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  1. corridors were the result of wg dumbing down the game, which consequently brought rise to consecutive heavy/superheavy buffs.
  2. or you know... design maps that allow for dynamic gameplay (i.e. promotion of flanking) rather than static corridors that benefit superheavies and as a consequence require you to use the highest pen shell to make any significant advances before teams crumble
  3. having sub 50% wr with 3.5k+ dpg even with 3/5/7 means you're objectively shit
  4. It's basically a T7 batchat. It's a pleasure to play when you lack a 1357
  5. To be completely fair, a topic that is specifically focused on "How to increase your WN8" implies stat-padding. If you just had the topic as "How to not get mad" people might not have misinterpreted what you posted.
  6. DPM is useless if you miss or don't have opportunities to shoot often. It's still useful if you don't pen because you reload quicker to get another shot off.
  7. Not doubting that optics can help in certain situations. I just think that in the Maus' case, you are better off shooting something else in that scenario angle properly angle for the med.
  8. Maus gets lit outlit no matter what by a factor of 100m (an estimation) against meds. Pretty pointless for the most part. On tds i tend to drop gld. To run optic and vents
  9. I'm just going to assume dpgs rather than wn8. There are many factors that could result in the gap of 2k and 3k. Whether or not you are able to simply pump out damage, use of proper shell types for certain situations, anticipating the ideal spots, etc. It's essentially the same gaps at all skill groups. The only difference is in how efficient you can be. The efficiency gaps tend to be smaller the better you get, but as a consequence become harder to master as you have to maintain pristine levels of efficiency to be consistent at a very high level. Just using carbonward or X3N4 as an example, they seem to have this "sixth sense" intuition for knowing exactly when to move to a different angle to get more damage. They might lose out on a shot or two during relocation, but end up with a net gain in damage since they are now able to farm even more shots of damage compared to if they stayed for damage and flexed later (hopefully this makes sense).
  10. My general thought process is that cutting through camo with optics > vents. If you're something that has no chance whatsoever of outlighting stuff (i.e maus) might as well do vents. Optics still has use on lane maps. I don't see enough benefit from vents so I don't really bother for the most part barring league.
  11. RIP Chester Bennington.



    1. skyf24


      I hadn't listened One More Light until a few hours ago. First song had me practically in tears. R.I.P Chester.

    2. Fulcrous



      It's almost as if he's saying goodbye :feelsbad:

    3. skyf24
  12. 2x 20 page papers are taking a toll on me... on top of finals, presentations, and final set of weekly assignments piling on top of each other.

    1. TheMarine0341
    2. MAJEST1C


      Are you taking summer courses too? 

      Quit WoT you will have more time :doge:

  13. The STB-1 is the most garbage ass piece of shit tank in the game.

    I fired 30 shots at a distance of 300m. Only 5 connected. The other 25 hit the dirt.

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    2. Assassin7


      Wait what?

      Edit: 140: learned to play tier 10 in it. 62A: worse 140. AX: 2/3 FV4202 stats, also second tier 10 that was the after the 50B. Got it when I was like barely green. Failed hard till learned to play with 140. STB: decent for the number of games, trying to break 3K. TVP: lower than it should be. Batchat: bought it in 9.18 and cant learn to play it because I cant play it because I cant play tier 10 because WG ruined the MM because 8 minute queues. 907: decent i guess. 121B/T95E6: do you care? 

      Also, 99% of all games played in all of those tanks were platooned because fuck playi g solo.

    3. DirtyACE7


      Well STB does stand for Shit Tank Bitch, so you know what to expect.

    4. robosapieo


      Same thing would've happened if you were in a patton. Atleast the STB has the mobility to close the distance a little

  14. perhaps nothing could overcome its faults.
  15. Those bonds will die out fast lmao.
  16. IS-3: 21M26 Pershing: 17T32: 20Object 416: 21 AMX 50 100: 17 Emil I: 17 - 3 = 14. Literal shit. Cant hull-down effectively if 270+ pen guns exist. Poor turret/track traverse, bad burst, bad gun characteristics, long intra-clip, long reload, poor soft stats, and shit premium round for unfavorable 3/5/7. Requires premium shells to be competitive even at T8. At least the 112 is limited to T9 tops for 3/5/7. One of the "decent-at-best" tanks. Even in t8 strongholds. UDES 03: 18VK 100.01 (P): 17 Löwe: 22 + 1 = 23. Quite literally the only T8 that can comfortably make credits in 3/5/7 bottom tier, reliably compete against T10 superheavies and most importantly, is forgiving. Good gun handling, excellent standard and prem round, insane credit making, and average dpm. Only downside is that 350+ apcr shreds throughthe gun. Also an excellent strongholds tank that can beat other heavies with ease.T26E5/Patriot: 20AMX M4 49/Liberte: 20112: 11Rhm. Skorpion: 18Obj. 252U/Defender: 23Strv S1: 14Lorr. 40t: 21Chrysler K GF: 20
  17. I can't believe version 2 got past the drawing board. Point 3 makes the map significantly worse already and now a nightmare for cancer camp strongholds. What is so tough about removing areas that promote camping near the spawn and implementing areas that enable tanks to be aggressive? I thought it was not possible to make erlenberg and worse. WG shattered my expectations. version 1 seems fine overall. They only need more access points to safely cross flanks at the middle however.
  18. Platoon with a good set of autoloaders who are willing to clip anything you stun. After you get the req'd amount, focus on kills and hope that your mates are willing enough to let you farm enough xp to win.
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    2. Hellsfog


      That turned into a good thread for any new or improving players. 

    3. MAJEST1C


      No, no, no, at that pace he is setting up his E75 for long range sniper. 

    4. Haswell


      Tell him to come here, we are long due for another Mr Rogers.

  19. Legit the most fun I've ever had with a tank. I regret not getting the maus sooner.
    Only downside is getting fast capped and losing.


    1. hazzgar


      Fun in the Maus? I usually get frustrated it takes too long to reach the fight and my team decides to run by then and I am fucked. I still do 3k dmg but it is annoying

  20. Overall DPGs in mine are a bit on the low side for a TD nor would I call myself a TD specialist but... First tip: Don't waste shots. Missing shots fucks your up DPG but even more so given the tank's mobility. Ensure every shot has a significant chance to deal damage barring RNG. Second tip: 3/5/7 means that you can effectively brute force your way through most flanks. Be aggressive, but not aggressive enough to get yolo'd. Everything else is map knowledge.
  21. I have had that happen. I recall someone saying a clean install fixes it.
  22. Does it just black screen? I.e you can boot + sign in + see the mouse/task manager. Only thing is that desktop apps won't load?