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  1. They need to make it so you can choose your own individual squadron types. They can still balance with squadron size, HP, speed, etc.
  2. I ended up respecting my Gneisenau captain to preventative maintenance when I got so frustrated losing my torpedos everytime I need them in a close range brawl. I think I've only lost them once since the respect, and that was to an ifhe Belfast.
  3. No, preventative maintenance does not work on secondaries and AA. I believe @Mesrith asked a dev that specific question, and the response was no.
  4. I miss-read. I thought those were the skills he was contemplating for his 5th skill.
  5. Concealment or superintendent. I'm surprised your didn't take those first.
  6. The extra DPM from AR and BFT, more than makes up for the 2% loss from not having DE. Although if you play mostly at range you could drop LS and get preventative maintenance at tier one, which frees up a point for DE.
  7. Wow, 38k commander XP is a lot. The best I've ever done is about 30k and that was during a commander XP bonus weekend.
  8. We have four spots remaining before the clan is full.
  9. Had a match last night where my two man RUST division got put on the same team as @Mesrith and his three man Kraken division. Let's just say that the other side didn't stand a chance against five 55+% WR players. The blowout was so bad that we got one of those after battle surveys asking how satisfying the battle was. I chose neutral for my choice. I would have been more satisfied, but it's hard to farm damage with that many good players on my team.
  10. The only thing that hurts the shiratsuyu is it's slow reload. However that can be improved by BFT and adrenalin rush. Those skills can get the reload to about 6 seconds, 5.3 if you lose 99% of your HP. Turret traverse is also slow, but the tier two captain skill helps, I wouldn't take the module though since it hurts you reload.
  11. The OP mentioned something about 10v10 DD's. It wasn't you.
  12. Played my first ranked battle in the Nagato. Spotter plane is op against smoked cruisers, got two citadel's on fist salvo against a Fiji.
  13. You can do it, especially if you coordinate ship type. However, I was almost never in the same rank queue as my friends so I never bothered.
  14. Activity could be an issue for us since we are trying to build up a group that is competitive in clan battles. Although clan battles aren't out yet, so jump on our discord to talk with us and division.