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  1. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2018/01/14/wot-insider-info-14-01-2018/ Source: Rykoszet Insider "The WT E 100 (P) is considered as the main prize for the next personal mission season"
  2. The 777 is centered, the hull is just loooooooong. All I want is a turreted TD line that leads to the Obj 268 V5, that thing is sexy.
  3. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2018/01/15/tap-insider-news-15th-january-2018/#comments "-The tank following the Obj. 430 II will not have a fully traversable turret." So a tier 10 ELC.
  4. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2018/01/14/wot-insider-info-14-01-2018/ Source: Rykoszet Insider "The marketing department and the historical department have two different concepts of the game New prem tanks sales figures weren’t leaked, but WG isn’t happy about the Mauerbrecher selling so bad"
  5. I liked it, honestly. I don't follow SW canon outside of the games and movies, so I probably don't see as many plotholes as others, but I found it to be a good movie. I'm curious what they're going to do with Kylo, though.
  6. No bike? Not buying.
  7. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/premium-shop/black-friday-feast/ $909.99 (50% Off)
  8. https://thedailybounce.net/2017/11/18/world-of-tanks-caernarvon-action-x-details/ Statistics as compared to the 9.20 Caernarvon Caern AX (Caern 9.20) Tier VIII Heavy Tank Hit Points 1,500 (1600) Gun OQF 20-pdr Gun Type B Barrel Shell Type AP / APCR / HE Shell Avg. Penetration 226 / 258 / 42 mm Shell Avg. Damage 230 / 230 / 280 Reload Time 5.658s (7.48) Rate of Fire 10.605 (8.02) Aiming Time 2.21s (1.82) Average Damage per Minute 2,289.2 (1,845.05) Accuracy 0.307 Gun Depression/Elevation Angles -10 / +20 (-10 / +18) Hull / Turret Traverse Speed 28 / 37.5 deg/s (25.03 / 37.54) Top Speed / Reverse Speed 36.3/ -12 km/h (34.3 / -12) Terrain Resistance Hard 1.055 Medium 1.247 Soft 2.205 Hull Armour 130 / 50.8 / 38.1 mm Turret Armour 254 / 152.4 / 95.3 mm (198.1 / 152.4 / 95.3) Weight / Max Load 65.0 / 70.0 t (60 / 63) Engine Power 950 hp (810) Specific Power 14.62 hp/t (13.49) Concealment of Stationary Vehicle 8% Concealment of Moving Vehicle 4% View Range 380 m Signal Range 782.1 m Crew 4 I heard you wanted a buffed 9.20 Caernarvon with spaced armor as a premium. No? Too bad, you get it anyways. It looks like the turret is actually useful, and it has the DPM of roughly an AT-15 with the 20-pdr. Type A.
  9. Haswell, that last one is for WoT Console, so they're not actually related. Of course, the Console model is much better, since there are options that aren't 'hey you want to spend a thousand dollars?'
  10. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/jive-turkeys/ $489.99 (54% Off) https://console.worldoftanks.com/en/news/game-events/black-friday-2017/ LOOK AT ALL THESE SALES LOOOOOK AT THEEEEMMMM
  11. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/11/03/armored-warfare-coming-on-steam/ My.com is proud to announce that the popular tank combat MMO will roll out onto the Steam marketplace on Nov. 10; allowing the Steam community the opportunity to download and experience its intense brand of tank action firsthand! Discuss.
  12. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/11/03/fcm-2c-model-pictures/ Their use as Event tanks, implementation of multi-turrets, and recently released tank models beg the question: Are the French superheavies coming? Obviously not soon, but in the future?
  13. And don't ignore a 76mm with a 3 second reload. It's like a tier VI T-34 with the 57mm.
  14. Why would you deprive yourself of the A43 though? It's an amazing tank. Of course, going from the A43 to the A44 just made me depressed. The A44 is ass, especially compared to the A43.
  15. Not that I care- since the SU-100M1 looks ugly -but why are they removing it? Also I thought this was another 'making the line consistent' change, why are they making it more inconsistent and less unique?
