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  1. just dont play the game. the game is hopeless outside of a reminder game to allow you to remember how trash wot is.
  2. Screws dont seem fucked from personal experience. you should be fine with the - or | screwdrivers
  3. https://www.amazon.ca/Smraza-Precision-Screwdriver-Smartphone-Electronics/dp/B0768X1Y56/ref=sr_1_5?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1537239192&sr=1-5&keywords=screwdriver+set&dpID=51khjalEROL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch unless you completely trashed it, use a kit. Well worth it if you plan on doing any DIY repairs anyways.
  4. You're in good time for an upgrade and its the best time yet. GPUs i'd be looking into 1080Tis or the 20XX series. AMD 7nm chips COULD be good but I'm not hopeful given the vega flop. CPUs are going to be really interesting with the intel9XXX series and AMD chips as well.
  5. That's the final nail in the coffin for wotlabs :MingLee:

  6. Fulcrous

    Progetto 65 worth the credits?

    P65 is a solid tank. Superheavy meta and lane meta just cucks it.
  7. SoTR demo was just that. A demonstration of RT. RT won't even be in the base game on launch and will be released much later. The demo was basically an alpha.
  8. Tfw I don't even play WoWS and am apparently a SuperTester for the WoWS EU server on an alt account to play EU Tanks. :kjugh:
    No wonder WoT is dog shit.


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    2. Vindi


      I won't believe for a second that this was an error, 100% this is the (full random) way for WG to test out things, of course the "updates" turned out to be horrific.

    3. sahtila


      It was error, like half of server got that mail

    4. Ham_


      Yep got one too


      Edit: Oh lol on my seal clubbing accounts too

  9. That was on a TitanV iirc which wasnt optimized for RT like the 20XX series are.
  10. There will be an overstock of 10XX cards due to the failed expectations from the mining craze and the AIBs all being under contract.
  11. 20XX cards are looking better and better as initially suspected contrary to all the negativity from the masses.
  12. There will be 20XX cards at MSRP but it wont be until after launch. Asus have stated they have a design for MSRP. Also have to remember GDDR6 > GDDR5 in terms of cost
  13. Ray Tracing (RT) will probably be industry standard in the near future and to have it working on a consumer card (albeit heavy performance hits) is a major milestone. And for those who aren't aware and may think the cards are bad because it isn't running suitable frames with RT, the games used to demo the cards weren't for FPS performance showcases but rather HOW RT works and will be the standard to come. That and RT isn't going to be in the base game upon release anyways and will be post-release (probably for optimization purposes). I have no doubts that these cards will perform well and be worth the cost even with RT disabled given how Turing cards have basically made Volta (hence the lack of further release after the Titan V) and even servers obsolete.
  14. Fulcrous

    Personal Missions 2.0

    These 279 missions are going to be much tougher than the 260.
  15. Curious what people think of redditors reacting to lab's reactions. edit: just really doing this for another reddit post.
  16. Fulcrous

    Obj 277 - Just a worse 5A?

    IS-7 is shit now that I learned where to shoot its turret with 340/350 heat for the dank 50/50 pens.
  17. Fulcrous

    Obj 277 - Just a worse 5A?

    As FAME has shown, 277s are amazing when used properly.
  18. Will be streaming NA v EU w/ 10 minute delay at 11Pacific/2EST/20:00CEST. Player perspective.


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    2. mati_14


      Well, this kind of stuff happens on every clan, where you would have players that were good in the past but they don't play anymore and they came back for certain event in the game, the thing is, I don't get why Mahou needed to do this, having at least 2 teams that IMO could have been better, i.e. if you check the top 20 Mahou players by recent in Wotlabs I think less than 5 played vs FAME lol. Names apparently weight more than numbers.

    3. flare_phoenix
    4. DirtyACE7


      Favoritism is one of the downfalls to any team sport/competition. You always play players that are in best form, not bring back someone who used to be good at some point. I understand some of those guys may have been better but that is just that, have been. It's just sad.

  19. It's finally done. Can't believe it took so long... if it weren't for the god-damned losing streak that made me lose 6% overall in this.


    1. Hellsfog
    2. Vindi


      My utmost respect to you, especially when I can't do anything against 3 arty in every game wrecking me into a pile of garbage:notlikethis:

    3. Fulcrous


      The main thing was that my teams stopped dying as hard. Let me farm 5.3k average this session.


  20. I browsed around on Amazon since I don't know all the good sites for EU. Seems 2 cores + 8GB RAM is your best bet for that price range.
  21. 50% win rate over a week while trying to mark S conq is fun :kjugh:
    Hovering 90-94% is getting to me.

    Seriously. How are these teams throwing so bad.

    1. Vindi


      Same, except not just the teams are so bad (as I don't care since I'm doing my 5k per game) but the 3 arties / game can and will ruin the stats for sure. Basically the 90% of the maps I got shit on 3-4x for 550+ each splash so.. yeah I'm at the first mark but still, its painfully slow. For me it will be more than 150 games thats for sure.

    2. DirtyACE7


      I have been trying to play my super conq too and I can't even reach 3k damage before arty simply buries me as I’m so slow to maneuver and as I get spotted it’s more arty. Playing that tank has been a huge headache lately.

  22. Fulcrous

    Prognosis of 705A?

    As per the wise words of schtnizeltruck, it's a great tank but the limiting factor is your gun, which is aids.
  23. Fulcrous

    I give up... (after 8 years)

    Speaking of maps, I "love" it when I continually spawn on the same side for every map this game gives me. To make matters worse, it's always the side that has much more trouble accomplishing anything. i.e. Mountain pass north spawn. Fisherman's bay north spawn. Mines south spawn.