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  1. As a light tank player I care. FFS 0.4 acc with 190pen at full range and you won't pen an angled type5 butt.
  2. Slack being focused on productivity HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH - a good joke. It's just a better looking early 2000s chat
  3. Sorry. I had to be a bit (or rather very) aggressive at work today. I am sometimes called to tell people to f.off in a polite manner but it gets me worked up afterwards. @PlanetaryGenocide sorry for my tone. As for pen drop off - Look at light tanks. They get huge pen drop off. WG is using it as a balancing factor just not on the right tanks
  4. If it is a 650alpha amx m4 54 with actual gold pen then it's an interesting tank. Playable on city maps and good for stomping lower tiers.
  5. Sorry but it is YOU WHO IS MISSING THE POINT . Your suggestion to nerf mobility but still leave it with no weakspots is New WG school of balancing. I agree doing both may be too much but the idea to nerf mobility is stupid. Armor should be nerfed to not turn it into type5. If you keep the speed but nerf the lfp the tank will still work for green+ players but it won't be idiot proof and you won't be able to yolo drunk and bounce everything as long as people don't shoot gold (and even that sometimes bounces). This will mean the tank won't be useless but will require thinking. If it's slow and has no weakspots it's annoying to play against, idiot proof and not really strong even if you play well. Type5 with non derp that sacrifices a turret for pen. So still a stupid tank, even if not a good one. Also please don't use arguments "I don't have trouble with tank a therefore that tank is ok/balanced/not broken". We are not on the pub forums, this argument makes no sense. The Defender is clearly overperforming. Stats show that so I don't care if you can deal with them. The LFP also isn't trash. On flat ground same trier meds except centurion won't reliably pen it. Sorry but that is NOT trash. As for Chrystler - you go to it's side? The tank has amazing traverse so if you go to its side then it's not the tank being bad but the driver. Not to mention I was not talking about them being OP but them being a part of a trend of no weakspots. That's bad because it promotes flinging gold instead of actually knowing where to aim. So by wanting another tank to be like them you are supporting the shitty meta. Don't get me wrong I have nothing about gold spam and I don't complain about it but the no weakspot trend is plain dumb and I'm pretty sure most of wotlabs agrees it's bad for the game. Just make the LFP 220-240. Old obj263 somehow could hide it's LFP and no one claimed it was shit. It was a balnced TD. This would make it a similar tank to old 263 though with less acc and more armor.
  6. Sorry but this is not a weakspot where 4-5/10 shots will bounce even if they hit perfectly. Sorry but your argument of "lets not give it weakspots" because it will be hard to play is bad. WG has for the past year developed a policy of no weakspots so we all have to shoot gold. Do you really think Type5, Chrystler GF, Defender have reasonable armor profiles for their triers?
  7. I was surprised you wanted to grind a crew there. I'd get t150 or kv2 but IS? That tank was good 2+ years ago
  8. Sorry mate but every tank needs weakspots. Stop thinking like WG morons because that is what you are doing. Making the tank more frustrating to play instead of making it less frustrating to play against.
  9. eeh come on. It's a heavy so you can play with no 6th without losing much
  10. So no one on wotlabs plays this? I know the UFP is meh and the lfp is not great either but I assume someone at least tried it. What are the opinions?
  11. Should be decent at bullying lower tiers given no weakspots.
  12. Yeah so I guess the lfp bait would not work as well now anyway. I played it when 175 pen was standard so with an lfp that goes above that it was a fun tank.
  13. I want to rebuy this. How painful is it?
  14. It needs an LFP weakspot too. I think Dez posted a battle with 20k bounced. I get it the tank only works vs morons but since most players are morons it's still broken. Because who cares you can deal with a certain tank if your pubbies will get stomped by it. You can't be on all flanks and if it rolles over them too fast you are screwed.
  15. You sure the angle didn't change? I remember them talking about changing the lfp