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  1. so phone exploded.  I have T-mobile.......wut phone should I get now :'(


    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Assassin7


      meh, I do so much on my phone that I wanted a powerful one. not games, but I didn't want it to fucking lag. lol

    3. MAJEST1C


      Yeah, I find it ridiculous that phone prices are rising. What phone did you have that exploded? 

    4. TheSovereign


      fuck T-mobile go google-fi WAY cheaper and better all around service + free international

  2. I turned 23 today, I'm being told that I'm a Dad now in Mahou slack.  So where can I find my Dads? :D 

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      Happy Birthday old man :dance:

    3. Zepherex



      >thinks hes a dad when he cant get a grip on his tennis gameplay

      >not even in bulba


    4. kreigermann



      Happy birthday.


      If 23 is a "dad" then at what point is someone a "gramps"?

  3. i<3moody more like it
  4. I hear DANGL is the next top clan? CONFIRM JOHNNY? 8^)
  5. People weren't lying, he's actually back

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    2. leggasiini


      Should he get one more chance? I wasnt around here when he wasnt banned so i dont rly know, but from what i heard he got...pretty many "new chances" already soo

    3. Assassin7


      He had about 50 million chances for what I know. It went as far as the mods having to approve any and every post he made before they would show up. 

    4. DirtyACE7


      I watched part of Sela's stream last night with Garbad. He seemed alright but you could tell from his voice that he could be one seriously insufferable dude given the right circumstances.

  6. From my view, there are 2 ways to improving your skill level. Playing lower tiers and moving up the tier system, the supposed normal way. By the time you reach tier 10, you should have a good grasp on all the mechanics, especially camo and how it works. Or you do the Kewei method, which is you play tier 8, 9, and 10 until you get it right. Which is what I did..........and I severely regret it. This will prevent you from learning some skills unless you look them up and practice them or you somehow stumble onto them. Camo is one of them. It's more common in tier 10 to get outlit by something that shouldn't light you...........than in lower tiers for example. So you won't pick up on these skills in tier 8-10. BUT, in tier 8-10 you will be superior to those in lower tiers in flexing and trading. A concept that is foreign in lower tiers. Take what you will dude.
  7. If you are getting this packet loss as of like a couple days ago, I've been having it as well. Along with several other players. So you are definitely not alone. If this has been persistent over the course of several weeks/months it may be that either your router was fried (storms do that often apparently), or your provider is shitting the bed (which is not uncommon holy shit why can't we be EU). Give it a week or so before going further IMO. My bet is that the fault is with Tanks as numerous people have been having problems, even o7 was raging about it during wglna as well.
  8. KV3 was good as it has a 122mm at tier 7 so when top tier you can cause some damage. KV4 complete shit. If you can, try to free xp past it to a fully decked out STI but if not don't give up hope the STI is worth the pain
  9. Best all around armor used to be the E5, now it's the Maus. But if you want something more mobile than a Maus but same armor bullshit I would get the IS4. People constantly overlook that tank but I prefer it honestly. Good gun, decent dpm, decent mobility, alpha to capitalize trading, sidescraping monster. EZ go to IMO
  10. Just to point out, your 15k online at 5AM is like our 15k during prime time sometimes......... WOT IS on the decline, since 2010. Many things are influencing this but I believe the main reason is clan wars. Since 2.0 was implemented a giant drop in tankers online was evident. Clan Wars was also slowly being killed off since 2012 soooooooo
  11. 1STTANKS!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
  12. Just want to point out, if you DON'T have a 112, you need to get one. The tank is stupidly broken, easy money, easy wins with this thing. Literally the only problem you'll have is running into 252us
  13. I see 4673, that's 4.7k to me fam Get 150 in that thing and you'll be numero uno NA
  14. God damnit I was drunk when I posted that. I'm usually not that aggressive lul GL cracking the 2500 recent and 60% win rate mark without your padding tanks @_pip_. Call me in a couple years when you do
  15. Yes I am an asshole, correct on that. Yes in 7k games you WERE better than me. BUT GUESS WHAT I'M STILL SHIT SO WHERE DOES THAT PUT YOU?