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  1. So this frog-eater(his words, not mine) managed to block 23k damage in his 268 4:


    I will have to check that out once i get home....


    1. TAdoo87


      Karelia south spawn. He went south to peekaboo, and he just didn't go back to cover.

      He died so the tank clearly needs a buff.:serb:

  2. Heck no, there's no correlation between high WN8 and behavior. I'm pretty sure the biggest retards in this game are super-unicums.
  3. Finally managed to mark the Kranvagn, if you're interested, go check out quick summary of stats (bad, i know) and setup in the dedicated thread.


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    2. TAdoo87


      I wanted to play a game in it. I also got El haluf.

      WZ1111-4 with AP at the middle ridge, while I was using my full gun depression and he was shooting upwards:


      Is there a bug in the armor model or I am missing something? That is 400 mm+ according to

      Also thanks for the replay.

    3. SaintLaurentius


      if i was forced to guess, i would say that some sorta shot-trap shenanigans happened. There's strips of armor 70mm thick and AP can roll +300mm.


       But honestly I have no clue, since I'm no expert in pixel hunting :D

    4. Fulcrous


      besides the shit clips (due to piss poor heat pen), the tank is really fun to play

  4. So finally managed to 3rd mark it, after 200 games and like 6mil credits later: You cannot carry with this tank at all, my armor-use effiency is lower than i have with FV215b, E5, IS7. Whats the point of having godtier turret if nobody shoots at it or you just get shot with HE. My crewsetup. It didnt really burn even before the FF skill. Loadout and the dank clown camo, which makes it all worth it. Vert. Stab, Vents with directive and GLD. The derpiness of the gun is the achilles heel, so did all i could to improve it. TL;DR: Occasionally dominating hill fighter, but the generally awkward mobility and sub-par gun makes the tank average at best. Standard SLOW acpr makes no fucking sense and the 300mm HEAT is the best you can do.....
  5. Nebby, is that u?
  6. This tank I guess I'll wait for 1.0 and the hopefully incoming nerf....
  7. Should we settle for top 3? Since this might take awhile with the activity we have.... @Rexxie Best removed maps: 1) Pearl River 2) Northwest 3) South Coast I have no idea why any of these three maps were removed. For me Pearl River was the hardest one to play on, since it was common occurrence having to fight camping TDs in their base bushes. Having said that, Pearl River had pretty diverse meta and you could play it many ways and there were plenty of room to maneuver with each type of vehicle. Northwest meta was kinda boring, north western corner (who would have thought) was the medium/LT slugging spot, heavies brawled at the opposite corner backed by TDs on each side. Some odd lurkers in the middle, but nothing useful could be achieved from there most of the time. It wasnt a bad map anyways.... South Coast. One of the first maps to have a retard magnet beach. Very diverse map for each classes, with plenty of opportunities to roam and wide alleys to engage from. I'm happy with the order they're in at the moment. Sure, Pearl River might have been the hardest to play, but I like the challenge. For the same reason I like Erlenberg, even though the battle scenario is always the same. This game has seen some shitty maps and some of them are still in the rotation: Paris, Mines, Swamp and Live Oaks come to mind. None of the three removed maps were as lopsided as the ones i mentioned in the previous sentence.
  8. What? 430U has atleast as good turret as the 113 What? 430U has atleast as good turret as the 113
  9. Kinda hard to notice stuff like that when you're spamming 250mm HEAT at them, isnt it?
  10. So one of the core skills of this game, which is knowing each tanks rough reload cycle for engaging them between shots is thrown out of the window? Nice, just another way of making this game more confusing for players.
  11. Dear Fabu, we were on the same team yesterday in Malinovka. You were in E3, I was in Kranvagn. You didn't notice me senpai.
  12. "Nobody" as in the official forums retards, I've seen that video and good catch by him.
  13. Please show me where's the frontal weakspot of the 268 ver 4? Since I couldnt fucking find it while I was shooting at it. AAAnnd btw nice ninjabuff on the T-44. while everyone complains about the bullshit armored high tier tanks, T-44 gets buffed and nobody even notices.
  14. Dragon Ridge - 35 Hidden Village - 16 Northwest - 29 Pearl River - 42 Port - 34 Province - 27 Severgorsk - 6 The only positive was the hidden Sturmtiger in one of the garages. South Coast - 28 Was at least playable map, not like most of the maps on this list.