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  1. That's the problem with 103b not scouts. Also the swedes are built around super high camo bushwanking. You take that away and 103b becomes completely useless. The problem with the scouts is the maps. On an open map I can scout fine.
  2. There is a difference between being able to spot good and negating any vision game. What you're asking is basically type64 on t10.
  3. The lights that have lowish camo get 410-420m vr. So more than BC while still having more camo. Lights that have low vr ie t100 and 13 105 have insane camo so they outspot BC's. If something like T100-LT had 410m vr and current camo it would be broken as fuck since its camo would allow it to come relatively close to enemy tanks and burn through the bushes. Also 103B outspots everything because it is used with camo net.
  4. I'm not even surprised that's possible. Still it makes me laugh when people suggest wg does shit like that on purpose. I agree with @leggasiini tough. The OI exp will be fun for the first week after it gets rebalanced.
  5. It's low trier. WG forgets about anything sub t6. I remember when I first got it I had something like 70% WR and 1200dpg. That should not be possible with a 90% crew for a teal shitter like me. Even the old Kv1s was more balanced.
  6. "We don't want lights competing with mediums" - WG "Lights are underperforming, give them guns like the mediums" also WG. Also this is still TOO LITTLE AMMO.
  7. Something must have changed since the last time I have said it the horde of it's fans came with pitchforks
  8. Finally rebought it. I like it much more but I still don't understand how @leggasiini can love a tank that is so damn uncomfortable. It's really nice to one shot udeseseseses or blap Emil II's sides for 900dmg and setting them on fire but all the times when someone goes at you and you have to decide if you want to shoot him but turn your hull so you get penned or hope he wont pen you and not shot is super annoying.
  9. Is the power to weight on the shitpanzer good enough to do most climbs? That's another thing I really like about the udes is that it can get to some idiotic positions WG doesn't know about so the patch won't kill them.
  10. People don't complain about fv215b which also has a ton of idiotic problems. I don't think you should compare it to t29 but rather m103 with an amazeballs gun and 10 deg of gun dep. I dig that even if it is one dimensional if it was released I'm pretty sure half of wotlabs would lynch you for criticising it Also the conqueror with moar armoar isn't really less one dimensional.
  11. It's an excuse. Emil tanks were considered by many mediums too. WG has made up tanks in their trees. So citing historical accuracy would be a bit idiotic.
  12. Super Pershing was called a heavy IRL so that point isn't true.
  13. And then you would feel strange at high triers. I am recently grinding a lot at t7 and t8 and going to t10 feels strange.
  14. I agree it will be waaaay waaaay less frustrating but I still don't think it will be playable (though I hope I'm wrong). The thing is this thing will still not have enough presence to stop enemy tanks. This is a big problem. The low alpha means higher triers tanks will be open to take a hit to get closer to you and spot you and you can't melt them with your dpm since you have none. I really like the idea of making it more of a hybrid of light and td. That would work.