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  1. Tier 8s play constantly against higher tier tanks, whether they're 9s or 10s. Tier 8s are utter trash against tier 10s, and pretty shitty compared to even tier 9s. I would hardly call it a meta at all.
  2. I'm waiting to see what kinda Christmas tree special mission thing they're doing this year. No way in hell am I gonna spend tens of euros in this game any more....
  3. That move would be straight from the Gaijin playbook. They raized the prizes of items right before the Steam summer sale, just to drop them for the sale and call it a discount. Obviously they got caught But who the F would be so stupid to actually buy all of those tanks, or even half of them. Better offer would have been to sell ALL of the existing tier8 prems and give equal amount of gold free of charge.
  4. But it's more than compensated by the fact that you get double E8s, STGs, Patriots and Libertes. I was kinda hoping for T34 and T34 Black edition..... Havent they milked NA enough already?
  5. Welcome then! Please do look around the areas to avoid double topics. Pretty much everything current and previous related to WoT has been discussed here previously, which somewhat explains why we're so "dead" nowadays. If you got any questions related to certain tanks, mechanics or tactics there's gonna be a topic about it. Anyways, questions will get answered.
  6. While shenanigans is the right spot for topics like these, we already have topic called Name&Shame, which is full of retard encounters like this.
  7. 20/28/2 ammo load-out seem kinda solid. If the ammo capacity is high enough you should always carry few HE with you. At the other side of the spectrum, which is Bat-Chat you cant afford to carry any HE. I even carry HE clip in my 50B, cos I'm never gonna run out of AP/APCR. That tank also allows you to carry decent amount of AP and APCR so you can shoot AP at skirmishes and APCR in pubs, without having to switch load outs in garage. During end game while you're mopping up, you tend to encounter those non armor german tds, which you can pen with HE, so I cannot think any issue with carrying a few HE in most tanks. ps. Just remember that HEAT isnt autopen anymore, wait and aim for straight surfaces to fire on. If you don't follow this rule, only then you're gonna get called gold noob here.
  8. Safe Stowage all the way, if I remember correctly Patton gets ammoracked from the drive wheel. What I didn't remember correctly was my patton crew: So I have no FF atm and training JOAT, but in my defense I played the tank previous to the SPG changes. Haven't touched the tank after marking it.....
  9. Fulcruos is onto something, but armorer and clutch-shit seems wasteful to me. Also, FF over camo, if you're planning on running the tank with Food. JOAT is also waste of a crewskill nowadays, cos you cant run without medkit anymore, cos arta. Soons as I get home, I will post my setup.
  10. No firearms?
  11. It's only cheating if you get caught.
  12. Staph being bad fam It isn't especially good, but not trash either. I like the overall mobility the most, gun is quite consistent as well. And no, it's not gonna get buffed any time soon
  13. Competition is good regardless.
  14. Is this the moment where I post Serb's face yet again? Oh yes it is.... ps. AW already lost the race once, hopefully this helps them grow again, but I fear that's not gonna happen.
  15. Is the personal missions token shit already live on EU? The one where i get to skip some harder missions towards the 260?