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  1. I can find tons of reasons for people to abuse this process over their hate on unicums.
  2. Unlike the waffle, type 5 doesn't guarantee 3k damage.
  3. when a 1 trick pony guarantees nearly 3k damage regardless of skill, it doesnt need to exist.
  4. Anyone can counter a waffle. The problem arises when it camps some useless place that you would think no fucktard regardless of how stupid they could be would ever choose to camp behind ends up being there in a waffle and you are deleted instantly because of it. There is no counter play to that... especially with more and more maps being corridor based. You are right that waffles CAN get countered easily IF they have any semblance of a brain because said player wouldnt be in an autistic position and therefore would be lit. You also have to consider that many people who did 3k in the waffle were considered the bare minimum of how much you should contribute to a match regardless of skill because of the gun handling, penetration, and burst.
  5. I exclusively use shift and adjust with scroll wheel accordingly. Shift to zoom uses last zoom multiplier so in most cases its faster. As to why some people zoom in with scroll wheel? It's personal preference.
  6. Casual 40t mark.


    1. SaintLaurentius


      Some people say that the Lorr is better than 50 100, what do you reckon?

    2. Fulcrous


      Hard to say. I reckon they are equally good but one can influence a match more heavily than the other.

      A lot of the people claim the 40T as superior to the 50 100. Part of this is because of how "easy" the 40T is as its clip time of 32ish seconds is more forgiving and therefore managable by most players. Consequently more people can play it to a higher level (hence high skill floor - it is hard to perform poorly but easy to do well). As woth any autoloader, you still need to know typical positions, clip time, future positioning, flow of the game and so forth to continue being effective.

      The 50 100 in contrast requires you to know everything you would do in/know about the 40T but to a greater extent. The 50 100 is a specialist role. If you cannot play the tank to near perfection, you cannot/should not play the tank over a 40T. This used to be the case in WGL when 7/54 was still a thing. The people who played 50 100s could single-handedly change the flow of a match with one clip. The same concept held true in pubs. You HAVE to make sure your clips hit at least 5/6 (roughly a tier 8 hp pool) in order to be relevant. Any less and you are useless as the near 50s clip time crippled your team. For this reason it has a very low skill floor as it was highly unforgiving and very easy to fuck up. However, I believe mastery of the tank puts it above the 40t for the simple fact that it snowballs any engagement out of control.

      I would think of it like the batchat 25t as the 50 100 and a batchat with 4 shells (can no longer 1 clip t10 meds) and a 30s clip as the 40t. While the reduced clip time makes it easier to play for all skill brackets, nothing comes close to the game changing prowess of a mastered bat.


      40T is better for more players due to managable clip but 50 100 has a higher skill cap and is also exponentially harder to play well.

    3. IanSanJR
  7. My only gripe about the waffle was people playing some random autistic one-way corner so that if you happened to pass by it the one time, you were dead af.
  8. Obj 260 is get!


  9. Strv 103B is the most bullshit tank I have EVER played.

    Some fucktard in his light tank or RU med will autoaim pen me and set me on fucking fire yet, I'll shoot at its fucking weakspots with 15cm caliber guns and fucking bounce all day because RNG brings the shot to an autobounce angle.

    1. Archaic_One


      And then I will bounce an entire fully aimed clip from a 50B off of you (because not 122mm), then you will go dark at 250m . . . It is the epitome of the WG model of 'not fun to play, and not fun to play against'

  10. If its just for games, then the Hyper X Cloud 2s have super comfy pads (optional mesh pads to swap out leather with).
  11. So effectively official forums but slightly less... special.
  12. More stuff. https://www.techspot.com/article/1554-meltdown-flaw-cpu-performance-windows/ Doubt there will be ANY issues for the average user (gaming/streamers/etc).
  13. Too much
  14. NO hits to gaming/regular perf as expected. https://www.computerbase.de/2018-01/intel-cpu-pti-sicherheitsluecke/
  15. at least with linux OS, no gaming hits expected. https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=x86-PTI-Initial-Gaming-Tests
  16. Multiple posts ✔ Narutard ✔ KMS ✔
  17. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/r9sPbj Cut down everything but necessities. Stick with the stock cooler as a $30 aftermarket wont be much different. Edit: You can add noctuas/case fans/choose a better mobo with this setup and still fit your budget limitations. SSD is out of the question until you can save more $$$ imo. And 3TB so wtf not.
  18. you upload from screenshots folder @Tman450 the 580 is just a higher clocked 480 if i recall.
  19. Do yourself a favor then and at least get a 3k mhz stick.
  20. Better overall if intended for gaming. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/qkxfKZ You want higher RAM speeds for the ryzen. 1060 is probably better than the 580 if memory serves correct. You can even use the stock cooler for the ryzen and be fine.
  21. Looks like adz gets to perform "well"
  22. zen + wont be worth it unless they significantly improve architecture for significantly higher clocks. icelake is leaked to be 8c/16t on existing architecture that can easily hit 5.0
  23. Double post but keep in mind icelake is going to be released in a few months and volta is just around the corner.
  24. save another 3k and get the titan v for machine learning xd
  25. Unless you need the read/write of an NVME you probably won't see too much of a difference.