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  1. WR is slowly going up but i hate this tank. It simply can't get to places before your teamates melt. Also it's super annoying trying to find the perfect angle on the turret. It seems much easier on the e100. Maus is great at bouncing but it's super annoying if you want to deal damage. Jesus i hate it.
  2. Alcohol is way too expensive in US
  3. No gun dep, no armor, low hp and no turret so yeah fun. Unless the gun is super amazeballs I'd rather play a skorpion in t9.
  4. I agree it's hard to buff the kv5 but ffs now you can't pen shit, half of the the maps require gun depresion and you are tall and have too little and your turret face is cheese. For now KV5 only works with 80% gold spam. My performance has really dropped since 1 year ago in it. There are just too many tanks it can't pen.
  5. I was joking. It is strong. You are right I forgot about the sides. It looks comparable to the skorp. May even win a bit more while being able to farm a bit worse. I agree on the buffs. Also can they buff the forgoten prems? On my current acc I'm runing a jgtiger 8,8, CDC and KV5. Imagine the pain of grinding credits in those 3.
  6. My loadout is 60/40% standard/gold. Maybe I'm lucky but at 140 games I'm pulling 60-61% WR on this. I still hate it since it's mostly pulled on mediocre games where I do barely enough to pull the win. I still don't get it how I get good WR on the panther. It's my 2nd account where I grind the Panther II and 2nd time I have good WR despite hating the tank.
  7. Turret turning is most important though but at least it will work better in the city with a locked turret. I expected more powercreep
  8. Well if it's bigger and slower I'm not sure. I'd rather outtrade stuff by more than bounce 2% more. Well unless the soft stats above make hitting shit easier.
  9. Head on i find bat easier to hit than the tvp because of the width of the bat + the fact that it almost never bounces vs some random bounces on the TVP. Side on I agree TVP is super easy. o_ho is a bad comparison since it's a special case. Very few tanks have such big problems with hitting short tanks. As for armor use I agree. Confirmation bias I guess the difference between my bat and skoda is minimal
  10. How much better soft stats vs Skorp? I can't read those. If they are considerably better than lol it will be broken.
  11. Sorry but no. The problem isn't range. If people get closer they will simply hit more often. The problem is driving a lt/mt full speed and getting one shotted 1 minute into the game or driving a superheavy and geting focused with 3 shots -2000hp early into the game. This and bishop and bert. Jesus if they focus you in a soft tank you are fucked even if you are 2 triers higher.
  12. It is a bit of a shitty argument claming people who don't agree with you are just making shit up. Tried the l100. Did not work for me. Too many times the enemy managed to hide behind cover and the rld was too slow to permatrack.
  13. Yeah I also think I am guilty of that. BC is wider and the TVP turret can bounce shit on the edges at least so that doesn't explain it that easily.
  14. Works the same for me. I have no idea why and I don't run food. Also I think Skodas and a few other tanks mean bat chats are not a priority target now since pubbies have other favorite tanks to shoot at. I love my TVP but it's more popular to shoot it than shitty techno in east germany. @lavawing for some reason I hit more in my BC/need to expose myself less.
  15. With the l71 you have a 200 DPM advantage over the pershing and 150 over the cent. You also have comparable gun stats to the pershing with better final acc. With the l100 you have same DPM and your only advantage is being slightly better at 300m+ though that is still debatable since being able to shoot almost 1 more shot per minute gives you a bigger chance to hit shit than a slight bump in accuracy.