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  1. I give up. 3.7k dmg, 7 kills (only 2 my own tier) from bottom tier in a Cromwell and my team still lost? There is no hope for pubbies

  2. What's the research path for P44 Pantera? Do i need tracks for anything?

    1. DirtyACE7


      The way I've been doing it is this:

      1. Unlock top gun

      2. Unlock top turret

      3. Unlock second engine (will give you a nice boost)

      4. Unlock tracks

      5. Unlock last engine

      The first three I would unlock all at the same time if you you have the xp to do it.

  3. Playing on a 15-17fps laptop is funny. I am forced to play mid tiers (for slow shells) and elc even. 700 battles in the even. The little cocroach is inconsistent when the PC fights with you when you want to shoot things plus the tank turns it's turret WAAAY too slow for circling but it's still super fun to spot people and see them look for you in stupid places. Month for month I'm top5 in spotting on elc on EU. Wonder If I could maintain 1st place if I could shoot better when I bring my big PC back to life. 

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    2. hazzgar


      @Ham_ I have too many other hobbies. I'm a moron foodie with to many restaurant owning friends and I also ride downhill bikes and that's an expensive hobby. So buying a better PC seems like a stupid purchase when I want to spend less. I'd rather spend on a good endocrynologist, dentist or get a new training plan

    3. Ham_


      I do sailing, dont ever do it if you want money lol

    4. hazzgar


      @Ham_ I have 4 bikes which I've bought when I had money and new their combined value is around 15k E so I don't really have that problem :P I know sailing is more but I live in Poland and the wages here are shit unless you are a programmer or a con man (sorry coach/self help dude)

  4. LOL. While the nerf to bobject was too small but apparently it hurt idiots in it since I just had a master with 6 kills and 5.4k dmg with 1235 base exp. 

  5. I love getting killed only because some tomato decided to go to some inexplicable place where no one ever went and camping there unspotted whole game in their armored high alpha heavy/td

    1. DirtyACE7


      To beat a shitter you must become one with the shitter, or so I heard someone say once.

    2. hazzgar


      I just drove into a t95 because he was in such an improbable place I noticed him at the last moment when I circled arty that tried to drown itself. FFs.

  6. Anyone can help me track old Kewei post about avoiding/losing focus? I knew he wrote about it here or maybe there was a vid but I can't find it.

    1. OperatorError


      It's pinned in the metagame section, but under "A_Chodeful" instead of Kiwi. 


    2. hazzgar
  7. I love the pub forum. The new argument for arty is "Arty isn't bad for the game because it hasn't erased every good player from the game". Seriously some guy keeps writing "Good players exist therefore arty is not a problem"

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    2. Marty


      I mean when you look at how alive this forum, clans and twitch streamers are there are not that many top players left so he might even lose argument that stupid :retard:

    3. DirtyACE7


      I feel like I need to give the pub forum some props. They always find a way to reinvent the levels of retardation that are in abundance there.

    4. hazzgar


      @Marty but then by definition someone else will be elite. It will just take less skill to do so because you will compete with morons

  8. Define Karma - 11k spotting ELC EVEN 90 game followed by a 0:15 loss on derpenberg.

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    2. hazzgar


      @sohojacques naah. Just a shit team and the comp was all heavies so 1100dpm + the rest of the shit gun on the ELC meant it was a bit hard to carry. Seeing stuff like a Conway rushing a hull down m103 and t30 (both full hp) means there was nothing I could do. All of the team played like that. They just drove very close to the enemy and then froze waiting to die. You know, typical pubbies.

    3. Action


      Do you have any good tips to 3 mark thst roach? im stuck right beneath 90%

    4. hazzgar


      @Action I play on a laptop that barely works so I miss WAAAAAAAY too much shots which keeps me stuck at 90-92%. I'm usually in the top20, sometimes dropping to the top50 recent in the tank but I keep my spotting in the top10-15 and it still won't go up. 


      For city maps - Track tanks you know your allies can shoot. Especially if one of your allies has a high alpha gun. This is good for all scouts. 

      Also don't spend your hp mid game when enemies are set into positions. Most spot damage happens early and late into the game. 


      As for the tank itself - learn you can get MUCH closer to the enemy tanks to the idiotic camo it has. Just avoid swede td's since with binocs and camonet they will outspot you from a bush. 


      Also sometimes if you know enemies are tds with bad gun arc (narrow) or have shit bloom don't be afraid to get spotted for a short while. Your small size is armor. This is advice for the late game where you can risk it to dig out those full hp campers. Had a few 6-8k combined games on derpenberg thanks to that. 


      I don't use binocs btw even though some of the better (than me) players did. Sr360 used it like that and he has a few replays on youtube.

  9. If you think 3/5/7 is unfair try 2/5/8 on mannheim line. Our team has a bobject and wz1115, their team has an amx 50 and a strv-b. 

    Guess the result? 

    1. simba90


      your bobject camped in the back corner doing two shots of damage and your wz drowned himself after declaring the "XVM gives us 46% chance to win". - My experience with pub 'teammates' from this weekend.