  16. If only they'd make the Church VII and BP bearable.
  17. And? This isn't a transaction between two members that has to be administered by WG. This is a contest in which participants receive prizes--gifts--for winning. Different situation entirely. Unless you're trying to tell me WG buys the tank they're gifting to the player? If you could learn to fucking write properly I could figure out what you're trying to say. "He argues forum", already we're off to a bad start. "sure, doesn't make it a live event either--" the fuck does that mean? Is that "sure" dismissive, is it skeptical? And you should have said though, not either. Then the continuation of the sentence makes no sense. "Social media or etc FB giveaway", learn to use em dashes man. And I don't even, what is the rest of the sentence? 10/10 grammatical trainwreck would read again I'll admit I missed that part. But that last part is absurd. He was offered three premium tanks that have a set value. WG reneging on their side of the deal due to technicalities is in bad faith, regardless of whether he read "the fine print", which in this case changed immediately afterwards. Maybe they have no legal, binding obligation, but they're socially obligated to play fair. They weren't. That's true, but they also gave him the gold because he was technically correct. If you'll fucking look at the article, you'll see that immediately following the exchange they changed their policy. I'll even give them credit for that. They could have told him tough shit, but for once they realized that maybe they made a mistake. Because you're stupid if you get angry over a company acting in bad faith. Keep riding SerB's dick. I'm only a dick when people deserve it. If you're going to be an autist, I'll treat you like one.
  18. Are you fucking retarded? Your argument is to split hairs that aren't even there, so really you're just talking out your ass. 1) How is it now a gift? He won a contest, WG is willingly giving him something without payment of any sort. That's the definition of a gift. 2) How does the forum not qualify as social media, and how does this not qualify as a live event? Does it have to be streamed to be 'live'? Your own argument states that FB is a live event, so clearly that's not correct. Again, a gift is something willingly given without payment. Do you even understand what the fuck you're talking about? Yes, he got to choose. Because he had so many tanks, there wasn't anything left to choose. So what next? Oh, right, gold compensation. What are you, some fucking WG fanboy?
  19. Holy shit that necro. Gud taste in threads tho.
  20. I think you made a mistake, both are in Spanish. *Obligatory wall joke* #
  21. True, but back then if you were rich you owned slaves. Doesn't justify it, but context is important. Also if I remember correctly, didn't he only begrudgingly own slaves? I remember one or more of the Founding Fathers being kinda anti-slavery. I even remember hearing that they didn't write it into the constitution simply because they needed the South's support. It was never explicitly stated that secession was illegal prior to Texas v. White (1869), but that ruling was an interpretation. You could easily make arguments either way, and both sides did. It might not have been illegal de jure, but for a large portion of the population, it was illegal de facto. And yes, he caused a war that killed plenty of people, but the South forced his hand. The political reality for the Federal Govt was simple: Crush the secessionists or fall apart. I won't say outright that that's worse than 620,000 lives lost, but in hindsight the present would look very different. Of course, but the Civil War was neither of those things. It was a fight for the very soul of the nation. Whomever won would decide the future of both factions. I suppose, but the parallel I drew was Lincoln with Roosevelt, and the Confederacy with the Axis. It doesn't quite work as intended if flipped. That's actually a good idea. But don't just stop there, make it an entire museum. It should be an educational experience.
  22. Question: do you guys ever get a headrush, and then suddenly forget where you are or what you're doing for a second or two?

  23. TBH there should be a thorough analysis of anyone we idolize so we can understand their character - In historical context of course. If we deem their character wanting, perhaps they don't need monuments. Especially so if we find their symbolic value dangerous. While I doubt society has done their homework, the Confederacy's legacy is not one we should carry on, so I can at least agree with that. And of course, history is written by the victors. When did we part ways with Jefferson? Jackson is a controversial figure, and he always will be. But I've never heard anyone denounce Jefferson. Also, Lincoln was president when the Union was threatening to tear itself apart. No, he didn't help matters, but he did what (I imagine) he felt was morally and practically imperative: ensure the longevity of the Union. We've tried a confederacy before, look it up. It was a failure. Without a federal system, without a federal government, we'd be nothing more than a bunch of squabbling states. As much as I hate it sometimes, a federal government is essential. And war is hell. Even WW2, our so-called 'Great War', is mired by terrible atrocities committed by the Americans. Does that somehow legitimize the Axis, or delegitimize our war against them? Not really. It just means we need to go forward remembering what we did, and absolving not to let it happen again. (For anyone bitching me out for politics, you knew it was coming ) So we should just allow shitposting? WoTLabs should be known for educational and/or entertaining content. I'm sorry for having standards. This. If you're going to meme, at least meme responsibly.
  24. Not really, no. It was a poor move on WG's part to extend the line, because the role they play is either a) handled by mediums or b) worthless. Why get an AMX 13 105 when the BatChat can do any meaningful task better? The only lines you see are the American and Soviet lines: the Americans because of glorious derp, the Soviets because the T-100 is a pantank. The Chinese, French, and German lines can't do anything their medium lines can't, and it sounds to me like the RU251 has lost favor. To answer the original question: Clan Wars, competitive, ranked, and 30v30. Now is a better time than any to play tier 10.
  25. I forgot to ask this before, but will this have any effect on WN8 or Wotlabs currently? I remember something on the pubbie forums about VBAddict being the only way to collect certain metrics that are absent from the WG API, so I was curious if this imposes any new issues for the rest of us.