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  1. You can actually tackdamage the maus, you just need to avoid the side skirt.... It's an incredibly narrow shot but its possible, same goes for the type5 really but with a significantly larger margin of error.
  2. 53% unicum yes, I do have to point this out in order to go on living also, welcome to the forums
  3. Accepting clan invites from people you don't know
  4. wtf is any of this supposed to mean?
  5. bootiful
  6. I use a Logitech MX518 and have used the logitech G400 in the past. Both really lovely mice and would totally recommend particularly if you have giant hands like I do (the mouse doesn't feel like I'm cradling it).
  7. Aside from smashing your face into the map and trial/erroring your way to success If memory serves, someone also made a really nice set of in depth map guides a while back but I can't remember who wrote them/where to find them(maybe ask around). Im retarded and literally can't read (this is why you dont post on forums at 6am) Wandering around on twitch and youtube to see positions and trying to figure out why they are going where they are going also works pretty well. I don't know if Zeven is still active but his streams tend to be pretty educational and I personally enjoy watching SirFoch & skill4ltu play. While I'm at it, I would shill myself but my activity is about on par with that of the average corpse and my positions tend to be labeled as suicide by most people
  8. Soo took a while to find the right words and these still are likely not it but tldr; Consistency isn't your problem, you're just bad What you are probably doing is playing consistently average and every few games the stars align either granting you great victory or death by supernova. Your biggest problems are likely just bad general positioning and poor awareness/movement. Even if your positioning is literally braindamage level, some good movements and attention to who is where and what is going on is almost always enough to salvage atleast decent damage out of a match. Things of note -xvm stat is garbage and literally does nothing but add to tilt -make your minimap bigger than it probably should be if it isn't already -wn8 is for nerds and numberwhores. If you want to improve, hunt for wins. -survival rate means nothing. Who cares if you die if you bring 5 people with you, particularly early game where it has the most impact. Proper grammar/formatting is also for nerds. Please don't hunt dont my old lit professor.
  9. I've sold the 183, the E5, the IS4 and the object 430 IS4 is hot garbage, I never liked the E5 even pre nerf, the 183 is an obnoxious RNG cannon and my ability to play the 430 is roughly on par with my ability to socialize normally.
  10. "good" is still barely capable of driving in straight lines Which would explain why so many drown
  11. @Hellvn the only thing worse than the improved at tier 5 is the panzer3k and it's not by much. Even then, I found the 3k more enjoyable than the "improved" which was so unpleasant to play, I just pulled off all the equipment/ammo/crew and tried to forget it was in my garage.
  12. My best tip as someone with suicidal tenancies in game is to not pick fights. Just because you "can" clip someone out doesn't mean its actually a good idea to try. Avoid committing to fights and positions unless your in the endgame where there are more positions open and less random pubbies camping in corners to ruin your plans.
  13. Well as abysmally horrible as frontline seems, atleast its not on a map like ghost town or something stupid where its literally just a clusterfuck 24/7 and a potential lack of arty strikes would make the mode a bit less retarded compared to WOT T22 Rigging Edition.