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  1. Walcom to the land of retired arta targets Enjoy your stay until you become one of us
  2. There is a place for this post Its called
  3. In theory atleast, the knowledge of critical module placements should become more common as the game gets older (but thats assuming pubbies are capable of learning)
  4. I can't really give any tutoring but I do have a few opinions to try and give out like unwanted puppies. First and simplest one is to not hunt wn8. Go for win rate 100%. If you find how to win games, that is going to end up including high damage output but high damage output (or wn8) doesn't necessarily pull in wins. As for breaking the plateau, I'd say to stop playing the game for atleast a week (or however long it takes to get a bit rusty) and then come back and start playing whatever kind of tank you are least experienced and least comfortable with. Going off what you listed, I would say try playing the french TDs (or the church GC) or whatever the shittyest light tanks in the game are right now, something that is going to absolutely abuse the hell out of you if you try to play it like your regular tanks. The point of it being to force you to learn a new playstyle and add some more tools to your kit. Just my two sense, obviously having someone point exactly what you are doing wrong each time would be a lot easier but I'm personally more fond of trying to break down walls using my face
  5. TOG II*
  6. Its wargaming we are talking about here though. If anything, that makes it more likely to be legit
  7. I haven't actually gotten my hands on the mauschen yet but if you have problems with being slow as shit, you probably are not going to enjoy the maus.
  8. 4831 dpg over 125 battles

    all downhill from here bois :drunk:


    Its time to bot for the next 10k games.

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      Clearly the tank is not overbuffed

    2. zapyoug


      Its clearly underpowered

      Still 100 dpg below pre nerf WTF100


  9. I personally prefer the smash face into churchill gun carrier until being on TS will result on people asking if you are ok and then suddenly being amazing at functioning tanks.
  10. If you are too brain damaged to angle, the type5 line has got you covered!
  11. What about the secret subcategory of retarded superunis who use wizard powers to do well?
  12. I actually got a real computer a while back as opposed to the old calculator being held together with duct tape and melted wiring so my stream no longer physically hurts to watch
  13. skill4ltu does an excellent job explaining himself and is really quite fun to watch. I stream wot sometimes too but I'm more likely to confuse people as to wtf I'm doing with my yolos than I am to help.
  14. tfw when you thought playing the post buff maus with that dpg was good