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  1. Pub Forum Diaries #6: Guy who pulls 39% in a T29 is angry people call him a bot. 

    1. TheTrojanWarrior


      Wouldnt this be #5 since your last one about the AMX 13 105 was #4

    2. hazzgar


      I was wondering what was my last one but missing numbers is kinda in tone with the overal stupidity of the pub forum so assume it's a joke and not a stupid mistake on my part :P

  2. I want to concentrate on the game. GF wants to talk. Life is full of dificult decisions.

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    2. Fulcrous


      @orzel286 What if I told you 2d women fart, too :superserb:

    3. orzel286


      @Fulcrous N-NANI?

      *screams both internally and externally*

    4. hazzgar


      @Fulcrous but 2d farts don't smell

  3. Was the obj416 gun changed when the t54 rebalance was implemented? It feels waaay less accurate now. 

    1. Haswell


      D-54 got changed probably as per the rebalance, but why are you using that gun in the first place when the other one is objectively better?

      Edit: was thinking of the 430 II, sorry...



    "13 105 is less UP than other scouts so it should be nerfed"


    I responded to an arty player posting about arty strategy with an edit of his post suggesting arty strategy is "drowning asap" or fiding a wall and splashing yourself to death. 

    That got me a warning. When I asked this is the asnwer I got


    " I didn't send that warning because of your feelings towards SPGs, these acts you listed are in-game rule violations and we can not let them being promoted through the forum.I know that was not the intention, i get the that you were being sarcastic but i can't expect all our users to do the same



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    2. hazzgar


      You can file appeals for moderators actions? I'd ask my friend working at WG but I doubt another community manager will tell me

    3. Hellsfog


      Open a support ticket and select penalty appeals. 

    4. hazzgar
  6. FFs. 4005 is cursed for me. Non pens go often for 900 but pens almost exclusively do 1580 and less sometimes even sub 1500...

  7. T54LWT - Verts or Vents?

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    2. hazzgar


      @Kolni I saw some superunis here suggesting M48 Patton doesn't need one too. I run my t54lwt with vert but im curious so that's why I ask

    3. DirtyACE7


      The M48? That's the first I ever hear of this kind of suggestion. The M48's gun handling is fantastic not because it is that way by default (it is to some degree) but because when you pair it with a vert stab it becomes that.

    4. nabucodonsor


      Guys the rule of thumb is: does it have better handling than a 140? If no then it needs a vert stab. T100lt has better handling than a 140 with Vstab so it does not need it.

  8. Jesus Christ What is wrong with the Pilot. Pershing is pure comfort but this tank seems to only miss.

    1. sohojacques


      Missing was a common trait of both tanks for me. When combined with shitty dpm... Happily sold the Perishing after grinding through it recently. Unless WG do something about tier 8 MM, Pilot is getting traded in for a Lowe or Ravioli first chance I get.

    2. hazzgar


      I have the Lowe so Ravioli it will be for me

  9. What the fuck is up with today meta? Everybody is either camping or doing a hardcore yolo. It seems impossible for me to do over 3k dpg consistently in my t10 heavies.


    On top of that again there are 1-2min waiting times plus EVERYBODY CAPS 

    1. DirtyACE7


      I believe the technical term for this is "retard eruption".

  10. A fall killed all 3 crew members in my 13 105. Fall was onto the rails on highway... "physics"

    1. TAdoo87


      TBH tanks doesn't have deformable crash zones, that would eat up the kinetic energy of the crash. So if you don't land on your tracks, then it is pretty sad storry. 

    2. hazzgar


      @TAdoo87 thats' why I mentioned where it happened. I landed on my tracks, I even slowed down. 

    3. Marty


      Fall damage is 100% legit and very consistent mechanic that makes a lot of sense :bigdoge:


  11. DEFINE SATISFACTION: Some pleb complains about hacks in the game. I talk some shit to him so he decides to say I have no skill and that my achievements are "an opinion". Proceed to win a 2 vs 8 by killing all but 1 tank remaining and on the way beeing at 1 vs 4. All on fjords in a shitty strv-0

  12. Got 2 pub forum warning points for saying

    1. Arty strategy is first find a body of water to drown yourself and if you can't splash a wall till you kill yourself

    2. There is nothing wrong with hating arty, arty should be hated.



    1. DirtyACE7


      In a way you were asking for it by going to the official forums. It's like submerging yourself in a pool of shit and then wondering why you got some sort of nasty bacterial infection. That place is a landfill of trash with moderation to match.

