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  1. Not sure what the prices are in EU but did a quick check on a website and it seems that the GE62 VR is out of the price range. https://www.computeruniverse.net/en/products/90682619/asus-rog-gl502vm-fy292.asp https://www.computeruniverse.net/en/products/90682625/asus-rog-gl702vm-gc234.asp Don't really know where to check for best prices over in EU so I can't say much more than this. May have to go for a model with a 1050Ti if dedicated graphics and more ram are needed.
  2. MSI GE62VR or if you need something slim, the stealth. EDIT: with 1500€ you shuold be able to get a laptop with a 6700/7700HQ with a 1060 with a decent ssd/hdd.
  3. My session today and counting:


    Props to the E100 TKing and hiding all game.

    1. CarbonWard


      Why the fuck would you  put optics on a 50B?

    2. Fulcrous


      Unfortunately teams don't survive long enough for me to use them as vision slaves. Would be using vents otherwise.

  4. The worst part of this patch is how large the snowball effect is this patch.

    Lose 14 ally tier 10s faster than you can finish fastbois.

    1. DirtyACE7


      The funny thing is when one of your top tier heavies is arguing that he died because he was overwhelmed by the enemy, that is he was facing another heavy that was a tier lower and got rolled. Then you check your teammate heavy's stats, 41% win rate :cri:

    2. flare_phoenix


      A while ago I heard someone say about Armored Warfare (paraphrased) "blowouts happen a lot more often than in World of Tanks, there's less capacity to carry - since everyone has great frontal armor the moment a team loses one or two tanks it just snowballs, and is extremely difficult to come back from". I think this is best embodied in BT12 games, where heavy brawls are protracted slugfests and whoever wins the other flank usually wins the game.

  5. Nah, arty would still balance it with crew deaths/stun.
  6. Never noticed that. That's completely bs lol.
  7. I've recently adjusted my playstyle (for non-superheavy tanks) to a more supportive role where I plunk myself behind super heavies, if any, and focus the nearest targets that threaten them the most. I occasionally HP share if I notice a particular pubbie is playing exceptionally well and it's in my benefit to save them. Ensuring I'm not isolated seems to definitely help reduce the baggage that needs to be carried. I have a small sample size of solo (~145 games including the short session I took before class) and am hitting 70%+ solo. I'll need to see how the trend goes as I add more games, but maybe the damage and wr discrepancies are due to selfish play? It is just as likely that I've gotten better teams as well and have reaped the rewards of being more cautious. EDIT2: I was just lucky
  8. The tank is pretty much a AMX ac 48 except it has better gun handling and less dpm and arguably worse armor.
  9. Gl with grad school. What a monster destruction ratio.
  10. of course it suffers in gun stats compared to other tds in terms of dpm
  11. I personally expect it to be within 1 tier of each other. If you're 2 tiers different, you're playing like adz... aka wrong.
  12. I have had no trouble with fighting Chrysler K's thus far in a range of tanks from tier 8 to 10. Not sure how it would be like t6-8 though.
  13. tl;dr Who needs vision when you yolo yourself into the enemy and come out on top?