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  1. Might help to verify your account or otherwise post a stat sig. Most people want someone to toon who is roughly around their own level.
  2. Yeah being pushed past your limit can be an issue but I'm pretty sure OP is just talking about general play. & personally I can't imagine being stingy with them, I literally always use 1 or 2 at the same time when I play (given, that isn't very often) and still have like 100+ of them in reserve.
  3. Stop being retarded? That's my best advice "Personal reserves will make be do bad, therefor I will play bad."
  4. With many of the miserably innacurate pew pew guns, I found it worthwhile to just ignore the dispersion and hope your shot goes center reticle much of the time. With the PZ3k specifically, like 60% of the shots I fired were full dispersion because it was more practical just to put more shots in the opponents direction than to actually spend time aiming (or when ridge poking, it wasn't worth the danger of exposing myself longer)
  5. Its pretty burtifuru, I added on texture compression for additional memes
  6. I still go agro and die The only difference is by the time I'm dead, so is half the enemy team. Most of the time, I just try and shove myself into the furthest forwards aggro position I can, try and defend it and then rely on my movement to prevent pubbies from killing me. Minimize what the opponents can shoot, bait them into aiming at a weak point and then moving just before they fire and generally encourage them to make bad decisions/take bad shots. I'd say maybe watch one of the superuni streamers (who still actually play wot) and watch how they move in relation to their opponents.
  7. My problem back when I was at about 3k wn8 was suitability. Damagewhoring less at the cost of HP=more damage. (it might help if you actually start off posting replays)
  8. Yeah, it certainly isn't for everyone. From what I have heard, some people find the second reticle distracting as well. I still think it is worth trying out though.
  9. Servercross is the only mod I could really recommend (Providing both the in game normal crosshair and server crosshair at the same time). It is incredibly helpful, particularly when playing at above 100 ping or with packet loss. The server reticle also vanishes when you are auto aimed so as someone who plays with audio disabled, it works as a really lazy persons auto aim indicator. Wouldn't use the normal server reticle because tracking/leading with it is difficult and personally it makes me sick to look at by itself and not having any server ret displayed means occasionally getting rekt by shot delay around corners and stuff. also #xvmisgarbage
  10. Armored Warfare holding up wargamings torch of atrocious game play changes it appears.
  11. The E50m in its current form is one of the better solopub tanks in the game imo, not nerf justifiably strong but if you honestly think its bad you should probably pan yourself in the face a few times.
  12. Its going to be a whole lot better than the 7201k has ever been but without the rare factor I really don't see any appeal in it. Its a bleh tank design at best and if it really is anything like the 72, the module, crew and fire problems are going to gimp it.
  13. @_Violence_ you deserve a fucking medal for actually doing the ac 48, it was so bad that I had to quit I actually found the foch kind of bearable but considering I've hardly touched the game since picking it up, that probably doesn't bode well for it
  14. I would say the skorpion and the fcm50t are the best credit makers. Skorpion due to performance/incredibly powerful gun fcm because decent pen+pref matchmaking makes apcr rounds rarely a necessity though it is rather difficult to play.
  15. Last time I remember watching a replay from you, your movement was incredibly sluggish. There was a huge delay between you aiming at someone at close range and shooting as well as very slow target acquisition in general. Hence being reminiscent of the lagging 15fps experience. Just trying to clean up your movement would make a pretty huge difference in terms of survivability and damage output.