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  1. Fulcrous

    The K-91 thread

    I'm running rammer/VS/vents with food. I'm running a 6 skill crew so my view range is at 472m. The reason I went for vents is to make the already superb gun handling as good as it can get so I can constantly poke for shots and hide immediately after firing. Optics would be nice for the 500m+ of view range, but with the way the meta has devolved, I don't think there's a use for optics on a soft med like that anymore.
  2. Mediums are so aids to play. Cant push. Can't hold flanks. Can't trade against all the HE spam. Etc.

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    2. hazzgar


      @Sapros I know it's basicaly a tradition that we don't agree with each other but compred to how competitive it was to now it does. Yeah it might not be a Leopard but it has been powercreeped like the 50M. The fact that you can play it well doesn't change the fact that the tank performs not as well when everything now has alpha, HE or has great hull down capability. 

    3. Sapros


      Not nearly as irrelevant as other meds. w/e 

    4. hazzgar


      @Sapros well it's like saying "I'm a tall midget". Most meds are irrelevant. 430U is the only one that works on every map. Fatton works on mapy + autoloaders can at least exploit mistakes. Though I think the 62a got hurt by the map changes where WG prioritized ridgeline fighting and gave gun depresion to many tanks. 5deg 2 years ago was ok, now it's as low as tanks get. 

  3. Fulcrous

    Graphics settings

    Dynamic only affects this: I have mine off because I'd prefer to not randomly get pixelated screens when it adjusts settings.
  4. Fulcrous

    Graphics settings

    Dynamic just means it will adjust the visual render quality when necessary. If you want the most performance, run the lowest settings you are willing to go without sacrificing visual pleasures.
  5. Fulcrous


    That is amazing.
  6. Fulcrous

    Show Off Your Rig

    I still have to organize the textbooks I no longer need on the right hand side of my desk xd @MAJEST1C Looks sick. Although I would take the time to do a manual OC to get the most out of your machine.
  7. Fulcrous

    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    It's football. It's called soccer in the states because of A. Football and its easy to confuse between the two when both are called football. I love both sports. I just hate the term soccer.
  8. Fulcrous


    Probably "poor" in the sense of voltages required.
  9. Fulcrous


    Given enough liquid nitrogen
  10. Fulcrous


    Really scummy by intel tbh
  11. Fulcrous


    So it seems that all the well binned 8700ks are available as 8086ks and the new 8700k batches are poorly binned ones.
  12. Fulcrous


    well it depends on what people would consider safe voltages. iirc siliconelottery bases it off 1.4v which would include poorly binned cpus.
  13. Fulcrous


    My best guess is, it's a binned 8700k. All the stats suggest that it is. Calling it's gonna be like the X series and next gen CPUs released a couple months after.
  14. Fulcrous

    WG's EULA Changes NA

    Let's just say there was nothing in the rulebook/contract that wouldnt allow a roster swap between teams mid-season/round-robin. So when Belarus disallowed it from occuring on NA, it was discussed with a lawyer and found to have significant possibility of taking it to civil court. Belarus/WGLNA backed down once they realized how badly they could have been fucked over.
  15. Fulcrous

    WG's EULA Changes NA

    A lot of it means shit barring recent purchases and so forth as its EULA. Only matters on official WG sites. Totally differs from the signing of a contract, which WG needs to remember that a certain WGLNA player has material to sue WG for trying to violate said written contract if said player truly wanted to go through with it (and did have funds for).