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  1. hazzgar

    I WANNA GO FAST: The T-100LT Appreciation Thread

    Isn't that the case for all ruskies? Flammable tanks
  2. hazzgar

    The P.43 Bis, 240 alpha ? Yes please !

    Yeah be toxic because I mentioned one streamer 2 times. Or maybe it's 5 times given how much attention you pay to who wrote what. P43 doesn't go twice as fast when the cuising speed is sub 40kph unless you are going downhill. I am also not impressed with 240 "on the medium side" because it's not a medium. It's a heavium labeled as a medium. It has heavium hp/t and heavium mobility. The only thing that makes it a medium is hp, designation and top speed it rarely reaches. This is why I compare it to heavies. VK3001P is noticeably more mobile. Yeah p43 is traversing fast but traverse means little when it moves slow (it works both ways - just look at the slow traversing bobject - it hardly matters and the tank is super mobile) Overal stop being so butthurt about the tank. The community is split about it. Streamers are split, people here are split. It works for some, it doesn't for others. It's not some 2nd coming of christ if it's only good for a part of the community even if it works for some
  3. hazzgar

    I WANNA GO FAST: The T-100LT Appreciation Thread

    Don't. My laptop can't handle post 1.0 graphics so I can only maintain wr over 55% in lights and the bobject. Fuck me I even average 2000 in t62a... Also there are better people than me to make you feel bad here I'm just a scrub who barely maintains light purple recents when his big pc works
  4. hazzgar

    I WANNA GO FAST: The T-100LT Appreciation Thread

    It sounded like a strange opinion from you I have had shit luck with my 1114 too. 56% for 2450dpg...
  5. hazzgar

    The P.43 Bis, 240 alpha ? Yes please !

    Why are you asking me that? I'm not the one saying you need to run this with 90% gold? Also not someone. I mentioned m6. I explicitly mentioned that m6 goes 35 vs 50 for this. The problem is this reaches 50 only on long downhills while it cruises at 38 vs 33 for m6. Please read my previous posts Read my post about m6 vs p43 comparison. P43 is better in: - 15kph better top speed - It's smaller - It has better hull armor - Hull and track bloom M6 is better in: - standard pen - prem pen - shell speed - accuracy - aim time - Turret bloom - gun depression - power to weight - quickybaby doesn't say it's a good tank This shows p43 is a squished m6 that got some extra hull armor and size, a top speed it reaches as often as an amx 40 for a much worse gun and less gun depression. As for top3 t6 tanks - I take type64, t37, t34-85m, vk3001p, Skoda 25, Strv 74, su100 over it. I'm with circon here that the tier7 is much better. 53%wr on t6, 64% on t7.
  6. hazzgar

    Object 268 version WTF were they thinking?

    The nerf did nothing
  7. hazzgar

    I WANNA GO FAST: The T-100LT Appreciation Thread

    How does that disprove what I've said ? On general people have lower WR in t10 lights. All people. Even unis don't do so well in them. Hell I'm a very focused light player (650+ battles in ELC EVEN since I'm a masochist) and I still only pull 56-59% wr in my t10 lights. As for using "I have some wr in tank x therefore it's good" - I've had 61% wr in pre changes Vk1001a when I was a 52% noob. I also pulled 63% on m103. Doesn't mean they are good.
  8. If you think 3/5/7 is unfair try 2/5/8 on mannheim line. Our team has a bobject and wz1115, their team has an amx 50 and a strv-b. 

    Guess the result? 

    1. simba90


      your bobject camped in the back corner doing two shots of damage and your wz drowned himself after declaring the "XVM gives us 46% chance to win". - My experience with pub 'teammates' from this weekend.

    2. hazzgar


      @simba90 thankfuly I was the bobject and the wz1115 platooned with me right away and was a moderately competent player. Don't have xvm but he played like someone with 53% WR. Lost waaaay too much hp for nothing but pushed forward with me when I pressed W for Win in my still belenced tonk. 


      On a side note yeah I played 1 game on the bobject. It's as broken as it was before. I feel no difference.

  9. hazzgar

    The P.43 Bis, 240 alpha ? Yes please !

    You saying it's better than 90% doesn't mean it is better. You are basically playing an m6 that sacrifices everything for some top speed it only reaches on the downhills. And yes there is a scenario where this tank is problematic - meeting t7 and t8 tanks since the prem shell is still rather low pen and the acc is low so fighting 2nd line when fighting the big boys is a problem while your armor becomes a hindrance since it's then useless while you are as slow as a russian heavium. Also I didn't say just because a tank requires gold + food it's bad. But a TIER 6 tank that requires FULL (important factor) gold is bad. In tier6 you meet people with 75-90% crews and no crew skills, less prem ammo spam and overal less skill. If you need an even bigger advantage to stomp over them then the tank is bad. I have no issues with using food and gold since I play a ton of lights. It's just it's a t6 med that only works in a tryhard setup so you can stomp people with no skill, crew and probably idiotic equipment choices. PS. Cromwell Berlin also gets great results for people only because it's a prem and people run it with food + prem ammo.
  10. hazzgar

    The P.43 Bis, 240 alpha ? Yes please !

    No. We are just not using full ACPR so when FORCED to snipe (you know you don't choose where the enemy goes) we have to cope with super slow rounds where you don't. Also no T-54, at least pre changes still worked better with 50/50 loadout without gold than this does. What is worse this is a tier6. What tier6 requires 80% gold + food? I 3 marked the type64 with a 60/40 loadout. Saying this tank requires t10 setup to be good means it's shit. PS. You have 1300 dpg over 30 battles. How is that a statistically significant sample? Not to mention 53% win rate. Mate I had amazing results in many tanks over the short run. I really did. I pulled 73% wr on the badger with 3700 dpg for 42 battles and that tank doesn't even suit my skills (I hoovered between 58 and 61 before selling the acc over large number of battles with sub 3k dpg). I would never say it's an amazeballs tank
  11. 10s reload is a VERY bad idea. Permatracking tanks with HE guns. Think about it.
  12. hazzgar

    The P.43 Bis, 240 alpha ? Yes please !

    Huge difference in shell velocity and better acc and aim time for t34-85
  13. I love when arty tries to save me in a light tank. That means that Chiri that had no chance catching up to me now has a detracked light in front of him and all that for only 150 of his hp...

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    2. hazzgar


      @Haswell I have chat on. That gave me that idea

    3. Haswell
    4. hazzgar


      Yeah and that was after a full weekend of being bottom tier with 45% er s as top tiers. 

  14. Burn the startup culture to the ground. Seriously in the XXI century pogroms will not be on minorities but on startup workers. I'm a hardcore leftie but I'm not sure I'd be against pogroms on some startup workers...

  15. Anyone here has any experience with disabled FB add accounts?