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  1. A further note, even though I would have gone hill boost, that might have not won as well as him just keeping distance and letting the TDs work. Its always best to err on the side of caution and hp preservation in the early stages!Tokimi from -G- asked me to check out a replay, as he is historically a HT driver and making the transition to derptroll and chodeslapper. Here is the replay: Here are my notes, copied from slack, posted with his consent: A further note, even though I would have gone hill boost, that might have not won as well as him just keeping distance and letting the TDs work. Its always best to err on the side of caution and hp preservation in the early stages!
  2. Extra thoughts on 152mm vs 90mm: A normal hit ratio for a good player with the 90mm is 80-82%. Pen ratio about the same 80-82%, maybe as high as 85% for the very skilled (thinking about Daki in WGLNA seasons), but @CarbonWard pretty much always shows 82 and 82 in his sessions across all guns - we'll consider him a gold standard. This gives you 0.82*0.82 = 67% damaging rate The 152 sees 0.68-0.70 hit rate among the skilled. But your damage rate is generally 97-98% of those hits, if you're using HEAT intelligently you're still gonna fail to pen them sometimes and you sometimes get 0 dmg HE crits. You'd prob see 99% damage rates if you always shot only HE, but then you'd not be using the gun optimally. So 0.69*0.97= 67% damage rate...its the same. Now, this doesn't get into the stuff like...misses with the 152 that still do damage (no idea how YasenKrasen counts those), shots you REALLY NEED TO HIT TO WIN, that fall in that ~15% hit gap, or the ever impressive 2 digit damage on a bad splash (Maus loses 43 hp, team tells you that you are a bad scout and should be suiciding for TDs early). But my overall point is that the feast or famine nature of the gun feels high and it is, because of that handling/accuracy and the accompanying gap, but that the ability to put out the damaging hits in the long run ends up very close to the same (and see previous posts about why I think the nature of the 152 damage is better). The Sheridan seems to show about 1% better hit rate than the T49 btw, chalked up to the faster aim-time and higher final accuracy (0.53 v 0.48 in my usual set-ups. note:Sheridan has worse soft stats so the gap is smaller than it would be if they gave it the T49's handling). The hope is that the improved vstab and improved vents (0.01 more accuracy whee!) can take that hit-rate up to 70-71%. Working through our napkin math above, and presuming a normal average of 2200 under current conditions a 2% increase in hits because of lower aim-time and high accuracy means you can be looking at...40 more damage per game. A piddling raw amount, but it does mean you're closing the miss gap from 15% to 13%, which is itself a 13% (2/15) reduction in missed shots, which is more substantial (while still being silly fucking tiny, but hey this kind of twisted min-max thinking is what this forum was founded on).
  3. Pretty much anything that goes fast can flip since the flipping/e-brake physics patch. Its more annoying than anything, but the e-brake was prob worth it. Sheridan flips like crazy, super fast traverse, high hp/t and boat-like hull. T49 sticks to the ground a bit better, prone to flipping but less so than the 54LW. Also much easier to flip back, because of the taller hulls you end up on your side, which doesn't have a destruction timer, and is easy for any tank to bump you back.
  4. No, a 1k single game is nothing. 1275 average is...a thing. My T-100LT is around 1300-1400, in a tier with much more HP! I honestly was surprised, but I know its effective, because I can solo it nearly at 70%.
  5. Thats my Hwk12 average. edit its 1275
  6. Agreed, the surf spotting is insane. 1100 assisted in a tier 8 LT? So stealthy!
  7. Posting this here, thanks @nabucodonsor for bringing to my attention. Sums up the T49 experience fully
  8. This guy knows the important stuff. HEATing the ATs and Tortoise is a pain. Now we get 910 pen butts.
  9. Better at the top end only. The scenario you outline of 54LW is precisely the kind of thing we assiduously avoid though, until the 54LW is splashable or trackable in front of guns. So yes, you can bully bad players...and virtually everyone is bad at LTs. So a middle of the road player is gonna do better with the 90mm, sure, but people should aspire, especially if they read this thread. @rev01ution the people need a summary of what you've learned. You've become an expert slapper quickly, share the knowledges!
