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  1. I've never used the removed speed governor, i dont see the point in it. Are gonna drop food or med kit? You need both of those, at least over RSG.
  2. Mine too. I have no clue what, or how they are doing these metrics, data minings and shiz. But I'm somewhat impressed.....
  3. Welcome! Serious-face enabled discussions is where its at.
  4. Sounds like WoT to me....
  5. E50 has armor and therefore stopping power, PTA doesn't. it's that simple. Indeed it's very strong, I was more comfortable in it that in the M46 for example. Could explain the turret comment though?
  6. ...and here I thought my 3,4k DPG was good..... At least I have spots per game and WR over you.....
  7. That's not funny, not even with the kappa.
  8. Nice video dude! Thanks for featuring my replay, I'm blushing now cos of all the shout outs.... Few hints: -Make the minimap bigger next time. From what i recall its very small in replays by default, but try to make it bigger. -Do your homework on featured tanks. I dont mind the lack of information, but you could fill occasions when you have nothing else to say by talking about the tank in question. -My camera movement is kinda fast when I'm looking around, so you could unlock it if you think it's too shaky. For future reference. I don't expect you to understand my thought process why I move to certain spots or aim at certain things at certain times, since some of my actions were forced by my platoonmates. However when you see I use some mechanics(camo mainly), you could make a notion of that. For instance the spotting from the bush, shooting at the 13 90 camoed at the start, or scouting the middle from a distance I wouldnt get spotted myself. Anyways, I enjoyed the video very much. Thanks for the feature, subbed and liked. Keep it up!
  9. it turns out you need "secret" link for hidden replays, just the direct link isnt enough. There you go
  10. I guess you could make the video hidden at first, just to show it to us so we, and I can critique it? Or would that be against what you're aiming at with this youtubing?
  11. There you go, it's not an ace, but I would like to see/hear on what you think of the positioning and shit.
  12. You could do some commentary on your videos, that shouldnt even be an issue since you're a native english speaker. You don't need to constantly talk, but kinda like your thought process for doing certain things. I'll take a look if I have anything worth featuring. Though I would like to get some commentary....
  13. So having played +20 game in the AMX 105, I have some initial thoughts: -Top speed and overall mobility is good, however turning speed and not pivoting(?) chassis feel clumsy -Ammo capacity is too low. Most of the games I run out of APCR, or HEAT and I'm forced to shoot a round I wouldn't want to for the rest of the game. -Camo is fantastic and I'm amazed time and time again how I can shoot targets at 300m and not get spotted. My 105 has 473m of VR, which means I'm the one who outspots the enemy so I'll have that advantage almost always. -Clip potential is on the low side, just a nuisance in the early game, but fine when cleaning up. But not gonna lie, making a full clip and roll for less than 1k isn't fun. This should be adjusted. I'm ok with the alpha but give the tank instead 4 rounds, instead of just 3. It's too easy for people to yolo you with like 1,2k HP. It always should be dangerous to go after french autoloaders alone. -Clip reload is fine, I've rarely ran into situations where I would like to engage, but I'm still on reload. -Carrying capacity is close to nil, at least in most maps. You don't have the damage output, or stopping power to hold flanks with brute force nor the fear factor to lock down lanes with just your presence. However if the maps is open enough (Derpenberg, Malinovka) you can easily maneuver and play vision games to wear the enemy down. Overall, I think the tank is okey-ish at the moment. Like the title suggests, it's pretty much a discount Bat Chat with it's limited firepower, but other good features are there, or even better in the 105. I'm pretty critical about the tank, but that's cos I see the potential and little tweaks could make it very good. I would rate the tank in its current form at 7/10. I'm gonna continue playing it in the future and at least see where the expected values are for 3rd marking it. ps. One interesting thing I noticed yesterday. During prime time on EU2 not too many people were playing tier10 LTs so I was most of the time the only top tier LT in the game. pps. Shout out to @TAdoo87 so he wont miss this.
  14. @leggasiiniI dont believe a word you say anymore