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  1. I understand your points and will take those into consideration, including your sig ideas. However, I'm not interested in throwing any data away. I don't lean on XVM by any means. I just use it in certain situations. I have played w/o XVM for periods of time for various reasons and didn't turn purple So, point taken but, I'll stay with XVM for now. You have given me something else to think about though, which is why I came here. Thanks
  2. Thanks for going to all that trouble. Very concise and complete. I have recognized a lot of these activities in matches but, it doesn't mean I can do them:) The reason I like to know about these things (besides learning to do them) is to know what to watch out for. That's what I use XVM for (among other things), so that I know which of the above behaviors to expect from which tank, ideally. Hence my interest in the lower levels. It helps to judge what I can get away with
  3. I'm starting to be sorry I pulled 10% out of my er thin air. But yes. When I started playing the game six years ago I joined beginning Clans that could not field a full team and we ALWAYS lost. I didn't care about stats in those days.
  4. I might have misunderstood. You are saying that the difference between a 96% player and a 98% is easily discernable because the skill difference is so great?
  5. As a horrible example, a 10% WR player can aim and click but can't WASD. A 40% WR drives and hides well enough, but SA is still not understood. I'm interested in a hard look at this. Not just anecdotal. It seems that determining what a 99.9999999 player knows vs. 99.9999998 would be impossible and not worth the info (other than knowing how much camo paint is required to fully cover the epeen) Anything like that out there? thx
  6. Hey Shifty, this is more like what I was searching for. Thanks. Thanks to everyone else for the ideas also.
  7. I appreciate everyone's feedback, I must admit to being a little surprised that so many are saying 'don't worry about stats.' I thought wotlabs was all about stats. Has there been a change in philosophy?
  8. When I mentioned actual skills being related to specific WR or WN8, I was referring to actual observations made by posters here on wotlabs. So, I thought there might be a master list compiled of all types of skills correlated with WR/WN. In this way, a horrible player like me might be able to get a hint as to what I'm doing wrong. Haven't there been discussions regarding skill sets as they relate to stats? As to my decrease in stats recently, I have been playing my worst tanks trying to get their stats up. Maybe this isn't a good idea My worst tanks are getting better but, my overall is suffering.
  9. I have my own reasons for using stats. I use them to improve my game. When I play a pub match, I take a look at the teams to decide who to support and who to 'go after.' I've noticed that a lot of players do something similar and they determine actual play attributes based on WR or WN8. For example, 'a player with a 45WR can't lead moving targets.' 'A player with 43WR doesn't understand situational awareness.' Of course, I've seen many others. Is there already an official list here on wotlabs? I'd like to refine this idea by compiling a list of skills/or lack thereof that are associated with each of the stat levels. BTW, my stats suck so bad, I probably shouldn't be allowed to login to wotlabs. But you can look at my data and describe my attributes as a player as a starting point. Thanks for any info. Slopoke
  10. Sorry about missing the sarcasm There is a lot of info regarding the top end of the scale (purples etc). The bottom end contains most of the players and I'm interested to learn more about what's going on there. I assumed a lot of research was done here. Wow HS5. That is an amazing example.
  11. No, I tried to say that I'm interested in this as a stat, and I'm not interested in doing anything active to affect the team in a negative way, just, if you're not there, what effect would that have? But, I appreciate the data monj. I never would have thought of that. I'm the second player that wanted to know what the WR of a useless player would be? Then, how about answering the question? I'm looking for data. That's why I'm in the math section. But you can continue to say things about quitting. I really get a tremendous kick out of that. Your 55.76 is not impressive to me at all. Especially around here with all the 75% WRs on this forum. Hmmm. An AFK player gets 42 and I'm at 42.9? That's some food for thought...
  12. Break a record? lol I've been playing this game for 4 years. I'm getting a little tired of it. My recent probably reflects my attitude lately. So, among many things I am curious about, since my WR is going down more and more is 'just how low can it go if I'm not contributing anything to a win?' BTW, if you want to, you can remind me of all the things I don't know how to do with a WR of 42.9. I always enjoy the... nvm Does that answer seem to explain the nature of my question? Thanks for the data input waga100.
  13. I searched around but, couldn't find this. What is the average lowest WR that can occur if a player does absolutely nothing to contribute to winning? Can you purposefully try to lower your WR to max low? By doing what? No TKing or things like that. If you can point me to research/data, thanks. A slow poke.
  14. I am fairly sure that the text labels for the colors are not shown in-game or in the UI. I use the stats to measure my play and improve myself. I have recently started modifying my colors.xc to suit what I think are useful/meaningful values. I always change the text from 'horrible worthless scumbag' to poor or something along those lines. No one sees this but me. If I want, I can set the scales so that all my stats fall in dark purple and do self BJs and epeen bragging to everyone who knows me. All of the text could read God, King, Me or whatever. What I'm saying is all of this epeen,'I'm a unicum and I should be able to call people Krap' is childish and unnecessary but, you can still do it. Go ahead, label everyone below you horrible worthless scumbag! Make yourself happy. It won't matter to anyone but you.
  15. BTU, I'm glad your post is right here. I have already modified the colors file in XVM to suit my sense of what I think the colors should be and have changed the wording that goes with it. I've been playing this game for 3 years so I think I'm allowed to form my own opinion. I was glad to see on the main page that Neverwish removed the 'bad' label and others from his chart there. I just voted here because the poll was already here, not because I care if you change it. I think you guys spend waaaay too much time worrying about this actually. But, I don't care if you do. You guys are carving up the numbers to 1% precision in a game where there are artificial means to influence the data (without being any better at driving a tank) that can move the data by 5 or 6% (platooning for example). And you really want to show the difference between 99.99 and 99.9 percentile. Really? And lets dump everyone into red/bad from 60% down. Actually, I think it would be more useful to break down the lower skillsets to determine exactly how people can improve up to average levels. The average player is probably to not any good to a 70% winner but, compared to a 30%, average has learned a lot. Why not let them have their due?