  10. Some thoughts: When the T49 was upgraded to tier 9 and got a much better 90mm than the tier 8 version, I said something to the effect of 'the 90mm is the better gun, but the 152mm is still fun'. I am now retracting that, I actually think the 152mm gun is better, specifically because of the type of damage you can deal and the exposure limitations. The 152mm is by FAR harder to use, there is virtually no skill transfer between the engagements and shots you select like there is with the 90mm. Someone used to play virtually any MT and most any other LT will be able to equip the 90mm and get good results because of APCR standard, 3k dpm, good soft stats, and comfortable depression. But with the 152mm you have an advantage in several situations that are important for winning: You're never unable to deal damage as long as you can aim/hit You can damage superheavies(well everything) reliably at all ranges and angles Its very easy to track tanks You eliminate soft tanks faster on flanks + the fear factor You expose less and thus can use camo more The margin is small. And the situations where the 90mm is superior are also useful (on the medium flank, when something soft but not ultrasoft is in the open, in dogfights with tanks > 350 hp) to winning, but the ability to chode slap the enemy's heaviest tanks, while crushing their lightest ones is a winning combo. Second thought: The Hwk12 is a nice tier 8 that has many of the characteristics of the T49 for those of us who are addicts and don't want to switch up play styles. Its probably the best tier 8 LT - speed, camo, depression, VR, it has it all. 630 m/s shell velocity holds back plenty of players, but since thats only 50m/s slower than the 152mm, you'll be used to it. A damn shame it doesn't tote a 15cm HE gun though :-D
  11. The 300 hp buff helped. Its not reasonably fast, right between the 35 capped HTs, and the 50 kph Chinese HTs. Gun snapshots nicely now, but you should still use your armor to aim.
  12. That's why I always said Northwest was Dragon Ridge 2.0. For those who never played it..imagine Overlord...with 3-4 beaches!
  13. We deployed middle as usual on Esnk. Our team had a small overmatch field but was stalling because of the E3. City was losing because bad players lose brawls. The city was going to be slow though, and had tons of tanks we couldn't do much damage to, and refusing to move into places we could arty them down. So dual made the call to just fucking go for it on clearing the field. It was messy, but brutal, and basically over within that 32s it took to reload twice. We cleared that flank with no further damage taken from our team, and then our field swept into turn a dwindling brawl into a win. @rev01ution asked me about my high assisted damage. I wanted to write a big thing about it, but its basically just a combination of: Very high view range - 508-520 in the T49. Use all the view skills on your commander. Run cola, and optics. Vents if you can make the gun work. Staying alive and active - if you're dead, you can't spot. Learn some bushes, don't be afraid to peek a ridge after you've been dark for 20-30s. Relocate frequently and always try to be spotting any open areas or lanes of threat. Aka, vision control Know your camo and your VR - Properly set up, you negate about 1/3rd of most enemies VR, so ranges from 380-420 are pretty safe. Beyond 420 you're effectively unspottable, You spot everyone who doesn't have 15% or better coverage at 445. Here is the replay asked about. Its a pretty good game, on a pretty good map for 152mm LTs. Long distances, bushes, hill, slow paced gameplay. The only time I recall trying to "spot" in the game is when I determine that the area under the TD ledge is now free of things that can spot me, so I make a run towards them, to see if I can peel them out of camo. And it works. Otherwise, most of the spotting is just incidental towards having high VR, knowing my camo, and being alive and active. Here are some more T49 games with short write-ups - Paris sucks, But sometimes your team can bunker, and then you can kill an RU and end-game abuse some tanks. 152mm is best gun. 90mm heretics would lose this match. All the TDs get hella mad salty when the LTs don't suicide scout for them. This was just one of many yesterday where the enemy bitched about us not scouting (you'll see it int he Paris one also), but serious pubbie nerds, I know what I'm doing. Enjoy the 183 pen though, it FeelsGoodMan.
  14. how often are bonds issued for ranked battle mode? I achieved the rank 2 in about an hour. this seems like the appropriate level of effort.

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