    2. hazzgar


      @DirtyACE7 its my place where i learn to talk with the general mouthbreathing public

  13. I get 150 less dpg in my LTTB than my LTG but still 10% more wr over 150 battles. I guess spotting can win games.

  14. Arty just killed ALL my crew members in one shot on my 13 105. Yeah arty prevents camping. Me and my camping light.

  15. Pubbies have something against my DPG in Sconq. Every time I try to drag it up I get team damaged, pushed, blocked. FFS I got banned for 2h because I decided to kill the Oho who pushed me out 2 times and only noticed what he was doing when I shot him (narrow corridor no other option of stopping him pushing me in front of a badger). After he stopped pushing me he put 2 he shells in my butt. Fun. SConq dpg stuck at 2600. Like WTF? Soon my 13 105 will overtake my sconq dpg only because pubbies have a vendetta against this tank

  16. Xmass bonus means I wont be able to 3 mark lttb before getting t54lwt... You win some you lose some

  17. Pub forum diaries #3: Vk1601 no bike superheavy is bad because it isn't as good as the OP VK1001p.


    Also: 220mm standard pen is low



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    2. hazzgar


      Yeah but again the frontal track and pen has been a feature of all tanks. Only recent idiot superheavies are impossible to get penned and tracked and still not al of them. Look at OI. It has (or had) a 30mm frontal track weakspot that allowed you to pen it if it angled even slightly with derp AP frontally so skilled OI drivers penned idiot OI drivers for 700 on a regular basis from the front. Now how many people complain OI has/had shit armor? No one. The problem here is the rest of the armor plus expectations. People got too used to superheavy, no weakspot armor. They also don't realize superheavies still overperform and their armor use numbers are good even on tanks people find weak (Type4). Many players still dont believe VK1001p is overperforming despite it clearly does. To me what WG should do is keep it in this state for 2 weeks and look at WR curves. If  it really does underperform delete the side mantlet weakspot and mg port weakspot, keep the rest the same. This under no circumstances should have VK1001p armor because remember this CANNOT be nerfed. VKP can and should

    3. Hellsfog


      You've used a too many words to say that you think all tanks should be penetrable frontally by any tank they may face.  I think idea is foolish. 

    4. hazzgar


      @Hellsfog you used very few words to be a dick only because I disagree with you. I also don't think all tanks should be frontally penetrable by any tank they face. I simply think any tank should be frontally penetrable any tank OF THE SAME TIER and armored tanks should simply be MORE DIFFICULT to pen. 


      Also like a typical pubbie you whine about non impenetrable armor and forget the tank has other features that influence how good it is. Your whining is so focused on weakspots and armor that WG could literally give the Mauer FV4005 gun and you would still be angry. 


      Overall I have to say about this is this:


  18. I love when I am marking a tank when enemy tanks on cleanup run away from me and yolo into 5 other tanks. FFS. 

  19. There are bad teams, there are weekend teams and there are xmas teams. FFFS 10 tanks shoot at fv4202 at 200m. ca. 20 shots. No hits...

  20. I can forgive many faults on a tank but slow as fuck turret rotation triggers me more than scratching my balls after cutting habaneros.

  21. I want to punch whoever designed the LTTB. Is this tank balanced by flipping and not being able to drive in straight lines? WTF

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    2. AGK47


      At least it has an overwhelming tendency to right itself, unlike the HWK 12. It's a keeper in my book. 

    3. hazzgar


      @AGK47 unless you go off flying sideways and land on your head

    4. AGK47


      That can really suck, but it's been rare enough for me. Generally I'll roll over, then end up self-righting or doing a full roll. Either way, 90-95% of the time I end up back on my treads. 

  22. 6 boxes and all i got was a sentinel and 2k gold :/

  23. Fucking Finally!!! Jesus the non campy meta shift before the patch has really hurt my results but I finally made it. Did not expect to do it in that battle after being at 94.88 but it barely worked. 

    3 mark 13 57.JPG

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    2. CraBeatOff


      Last I checked only 3 people on NA have this 3 marked!

    3. monjardin


      Awesome! Congratulations!

    4. hazzgar


      I'm sure more people did on EU since a ton of polish people got it for free during the GF's and I assume it was easier to 3 mark it before buffs.


      btw. Where do you check who 3 marked a tank?

  24. Pub Forum Diaries #2 - Lower alpha is better than higher because if someone baits you to shoot you can still shoot him again thanks to higher rof therefore 480 > 750 (Badger vs e3)

  25. Post patch games - as always steamrolls from both sides since 90% of the playerbase get brain resets