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  1. Just has crazy long base aim time compared to other 240ish guns at tier 8. And marginal base accuracy. But it's got the armor to aim down in many situations. One of the few tanks I play regularly without a rammer though. I 3 marked it using optics, vstab and vents, but regularly keep it above 95% threshold using GLD instead of vents for quality of life.
  2. It poops WN8, the gun is just annoying.
  3. He's exceptionally bad at selecting, hitting and penning shots, but very very good at being in the right places at the right time, vision and armor. Watch a couple replays and laugh!
  4. Sent you a pm, not sure if you've seen it. :feelsgoodman:

    1. CraBeatOff


      I have, but I do all my wotlabs on mobile, which makes things slightly harder to mod/admin...

      Start a thread with some replays for now, and then ask Luna to nominate you in the subforum. 

  5. May very well be. I think we agree the point stands though...China gun is Chinese!
  6. @dualmaster333 The 132A is like all China mediums. You lose armor, speed, acceleration, gun handling and accuracy for modest accuracy increases relative to the Russian counterpart. The 132-1 is particularly awful. The 132A is at least slightly smaller than the 54LW, and having AP standard with higher pen APCR does mean the gun is decent. I'll be unlocking the 132-1 in hope of a future buff but it's genuinely bad, like AMX30B, 121B, T95E6 bad.
  7. I bought one. My first game was pretty dope, 7700 damage.
  8. KT does not yolo nor does he take but the most calculated risks! The PTA was recently buffed again! It's seen some of the most buffs on live of any tank, three cycles I believe. It got 8 depression up from 6. I've not unlocked it yet but I'm real close, and looking forward to it. Welcome back KT friend, I approve of all of this except the part where you've not accepted any of my platoon invites! And 500 assisted you chchchchai sniper!
  9. Its not so awful anymore. Type 62, averages right around 2k dpg for 40ish battles. It used to be bad, then it was good, then it was awful, and now its pretty good again, except that terrible HEAT shell cost that just needs to be brought down from 12g/4800silver to what? 8? 9? So that even when you pen your gold shells you aren't losing credits. Its not like the 62 makes massive profits anyhow right? Oh and a bonus Lakeville domination from Friday
  10. Update 13 75 is absolutely beast mode. Clip is a little small at 540, but it unloads quick, aims quick, reloads quick and the hp/t buff makes it zoomy. Really strong tank when fighting other 7s, absolutely crushes 5s and 6s and wholly serviceable against 8s and 9s with dat APCR and mobility and spike. Wheee autoloaders. Example
  11. CrabEatOff is now idling this discord! THUMBS UP (ps thanks for breaking friends list in game WG, so I couldn't resist)
  12. Watch your own replays so you can find the patterns in your position errors. Post replays you can't figure out yourself, with specific questions. Take notes to identify and eliminate your most common position errors. Compare and contrast your replays with streams/replays of the best players.
  13. Stay down a bit longer, get yourself a T-34 and Easy8. Learn HT and MT differences and how to handle the other class. I personally didn't progress past tier 6 until I was able to solo 60% in the Easy 8. Caveat that was a very very different era. I'd judge that once you're able to solo 57% and 850-900xp/game for a protracted session (over 2 weeks, 150 games) then you're ready to rock. Take it from someone who took 10,000 games before purchasing a tier 10, there is no rush. If you're playing for you, then the best use of your time is on your own skills. Grinding is really easy when you've got boosters and you average 1100xpg. I power ground out the T-54LW recently. A conservative 1100xpg, plus boosters and platoon bonus - 1100 + 1100 + 165 = 2365 average. That's 115 games to grind 270,000 xp, less when you factor in doubles and it's one of the bigger grinds in the game. Plus, good crews are as big bonus and low tiers are more forgiving of less skills. I still tend to seed my new crews in mid tier tanks. So, take it slow, develop yourself, watch streamers (the good ones) and read guides (the good ones) and search this forum. If you're having fun and focusing on your skills you might wake up one day with 33,000 battles, 4 skill crews in every good tank in every tier 6+, some obscene wn8 and people might read your advice. (Wondering where your free time for the last 5 years went)
  14. @Android25 wrote it out perfectly. Kudos! @OneSlopoke uninstall your xvm and don't make assumptions based on those colors. I'm serious, you need to learn to "play it as it lies" each and every match. Learn from your experiences, but treat each situation as a novel puzzle. That's a huge and relatively less discussed aspect of processing the game's information. There is a time and place for xvm, but to use it predictively is an error, and adds unnecessary complication to an already daunting stream of information. Ultimately the specific intention can only be reliably observed at each battle moment, and tank positions, numbers and matchups matter as much or more than supposed differences in player quality. Put another way, treat every enemy as purple, every teammate as red and then revise only based on direct observations or interaction.
  15. Got the drop on a Grille 15 today. 2 HE into the back. Mmmm mmmmmm good