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  1. Would you come back if that were to happen, let's say this year? Or are you done with the game in general?
  2. Hell no, no triple man platoons if you're trying to mark something. 2-man platoon could work though.....
  3. Well, first he was facing that way, but ended up facing this way. That's about it
  4. I'm on the same boat on what comes to M48, I just cant seem to be able to 3rd mark it. The tank is just too slow to be forgiving if positioned badly... Usually I dont pay attention to the percentage, I just play until I get the mark.
  5. This tank.... Suddenly I remembered why I don't usually start grinds from below tier 8. Having to fight IS-3S, Defenders and not to mention tier9 heavies frontally is just breaking my will to grind the tank...
  6. hmmmm... At least he/she isn't asking for your credit card details at this point. Let's ask: @Dakillzor @Kolni @Claus Kellerman @Anfieldand why not @Jingles
  7. It's fine, I don't discriminate.
  8. And moderator/referee for this section should be THEUNITEDSTATESOFAMERICA.
  9. I have just the one monitor atm.
  10. If only they would get rid of all those made up planes......
  11. Not to mention your potato graphics confuses viewers eyes. It's like watching Minecraft
  12. Yung_xd is pretty talkative as well, explains his actions quite well. He also is active here and goes by name @Kolni.
  13. nevermind me, i just wanted to see how this gif looked like in bigger scale. welcome nevertheless!
  14. So finally decided to upgrade my pc bought around spring 2014 into the new generation. Following recommendations from another forum i went with GPU and SSD upgrades: CPU: i7-4770K WITH MS-7826 Kaili motherboard RAM: 4+8GB DDR3 Samsung GPU: GTX760-->MSI GTX1070 ARMOR 8GB (no OC) Storage: 1TB and new purchase 250GB Samsung SSD. This should allow me to play for few years without further upgrades. What will the next bottleneck be?