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  1. i don't entirely know where to begin. four years ago when I started playing WoT, I had no clue the amount of time, energy, and devotion I would pour into it. Fast forward to now and I'm barely five months away from moving out of the house and starting university. WoT moved from being a fun game that I played in my free time to something that consumed my time. Part of what made it so appealing was the competitive nature and e-peen measuring, I wanted to be the best there was. Looking back with 20/20 hindsight, despite all the relationships I've formed through this game and all that I have done in this game, I have missed out on so many better opportunities in real life. Moving forward into this coming stage of my life, I don't think that WoT is the best thing to be spending my time on. As an extension of WoT, there is Wotlabs and the tight knit group of Chatwhores. Cutting out WoT and staying here is like getting rid of all my alcohol but still hanging out with my alcoholic friends. As much as it kills me to leave the wonderfully great and crazy people here, I need to be able to step back and get perspective and line up how I'm spending my time, who I want to be, and ultimately what I want to do with this life I have been given. I will miss you all and wish you all the best. Keep sticking it to SerB and get arty removed.
  2. The ride has been pretty sweet and I've met so many cool people, but its time to quit. adios serb

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      With you and Aaveq gone who will give me sick fitness tips? :feelsbad: 

    3. ZXrage


      See you friendo, thanks for the good memes

    4. leggasiini
  3. First on the docket is the M46 replay: 1. Pleas please please change to an Auto fire extinguisher, someone ran the numbers a while back and calculated that you actually save money by using the AFE in addition to taking a lot less damage from fires. 2. Not entirely in love with your initial position just because they have so many TDs and can control you and your movement with not very much you can do to break free and be able to move and flex. a better choice might have been playing a creeping game starting in D6 to give yourself options and better freedom instead of committing yourself to a flank before you have information as to the enemy teams deployment. 3. really unlucky getting whapped for 930 by that ISU, making sure you are aware of fire lanes like that before you poke is important to not making poor trades like that. 4. overall you let the enemy dictate how quickly you farmed through their HP rather than keeping your options open, letting the game develop a bit and then committing to a flank while leaving yourself an out in case things got hairy or the HP farm ran out. I'll take a look at the others later.
  4. Been on a foreign rap kick lately
  5. op0K4Xo.jpg


    Tiger Pretty perfect in a lot of ways marked :tanfiesta: 

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      waste of camo on TIGER PEE

  6. Liberte: 12 - 3 = 9 This tank is rubbish and doesn't perform effectively Löwe: 34 Patriot: 43 + 1 = 44 Since I feel bad yolo voting Lowe, I'll vote for this simply because the reload and alpha make it a fun tank to play.
  7. I need to hurry up and three mark it and write a review on it. I'm having so much fun playing this thing. With credit boosters the credit net is insane. My dpg is a rollercoaster of weirdness, it started at 3.9k, then 3.2k, then 2.4k, then 3k, then the current 2.6k, so lets hope I can find some consistency.
  8. AMX M4 49 (Liberte): 18 - 3 = 15 Have I beat this horse to death enough?Löwe: 34 + 1 = 35 Have I praised this tank enough?Patriot: 45
  9. AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 32 -3=29 The armor doesn't work and the front towards enemy is only useful when the enemy cant move 15 degrees to your flanks.Löwe: 42 +1= 43 The ponderous playstyle this encourages is so much fun and the flexibility that this tank has makes it a winner.T26E5 (Patriot): 49
  10. I contend it isn't OP at all.
  11. XCdXOYj.jpg

    How is this balanced.

  12. AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 42- 3= 39 The gun has rubbish handling and the armor is easily defeated Löwe: 44 +1= 45 The staying power and accuracy of the gun make it a better contender in high tier matches. T26E5 (Patriot): 45 112: 20
  13. What things to do now that I'm 18 :disco: 

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      So basically fake it till I figure it out when im 30 ^_^

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      Can confirm at 29 still feel/think/act like 18 , I can just suppress it when needed so I don't get demoted :P

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      No, don't wait to figure things out otherwise you might look back and regret all the time you've wasted. Do the best you can every day even though it will be hard. Don't waste your early years just coasting by unless that's what you really want.

  14. Yes, yes it does XD WG has started balancing new tanks by a good metric, shell damage potential, this only has 12k potential damage, so underpowered
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    Guys the 252 is actually under powered, it might need a performance buff.

