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  1. So no Badger topic? The tank seems slightly too strong but not as broken op like some morons claim. Give it jpze100 cupola or 2 deg less gun dep and it's balanced imho. I was lucky to ace it in 3rd game with 9k combined.
  2. People were also claiming Foch B was op. The same people claim t95 and VK1001p are balanced. Don't listen to pubbies.
  3. Pub Forum Diaries #6: Guy who pulls 39% in a T29 is angry people call him a bot. 

    1. TheTrojanWarrior


      Wouldnt this be #5 since your last one about the AMX 13 105 was #4

    2. hazzgar


      I was wondering what was my last one but missing numbers is kinda in tone with the overal stupidity of the pub forum so assume it's a joke and not a stupid mistake on my part :P

  4. Sorry yeah. Beer brain. I think type5 is worse because of map design. Though I still think Waffle is a close competitor because no other tank will be able to deliver this amount of damage. The clip potential here is bigger than Shitbarn derp shot and the gun is way more reliable. Also a lot of how broken it will be depends on how stupid WG is in regards to where does it place in new mm. If it corresponds to the new Foch then fuck me. I'd rather have a waffle than a foch on my team simply because Foch can't get it's gun on target and reliably shoot stuff Same as Fv4005
  5. Yeah type5 is more annoying when you know there is but that's a very bad argument. It's like saying Ted Bundy wasn't that bad of a guy because the Iceman killed much more people
  6. The thing is FV Hesh shells have less pen and are vulnerable to getting eaten by spaced armor. I get that it is easy to outplay but them remember all the retards who will see you as PURPLE MEST KILL and yolo you. They will die but you will get killed or loose 3/4 of your hp. Or when a tomato will hide in some super random spot you would have never thought about and ruin your game only because you didn't expect a waffle in some bush no one has ever used in world of tanks history. To me FV4005 are easier to outplay because when you know one will shoot you at least you can angle your spaced armor towards it and hope to get hit for 550.
  7. I'd argue it still is. While it may not be the most OP because it's pure support no other tank can AS EASILY kill a same tier tank.
  8. Yeah but it would still suck bcs turret and still good gun handling/acc/aim time. Load gold, hide behind a corner, wait till a t10 heavy is distracted, track and remove him from the game, repeat. As long as your team is not overrun you will have a good game.
  9. Both of us have the same problem and I used to play the 416 so that's why I'm asking. Can't hit shit over 300m.
  10. Has the gun been nerfed when WG touched the t54 guns? It feels super innacurate now.
  11. I want to concentrate on the game. GF wants to talk. Life is full of dificult decisions.

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      @orzel286 What if I told you 2d women fart, too :superserb:

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      @Fulcrous N-NANI?

      *screams both internally and externally*

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      @Fulcrous but 2d farts don't smell

  12. Was the obj416 gun changed when the t54 rebalance was implemented? It feels waaay less accurate now. 

    1. Haswell


      D-54 got changed probably as per the rebalance, but why are you using that gun in the first place when the other one is objectively better?

      Edit: was thinking of the 430 II, sorry...



    "13 105 is less UP than other scouts so it should be nerfed"

  14. Do you like being frustrated? If not then it's not worth it.
  15. You shouldn't get penned easier as long as you don't advance. Tortoise has no weak LFP so the armor on the tort works the same no matter what you do. Badger works like a dream when you hide the lfp and is total garbage when you don't. Badger is a purely defensive tank. I also agree that the reload is in this strange place of being slightly to slow to permatrack everything and shoot before people use a kit and being long but being high alpha.
  16. I didn't post this in training room. All I see is that I get spotted less when going to certain positions in my t54lwt than I did in my lttb despite that tank being full tier higher.
  17. I love this tank. This will probably jinx me but I'm hovering between 68 and 69% wr after 40 battles. Great for spotting, comfy gun. Works as a med, works as a light.
  18. Being a small tank has it's disadvantages too. FFS the number of times I couldnt' shoot at something in my 416 because there was a tiny bump on the ground is astounding.
  19. AMX 30 is faster and more scouty. M46 patton also has worse final acc (yeah still) and shell speed. Imagine having a Leopard PTA which trades final ACC, 10m vr and pen for 400 DPM and Turret armor
  20. I think BIA over camo makes sense on tanks with med like camo. Hell it makes more sense on LTTB than LTG since LTTB plays better as a light/med plus it base camo is worse. Though I still went for camo since I love focusing on spotting.
  21. Nope. None. Even the mentioned LTG should run camo before bia. It may run bia before vision skill but with high base camo the camo skill does wonders. To give you an example when I reached my 5th skill (started grinding it) in my 13 57 and reset 100% camo on the loader to 100% bia and started camo from 0 i lost 5-6 camo. What I gained? A few m of vr, marginal improvements to gun handling and reload. That change really made sense once camo was back to 50-60 %. To give you an example a fully kitted LTG vs a Patton also maxed for vision (but verts instead of vents). No camo skill LTG with paint is spotted at: 405m 50% camo skill (1/2 crew have 100% camo): 351m 75% camo skill (3/4 crew have 100% camo): 334m 100% camo skill (4/4): 317m So 50-100 camo is 34m. 1/3 of a map square on large maps. So going to some bushes may be impossible, you lose valuable spotting positions or get constantly spotted from a given ridge and have to spot a whole ridge back. Funny thing to dispell the myth that meds are better at scouting - most meds don't have camo skill so a stationary patton will be spotted by you 402m. This means even a total shit view range light can outspot a great view range med. This also means that if you know what tanks the enemy team has you can easily predict where you can be spotted and active spot the shit out of their team. Though yeah often the spotting positions are in spotting range and you will have to hide in cover between spotting runs. I think it's a question of preference and crew layout on a tank. If you can have BIA without sacrificing Camo, 6th and arguably sit awareness than yeah run it but some tanks have silly crew layouts and one crew member hoards all the valuable skills.
  22. I have a strange feeling you try to play your lights as meds. Lights make for shitty meds. Look up Illa Red on youtube. Run Optis (ALWAYS), Camo paint (ALWAYS) and vision skills + camo over BIA since they give you a bigger boost to your scouting ability.
  23. Maybe wot tank designers are really into docking porn
  24. It's strange but I actually like the KV13

    I responded to an arty player posting about arty strategy with an edit of his post suggesting arty strategy is "drowning asap" or fiding a wall and splashing yourself to death. 

    That got me a warning. When I asked this is the asnwer I got


    " I didn't send that warning because of your feelings towards SPGs, these acts you listed are in-game rule violations and we can not let them being promoted through the forum.I know that was not the intention, i get the that you were being sarcastic but i can't expect all our users to do the same



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    2. hazzgar


      You can file appeals for moderators actions? I'd ask my friend working at WG but I doubt another community manager will tell me

    3. Hellsfog


      Open a support ticket and select penalty appeals. 

    4. hazzgar