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  1. first post of 2017 bumping this dead as fuck thread
  2. I haven't played any of Star Citizen yet but considering it's still deep in development, releasing playable content seems like a questionable idea. It kind of reminds me of full playable games with millions of players but somehow still has the "Beta" tag on it as an excuse to say "Yeah well it's not finished yet". We get closer and closer to Star Citizen's eventual release date, but there are people already making their first impressions on their interpretation of "gameplay". I already purchased a founder pack in like 2013 or something and I don't plan on refunding, I'll be playing the game as soon as it comes out. I'm just worried how much content is unveiled before the actual game comes out and how much of it will influence whether or not people will buy it.
  3. speedrunners
  4. >ace combat with laeerzors i know some people would complain about how unrealistic planes with lasers are, but it's ace combat. you cant even argue its cheesy or dumb because well, it's ace combat. all aboard the hype train choo choo
  5. anybody else remember when this thread wasnt TOTALLY KILL
  6. Was that actually you that was in my match earlier in Titanfall 2?

  7. ac7 confirmed at psx 16 o boy
  8. i've fallen in love with regular bolt actions with iron sights, im just too garbage with scoped bolt actions i guess. inc tripwires are absolutely hilarious and the mle 1903 is god tier
  9. my 144hz monitor came in yesterday so naturally i went and played every single game i had installed. i cant say 144 makes me a better player but considering i get somewhere around 70-90 frames in action at high/medium settings with g-sync i'd say it definitely feels a lot smoother. i was fiddling around with some bolt action rifles and the new incendiary trip wire mines. had a nice streak with the 1895 sniper getting a few lucky counter sniper headshots and a few long range body shots. switched off to experiment with the gewehr 98 infantry and the lee enfield infantry, both felt really nice at medium-long range but i think i'm going to stick with the 98 until i get a chance to try out the high RoF of the 95. inc tripwire mines are bonkers, not only do you get two at spawn, but people don't expect to be randomly set on fire so that's an immediate 50 damage considering reaction times and maybe another 50 or so if they're too dumb to go prone. it's aoe and lasts a good while so thats a ton of points if a whole squad runs over it. i've almost considered unlocking incendiary grenades to see how much better they do over gas grenades.
  11. MG15 low weight mmmmmmmmm yesssssss. getting huge cod world at war flashbacks with the browning. i havent tried the other LMG's yet but i'm really digging bipods right now.
  12. yeah i'll probably end up going back to the default sights. the only time i've used the SMLE was with the scope, the damage sweetspot is way too far though. i only use the russian 1985 for sniping and gewehr 95 carbine for up close
  13. i used the default iron sights for like the first half and have started using the other ones with the green lights on them, i think i prefer the default. LMG?