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  1. i mean... i guess this is true? but i experience quicker and faster steamrolls due to more tanks dying by the 2 minute mark. that by itself will usually dictate w/l on weekends.
  2. For NA it is because of the free prem tank damage missions. People are too retarded to get more than 1 shot of damage so they think high alpha tds will make it easier to complete (in actuality it doesnt).
  3. You know what. The WZ-111-5A is the worst piece of garbage I've played and its not because the tank itself is bad.

    It's the fucking bullshit RNG and yolos I have to deal with specifically in the WZ-5A.

    1. TheMarine0341
    2. Gr1nch_1


      Its the chinese rng... same with 113 and 121. Gun control looks okay untill you try to snapshot something important xD

    3. Fulcrous


      @Gr1nch_1 it's the penetration rng. Bouncing superheavies flat on (not once or twice but up to 8 times in a row in the particular match that made me vent) pisses me off like no other.

  4. Lowe. armor. Check. gun handling. Check. standard pen. Check. gold rounds that work in super heavy meta. Check. Sexy as fuck? Check.
  5. From July. Not sure if you'll be able to see replays but... if you can... https://www.dropbox.com/s/vt4zcopps8a4fch/50B 3 Mark.rar?dl=0

    They literally didn't move more than 3 grid squares. All. 15. Tanks.



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    2. Hellsfog


      @Fulcrous 3 min.  That may have been a kindness. 

    3. kreigermann


      @Fulcrous ... wow at least it looks like you were on the giving end of that cactus.



    4. Archaic_One


      Well, at least you didn't have to chase them down . .  .


  7. Server win rates stay more or less the same. As for individual win rates, probably.
  8. Internet is at 4th-world levels of shit until Monday. 50Mbps to 100kbps

    My download speed is 15kb/s.

    Fuck you telus.

  9. TFW isp is allegedly doing a server upgrade so you can't even play tanks for the missions after work... much less anything.

  10. Fyi for thermal testing you should be using P95 26.6. TDP can be pushed higher than normal if you've set auto or adaptive vcore on... which could potentially cause problems down the road.
  11. ff is 2 bonds. camo directive is 6. the choice is obvious to me when bonds are always a gain as long as you arent shit. i haven't touched the m48 barring other accounts with low crew skills. i suggested clutch because it can help with micro-movements to sidescraping. admittedly i have no idea if it truly helps though as its theory crafting. @hally... joat is always useful even if commander dies as if you use a small med kit, you just prioritize the commander if you lose more than 1 crew
  12. It's the fact that camo remains active in all situations that makes it a must have in nearly all medium tanks by the 3rd skill (I can go more in-dept into how i train my crews in regards to camo earlier on). http://www.wotinfo.net/en/camo-calculator Select M48 patton --> select 100% camo and vehicle camo (assuming you have perm/temp camo on your tank), BiA, and food. Assuming max spotting on a typical RU med (i.e. 907)... it has 485.97VR (not including vents). A non-camo'd M48 will be lit by the 907 at 436.8M when stationary and no bushes are in the line of fire. In contrast, a fully camo-crewed M48 will be lit at 403.22M - a whopping distance of 33 meters. It sounds small, but the difference is HUGE because it increases the time you are allowed to not only shoot but also escape before detection. This is even more important when you consider the vast majority of players do NOT have optimal crew skills, consumables, and equipment With no spotting investment, the enemy 907 will spot the M48 at 326m at 100% camo versus 357 meters at 0% camo. In contrast, you will spot it 393 meters away (assuming no camo investment) a difference of nearly 70 meters. The extra 30 meter gap lets you get in that extra shot before you get lit - assuming that the 907 charges straight at you. In essence, the idea is to maximize the range (both time and distance) you are allowed to shoot before getting lit and shot at yourself. In addition, maximizing camo reduces the time you stay lit. I think both work. People have made their arguments for designated target, but I don't find that as important as having armorer. Whilst the extra 2 seconds of spotting time is useful, when you consider the fact spotting time is dependent on camo... it makes no real difference in the long run (especially when you need to reload your gun). Tanks will stay lit anywhere from 5-10 seconds (dependent on camo) after initial lights without designated target. With, tanks will stay lit from 7 - 12 seconds. When you consider the fact that the M48's reload is ~ 6.66 seconds (max reload minus vents), it really makes no difference as you can simply blind fire said targets. I find armorer more useful than designated target for one simple reason: there is nothing you can do to minimize dispersion when a gun is broken besides repairing the gun or having armorer as a crew skill. It is especially useful in the downtime when you have already used your repair kit and have 90 seconds to wait. It is also useful when you have a small repair kit and have to choose between multiple modules (i.e. the ammo rack, the gun, and/or tracks).
  13. Optimal setup... commander - bia / 6th / recon / camo / repairs gunner - bia / snap / armorer / camo / repairs driver - bia / smooth / clutch or off road / camo / repairs Loader - bia / safe / sit aw/ camo / repairs reasons for armorer - great for downtime on repairs when gun breaks. A lot of my tanks suffer from this issue and since the m48 is generally abusing its turret, i suspect this to happen often. Reason for camo first then repairs. Repairs are generally unnecessary with good positioning. Camo lets you camo snipe blind heavies longer and is useful in open maps - despite seemingly minimal effects. You can change camo/repairs on the commander to joat/repair or camo. Joat is also useful for downtime on the med kit.
  14. It is only important to stay in a limited selection of tanks to learn if you are trying to integrate a single element of the game into your repertoire (i.e. camo - light tanks / vision - lights or meds / side-scraping - meds or heavies). Once you have a general 'feel' you can pretty much apply it to every tank there is in the game simply by playing it once. In regards to #3, you do that anyways simply by playing the game and taking each game as a learning opportunity. I personally don't think it's important to stay at lower tiers to learn. Just look at my wotlabs profile. You can clearly tell which tanks I first got and semi-rushed through (i.e. IS7/Batchat/268/JPE/140 line) but still ended up performing very well across the board with my 10s. The important thing is to stick to an element of the game, get an understanding of it and generalize it to every tank you will play. It sounds like an arduous task, but it's easy to get the hang of since you will be playing thousands of battles to learn from anyways. Then it's a rinse and repeat. Things like camouflage and vision go hand in hand so you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone there. Tanks.gg is also a very useful tool to learn weakspots of tanks and can help you generalize which areas are optimal to shoot at.
  15. @Sgt. Pepper Point #10 is more referring to the general populace despising the top 1%. They are basically discriminated against - although I do admit it goes both ways. In other games the top 1% is looked up to. The other points are necessary because WG doesnt find them obvious enough.
  16. Tanks has the potential to be largely popular in North America. The only things in the way of its potential are: Advertisements. They're shit. Seriously. I'm not even interested and it looks nothing like the gameplay (if it even shows it at all in some ads) Poorly received/shit e-sports scene. Basically from what I know, ESL has been pocketing quite a bit of change and have basically been producing WGL on minimal funds. The early game itself and the perpetual credit sink. This is pretty much self-explanatory when you look at population retention over time. RNG. Notice how the best/most popular games (barring TCGs, they don't count!) have little to no RNG involved and even if they do, it can be dealt with. Game balance. Self explanatory. 5A/Super Conq/High Alpha TDs. I personally think arty itself is a good and rather unique mechanic but ultimately fails because of things like XVM/Tunnel-vision. Tweaks can obviously be made. Map Design. Self explanatory. Devs don't even play the game much less at a respectable level. Pay to win content. EVERYONE hates it. Even more so in North America. Self explanatory again. Marketing - see e-sports/additional thoughts. A playerbase that absolutely hates the 1%. This can be argued both WG and 1%'s fault due to a lack of succinct punishment. Lenient rules - any example of griefing is relevant here. Whatever else I missed. Which is admittedly a lot of things. I feel like the e-sports (more like competitive hobby for tanks) scene and marketing are the real kicker. World of Tanks fails to use e-sports properly to introduce existing and new prospects into the game. First you actually need to have a league that has been standardized. Virtually every WGL format that I am aware of has had some variation to the format and has failed to be consistent for more than the annual seasons. Not only does this turn off the public because the format is constantly changing but also professional teams (see virtus pro / mouse esports / fnatic / etc). If you cannot have a professional team interested, the game will most likely not be successful. There are niche games that do not have any professional teams (i.e. Runescape's Deadman Invitational) that still manages to bring in a metric shit ton of viewers and prospects to the game. Second, league format has to resemble public game format. If it doesn't match in any way shape or form, then the general populace is unable to formulate a general understanding of what is going on. Look at CSGO/LoL/DoTA/OW/SC/etc. Every successful competitive game has exactly the same format - although there may be minute variations - i.e. banning). Third... you know what. I'm going to just stop this little rant xd.
  17. E100 complaining about how he can't complain shit teams.

