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  1. I cannot object to buffs to 8s! Nothing they can do will fix MM!
  2. Sheridan is pretty crap. Fix those 152mm softs WG so i can at least have a FAT49.
  3. It should be no secret that I want to fully outfit my T49 with improved equipment. This means obtaining 14,000 bonds, and with limited ranked battle participation that means a TON of pub battles. The patch that added bonds for medals was a nice bonus (WG really should do a 1 time retroactive medals payout, it'd be like maybe 1-2 pieces for most people...but that is another conversation). @dualmaster333 did some math a while back to check and see if anything except 10s are viable for bonds earning, and sadly the answer is no, not if your goal is to obtain 14,000 of them. Particularly because those same medals are worth much more at tier X. So this means we must play tier X. Since the change to LTs and the advent of 3/5/7 MM platooning 10s has been interesting. You either get to be super king shit (3/5/7), mostly king shit (5/10) or fodder for TDs in a super shitty campy game (15 across). But the problem is, the games where you're super king shit or mostly king shit ... you don't earn bonds. Sure you get 2 for High Caliber, but that's not going to get you to 14,000! And the super shitty campy TD fest at tier X means you aren't going to be winning or earning 400 base XP at what I consider a reasonable rate. And this is all solo, where maybe 35% of your games are straight tier X. So in your dice roll to get a bonds match you're now depending on not having a bad game - odds I just don't like. And finally, I'm realistically only going to play a LT, because cmon...GO FAST I played a whole bunch of solo X LT games to try to estimate my bond's earning rate. Playing well, I was seeing about 2 bonds/game. Simply because I couldn't always get tier X matches - but then I wasn't really always getting bonds from those games, because its fairly hard to win in those paint scratchers (thanks @Kolni for the appellation, ha!). Platooning a pair of derp Sheridans with dualmaster got me just under 4 bonds/game, and while funny, it wasn't particularly fun and yielded 55% win-rate. Plus then WG buffed the Sheridan 105mm gun to make the 152mm completely unjustifiable :-( Bond earning is a bit better in a MT or HT, but see point above. From the derp Sheridan experiment I did observe (and this is old news and well known now) that platooning Xs and particularly LTs forces you heavily into 15 across battles. Generally a good thing for bonds, except you know LTs being sucky at doing damage to get that 400 base XP. So all of this is to say - what platoon combo, including a LT preferably, gets me the highest win-rate in tier X games? This is hardly a new problem of course, as we've been working on finding winning combos for a long time. At various times we've had viable comps like 2x Batchat + 1 Bat arty (remember that @jacg123?), 2x E-100 and 1x WaffleE-100, 3x MAUS, 3x 50B, T-62A and 2x E4, etc etc. So what is the new meta comp? I believe we've hit upon it though, almost by accident. Strv 103B, Light Tank (T-100LT preferred), and Heavy Tank (IS-7 preferred but lots of latitude really, as long as it has some armor to hold). Over the past few weeks I've played approximately 160 games using this combination and estimated bond earnings. Because of the improved win-rate AND forcing MM to spit out 90% 15v15 tier X battles, the bond farm is real. I've averaged about 9 bonds/game! At that rate a full set of equipment is ~1,555 games, as opposed to ~3,500 or ~7,000 in the other scenarios I tested So how much are we winning? I'd put the floor at 70% (worst session), but we've seen 80% in the month of November and so I think its safe to say that 75% is realistic, and that 80% might be sustainable with 3 good players. Here is yesterday's session (not shown assisted damage ~2000 average) A little bit about how to play this set-up - I was explaining it to Illusion yesterday (one of the best players ever on NA!) in that its not a "winning" comp. but that its a "not losing" comp. Basically you're able to lock down the map to the point where its simply very hard for your team to get wiped out. The enemy simply cannot push enough to snowball your team and so you either create a Lanchester's derived advantage somewhere, or else you sit and grind them down. The hardest* and certainly most important role goes to the S-tank because that driver has to make the decisions about whether to support