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  1. Such an accurate analogy. Play a superheavy and you have 3 outcomes. Get fucked getting an open map. Others get fucked on in city maps. Or you get a neutral outcome where it depends on your choice of pathing. Same shit for every tank class.
  2. Fulcrous

    Tracking team WN8 over a series of matches

    Had literally just gone into position. Then this occurs. https://giant.gfycat.com/LiveAncientFeline.webm 2 more tanks yolo'd but it was too long for gfycat. I would have understood if they pushed as a unit buy 1 by 1 Needless to say, we won.
  3. Fulcrous

    Tracking team WN8 over a series of matches

    It's one of those things you dont know how bad it gets until you actually hit that point. Every game I played that led me to basically quit has resulted in some form of dumpy retard yolo/arty focus (despite timing shots) every single match.
  4. Fulcrous

    Tracking team WN8 over a series of matches

    Making all the good players quit.
  5. Every week or so I play a single game to remind me not to touch this game. I don't understand how anyone can keep playing this shithole of a game where XVM focus/yolos/bullshit RNG and MM is so prevalent. Even when I platoon with irl friends on occassion, they can see the blatant aforementioned bullshit. Honestly to keep playing this game frequently - in its current state - on a regular and consistent basis, you need to have some form of brain damage. I fucking miss tanks before XVM endorsement and shit MM teams.

    Even games like LoL with INTers are more fun to play than this.

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    2. lavawing


      @Zinn why play Chinese phone games when you can try hard in GBF with guild war schedules more rigid than WoT>

    3. Zinn


      Huehuehue, I don't even have a smartphone, it was just to make a point about WoT. That said, gaming on a schedule ain't ever gonna happen to me. Just imagine letting other people decide when it's time to have fun :doge:

    4. lavawing



       Just imagine letting other people decide when it's time to have fun

      Got kicked twice (or thrice) from klenz for the exact same reason. Showing up on time as if it's a job is bad enough, not even getting enough players for a full team in the end is even worse. Then again WoT isn't even fun without platoons and the game fucks you for those now

  6. Tier 10 on NA right now has nothing to do with skill. Games will literally come down to which flank of pubbies is able to abuse the others' idiocy the best. If you want to win, tanks with a 3 of the 4 combinations of high alpha/survivability/mobility/gun handling are the way to go. Everything else is really difficult to attain 70%+ wr solo barring the top of the server. The only tank I can reliably pull 70%+ whilst maintaining high dpgs right now is the 7201. Tier 10 is very unforgiving due to the influx of poor players throwing their tanks away like candy on halloween.
  7. Fulcrous

    Polish tanks wn8

    *slowly dies inside*
  8. Fulcrous

    What's Everyone Been Up To?

    Enjoying better games for one.
  9. Fulcrous

    re: Arty Focus in Hulldown Tanks

    If only that were the case.
  10. Fulcrous

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    "Just play 7201" - Fulcrous (probably)
  11. Note I will be selling my MSI Gaming X 1070 which has been re-pasted when the MSI 2080 Trio is back in stock so depending on how long that is, I could sell fairly cheap (300-350).
  12. Fulcrous

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    Well I think the point of this thread is completely misinterpreted by everyone including myself. I interpreted this as an objective Tier Listing and put in my 2c on that based on what I had played and what current meta is. If it is meant to be subjective then so be it. Might as well be no different than public forums at this point.
  13. Fulcrous

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    Any of the lights, T54E1, E75, M46, WZ 111 4 and anyone who put the T10 over the conqueror first. Lights get absolutely shit on in all tiers due to superheavies and prevalence of maps that are either lanes or hull down positions. With the increase in number of bushes, they've been indirectly nerfed on a lot of maps that are vision orientes (i.e. prok is a nightmare to try and spot now unless you are really good or the enemy is really bad). T54E1's 255 apcr really hurts it in the presence of superheavy meta and same reasons above. M46 still has really great soft stats but its a shadow of its former self with the release of more superheavies, strv line and the conqueror line. You can still farm 4k+ but you need much more effort than before due to number of heavily armored units. WZ is overshadowed by T10 which in turn is overshadowed by the conqueror which has received HUGE buffs in the form of the heat shield. I regret selling my conqueror for a T10 a while ago. I haven't played the AMX 30 or T54 as of late. I assume T54 is still great due to 340 heat helping it slice through types. I withold judgement on AMX30 until I actually play it but it doesnt seem that much better than a leo pta. Jagdtiger is also one of the stronger T9 tds right now due to its ability to accurately slice through superheavies, the strv line, and conquerors with AP and gold rounds. Additionally it can trade very well even if its superstructure leaves more to be desired due to the alpha of the gun so I'm surprised to see it fall faster than its respective counterparts as well. tl;dr surprised to not see conqueror win by a landslide since super conqs were all the rage in ranked and its tier for tier as good if not better at t9.
  14. Fulcrous

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    Some of the +1s on these responses show that WoTLabs is near equivalent to wot forum opinion or flat out out-dated now
  15. Fulcrous

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    T-10: 33Type 4 Heavy: 31AMX M4 51: 34 E75: 31T49: 31T54E1: 30 - 3 = 27. While it used to be great, it has been power crept to death by the prevalence of the Type series. Unless you enjoy bleeding credits and penetrating less than half the time, be my guest.T30: 30T95: 30M46 Patton: 30WT Auf Pz. IV: 30Jagdtiger: 30Mauschen: 30E50: 30Leopard PTA: 30RU251: 30Object 704: 30Object 263: 30T-54 LW: 30T-54: 32Object 430: 30Object 705: 30Object 257: 30ST-I: 30Tortoise: 30Conqueror: 31 + 1 = 32 Come on. Is this even a question?Foch: 30AMX 50 120: 24B-C 25t AP: 30AMX 13 90: 30AMX 30: 31Skoda T50: 30Type 61: 27WZ-111G FT: 27WZ-132A: 30WZ-120: 30WZ-111 1-4: 3150TP: 30STRV 103-0: 30Emil II: 27Standard B: 30Object 430 V2: 18Centurion 7/1: 27Conway: 27M103: 21VK4502B: 27