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  1. Yamato: 22Montana: 20 Großer Kurfürst : 27Conqueror: 18Zao: 19 -3 = 16 The Zao had two things going for it, invisi-firing (if that was your thing), and HE spamming. Invisi firing got nerfed, and there are newer better fire starters.Des Moines: 24 +1 = 25 The DPM is insane on this, Then add in radar, good AA, and concealment. Hindenburg: 30 Moskva: 14Minotaur: 11Shimakaze: 11 Khabarovsk: 7 Hakuryu: 18
  2. Currently full, but expecting to expand the clan size to 40 soon after the next patch. Come join us now on Discord to get one of the few spots when they come available.
  3. Does this affect secondary fire?I'm wondering if a German BB can still lock down a cap just by using it's secondaries.
  4. I've been going about 70% HE, and have been doing really well. Most 100k plus damage reach battle. The key is to know when to switch between shells. It's even more fun in a division. One person starts two does, the enemy repairs, and the the second division mate sets them on fire twice more.
  5. After this next patch it looks like we'll be able to expand the clan size. If you want we can send you an invite again.
  6. You are probably right. I'm mostly going on memory form a video review I saw. Although the gun difference is true. KGV has 14" guns while the others have 16" guns. The 16" guns can over match 25mm bow armor, 14" can't.That is the main point I was trying to make. In a head to head slug fest the KGV will lose. Here's what Flamu said about the KGV. " However the ship does not suck, it is simply extremely demanding of using the correct shell type. Only by constantly mixing in HE and AP do you allow this ship to truly shine, and shine it does. " Sounds like from Flamu that the ship has a really high skill floor.
  7. Just seeing your response. I think he had the small gun, so he probably didn't have cola. It's more likely that he saw 95% of his health gone and just gave up. Go play another game if your first one is basically over.
  8. The KGV has weak bow armor. It can be over matched by all the other tier 7 BB guns. While on the other hand it's guns are too small to over match the bow armor on the other tier 7 BB's. While I don't have the KGV yet I think this is the reason why it's bad compared to the others. If it had a little thicker bow armor or larger guns I think it would do better.
  9. Yamato: 22Montana: 20 Großer Kurfürst : 26Conqueror: 20 + 1 = 21 Added it to the list and wanted to be the first to give it an up vote. No actual experience with the ship so my vote may not mean anything. However, it is a BB and I'm down voting a CA.Zao: 19Des Moines: 24 Hindenburg: 30 Moskva: 17 - 3 = 14 It's detection range means it speeds the first part of the match shooting near max range, or it get's focused.Minotaur: 11Shimakaze: 11 Khabarovsk: 7 Hakuryu: 18
  10. I'm thinking it's not to late to add the Conqueror to the list. We could give it 20 points just like the others started with, which is the same as what the Montana currently has. Any thoughts?
  11. I'm not a CV player either, but can do decent enough that I help my team more than hurt them. There are two reasons why I might play them. 1) to complete a mission that might require a CV. 2) better understand attach angles from a CV so I can improve my torpedo beats dodging in my other other ships.
  12. CV's are not for everyone. It's basically a different type of game within WOWS. However it's a good idea for everyone to play a CV in order to better understand how one is going to attack your regular ship.
  13. Yamato: 22Montana: 20 Großer Kurfürst : 25 + 1 = 26 I love this and the Montana. However, this feels more like a true BB while the Montana feels more like a Battle Cruiser. Secondaries and Hydro help for pushing caps, avoiding torps, and killing smoked DD'sZao: 19Des Moines: 23Hindenburg: 30 Moskva: 17Minotaur: 14 - 3 = 11 Echoing what other people are saying. It's a fun ship to play, and I think in pub matches a good player can leverage it's high skill ceiling to carry battles. However, like Biggie said when it comes to a 1v1 against a similarly skilled player it's going to lose.Shimakaze: 14Khabarovsk: 7 Hakuryu: 18
  14. We've got an opening for anyone who meets the clan requirements. Jump on our Discord or PM me. Also clans battles should be dropping in the next patch or two. At that time we will be able to expand our numbers up to 50 players. So if you don't get our open spot we're still looking to add people once clan sizes increase.
  15. Yamato: 22 Montana: 20 Großer Kurfürst : 25 Zao: 19 Des Moines: 23 Hindenburg: 27 + 1 = 28 Favorite CA for bullying other CA's. Moskva: 17 Minotaur: 20 Shimakaze: 14 Khabarovsk: 10 -3 = 7 Not much of a team player Hakuryu: 18