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  1. I've been working on the Foch as of recent though its having a similar effect to the ac 48 on me that to say I've hardly played the game after touching it.
  2. French tank destroyers
  3. Even in the case of being in a slow tank and being a stubborn idiot (which is almost always the scenario I find myself in) It's best to retreat to the strongest position you can find (preferably) within render range of a teammate or two. At the very least, take up somewhere you can hull down or side scrape effectively from so you can bleed enemies as they push towards you (ideally though an open area)
  4. If you whole team goes one way, you either go with them to ensure they don't get held up by two bottom tier heavies or set up in a good camping place near the cap The only reason to stay on your flank when you are alone is A: you are a moron B: you are a T95
  5. I thought it was ok back when I played it You either point blank bully low tiers or chai snipe with other people lighting
  6. Gonna try and 3 mark the Foch tier 9

    wish me luck @Kolni

    (mandatory shill link here)

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    2. FavreFan4ever


      I don't understand how the armor is workable when you have large, autopen weakspots even a 45%er knows to shoot. You can slap all the armor you want on a tank but if it's impossible to hide your weakpoints you're toast.

      However, I'm just a baddie. Perhaps some replays would enlighten me. Best of luck with your 3-marking!

    3. zapyoug


      (just after that I got clicked and clipped by a skoda but pretend the whole game went like this)

    4. FavreFan4ever


      Thank you for that replay! Nice tanking.

  7. thought process in thread -sees thread on the labs/memes forum, "maus guide to winning almost 90%" -highly interested in winning everything with maus -turns out to be a barebones post with a 30 game sample size -points out low sample size -gets what appears to be a very miffed response I honestly would really like a super scientific process serial post out of this. Maintaining 90% wr solo for any decent amount of games is basically unheard of outside of low tier broken tanks and seeing someone actually twist the meta would be pretty cool. Maybe it is a crime to want nice things uwu
  8. I dunno, calling someone an autistic kid immediately for pointing out your sample size is low sounds pretty salty unless that's just your way of saying hi now. Not sure why you considered it to be a serious discussion from the beginning either with the title being a "joke" and the information being bare bones unless you got confused midway through.
  9. You honestly seem way saltier than I've given you any reason to be. Did a mouse kill your family?
  10. So those 10 games I won in a row mean I'm the best WOT player ever because 100% win rate?
  11. sample size insuffiecient If I went off my first 30 maus battles, I would have 4,200 dpg
  12. Even I'm not interested in the tank The tank falls into the category of not even really a challenge because you are actually useless not to mention the slot machine gun. It's like playing the IS4 with stock gun. It just makes you unable to do anything of value.
  13. The main difficulty with tanks that bad is just to make them function in the first place. Figure out where to bring them and how to fight. It still took 100 games and 3700dpg with a decent amount of spotting which means the mark reqs weren't super low for the tank though.