the LT or the HT in the platoon, and has to know their camo and engagements really well, plus he/she isn't allowed to die. But really no one is allowed to die, the whole point is simply to outlast and force-feed your S-tank. @thedivision (fuck why aren't my mentions working) has been my reliable Strv driver through all these battles, so I will ask him to post his thoughts but from my observations of his play and his discussions on TS he really focuses on staying alive, and being patient forcing the enemy into mistakes. He uses my LT vision, or the stalling HT to just annihilate the enemy OR simply deny them the lane. Oh and tracking shots, constant, brutal, punishing tracking shots. He'll got for tracking shot on the first 2-3 shots on any target, at any distance. And it pays off, the enemy just gets helplessly stuck in place eating 4k dpm. And he's not afraid to brawl when the engagement is right - this means little to no arty, guns under 122mm caliber, low flank chances (as the LT driver you can help with this) and hills preferable to "hulldown". He often says he's going to hulldown, but how you do that in a tank that is only hull...I do not quite grok. As we all know, an S-tank that you can't see can lock down half a map or more in many situations, so I guess you need to learn all those situations. The LT role is nothing special, except that you simply need to trust your platoon to live/grind the enemy long enough to make your tank really effective. You just scout a bunch, and then wait for things to open up and do LT things. The T-100LT is best because its the best. Fastest accel, lowest profile, best camo, 0.1+ armor effectiveness, 2800 dpm and fast enough reload to perma-track. The RhmPz or 13 105 are probably the next best as they are the next best scouts. The RhmPz has the very high VR and comfy gun and pen. When you get a mid/long shot you're gonna do more damage than the T-100LT's potato cannon. 13 105 works nicely because its got the high camo, and the burst for end-game. But its fragile and slow compared to the T-100LT and doesn't have the gun handling to hit tracks in close/medium distance like the T-100LT. If you get the first tracking shot in, you can be sure your S-tank is going to be following that up... HT role is an interesting switch from some folk's play style. You're literally just defaulting to denying space, playing defense and in the case of being rushed, doing as much damage as possible. In some cases you're just baiting stuff into the Strv 103B behind you. Its very much a slow-play style. You can push when you have an overwhelming advantage for sure, but the goal is first and foremost to make sure you don't lose the brawl, which means staying alive. Your S-tank and T-100 can bail you out of some shit, and at the very worst, they can ensure that your eventual demise is paid for dearly. That said, with armor and hitpoints and 75% wins you're still going to be surviving 60%+ of the time if you do it right. IS-7 works really well because of the strong armor, deployment speed and hp pool - its best role is naturally the one that compliments this platoon well (hulldown, defensive). We've seen similar success with SuperConq, IS-4, 113, T110E5. The Germans can work also, but are a bit less flexible due to speed. PzVII and VK7201 are pretty good though. Type 5? 215b? No one has tried them. But basically you stay alive - slow play - stall a flank, push if you can safely, otherwise keep falling back into your S-tank or wait while your LT flanks the things. Of note - none of these roles are going to be garnering the high WN8 you'd see solo. High damage losses are rare obviously. And you're not smashing on 8s and out armoring 9s like you might in solo play. And nothing quite gets the WN8 of MTs, but that isn't the point here, the point is to farm the wins to get the bonds. Charge for the community - can this be replicated? Meaning is it the comp or the players? @TheDivision and I have played these 160 games, with a variety of HT drivers @1stTanks, @meirzin and @Illusion, but he and I are constants. Who will test it? We need more data! *This statement may be filtered through my personal biases towards LT play, LT play might be harder, but I have to leave that up to others to decide @TheDivision @1stTanks @Meirzin @Illusion mentions since they broke in the first post
  4. Conway 5.5in gun is hilarious. Fabulous prep for the shitbarn...with flexible ammo choices and comfortable enough depression and mobility. I might keep it for lulz.

