, kite them and play for time. IMO in a BB's ideal range to fight from is ~10-14km from tier 3-6 and then ~12-16km from tier 7 up. At this range dispersion is much less of an issue and you should be able to land a sizable chunk of your salvo but keep torps far enough away so that you'll still have time to dodge and react; above all this distance give you time to pull back if you find yourself in a bad situation. I don't like to go all the way to the side of a map because that keeps your gun out of effective range from the central area of the map. If a map have 3 caps, you want to sail to a place somewhere on your team's side of the map and between 2 of the caps so that you can easily engage things on 2 of the 3 caps. It also gives you more opportunities to push a cap when it comes time to do so. BBs are good at pushing but you need support and you can't do it under a hail of fire. Typically by mid-game opportunities should open up for you to push a cap and take control of the game.
  11. IJN line for sure.The USN just have a complete lack of versatility. USN AS built is good at winning superiority and spotting but you aren't rewarded for spotting and barely rewarded for shooting down planes; an IJN AS build can arguably do the same thing and be better at it. While an AS built may be effective for a team that knows how to take advantage of having a clear sky, is generally wasted on the majority of the potato-pubs that are driving the other ships on your team. If you run balance, you are stuck with a weak 1/1/1 build until tier 9 and don't get 2 TB until tier 10. If you run strike, you still only get 1 TB and rely on DB and their RNG to do the majority of the damage while giving up all of your fighter squadrons. At that point you might as well play a Strike IJN CV. (USN line have more accurate DB but you are by no means guarantee even 1 hit on a good drop). IJN line have a much more balanced built regardless of strike or AS setup. You will always have at least 1 fighter squadron. You will always have more squadrons making you a more effective scout for your team. TB squadrons are plain better than DB squadrons because you have much more control over where your torpedoes go. Really the only down side to the IJN line is that you'd have to sharpen your Starcraft skills and manage more squadrons.
  12. The reload on shima already have 2.5 minuites reload, 2 minutes on the Kagero. You are theoretically already limited to 8-10 reloads + whatever the reload booster can give you. Realistically you'll probably launch half that many salvo in a given game; thus limiting the number of reloads is not the solution you are looking for.
  13. In a BB when I decide to push for a cap it's at a moment that I think we can take the cap and route the enemy from that cap and the approaches to the cap. IMO you don't want to play footsies near the cap circle in a BB; you just don't have the maneuverability to do it well unless you have no other choice. Leave this job to DDs and CA. This doesn't mean you should snipe from 15+km either, you want to be close enough to the circle to be able to hit things with relative accuracy and be in a position to seize the moment if/when your opponent makes a mistake. If you are being kited, then let them kite you (unless you are needed elsewhere) but don't let them kite you further than your ability to turn around and influence the cap circles. This is judgement call is highly dependent on your situation awareness, and how familiar you are with the capabilities of your ship. it's the same principle for what you should do when you are being kited in any class.
  14. Stealth torp in of itself is fine, it's the ridiculous gap between torpedo range and spotting range that was the problem. You can literally spend the entire game not coming close to being spotted and just spam the map with torps that's the problem. It's the same problem with stealth firing with guns, it's reasonable if the gap between firing and spotting is narrow, but it just becomes completely unfun for everyone else but you if you are never in danger of being spotted.
  15. I think the bigger questions are, are they changing top XP not losing stars and how many stars you need to get to Rank 1... last season had too many I thought. The single tier is a very nice change of pace. Regardless, time train those tier 8 captains! I think my go to in 8 will be the NC, Tirpitz, and Atago.