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  1. Mentoring Service
  2. Updated now the discord will be for NA/EU/SEA
  3. Sorry for the late reply. Sometimes Battles under your belt matter but seeing as you understand the game more than most I'm pretty sure we can find out what you're "Hiccuping" on and fix it with A different mind set etc. One of the biggest helpful things is you get to see how I think and look at a battle in detail this might help you think of things you haven't thought of before trust me I've coached a lot of good players that said "Holy cow i never thought of it liked that" or "Wow did think you could predict something like that but the way you word it and go about it makes sense". Can't wait to get some hours of coaching in with you it's gonna be fun.
  4. Anyone that wants to can join and just ask for friends tags
  5. Yeah, I was thinking once the NA guys are settled i could work on EU/Sea sorry for now friendo's
  6. sorry for now i want this to be NA only then maybe we can expand onto EU/SEA
  7. REFILL YOUR FRIENDS LIST WITH GOOD PLATOONMATES Requirements: Wn8 1250+ 60/Days Ingame/Discord name must match What is the purpose of this Discord? Well the teamspeak was quite successful in its prime so I think this discord could have similar effects a lot of my platoonmates for that year were from the MVP club and I made some great long lasting friends out of it! Also since discord is less of a hassle to keep open etc I feel we will have a lot more active members on this then when MVP teamspeak was in its prime. Applying for Roles? There will be a section on the discord listed #Apply you will need to post your signature(Please read the pin message before posting in the #Apply section) in this section to receive your "Roles" These Roles will reflect your Stats overall & recent so that everyone knows how you perform in-game for those of you with lower overalls don't let this discourage you from joining this is a no hate zone those seen harassing other players will be kicked from the discord. #PLATOON I feel like this is pretty straight forward you join the discord receive your roles post #Platoon Section and look for other players to platoon with their are also other sections like Tanking related questions etc and feel free to post in them try to keep the @everyone to a minimum as most find it quite annoying The lobby will also be the voice version of #platoon feel free to sit in there and talk to others to see if they are playing your tier and want to platoon. Feedback & Questions We have a lot of room to improve of this type of discord and I'll totally accept any feedback from those of you that are interested I will also be looking for admins to moderate this discord if you feel you are up to the task please PM me on discord after Applying and joining the server! Those of you that have any questions feel free to ask away! Also I felt this was a good idea since most of the players friends lists have been completely wiped UPDATE: This discord will now be open to all servers it got great reception from the NA server Getting 100 members in just 5 days!! Wow amazing to see people wanting something like this I'm glad. So we are gonna open it to the other two servers as well for now on just say NA/EU/SEA when you are requesting a platoon which shouldn't be too much trouble. Now, I'm going to be looking for SEA/EU admins that can get the ball rolling on their servers and get a bunch of guys from there end also if anyone has anything they would like to add to the discord feel free to message me and tell me what you think would make it a better environment for the platooning/Hanging out experince!
  8. Welcome, Hope you find wotlabs educational and beneficial to your world of tanks experince.
  9. If, we are talking about a sizable sample where other players would look at it and go okay this is how "you" perform in said tank I would personally say 150-200 Battles. 139 games played, 1824 dpg, 490 assisted. 43% win rate - Looks to me like bad trades early deaths just off the stats alone, I'm not calling you bad I understand how hard trading in this tank can be. The cent 7/1 on the other hand has turret armor and a more accurate gun to help with distance shots and bounces I wouldn't be so hard on yourself I would say the Type 61 is one of the more harder tier 9 meds to play right next to the Obj.430II and the WZ-120. If you want to fix the stats on the type 61 I would personally tell you to platoon(with heavies T10's etc) and don't front line it if you can help it keep your HP in the beginning of the match But also look for ways to get earlier damage in Spots which require gun depression and mid-late game use your HP to deal with the remaining enemies since the DPM is quite good and remember A tank like the type 61 can still get full penned by arty so be careful.
  10. 907 3 marks


    1. RC_Tank


      thats damn impressive


      that E50m :kreygasm:

    2. SmyleeRage


      @RC_Tank Yeah E50M is My favorite tank in the game, If you haven't tried it after this new patch please do it's amazing even tho they added a copula its lower plate got buffed and the bounces you get are So fucking funny

  11. I know what your thinking..... Hmm which tier 10 LT did he play? But, then you looked at the damage dealt and now you're like Wait.... What! Well, The............................Leaves room


    1. SchnitzelTruck


      something something sample sizes

    2. CheekiBreeki_
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      9 0 7 t o p k e k

  12. @DirtyACE7 I actually teach long term it really just depends on the student if he's committed most take 5-6 lessons then take a break for 1-2 months and let the lessons sink into their play style and thought process etc
  13. Hey, DirtyAce7 I teach all skill levels
  14. Hello for those of you that don't know me I'm SmyleeRage I've been offering coaching on Wotlabs for well over 2 years I have recently Been accepted into a Gaming Coaching website that has added world of tanks to its list of games! Since I'm the last paid mentor we wanted those of you planing on posting in this section to know you have a consistent coach you can always count on if needed. Promo Code: smyleerage (codes are case sensitive) This code can be used once by each new student Using this code will give you 500 bonus sensei points (the currency of Gamer Sensei) when purchasing bundles of points, which can then be used to book lessons with me. Promo Code: smyleerage (codes are case sensitive) If you have any questions feel free to ask or pm me I'll get back to you ASAP