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  1. It's pretty simple with the German battleships. Tiers 5-7 you do AA build and main battery accuracy upgrade, then from tier 8 on up you do full secondary build.
  2. About the only time it ever annoyed me is two particular cases where it lasted over three minutes and both of those times it was from a Minotaur wrecking my battleship from range. The only ships I can think of where I occasionally utilize the invisible firing mechanic are the Zao and Gearing (to a far lesser extend than the Zao though).
  3. KamiSamurai and other OPG players on the enemy team.
  4. How does two squadrons of five torpedo bombers equal twenty torpedoes again?
  5. Is that a serious question?
  6. I've been waiting so long to have an IJN premium CV to play since I've enjoyed the Saipan so much and have learned to enjoy CV play as a whole. An all strike loadout would be awful, and even a 1-2-2 loadout will outright lose to any CV it goes up against at tier 7 from a fighter perspective, but if it really does have 90 planes then there's a lot of room for forgiveness and will teach me to be sneakier with my strikes to avoid enemy fighters. The way I play now is basically "come get my planes fucker" and fly them to the middle of the map then come in with the fighters. Not exactly discreet by any means.
  7. Oh wow, so I shouldn't shoot teammates? I never would've thought...
  8. No, it isn't. In Japanese destroyers, your torpedoes are your biggest asset and you should be using skills that boost them even more. Torpedo armament expertise is a must, along with adrenaline rush too since it will reduce your torpedo reload even more once you've taken damage. For instance, once you've lost 50% of your HP, your torpedo reload is reduced by another 10%. So you think Preventative Maintenance is just for your engine and steering gears? Absolutely not. The biggest use for it and the main reason you take it on Japanese destroyers is to reduce the chance of your torpedo tubes being knocked out. And as I mentioned above, Japanese destroyers are not primarily gunboats, therefore buffing the guns before buffing the torpedoes is a mistake. The only Japanese destroyer where you boost the guns over the torpedoes is the Akizuki.
  9. I assume you're going up to the Shimakaze so here are the skills I would recommend as a start. Tier 1: Preventative Maintenance Tier 2: Last Stand, Adrenaline Rush Tier 3: Survivability Expert, Torpedo Armament Expertise Tier 4: Concealment Expert That's for the first 15 points, after that, take your pick.
  10. It was quite the grind to go from rank two to rank one today as you can see below.
  11. @canadiantrex I see you messaged me on WoWS. Can't message you back, chat banned for two weeks so that's why I'm not responding.

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      I already have 4 of 5 strikes for chat offenses in ships. Next strike is a permanent chat ban I believe.

    3. canadiantrex


      What you been doing, bitch?

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      Dropping nigger bombs left and right.

  12. Easy night to go from rank three to two. Only took six games, five wins and one loss (that I was top exp in). Maass continues to be great in ranked.
  13. The only mod worth using is the 50% longer speed boost, the rest are trash.