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  1. so you left ded clam to join dedder klan?
  2. Sure if you're infantry, but if you're in an tank even 50 meters from the blast zone ain't shit.
  3. I just feel.... Indifferent
  4. Can you guys even "end" WN8 at this point? XVM or somebody else would just make their own values or some shit. Just like Crab said, too much has/will change: LTs moving around in the tiers (id numbers stay the same?) and arty is getting nerfed hard on the damage output department. The metric is useless as of 9.18.
  5. So... What will be the go-to LT for tier 8 campaigns after patch 9.18?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SaintLaurentius


      What about the frenchie?

    3. DHP


      Clip is too small.

    4. WhatTheSkara


      So it's going to be the premium campaign?

      Defenders, patriots and blackdogs..

      Everyone else is fucked.

  6. O kurwa. I'm somewhat on the same boat as you with +4,6k combined damage(assisted tracking or spotting). I can't just for the living shit out of me 3rd mark the M48. I've been at 94,xx twice now and just yesterday I had a good streak of 6k combined, just to ruin it in 2 games of sub 3k combined.... I can't just make the lack of mobility to work for me.
  7. He's been back on tanking for few weeks now. I did see him platoon with Sela, but I don't think he's back here, or gonna be anytime soon.
  8. Charioteer is the best tank in the line. Gun is deadly if you let it aim and mobility is good. Charioteer is basically a medium tank imo. The dispersion could be a tad bit better, but still workable.
  9. You cannot do that, even if you reset the account the clan history stays.
  10. It must be the IOC tag, non-XVM users cant see you as a threat. Dank game nevertheless, do you have the replay?
  11. BTW, is the elitist channel ingame still a thing? Elitist Channel, pw: FuckTomatoes. It used to be quite active with good players, but last time i was on it it was just full of fail rerolls (yeah yeah, i know) and permablues. Still, better toonmates than average plebs.
  12. I'm gonna be serious for a moment here: I don't think I have optics in the Patton, since with the very good base VR, vents, skills and cola you can easily hit 460m VR. Which is more than enough. With the god awful camo of the Patton you're not gonna be the king of vision games anyways in my opinion. I rather take a bit better everything with the vents. That being said, I cant for the life of me 3rd mark the tank, so maybe and very likely I can't utilize all the strengths the tank can offer...
  13. For which he most likely paid Kolni to grind for him
  14. Well it sure strengthens my point
  15. Somebody actually shoot AP with that tank?