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  1. I do have a T-34-85M, which I won ages ago. I'll play it a little too.
  2. I'm experimenting with classic TD setup of rammer, binoculars and net. RU players just never shoot back before Straik can get to cover. NA players actually have reactions.
  3. I also don't like the Cromwells because of the gun handling. But I want those marks and credits! Marks could be hard though. Holding 1500 dpg moves the mark 1% every four games or so. Doable, but tedious. And yes, I'll play the Rudy just need to knock out these 70 win missions a little more.
  4. It seems I only recall to post replays every 2 weeks or so, mostly because no one pesters me. Here is a replay pack of some Cromwell Berlin and Strv 74 A2. We see a lot of tier 9 and 10 gameplay, with some 8s, but few people post tier 6 or stream it competently, so here are some fun mid tier tanks. I am using the Cromwell B to work on fulfilling the 70 wins for 5hrs 50% credits mission (est value of about 7.5m credits when used with a good tier 8 earner). I am using the Strv 74 A2 because I like autoloaders, and I got it from last month's tankrewards. Both are decent earners, even with food and ~50% APCR (sadly that much is needed in a tier where you have to fight IS series all the time). Do you like tier 6? Which of the many interesting tier 6 premiums is best for you? Am I really a bad person for clubbing?
  5. I really like this tank. I concur with Marine's ammo load out and equipment suggestions. I cba to grind Swede lines, so my ladies from the missions live in the Strv 74, giving me a 3 skills SiS crew to work with. And they're nearly 4 skills already. Using optics and food 418 VR not bad, but acceptable. That should go to 425 once I get situational awareness training. As they're ladies in a small crew configuration, getting recon as a 5th skill isn't unrealistic. The spike is fast and flexible. 16s downtime is rarely a problem even if you only fire off 2 shots you've done 300 which is meaningful in all your battle tiers. Yes your peers regularly get sub 3s reloads, but the Cromwells pay in gun handling and the Shermans in alpha. I've not played either of the tier 6 Skodas, but eventually plan to try out the tech tree one. 3x110 isn't very big and the pen is low, but it at least gets good handling. I think 4x150 is probably better though, and the top of the dpgwhores data bears it out. Cannot complain about 150/190 pen. It's enough to pen everything but the toughest tier 8 HTs from the front and all of them from the sides and rear. It's not fast and lacks that sweet sweet Swedish depression, but the chassis and turret are small, albeit tall. It reminds me of a 13 90 that got stretched. But the small chassis and turret makes you hard to hit and decent at using cover and small bushes. Good camo values in the low and mid 20s. As was noted above, its lack of speed does seem to keep it out of troubles. I don't contest space with Cromwells and 34-85 clones, I just set up and ambush them - anyone pens them once and my 600 is enough. It gets to and holds it's top speed without issue, doesn't feel underpowered at all. So using the Garbad rubric: Firepower 9/10 in tier. The 34-85M and Firefly being the 10/10 standard. Protection 6/10. Others have more camo, speed or hp (making them more likely to survive 90mm x3 or 122 x2). But it has enough vision, camouflage, acceleration to do work.
  6. Yea, the clip size on the 13 57 becomes a lot more meaningful if 2 of 3 battle tiers have tanks that can more or less be killed in a single drum. It might even be able to load AP and sometimes make profits. ALSO this decision basically shows that WG acknowledges that LTs are crap as currently implemented. Something we all know, but gets overshadowed by more egregious crap like arty.
  7. Indeed, and you just don't see very many BT9 matches with 6-10 tier 9s per side. Where as that's de rigueur for BT10
  8. Since we're dreaming, let's ponder how much higher our win rates would climb...5%? 7%?
  9. Lunchtime tier 8 pref credit fest?

    1. CraBeatOff


      Works for me. I did my T25pilot mission already but I will do some work now and be ready around noon eastern :-D

  10. Fun fact, I saw him in this tank yesterday and used him as armor. Then he did 4200 and we carried.
  11. But did you watch it, because it grows progressively more ridiculous
  12. Yea, I've just been spamming premiums. It'd go faster in tier X, but whatever, I'd rather be riiiiich.
  13. A better love story than Twilight
  14. Today's was not terribly hard running 3 man combos anchored by a 112. Most any combo of prefs worked but Type, WZ-111, SP and FCM were favored.
  15. The 907 is mine though. I'll miss you my AM pal. Do everything smart!