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  1. Which is better, 252U or Defender? Does the typical SG player know of the mudguards thing on the Defender?
  2. Been a long time since I've seen nuclearnz on the forums. Btw, what's Battleye?
  3. Germi sounds more of a corporate lawyer than Baldrick is.
  4. Hi-yo there, anyone noticed that the New Year Fuss Part 3 mission (the shards mission # 3) doesn't get reset?
  5. Oi, that's nice. Fun fact: I painted all my premium tanks, including the low-tier gift tanks, because I thought to myself I won't sell these tanks anyway so I might as well invest in gold to paint them. Now with the new paint mechanic, I just realized that I might have actually bought all the camo's in-game. Also, the AC1 camo can't be transferred to other tanks it seems ..... This is actually a good deal. A very good deal for those who just want to have camo bonuses without spending gold or repainting their tank every sale. Am actually thinking of setting up a guide for how to maximize the paint, but I'm sure the other servers have a video for that. Also, apparently the upper half of autoloaders serve as the "gun" for painting purposes; the "turret" is only just the lower half of an oscillating turret. Might lead to garish designs, that.
  6. Just curious, in the new 'pimp-my-tank' patch, does these cheap monochrome paints & primers provide as much camo as the actual camo?
  7. Not too much of an anime clan, more of a typical international-ese clan bound together by insulting each other nicely. Or something, dunno I just log in for CW, SH, and whatever organized play there is because Randoms can be too painfully random. Was actually supposed to fold this month when the officers were going to do real-life things with their life, instead of the stuff that truly matter such as chipping provinces and calling advances. Fortunately, a new roster of officers got themselves promoted so CRAZY's still active. Also means I don't get to add [CRAZY] to my roster of killed clans...yet.
  8. Just odd though, why didn't WG make the pre-9.20 AMX 30 as the "stock" AMX 30 (accurate turret/gun but worse armor, bloom & RoF), then the current AMX 30 as "elite". That way we'd get 2 different gamestyles for the same tank, depending on when we run the stock turret+gun combo or the elite one. Either AMX 30 would be different enough from Leo Prot anyway.
  9. Huzzah for WG ASIA.
  10. Would you hate me if I full-HE'ed once I get the E4? As teammate? As enemy? Have to admit though, all those 105mm HE shells on tier 5 used to trigger me in my KV-220-2. HE has no place in the game then.
  11. If the Type 5 had the E4's gun then would it be less broken? I agree that Type 5 sprem is broken (deliciously so) because it's cheap play; load gold for 50% more damage. But I'd disagree with HE-spammers being broken. Either that, or there's some significant psychological difference between tier 5 players spamming HE with PzIV and Sherman, and tier X players where a similar-purpose round on the E4 is practically never used (or why an equally-useful AP on the 183 isn't used either).