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  1. @Meirzin We did some exercises today, and messed with the meta a little. I was going to write it up, and will contribute, but maybe you wanna kick off the sharing?
  2. Any modest skills i might have have nothing to do with atactical denial tank....
  3. I bought one today and got 58k xp done using a booster. 2400 dpg. It's ability to win is pretty minimal. It's easily the laziest shitlord tank I've ever played. Siege mode is a blight on flanking. It's sure good at camofucking though.
  4. Tank is so effortless, thanks chodefriend!


  5. Orders and crews paid out for 260 Campaign downtime...but wait! there's more!


    That's right, can't claim my bonus crew, because of an error! Huzzah! Two steps forward, one step back, put your hands on your head, now fall on your ass...its the WarGaming song!

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    2. kreigermann


      I'm running vanilla and it would not fork over my woomans

    3. Vindi


      getting female member: only perk is bia -1 skill. fml

    4. Kolni


      19 hours ago, CraBeatOff said:

      on a related note, the 260 is pretty awful. took the equipment off it already. fuck that tank!

      It's not that bad, 113 is definitely worse and it's considered good still

  6. I would promise to say "blaze it" every pen.
  7. Challenger with the 32lber can do it now. 2700 dpm on a 900 hp platform means 4500 is within the realm of reasonable probability. But the M18 is much easier, or any tier 6 TD really.
  8. Why don't you have a T-100LT?

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    2. CraBeatOff


      Why not the the RU med that GO FAST, instead of clone #1

    3. TheMarine0341


      I like Rusha Carpet tenk

    4. Errants


      'cause 4.2 million is much more reasonable for my broke ass, than 6.3 million...

  9. My skillset tilts towards scout/assassin and so this one works better for me. If you favor the twitchy peek and snap of the Pattons then go Sheridan. T-100LT better than both because of speed armor camo shenanigans and dpm.
  10. Seriously 1400 dpm? I appreciate WG making an effort to not put out OP LTs but as it stands now that ELC is shit. It would lose a head to head with the 13 75 or 13 57...
  11. Could you review another replay for me please? Did better hp conservation, didn't accept enemies engagement terms, and got to 94.8% on marks.

  12. 3500 bonds down. 1500 to go. I cannot wait to play more T49. I used today's tier X sale to buy a discounted 5A, so i can actually get picked for this next clan event. So I can get bonds, so I can outfit the T49...the circle of (chode) life. 

    1. dualmaster333


      I just hit 2500 bonds with no indication of further progress. I have to see if BULBA is actually doing the clan event thing. I'm on business travel for the first week or so but should be able to get enough games in for some sweet sweet bonds.

  13. Theres some things to learn from tier 3, but you'll learn a lot more in 5/6/7. I'd stay in 5/6/7 until you could reliably solo 55-58% and to develop crews. I have a few guides/posts on improvement.
  14. Out of town is why daily marathons don't work for me I did just wander across the NYC marathon though, in search of a bagel.
  15. I mean it's all written here somewhere, it's just hard to find among all the bullshit. But it's also also old because those things he's talking about haven't changed. I've never played the Tort, but it's a process of deduction. Gun is accurate? Armor is trolly but full of weak spots? Slow? That relates to my experiences in a SuperPershing - keep your distance, commit only when you know, beat people down with accurate dpm while making them take bad shots. There's only a few archetypes that dictate the style. Nah that's how I've made my bones. I shoot just above palsy level.