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      Damn that seems like a weak af tank

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      >5 games

      I'll come there and cut you brah

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      Love those huge samples always :PogChamp: 

  16. So I ground out the top gun, so my stats are trash in it right now, but the gun handling and 12 second reload really seems beefy. The LFP and sides are actually weaker than I would have thought, but I suppose it "balances" the tank.
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    A44 is actually really nice. The brawl potential and alpha at the tier range makes it worth taking a look at. My DPG as of now it garbage, but looks like it will rise pretty quickly.

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      a44? should rebuy it and fix my 35% wr :kappa:

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      @ThomChen114 Its certainly more interesting than the T20 playstyle of farm for days. 

  18. Obesity has long been linked with dangerous blood clots in the deep veins, usually in the legs, and with blood clots in the lungs, known as pulmonary embolisms. More recently, experts have found a link with height and cannot thoroughly explain it. WebMD may not be the best source, but thats all I could find right off hand. Ezz summed up what "medical experts can't explain"
  19. Also to add on, if you are overweight or are over 6 foot/185cm you are at a much higher risk of experiencing this. Source: My dad who is both overweight and 6'7"/200cm who had a stroke from a blood clot that broke free and traveled through his heart via an atrial septal defect on a 14 hour intercontinental flight.
  20. Hey WOTlabs, I have noticed a lack of good electronic music on this forum, I hope to rectify that mistake! Share your favorite EDM, Hardstyle, dubstep, progressive, acid, trap, melodic, and house tracks. Please no Skrillex I will start us off with some of my favorites. Let the uncing and posting begin!
  21. The Heaviest weight we lift is that of our feels :feelsbad: 

    Any tips for easing culture shock other than working out 3 hours a day.

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      @Raj Aye, shoot dem wildlings!


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      Come here to Washington, I will buy you a brew, beer is good here. 

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      I moved abroad a couple of years ago, so I know the feeling (The cultural differences probably weren't that significant in my case). If you are between places, or you know you won't live in a given place for a long time, then it is important to pick up some habits. Doesn't matter what kind of habit it is, the only important thing is, that it needs to be frequent and constant in your life. For example a friend of mine started to do long breakfasts every morning at the same time with self-made orange juice and stuff like that. Finding german speaking friends also helps, but it is important not to stick to them too much. You want to become friends with local people.

      Also the most important thing is:

      HAVE SOME FUN!:disco:

