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  1. I wouldn't sell the Bismark so quick. I think hydro is going to be more useful for competitive game play.
  2. You can get the turret traverse to be the same as the other ships if you use the captain skill and module. You lose a little gun reload speed, but you can't notice it since the original reload is already in the 4 second range. With the skill and module the Gremyashchy can cap and knife fight very effectively. There is basically nothing it can't do. Stealth torps, long range harasser, cap contester, it can do it all and usually come out on top.
  3. Theory here. I think this may be a bug in the code. My guess is that War Gaming has coded the basics behind ramming the same for enemy rams and friendly rams. For friendly rams damage is a function of speed and time. Friendly damage is pretty low per tick but the can add up if the contact is continuous for a long time. With the enemy rams I'm guessing it still does some damage over time but damage is a lot more than with friendly ships. I think the time interval is the same. For example. A friendly ram may do 100 damage every tenth a second, but an enemy ram may do the ships HP of damage every tenth a second. Maybe when one ship is going away from the other ship the enemy damage gets applied over two time ticks or 2/10 of a second. However, the other ships takes full damage during the first tenth of a second and dies, so the remaining ship never takes damage during the second tenth second. I think WG intended all damage to occur during the first time tick, but a bug that is not fully known is allowing some ships to spread the damage out over multiple time steps. One big questions is if this bug is repeatable enough that we could consistently use it in battle? Second if WG figures out people are exploiting it would they be inclined to fix the bug?
  4. @Mesrith, no I didn't have ramming flags on, I only use those in Ranked and my ram survivals occurred in randoms. I'm not sure damage saturation is the whole story, because I've also seen evidence that speed plays a factor too. Here are the two that I remember most. The first one I was in a Bayern, and I had just tanked about half my health pool. A full health New Mexico cam around an island with intentions to ram. I turned away to try and avoid the ram, but wit my slow speed coming out of the turn he was able to catch up to me. Eventually he caught me and rammed my stern at full speed, while I was at about 3/4 speed moving away from him. The New Mexico ended up dying while I sailed away with about 5000 HP left. The second situation was similar but with a full health Cleveland. I believe I was still in a Bayern but with about 10,000 HP. The Cleveland hit my stern while I was moving away from him and he instantly died. I dropped to less than 1000 HP, but had a heal that just came available. Here is one video showing that speed does matter somewhat. If I even get a similar situation I'll make sure to send you the replay.
  5. One thing that people don't realise about rammingg is that if you have a damage saturated bow or stern, try to make that part of the ship be the point if impact. You will often end up surviving. It works especially well with the stern, I've had several high health ships run me down before and they become extremely salty when they died and I lived after the ram.
  6. Taking away the Belfast you'd still have a cruiser problem at tier 7. Namely that you'd still be stuck with only one or two cruisers, Fiji and maybe Atlanta/Flint. Cruisers at tier 7 just get deleted too fast by both BB's and DD's. Even the Belfast was easy to kill with a spotter plane or launching torps into its smoke. At tier 9 the cruisers match up much better against other ships, and in the end there should be more viable cruisers to play. I would never bring a Pensacola or Myoko to ranked, but would have no issues playing the Room, Baltimore, or Ibuki. Although I'd probably play the Ibuki the least due to the hydro and radar on the others.
  7. I forgot about the Black, but I think you guys are making the Black into something way bigger than it is. First of all the Gremy at tier 5 is just as OP or more at tier 5 as the Black is at tier 9. Second, there are far fewer owners of the Black. Third, most of the people who own the Black will rank out very fast. Finally this is the best time to do a rank 9 season while there are still very few owners of the Black.
  8. Tier 5 Gremyashchy all the way. There are a few reasons why I prefer tier 9/10. 1) let us finally use high tier ships for something. 2) balance is pretty good between ships in the tier, leading to more variability in matches. 3) no premiums, excluding the MO, but the Iowa is a similar play style. 4) cruisers are finally useful at these tiers with the heal, smoke, and hydro on most of them.
  9. I got the same thing, and I requested tier 9 and 10.
  10. I don't think you fully understand this game mechanic. If there is a mountain/island in the way they don't fire. AA does, but not secondaries. Also when you go behind an island you break line of sight and aren't spotted anymore even if you do fire. Exception would be if it's small island and you ship can be seen over it, or if there is another ship spotting you.
  11. Secondaries can't fire through mountains.
  12. I think he is referring to the fact that secondaries increase your concealment distance. However if your secondaries are close enough to fire you are almost always close enough to be spotted anyway. The only time increased detection range comes into play with secondaries is when the enemy ship dies and the only thing left to spot you is an aircraft that is barely outside the normal detection distance. It's something he shouldn't worry about.
  13. I misspoke, it was a level one skill. However my point about BFT is still the same, that there are other level three skills that are equally as useful to a BB. A 15% reduction in fire and flooding time and getting one extra heal are just as significant if not more significant. All three of the skills help you tank or minimise damage to a BB, but I feel I get more out of BOS since I'm more likely to be set on fire each match than I am to see a CV. Plus USN AA is pretty darn good without BFT, it may not we our a while squadron without BFT but it still does enough to significantly reduce the CV damage potential.
  14. One more comment, I'm not sold on BFT as a level three skill since the patch changing the skills. As a level two skill it was a no brainier to have, but at level three there are other important skills like Super Intendant and Basics of Survivability. With the AA already being good on USN BB'S I generally prefer BOS over BFT.
  15. I've had success with a tanking build on the bow on ships (Iowa, NC, MO) although I currently use a concealment/AA build on them. Also the tanking build isn't as good on the Montana. The tanking build captain needs High Alert, Jack of all Trades, Super Intedent, and basics of survivability. You will also need the damage control modules and reduced fire/flooding module. This build is very effective at setting up at a key point and denying enemy advancement into a cap. One great thing about USN BB's is that you can basically make an AA/concealment build which takes the best of both builds. The only thing you have to leave out is manual AA, which isn't huge since most of you AA fire per is in the mid and short range guns. This is my personal recommendation, but for competitive play the tank build is also good.