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  1. If I'm in a heavy I'll go city because I know I can push it and it's the most consistent winning flank. If I'm in a medium I have 2 things to look at, 1. How many meds do I think will go field on their team, and 2. How many TDs do they have If an enemy team has lots of meds I don't go field I stomp city with the heavies. If a team has lots of meds and TDs, stomp city. Not a lot of meds but TDs? Stomp field then go to city. Historically in this game, if you win a flank, you can bet your ass there will be some stupid shitlord yellow or orange in a fucking high alpha TD sitting in the back waiting for his flank to fail to pick up the remains. NEVER push into TDs unless it's your only Swamp for instance.........
  2. This is the reason I got the regular version. It made a big difference when I took on a Defender in my M48, I noticed my eyes were instantly drawn to the tracks and their angle. Tarho also pointed this out to me beforehand.
  3. I appreciate the people driving the Mauschen because it is literally free damage
  4. Unless if you're in a heavy tank, it pretty much is the worst map created. Field is a no go zone unless if you won the lottery that day
  5. IMHO the M48 Patton is the worst fucking tier 10 in the game.  Fuck this piece of shit

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    2. bolagnaise


      Play better Shifty:nanoserb:

    3. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      Amx 30b Begs To Differ


    4. mati_14


      you are just struggling with it, i hate when i started playing it, but after you get used to it, it's really good

  6. Yes
  7. There is nothing we can really say to help you dude. All you have to do is realize "oshit, what I'm about to do is stupid and will result in me dying with no reward" There is no pillows you can squeeze, no drink to hold you back, just be patient. If you have to be aggressive then don't move anywhere that your team can't support.
  8. The only concern will be the BC 155 58. Yes this change isn't the best, we want shorter stun times but overall........this is better than what we have at the moment. This will also benefit blues and unicums much more than people believe. Remember guys, below average players play arty for the SOLE PURPOSE OF RUINING BLUES AND UNICUMS GAMES. Just want to point that out
  9. Awwwwwww it's adorable <3
  10. oshit totally forgot about that one
  11. I think that just means we have to change the way we play. Can't go off and 1v5 a flank semi-alone anymore, gonna have to make sure that we always have 4 some odd allies with us at all times in case we get triple tapped by arty and summarily yoloed by pubbies.
  12. The only meds you will find turret armor on in the tiers you specified are the comet and the patton KR. Since you don't want a patton kr, I'm just going to ignore that detail. Best med for you would be the E50 IMO. Some gun depression, good AP round, armor, mobile, tis ur perfect med 4 uuuuuu If you want a real med though that is a jack of all trades and knife fighting brawler find a tier 10 RU med and be done with it dude as those are your superior ones. Like the 907..........
  13. All good changes, stun time is pretty high atm, hopefully they will reduce that a bit but other than that good overall changes I'm surprised. And EVERYONE forgets why your average 400-600 wn8 player plays arty, it's to FOCUS UNICUMS AND BLUES AND RUIN THEIR GAMES THROUGH XVM FOCUS. HOW MANY DO YOU THINK WILL BE PLAYING ARTY AFTER THIS?! Imagine, games where there are no after the great arty nerf of 8.6
  14. there are people in there who I would want dead IRL dude...........not a good idea
  15. Fuck if I know dude. External and everyone in Otter now only want to bring back the people who were in before FAM merged and leave it as a social clan just doing strongholds and shit. Clan Wars is dead which was the whole point of Otter at the time so now.........