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  1. bois, gasai is streaming atm!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Fulvin


      1 hour ago, nabucodonsor said:

      Did he play the non op e25?

      does a bear shit in the woods?

      I dunno, I didn't catch the stream in time. no VOD either :feelsbad:

    3. DirtyACE7


      He's streaming right now.

      I guess it appeals to some to watch a player wank on the redline the majority of the time practically every battle.

    4. SaintLaurentius


      At the time I was watching, he played some old Tomb Raider game.. I can only assume he was talking to himself, since I was the only viewer at the time and didnt make any comments, nor did he have visible notifications on. Too creepy for my taste, so I bailed.....:boner:

  2. I did get your point but there's no point playing premiums, or tier8 in general atm. Therefore I'm talking about SH as the "normal environment" if you will
  3. Have you read the last 100 pages of Frontline News? There hasnt been any drama since the kebab warpack streaming shenanigans. Randoms are still somewhat bearable, but the competitive scene has been very boring for a year now. Some shitty campaign without a real reward surely cant cause any decent drama either. I know your comment was written with tongue in cheek, but bear with me here while I rant....
  4. Well I suppose that could be the exception to the rule. Still it seems too slow for the SH combs people run these days. Long past are the days where you could play whatever you wanted in Strongholds.....
  5. Welcome! I thought you could only trade into equally or down tiered vehicle? Not up. For instance you cannot trade in Matilda and 34-85M for the Löwe. Only prems worth a damn these days are those P2W tanks which arent in the ingame shop. Scorp, M49 Liberte, Defender, Patriot and whats that 'Murican heavy called?
  6. No tank reward? So what's the point?
  7. 1. You can get more bonds by playing ranked games. It's grindy as hell, so I would( and will) skip the coming 2nd season 2.see before. Try it, but don't expect anything from it. It's campy, but what do you expect from the concept. top 14 on the winning team gets a point and the best player (by exp) on the losing team wont lose a point. So if you saw your team losing, stay back and farm damage.... 3. Arty is still cancer, especially in grand battles. 4. yup 5. LTs from tier 6-->9 are very strong for their tier. Type 64 is hilariously OP atm. Tier 10 LTs are trash. Sure the camo bonus is nice, but when do you need it really? 6. I only play tiers 9-10. Rest of the tiers got fucked by the new MM. This also prevents me from getting to the 113 or 5A, cos I wont grind past tiers 7-8. Welcome back regardless!
  8. ^I'll look into that one on sunday
  9. 30mm pen difference.... I think of it this way: With minimum penetration roll your pen is either 174, or 197mm. So I think of it more like an RNG-mitigation tool. Generally you should carry as much APCR as you can afford. APCR loses pen faster at distance and the normalization is worse, but usually better base penetration and faster velocity makes up for it imo. I think I ran 6-24 split in mine, but that did mean losing around 50-60k credits each round, until I managed to 3rd mark it. However if you're playing without prem account, I would suggest either 18-12 or 24-6.
  10. Here's some stuff I got from the replay. I just lay in the notions and give advice what you should have done imo. So here it goes: 1) Your loadout: Too few APCR. If you can't afford full goldspam, since there isnt any real downside of using it, take atleast 3 clips of it. If you're forced to use it, it's more than likely an endgame situation, so you should use the best ammo available anyways. 2) Teams are pretty even based on tank types themselves, so going hill is the thing to do. Not snipe and spot for the team which arent even in place to assist you. If you neglect the hill, you're putting your faith in the team to win it. Which isn't something I would recommend. 3) You started shooting at the WZ-132. You know you're gonna get spotted, so move back ASAP you've put the shot(s) in. Usually you get punished for such a lazy play. 4)Badly aimed shots at the WZ-11111111A. Aim at the lowe plate, not whatever you were aiming at. Luckily you penned at least 2. 5)Nice spotting on the camping enemies and good trigger discipline. Again, pull back after each shot. Sure, you're not fully utilizing the autoloader, but you're gonna trade badly if you play like that. 6) Dont sit at A8, you should've been punished for it. Instead, drop down from the ledge on the left side and use to lower ground to get into C5 to spot the campers. Like where the CDC went. 7) You stopped to aim at the oneshot T49, big mistake. You know that there are 2 TDs unspotted, still somewhere. Now you're pretty much a oneshot to anything. 8 ) You could have put the last shot into the STA-1, instead you started to move and lost the chance to put one more shot in from the clip. 9) You choose to close in on the last enemies from the left side of the field. You know that the rest of the enemies arent pushing up anymore. So why go to the side where they arent going, instead of going to the other side, create another angle and get some more cleanup damage? 10) You werent spotted, so why wiggle and autoaim at the last tank?. That's an bounce/miss waiting to happen imo. All in all, it was a half decent game. Couple of lazy plays, some of them bit you in the ass, some didnt. Ask yourself: "How did I contribute?" If your answer is not by much, thats what I had in mind( no bulli, honest). The spotting from the hill was nice, but not game changing, maybe. Anyways, that's the way I improve. I second guess myself after the battle almost every time. Autoloaders are pretty tricky to play consistently well. It's always key to think what you're gonna with your next clip while you're still reloading. So you can spend the reload cycle travelling there, not reloading first and then move. This is something you know, at least in this game. You asked for "constructive criticism". Hopefully this is somewhere in the line what you were looking for.
  11. Check the YT video called: "Is it OK to use black emojis and gifs?- BBC News" sry bois for the OT.
  12. 430-2 is so much better anyways, IF you disregard the fact that the turret doesnt fully rotate. It's hilarious to block every shot that circling autoaiming Bat-Chat throws at you.
  13. Seems to work on the tier5 at least