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  1. You've only played low tier garbage, of course the accuracy is bad. It gets better once you get to the higher tiers.
  2. Uh oh, it's triggered fellas:


    1. Fulcrous


      Quick, report him to youtube for telling someone to kts.

  3. Yep, I remember that game, and I remember using virtually all my reports on that fucking moron CV. There was no winning it, team was far too shit. I think I got about 150k damage that game but @Double_G had a terrible game in his Moskva, doing only like 20k damage and nearly rage quit after it.
  4. Too many problems with this site to make it worth my time anymore. I'll stick to more reliable sites like or from now on.
  5. The Gearing is the most bipolar ship I have played in this game. I ALWAYS do either 10-15K damage and then die or I do 100K+ damage in a good game. There's virtually no in between, EVER. In a good game I'm able to get solid torpedo volleys off, bully destroyers with less firepower, and make full use of my smoke to hammer away at battleships. In games I do shit in I get too aggressive, lose gun battles to other gun boat destroyers, and eat a torpedo I shouldn't have. Just once I wish I could be consistent with it instead of on one extreme end of the spectrum or the other.
  6. Which game was that and what ship was I in? I assumed I was in a division with @Double_G and we were probably in tier tens.
  7. It really isn't. The Edinburgh is essentially a Fiji that gets shifted to tier eight and gets a little more HP and AA ability to compensate. It's also stealthier due to access to the concealment upgrade. I had no problems whatsoever with the Edinburgh at tier eight, since it felt fairly balanced while the Fiji at tier seven felt OP as balls. It took me 19 games to do the Edinburgh grind and I averaged 99,169 damage with that ship, nothing wrong with it. I'll start the Neptune grind this weekend.
  8. The problem is you're playing low tier trash. Once you get the Fiji it will all be worth it.
  9. Shimakaze line because it's a tier ten, but unfortunately it's a shell of its former self to due to nerf after nerf and more and more Hydro and Radar cruisers and destroyers, not to mention some battleships that have those consumables as well. For mid tier destroyers the Kamikaze R is still my go to ship for fun, since it didn't get the nerf bat like the Minekaze did.
  10. You and I must not be playing the same ship.... Oh, never mind, I see you've only played two games in it yet you feel qualified to critique it.
  11. Didn't notice? It's been an issue for quite a while now and is one of the biggest thing players look at when they use your site. Oh well, at least always seems to have working leaderboards.
  12. IFHE is really only worth it on cruisers with 150-155 mm guns and the Akizuki with it's 100 mm guns to enable it to pen other DDs with HE.
  13. Took me 110 battles to do it this season, which is way up from the 89 I needed last season. Was less consistent with my destroyer play this season, should have just stayed playing battleships the whole time since that's what I had the most success in. 78% and 74% win rates in my Arizona and Warspite while only 67% and 61% win rates in my Shinonome and Anshan.
  14. WARBEASTY is the most notorious shitter on the NA server. If you ever get him on your team (almost always in a tier 10 CV, usually the Hakuryu) don't expect a win or for him to do anything remotely useful.