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  1. Hey, I started playing this game it is quite fun and was hoping there are some of you out there to ease the pain of solo or duo play. Having a party of four to play with sounds like it would be quite fun and definitely team shifting considering the game is 10 vs 10 currently at tier 4-5! Username: SmyleeRage
  2. Bumping because this is still a thing 227 members strong baby
  3. UPDATE: I now have two promo codes for you to use also, 50% OFF your first lesson!
  4. I love getting ammo racked in this tank you can tell
  5. Man I love me some wotlabs got guys going F this F that Marks aren't working then you got people like stop crying cause you can't mark your tank and look cool! I'm sitting here thinking how someone could play this game at "high levels" without wanting to mark tanks? Oh, wait maybe they play this game for fun........... it cant be cause they jealous and cant mark tanks themselves............ Has to be the first one :jebaited: 

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    2. Fulcrous


      without marks, my credit losses have no meaning :feelsbad:

    3. hazzgar


      What is fun? We all here play for stats. Didn't you read the pub forums. 

    4. Epic


      NA can have my working marks! Just give me in return! :MingLee:

  6. The new PR has made pubbies weird towards me they say things like "It's an honor to play with you" and " Glad you were on my team thanks for the carry" and some dude defend me like " fuck that hater he's mad because you're so skilled"  I'm just sitting here just stunned as shit right now.


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    2. IanSanJR


      stats is abusing. i dont care about stats anymore. what does make you fabulous with it?

    3. hazzgar


      Do they see that shit in game?

    4. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      :gachi:Truly an honor sempai, ♂Thank♂You♂Sir♂

  7. Hey, I was wondering if anyone would let me play on there account (EU) and stream.  Marks are frozen on NA which makes the game unplayable for me atm

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    2. Enroh


      PM me and we can talk 

    3. Assassin7


      >some numbers that go up or down aren't going up or down


    4. Strigonx


      what bothers me is knowing WG they'll either ignore the issue entirely or, do something halfassed and the marks work out again, but you get one half decent game and it goes all the way up to 97%

  8. They've been broken since Friday lol Fake News " The Moe's work great, they're the greatest!! they're doing great things & were gonna make em even greater!!! Were Gonna make em so great even my blind Boy will be able to Three MOE the Obj.907!! MAKE MARKS OF EXCELLENCE GREAT AGAIN
  9. Welcome to wotlabs hopefully you have or will stop playing arty as one less arty player is always a good thing and get you good in some real tanks Enjoy the "Elitist" forums to your hearts content
  10. Though the tank looks bad on paper etc the tank actually performs quite amazingly the alpha combined with the speed an OMFG them sweet ass APCR shells it gets, Resulted in this performance I enjoyed it so much! When i played it I thought hmm best tier 9 lt in the game? probably its only weakness is Dispersion which is a gamble in this game no matter what you play. T54 Ltwt is tied with it though then the AMX 13 90 then the RU-251 then the T49 cause that thing is shit is their a tolerance thread for this piece of fucking shit it doesn't know what it wants to be A kv-2 that goes 72? or no wait a shitty ru-251 with crazy dpm that can never be used ugh!
  11. I don't yell at people that give me the $$$
  12. Central America has great server possibilities the problem here is will Wargaming choose A good solid server or pick yet another crap heap? Joining the population is good, But what comes to mind for me is are they doing this because they realize it is a good idea for about 75% of the player base and the longevity of the server or are they doing this because the servers currently are shit? I hope they pick a solid server one that can Maintain twice/triple the average population to be on the safe side would be smart, We just have to hope they realize picking shitty 3rd rate servers is not good for there game and spending Lots of money to Rent/Buy A good server would be worth it for them if they don't want NA 6 feet under......... I mean NA already been in the coffin for quite sometime. In the end like always when it comes to wargaming we will just have to wait and see how they fuck it up.
  13. Welcome, You already have a head start on most tomatoes by joining wotlabs keep it up and You'll be good in no time.
  14. Just from a quick look at your overall stats I can tell quite a few things that would overall improve your performance. 1. Take a break or switch servers when losing 3-4 games in a row because once the losing streak has started it's easier to keep it rolling than stopping it by continuously playing in hopes of winning continuously mostly due to the fact your state of mind has darkened from those loses you will start thinking differently or even lose focus/sight of things you would easily read in a calming state. 2. Their are two tanks you have a positive winrate in with more than 200 battles Rudy & T26E4 why is that do you play these tanks any differently maybe like them more than your others? 3. Tank choice! This is really important considering you are still quite new to the game the fact that you choose the TVP as your first tier 10 was probably are really big mistake, This tank requires quite a lot of skill/experince to play even decent let alone amazingly, It has no armor and is top tier in a meta of super heavies and you're still new so all of this combined together really equals your winrate in a nutshell after looking through and thinking about everything it really makes sense why your win rate is so low. #3 is not to insult you I'm just stating facts I've been coaching people in this game for almost 3 years now and tbh all this looks like to me is wrong line choices you are going down the E100/Type 5 lines and just finished your TVP line all three of these lines IMO are not good for beginners at this game I recommend something like the Russian/American Medium/Heavy lines would be better these lines are better at flexing have a enough armor to work with and good guns unlike the lines you have been grinding two of them E100/Type 5 can't flex which means if you make a mistake deploying in the beginning of the match you've already personally lost and the TVP is a high ceiling glass cannon that even I still haven't Mastered fully Please rethink your tank lines and maybe not play your tvp until you have actually played more tier 8-9 games I don't recommend people even touch their tier 10s as much as you had under 10k battles unless they're highly gifted at this game Tier 10 is really hard and it takes quite sometime to get into pace yourself or else you will end up quitting out of frustration like so many others not understanding that 5K battles in this game is nothing compared to the average 30k people have now a days. Sorry don't have time for grammar I'm quite busy just looked at this post and felt I needed to put my 0.02 in