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    2. CraBeatOff


      HE is best ammo comrade.

      But it's got a turret depression and goes 40, so just try to get an angle and wait for a turret break if you must harass a super.

    3. Tarski


      I switched to the 5.5in and I think I might have to switch back to the 120mm. My DPG has dropped off. I'm having a lot of trouble dealing with how much clumsier this gun is. Positions I used to be able to work are now off limits because of how much more exposure time it takes to bring the 5.5in on target. I've never had so many 0 damage shots from a gun. 

    4. CraBeatOff


      It's not good. Just funny.

  5. I've yet to unlock or buy this, but I am already appreciating the T-100LT. What's not to love about a tank that accelerates like the old ELC, has a turret that gets you 0.20 armor use values (extending your hp well beyond any of the other X LTs) has such low dispersion values that you don't need a Vert Stab? Well...maybe the anemic gun and poor accuracy, but those aren't enough to scare ME off. Here is a mini Garbad-style review. Protection: Best in class! Tiny turret has 180mm and its slope-y. See me bounce a Grille 15! Its not a thing you can rely on, but it doesn't matter. 1 in 5 shots gonna bounce, and that means you live longer. The 90mm frontal plate is about 215 flat on. It never gets above 230 or so, before it goes to richochet angles, but who cares again, its protection! Sides are 40mm. Again, nothing special, but you're gonna get random bounces, particularly because of your ability to whip the tank around in brawls. RASHA BIAS! Camo is ALSO best in class. In these replays I am running with two PARTIAL camo crew members, and no camo on the 3rd. I don't know the actual values, but I've seen over 40% quoted. Its a LOT of camo, being 300-330m from an E-100 not being seen. RASHA BIAS! View range is a poor 390. Doesn't really matter though, since you can skip the V Stab and run Optics + Vents. Grab some BiA, some Rations and both VR perks and you're sitting at 482m of VR. Thats more than enough. Sure 500+ is nice, but when you have so much camo, you can afford to need to get 20m closer. Its also really short, which is useful. Mobility: Best in class! (theme? theme.) Its got all the horsepower, turning and braking force you'd ever need. The turret moves plenty fast too, so you don't awkwardly get stuck circling without being able to catch up. Real high top speed of 72, easily maintained. Its a climber. The only hard part for boosting might be the length and wide set tracks, meaning some areas it may be hard to get tracks in contact. This is a minor complaint. It flies. Firepower: Its firepower is poor, but not irreconcilably so. Proper loading gets you to 2700 dpm. This isn't great, given that the Sheridan can get to 3k and most tier X mediums START at 3k and rise to 3300-3600. But you should be avoiding dpm fights with everything anyhow (and given the mobility and camo factors, its not hard to do so). Poor accuracy at 0.44 coming down to 0.40 with bia, vents, rations. 6.8s reload for 300 alpha is nothing to write home about. It'd be great if it just had half a second more, to more reliably permatrack things. Pen is ok at 230, more or less standard for LT apcr. The 248 AP round is kind of an unknown. I've yet to figure out its advantages. The 790 m/s speed is a real fucker though, as opposed to the 1,200 m/s on the APCR. Its good vs stuff like LFP on the E-100 and other slope-y things, and its much lower pen drop off at distance is useful. So really the firepower is bad, but at least you have enough alpha to 2 shot all the tier X arties unless you get wildly low rolls. At least it has the mobility and camo to get set up for shots. Note: Meant to post replay pack. Realized the account I played the games on didn't have replay recording turned on. I'll get some up when I can. In the meantime, grind your T-54LWs and gather your creditos.
  6. Can confirm 500+ vr is the business.
  7. Can confirm 500+ vr is the business.
  8. This double xp mission combined with 200% xp boosters and the holiday bonus is nuts. I ground the 5.5 Conway gun with @1n_Soviet_Russia in 11games. 64k xp.

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    2. skyf24


      My bad, i got to the 416 in 48 games or so. The A-44 was pretty potato. free xpd all the modules on the 416, seems pretty nice so far, only done 3 games or so though. Probably be done with it in 2 nights or so. 

    3. Darvek


      2x xp bonus wasn't worth much for me yesterday. Playing at my usual blueish level, but with under 40% WR. I'm not great at this game, but I usually win more than the afkers. Ah well, small sample sizes and all that.

    4. PlanetaryGenocide


      I'm not really grinding anything but I've been playing T49 and not using boosters - i've done about 200k out of the 300k free xp i need for the 430 so far.  Gonna spend all day tomorrow with boosters on and see how it goes