    2. hazzgar


      @simba90 thankfuly I was the bobject and the wz1115 platooned with me right away and was a moderately competent player. Don't have xvm but he played like someone with 53% WR. Lost waaaay too much hp for nothing but pushed forward with me when I pressed W for Win in my still belenced tonk. 


      On a side note yeah I played 1 game on the bobject. It's as broken as it was before. I feel no difference.

  10. I love when arty tries to save me in a light tank. That means that Chiri that had no chance catching up to me now has a detracked light in front of him and all that for only 150 of his hp...

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    2. hazzgar


      @Haswell I have chat on. That gave me that idea

    3. Haswell
    4. hazzgar


      Yeah and that was after a full weekend of being bottom tier with 45% er s as top tiers. 

  11. Burn the startup culture to the ground. Seriously in the XXI century pogroms will not be on minorities but on startup workers. I'm a hardcore leftie but I'm not sure I'd be against pogroms on some startup workers...

  12. Anyone here has any experience with disabled FB add accounts?

  13. Russian tank movies... They are selling like 5 or 10 tank movies on the Cannes film market 


    1. Medjed


      And people wonder why is there RU/soviet bias in a game made by a company from ex-soviet country or pretty much Russians. There's patriotic and then there's blindly patriotic, gues which ones are Russians?

    2. lavawing
  14. Cannes film festival sounds fun and I love my job but sleeping 2h per day, reading 300 a4 pages per day and spending 10h in a cinema per day with all the energy you have coming from coffee an alcohol will kill me one day. It's my 6th day and I don't imagine how some people can do it who don't love this job. Thankfully I do.

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    2. hazzgar


      Small update - For 6 years I avoided red carpet screenings. Now I know why. They tell you to show Before 23.15 and you enter at 0.00. Jesus standing for 1.5h after a long day is tiring

    3. mistervanni


      imagine wearing heels :frenchy:

    4. hazzgar


      @mistervanni yeah and they are mandatory dresscode. This is why I think going to red carpet gala screenings is dumb for most people. If you are a star or worked on the movie or bought the distribution rights yeah go for it. I'd maybe go once with my GF if she wanted and could afford some awesome sexy dress since it's an event but spending 15k euro on a dress only to walk the red carpet is not reasonable for non rich people. 

  15. I have seen it all. A guy started the game by saying t95 is a shit tank, no armor, no gun and hid in the river on erlenberg all game because last game he got penned 3 times by a t30. Now after sitting in the river for 5 minutes he turned around and drowned himself when the game was at 5:8 so easily winable... I hate this game.

  16. Jesus t10 is shit now. Not only 330 heat is not enough for v4 every game is 3x v4, 2x type5, e100, Maus, 3x e3, 1x jzpe100, 1 grille. Like 2 meds and 1 heavium. 

  17. Are the gun mark % indicators in garage bugged? Stuck at 90.54 for 5 games. 

    1. king_spaniel


      if you haven't noticed a pattern from the last 3 years, every patch breaks marks

    2. hazzgar


      I rarely grind marks on my tanks after the patch. Are the indicators broken or the marks themselves? 

  18. T4 Pasta Tank is horrible. Like a stock Lago. Slow, derpy gun, no armor, 

  19. I love my ELC EVEN 90 but one thing annoys the crap out of me. Why does the turret turn so slow? This makes circling very hard since you outturn your turret. 

    1. FavreFan4ever


      IDK, but a lot of French tanks have turrets that turn slower than other nations.

  20. Can anyone explain to me why "auto resuply ammunition" is auto on but resuply consumables is not? 

    1. TheChang


      You need ammo, you don't "need" consumables.

    2. Haswell


      Can you turn off auto repair? You don't need hitpoints if you have ammo :serb:

  21. 3/5/7 - Enemy top tiers 2x 268 v4 plat. Our top tiers - regular 268 + grille. Guess the result. Ensk

    1. Action


      well nothing you can do besides lubing up, bending over and take one for queen and motherland....

    2. Gr1nch_1


      Should have flanked them :kappa:

    3. hazzgar


      @Gr1nch_1 works great in an elc even 90 

  22. Reading scripts from directors/writers you love for a living sounds like fun? Not if you have to read 4 per day on a long weekend... My brain is melting

  23. When is the last day you can buy the progetto on EU?

  24. Can anyone tell me what Happened to Zeven? I learned so much from him and his recent stats and streams make it seem like he lost 50% of his skill. Not meant as a dig since I am grateful for all the help I got from him but it's really surprising. 

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    2. Archaic_One


      Has he been platooning with followers a lot?  

    3. Jaegaer


      Shouldn't be much of a factor. His followers are surely above average player and should thus not influence the team average negatively.

      The last few sessions that I watched (about a year ago) saw him more and more salty. "And here we see what the team does wrong, you need to do the damage, no use in hiding." was his most used phrase and then he often went and did what he saw as correct behavior only to do relatively fast and with low damage (for a unicorn).

    4. hazzgar


      Maybe I've seen a bad session but I've seen one of his streams and he made some really basic mistakes. 

  25. I love not playing on my own account and getting called a noob because "LOL u yellow" by players with 53% recent.