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  1. So I have to grind it after all? I kinda wished they hyped a new td line so stupid pubbies would grind tdss and I could mark my lights easier.
  2. I'd pick Patriot over Liberte any day. Liberte scales very bad vs higher tiers imho. If I want a meh dpm low alpha heavy I'd rather get a lowe that can sidescrape and hulldown better. Defender also is #2 for me hands down. Yeah it's derpy and it annoys unis and it may not be perfect for people 65%+ and for everyone else even purples it makes them perform above what they usually do simply by the fact that it bounces a ton and has alpha to trade.
  3. Pub forum diaries #2 - "Hellcat is as slow as a S35CA"...

  4. I know reverse sidescrape is a gimmick but both 907 and t22 can bait shots into overangled sides like a boss. As for 1 vs1 AND you pen all shots this is a big if. Sorry but there are many things that factor in whether you pen each shot and derpy gun handling of kv4 is one of them. Also kv4 armor is very strong but very unreliable. Often RNG decides if someone goes through your turret which doesn't happen in is3 and Lowe AS MUCH (big part as it happens everywhere). Also is3 has an alpha advantage and Lowe has gun handling advantage. This means those tanks have a higher chance of shooting you where they intended than you have a chance of shooting them where intended. Not to mention you assume a 1 vs 1 on flat ground, open space with nothing to hide in between shots and all that at relatively close range while not moving. That is a lot of ifs and a very special scenario. I get that kv4 is underetimated because of how hard it can troll the user and because it doesn't have clear easily exploitable damage farming advantages but you overhype it a bit but overall all bad handling or unreliable armor tanks are undervalued on wotlabs (Defender and Lemming claiming it's not OP despite Unis still overperforming in it, or Ferdie no one loves despite it working for everyone thanks to the hp/alpha mix) Also one big thing the Lowe has over kv4 is View Range. Even without optics I have 460m vr on mine. While it's not important mid game it will save your life late game and will be helpfull early game. Strange my spmm tanks recently had good mm. Overall in the last 3-5 days on EU mid tiers had good mm which pissed me off since I'm playing lights now and I don't need that top tier crap.
  5. I'm pretty sure 907 and t22 don't need autobounce on a reverse sidescrape. Also is4. Also you tend to forgive too much on the tanks you like. KV4 isn't best 1 vs 1. It's only good against baddies 1 vs 1 but then again so is vk1001p and it's also good vs 2 or 3 tanks thanks to better armor layout and more alpha.
  6. Arty makes me want to stop playing light tanks. Heavies are fine vs arty but the focus I get in lights plus the new accuracy means that I I'd rather be a Maus on fiery sailent with 3 arty than a light ...

  7. "Some people have the skill to play this thing" - Friendly Churchill GC who died 30s after saying that. OOh the irony.

  8. Why did suddenly everyone stop camping? 

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    2. nabucodonsor


      What? To me they are always the same.

    3. hazzgar


      @nabucodonsor maybe at t10. I play t7 in my amx currently and no one camps. Like there are no campers on Malinovka, Redshire, Lakeville road, Fiery salient. It's great for my jgtiger 8.8 which I use to offset the credit loss on the amx and it gave me some great games in campy armored tanks but horrible for lights.

    4. nabucodonsor


      I am grinding the LTTB and the IS2 and i have not noticed it. Then again I do not really pay attention to these things.

  9. 88% on 3 marking 13 57 :( cursed. Play jtiger - fiery salient. Play 13 57 - ensk, stalingrad, all with shit teams

    1. hazzgar


      87 :( WTF. Was at 94.5 3 times.

  10. GM I often agree with you but you are talking about how much you like each tank. I am talking how good it performs in the hands of most players. A tank is not good if most people playing it need to as you put it "l2p"
  11. Yeah but the 13 57 is also better than the 13 75 in many other areas. As for the Lowe yeah it's better than Tiger II and KV4 - the 2 weakest t8 heavies. Don't get me wrong I love the Lowe but acording to performance stats it is balanced. IS3 is still better. VK1001p is still much better even if annoying to play for good players, Caern is much better, Lowe has enough ammo to not have full acpr even if you only spam that but when 3 marking it's just faster. Why waste time? Also that shell speed + that accuracy is just pure comfort
  12. Yeah I know I play lights almost exclusively lately but LTTB is the worst of them all since if you turn at even the slightest incline the LTTB will flip. Other tanks needs an obscale. This just needs not to drive in a straight line.
  13. Yeah but full prem lowe is still not much better than some other tech tree tanks going full prem. amx 13 57 is broken as fuck without prem ammo and prem ammo bumps it's penetration by 33% to 194 from sub 150. To give you a comparison how much p2w is that - 3 mark reqs for the t8 lowe and t7 amx are close to THE SAME. Lowe is balanced. It's just comfy.
  14. It will be better so it will be harder to 3 mark this, not easier. Especially since reliable armor helps pubbies more than good players.
  15. My full prem ammo spamming 13 57 and type64 say hello to your theory