  9. That set up is also being tested by GAIMER. I've actually played it a little recently, but I have a hard time adjusting to NOT having 500+ view range. It might be viable. and its Max Gun Handling set-up.
  10. Cats can't drive. She's a cutie. OK WOTLABS Given that this game hemorrhages unica I've been working hard on keeping people playing this game by showing them CHODEFU - THE WAY TO THE BUTTZ. In the past couple of weeks I've recruited from within the ranks of -G- (mostly by @dualmaster333 's glorious GIFs) to get some people playing this great tank. We've had MajorIssuez, Iron, Giggles101x and GAIMER all actively playing the T49 and 3 marking it, along with a few who are in progress. This has allowed me to validate some tactics and ideas that we've been kicking around for months now. But it also helped me with my eternal equipment dissatisfaction. Best equipment set-ups The spotter - Vstab, Optics, Vents - my most run one. Vents adds a lot. Currently running this with improved versions of the Vstab and Vents. Its got 520 view range, and vents adds all the little nice things. The comfort compromise - Vstab, Optics, eGLD - this is where I ran most of my first games in tier 8. It still spots well with optics, but the GLD makes using the gun a lot easier, especially in brawls and vs mid-range MAX DPM - Vstab, Rammer, Vents - you can shoot more often. You can't see shit (47X view range) BUT you shoot all the time, and with accuracy. Pairs well with a spotter chode friend. Friend @GAIMER is going to try out GLD, Rammer, Optics as a set-up, but its not clear to me that this will be any good. YMMV.
  11. Right click the image and put the image address into that post and it will embed
  12. Ilya Red. He's solid on his scouting explanations. I've picked up a few things from his channel that improved my play. Skill4ltu is also a great demonstration of proper scouting, but less explicit in his instructions
  13. It's only ok. Better than WZ-132-1. Like PTA level. Both USA equivalents are better
  14. You all might like this Thanks @sr360!
  15. I have Hwk and RU and RhmPz all as keepers...but that doesn't mean they're for everyone. It's true that with the exception of the 1375 the tech tree 7s are weak compared to their 8+ counterparts, but tier 7 mm isn't too rough. The whole line is...kinda big, very soft, pretty lackluster dpm and turns wide. This tank was over nerfed when re-tiered but it's not a true turd.
  16. Everything you described about the SP1C applies to the rest of the line! Except shell speed, kinda. You might want to cut your losses now and not play this line.
  17. This is outside your normal wheelhouse, but I'm looking for an opinion on absolutely min-maxing the T49 - with the 152mm. What equipment do you think is optimal? Or is it simply whether you prefer a style of spotting (optics/vents), vs a style of better chances to hit shots(GLD)? I've played around with tons of combos, but can't really figure out what is best, need an expert opinion. 

    1. CarbonWard


      Optics VS and Rammer.

      VS and rammer doesn't need any introduction

      152 means you are gonna have a lot of downtime to scout, you need VR more than say GLD even tho you are starving for aimtime.


      152 is just shit tho, outside of occasional pens you are basically useless since a 152m HE to the side of a HT is most likely 300 dmg more or less at 19 sec reload, your early/mid/late game role is basically reduced to scout with occasional harrassment, which doesn't do shit on maps like plisen/himms or any city map in general.

    2. CraBeatOff


      Would that change with improved equipment? I've found that rammer is my least preferred 3rd module as I'm so rarely stringing shots together - and that i feel i miss out on more damage from either final accuracy (mitigated by vents) or not being able to close the reticle in time (mitigated by GLD). 

      With 152 i find city fights are great, since like the Type4/5 and unlike other LTs you don't need to flank - frontally hits heavies and superheavies for 350, splashes tracks and sidescrapes for the same. The trouble comes on open maps where accuracy and aimtime are key factors - like steppes and overlord

  18. I don't know the specifics but i know vision devices and tracks give the pop up and are external modules
  19. T92 gets that new sick hp/t to dance around nerds. Hit 100% moe today while grinding credits. Pew pew pew
  20. The 200k xp i plan to bank for the new 10 should be relatively painless. Just doing doubles with a booster will be pretty easy times.
  21. I'm uploading T49 games to show how i play each map.

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    2. CraBeatOff


      Haha. Why was he even aimed at me? It's the Zen of the T49, RNGesus giveth and he taketh too. In a later game which had shit gameplay i 1-shot an udes for all 1000 hp and then on the next reload i cupola penned an Strv 103-0 for 1005 (at 350m). 

    3. Hellsfog


      Thanks for posting those CraB. I saw some different things I wouldn't have otherwise tried. 

    4. CraBeatOff


      My pleasure. I'll do more as i play.

  22. I feel like this was pretty clearly laid out. I feel like maybe it's worthy of moving to the newbie section and pinning. Watcha think @Private_Miros? Thanks to the rest of you all for expressing the purpose and norms of wotlabs so clearly. It's not internet normal, but like Miros said it's useful and closer to real life. Reddit is probably the right place for him though, if he wants to ask repetitive questions with scattershot answers of dubious quality and further flood the searchable internet with dreck. Of note: this forum was modeled on the WoW Elitist Jerks forum. Slightly less strict, but same basic intent.
  23. This formula was relayed to Deus by Major Rampage and has been validated by WoTLabs users CernoAlpha provides an excellent explanation of the formulas. Original thread is the best stuff is buried around pages 9-11. Go upvote Deus and Cerno there!
  24. Close. You've got the right sub forum. Now navigate to the 2nd page of this sub forum. Locate the tank specific thread. Read or skim that thread. See if you get enough info from that. If not then post a replay where you felt that thread.
  25. Ticketed it back as a farewell to the NA pawnshoo gift to myself. Feels like a 3/5/7 winner to me. Bullies 7s with armor, bullies everything else with alpha and pen. Far better than the 132A i took the crew from. It's still right between the T-10 and PTA but because of the MM shifts I'm not sure this is a problem.