  22. M4A1 Revalorisé: 32AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 33Löwe: 31T26E5 (Patriot): 32Skorpion G: 22 STA-2: 28M46 KR: 23 112: 24Pz. 58 Mutz: 19WZ-111: 16T26E4: 14-3=11 Slow and clunky with nothing to stop people from easily penning you, with nothing special to lash back with.KV-5: 8 + 1 = 9 The yolo and carry potential of this thing is second to none, except maybe the new 252, but that remains to be seenType 59: 10
  23. From my experience and in all the games I have played in WoT, I can think of one time that I raged out and got angry. But otherwise, nothing ever phases me. No matter how many shots RNG makes me miss, no matter how much damage I take from artillery, I never rage or get upset at it. Part of the reason I can never be a good streamer is that I am so boring to watch, nothing lol fancy, no fits. Another thing I would suggest is turning off comparisons in your mind and becoming zen-like. Once you have attained this level of indifference and flow. Don't compare the game you are in with any other games, don't compare your failures with your successes, play as if the game you are in is the only thing and will be the only thing that matters. Focus and control mentally is the first step to excellent DPGs. Now I have nothing high tier to showcase as "super duper excellent" to validate all this seemingly hocus pocus claiming. But I do tolerate the likes of the ARL V39/Tiger P/ Church GC/A44, so I must be onto something.
  24. The Panzer 58 Mutz When this tank was announced a while ago, my first thought was "Great another gimped Tier 8 premium that WG is going to use to make a cash grab." I was wrong. Soft Stats Overall this tank has a very solid set of hidden stats, the DPM is respectable, the penetration (212 AP/ 259 APCR) is comfortable, the ammo cost at 300 means that you will be making a tidy profit with this tank, the bloom is manageable, and the terrain resistance is on par with the 62a. The gun depression of -10 and the elevation of +25 give you plenty of options. The view range is a bit lack luster even with vision skills and optics. the HP is also low and limits your options in terms of trading. Setup Using V. stabs to bring your bloom down, rammer to boost your DPM, and optics to give you some utility in being able to spot your own targets. The AP pen is more than enough for most situations, with your APCR round being only needed versus T10s frontally, my ammo setup reflects this. In terms of consumables, the standard small rep/small med/AFE applies. In terms of module damage, I have seen the turret, the ammo rack, and the radio being the most frequently hit modules. In terms of crew death, there hasn't been many. I have however been lit on fire 3~ times in my 27 games in the Mutz, so if you wished to run food, I would suggest training JoaT on your CO and dropping the med kit for food. As I didn't really have a German crew, this is rather thrown together and retrained. The focus on repairs is needed to get you out of trouble if you are tracked. gunnery/driving/and camo would be good skills to train up on this tank, anything you can do to lower the bloom values and the terrain values will go a long way. The camo also helps when you need to sit further back and take potshots into the enemy. Armor Now this is where it gets odd. The mutz doesn't have the typical medium armor layout or hull shape. The entire upper hull is shaped like an egg with gradually thinner armor plates and steeper angles the further you move away from the middle of the hull. The mantlet and the turret itself are angled and sloped in such a way that it is a roll of the dice as to whether you pen or not. This armor model shows, based of the camera's position, the possibility of you penetrating the tank, with green being a penetration and the purple being a bounce via armor thickness or angle. As you can see, at just a slight angle, around 45% of your tank becomes an auto bounce zone. This effect becomes compounded when you hide your hull behind a small rise or dip and bring your -10 depression to bear. In a position such as this at either close range or mid range, rocking your hull back and forth, your opponents will have a hard time penetrating you. Mobility The Mutz has a top speed of 50 KPH that it reaches with ease. Because of the relatively low power of your engine (400 HP) and your amazing terrain resistance values, your acceleration is gradual, but once the top speed is reached, it stays there. In comparison to the M46 KR, which has a much more powerful engine (800 HP) and a much higher set of terrain resistance values, instead of fighting through what feels like molasses to reach your top speed, you can get there with no trouble at all. The Gun With 212 AP pen, 1,000 m/s, and decent DPM, the Mutz's gun is certainly a highlight. The typical German low aim time and dispersion compensate for the bloom values. Due to the speed of this tank though, the bloom is amplified and is nowhere near what the M46 KR is. In the KR once you reach a firing position you simply poke and fire with no aiming. In the Mutz, you must wait a moment for your gun to aim in before you are able to take a shot. In a sense, this longer exposure time is compensated by the more armored turret that the KR does not have. An oddity in regards to the gun depression is that there are spots on both sides of the tank that have only -7 degrees of depression, as opposed to the -10 of the rest of the tank. this little quirk is noticeable and frustrating at first, but once you grow accustomed to it, you barely notice it. Playstyle Because of its higher mobility and slightly tougher turret than the M46 KR, you have more options to flex and move. The principle of being a second line support tank suits this machine very well with its low dispersion and quick aim time. Being able to work ridges at short to medium distances also gives it that extra flexibility that something like the T-54 proto doesn't have. You want to race forward, get off a couple of early shots of damage, fall back and pick and snipe while looking for holes to exploit in the enemies defenses. unlike the KR which takes time to respond to these holes, the Mutz can rush there and get its DPM on target. The Mutz doesn't seem to have quite the same profitability that the KR has, but still makes fairly good money. These few games I played saw me averaging 56.7k a match. If you aren't quite sure if you want to get this tank, NA has a free rental going on right now, (flooding the matchmaker with Mutz's I might add) this will allow you to get a feel for the tank and its playstyle and capabilities. Also because of this flood of rentals, the MOE requirements are insanely low right now, an easy third mark if you wanted as well. The Verdict +Fast and nimble, the power to flex is much appreciated +Good gun handling, in everything but bloom values +Trollish armor layout +Decent credit-making ability +Has a bear on it -Only 1,300 HP -Ammo rack can be rather weak -Bloom is noticeably worse than the KR, longer exposure time Overall I would give it a 9/10 and highly recommend you pick it up.
  25. I only ever played it post buff, and I still didn't enjoy it, @leggasiini this is probably the only tank I truly dislike.