    > Tells him before hand I expect to see a 40% winrate.

    > lo and behold. 40% winrate at 600 dpg.

    1. DirtyACE7


      Shitters will never have the humility to admit being exactly that. They shit their own bed and then throw a fit that it smells like shit all the while refusing to look in the mirror.

  18. It's fun to always lose on prok whenever a light tank decides to active spot the central ridge and take free damage whilst the team pushes into passive scouting lanes.

    1. CarbonWard


      Active spot in 2017 :MingLee:

    2. Fulcrous


      It's amazing how people dont understand that spotting things people can't shoot at is useless

    3. DirtyACE7


      Also, doing less than 700 damage as a tier 9 in a tier 9 game is useless too. Literally had a match this morning where I was the only, ONLY player to break the magical 1k damage with 3k damage. Every single one of my teammates though could not break past 700. WTF is happening????

  19. to be fair, they keep wasting time on the test server to release obviously broken tanks and gamebreaking bugs/content.
  20. didnt look at the video but if theres no bushes for people to hide in near base its a +1 from me. just from the minimap, i do have concerns about pushing though...
  21. Might just be me but I prefer not being limited to niche one-lane sniping. At least the strv B can brawl if needed given the heatshield. Whilst the tortoise is slow, it has amazing DPM and gun handling which the T9 strv simply can't compete against. Also given the fact that city maps completely cuck you into sitting in a grid square at the back, I can only assume the tortoise is flat out better since the combination of HP and DPM lets you out-trade almost all your competition with proper positioning.
  22. Get rid of mods and defrag. I have 2 game clients (1 for NA and 1 for EU). NA client is on ssd and load well before the countdown. EU client is on HDD and I load right before the 30s countdown.
  23. to be fair, my playstyle is as far into someone's face as possible and at points it borders retardation.
  24. like the t9 strv, the tortoise can snipe. the key difference is that it can - if need be - also brawl. the t9 strv is limited to a purely sniping role hence why I hate it and have a sub 30% winrate in it. Sure you can situationally brawl t7s but that means shit when you need siege mode to do so.
  25. I know the issue is most likely due to hardware (whea_uncorrectable) but have you at least updated the drivers? it could also be possible that if it was previously oc'd the chip is no longer stable at stock voltage in which case you would need to slightly up the voltage - although I find this unlikely. If you have two drives, make sure the non-OS drive is clean installed as well if it was used as storage for the OS at some point as thats what ended up causing mine when I upgraded my build.