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  1. gl with your fundraiser buddy!
  2. "Ages" is pretty vague term yes. the gun mantlet.... that might be the only thing the current 30P has over the PTA.
  3. Leo PTA has been the better tier 9 for ages in the support class. I really havent paid too much attention on the 30P buffs, but if they are inline with 30B's, its just a different looking Cent. 7/1. I never really saw the appeal for the AMX 30P...
  4. As I said the the reqs are retarded... Established land holding clans would need to re-land just to get enough fights, cos nobody wanna attack them, while losing their gold income doing so. Doesn't seem profitable to me.
  5. -Tank locking is back (72hrs) -Personal missions gives you kits back after the battle, nice addition -More provinces than before, since theres no tier8 front. -Some shitty emblem and camo as a reward. Which FAME is more than likely gonna miss out on cos you know, the metric used to measure the best clans isnt skill or WR . Apparently we didnt fight enough last season, so we didnt get the camo or the emblem. Still made 10k+ daily gold.
  6. Only thing good about the Conway was the gun, nothing else. I dunno if it's better after these changes. It just feel so clumsy. FV4005 is just shit. No armor what so ever, no camo, no mobility. No gun depression, useless turret, which doesnt even fully rotate. They should just replace it with something else... Charioteer is the only half decent tank in the line. The tier6 could be good, but the lack of gun depression kills it totally. Having just a couple of degrees doesnt make sense in an open top turret.
  7. Guess who:untitled_by_aitokurittaja-dadhrrh.jpg

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    2. Fulvin


      5 hours ago, SaintLaurentius said:

      hmmm.... At least when I have talked to him he used nick Aitokurittaja. Which mean Real Punisher in english

      yeah, I'm pretty sure Gasai_yuno_E25 is a phony

      now contemplate the possibility that there's someone out there autistic enough to impersonate gasai :doge:


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      I need to devote more time into harvesting those fresh Gasai memes.

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      Not gonna lie. This whole picture is so fucked up I kind of like it. 

  8. Test Server (CT) does exist, yes? In my experience from CT and by watching some streams, the WZs hull armor is trash, but the gun characteristics are marginally better in it. For organized game play (CW, ESL, SH) you need armored tanks too, so I dont think it will be viable for those...
  9. I only own T-55A and M46 Paddon on tier 9 atm, I could start playing with the E-75, but whats the point. E-100 is so outclassed these days. Tier 10s, hmmm.... I would say anything fast: 13 105, B-C 25t, Leo1. But I do enjoy few games in the IS-7(veri stronk) and FV4005 (even stronkier tenk) occasionally. I'ts kinda satisfying to shoot at super heavies(Maus and Type 5) and do 600 damage minimum, or just pretty much pen on flat surfaces for 1,1k. So dont worry, I can match your tanks accordingly... Nice negative battle count on the signature you, you...... you reroll!
  10. Tier 8 is kinda awkward, not enough abilities to bully low tiers in general, but totally outclassed by tier 9s and especially 10s. That's the reason why most good players tend to play tier10s. Platooning after recent updates have been totally demoralizing at lower tiers. You're never gonna be top tier in platoons anymore, so that would be an uphill struggle for both of us. So it would be preferably tier 10s and 9s, that's where the gameplay is anyways? That being said, you could send me an friend invite, since I don't respond kindly to random platoon invites In the meantime: Scorpion G is a support/sniper tank. You don't have any armor, so if you choose to engage at shorter distances, use your teammates HP and hit enemies for 490 during their reload cycle. Patriot is more like a medium than an heavy tank. Use the good gun depression, ergo get hulldown, and good DPM. I would ideally put the tank alongside mediums, not heavies. I guess I'm gonna be the one with the terrible accent in English then? Oh dear....
  11. Well sure, would you care to elaborate on what in particular you need help with? Hows your english, do you have TS? I dunno how active I'm during the summer, but I can help you occasionally...