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  1. Remember that "Proud To Be" video Youtube put out a year ago with all the trans, gays, and others saying they're proud and how we're supposed to accept them? Well..... Youtube is at it again exactly one year later with this:


    1. sohojacques


      Your point being...

    2. orzel286


      I'd say something, but it would be too controversial :P

  2. I bought a SteelSeries Arctis 3 headset last weekend and it's... okay I guess. Was thinking of taking it back and buying one of the HyperX headsets instead. Anyone have good luck with HyperX headsets here? It felt more comfortable when I tried it on than the Arctis 3 headset and I like the look of it better too.

    1. Kolni


      HyperX's are probably the only "gaming" headsets that actually work well for music too, so I do recommend. Headsets in general are a little tricky depending on price range but the ATH-PG1s are probably the best you can get without standalone mics, but in a higher price range

    2. EndlessAgony


      I got my HyperX for close to two and a half years now if I remember correctly when I bought them. 100% happy, sound is good - can confirm what Kolni said, they are actually pretty decent for music as well. Despite fairly intensive daily use, there is no wear visible on them without any special care, they are as comfortable and work just as well the day I bought them. 1000000% can recommend. The only con I could find is the retarded cable that likes to do stupid shit for absolutely no reason - I can't count the many times I got it untangled only for it to tangle back again in two minutes... However, it may be that I'm just retarded and the cable is completely fine.

      In other words, HyperX rulezz fam - get one today.

      [ totally not a shill :doge: ]

    3. Medjed


      Can confirm everything @EndlessAgony said, includiong the cable tangling shit that annoys the fuck out of me....but that's pretty much the only bad thing about it....mine's Cloud Revolver, they are awesome for both gaming and music....would recommend 10/10

  3. Wow, Second Class, why even bother uploading it....
  4. I believe the window between when you get spotted and sixth sense going off is actually two seconds, not three. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong though, I very well may be.
  5. I haven't made Optics a priority equipment in a long time. Running the standard Vents, Ram, and Vert Stab on any vehicle that can and use vision skills, BIA, and food to boost the view range to 450-460, which is more than enough for me. Only vehicles I use Optics on anymore are auto loaders that can't use Ram, or vehicles that don't have the vert stab option, in which case I take Optics over a Gun Laying Drive.
  6. iChase did a video series on this months ago...
  7. E33k5T5.jpg

    Alright, first time ever building a PC. I'll give it ten minutes before I fuck something up.

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    2. RollerCoaster47


      Got the diagnostic back from Micro Center and thankfully I didn't break anything. They said I probably just knocked a wire loose or something and that's why it was no longer displaying anything. They recommended I screw in the motherboard to ALL the standoffs on the case, but how do I do that if they don't all align? I think my motherboard had, maybe, eight standoff holes and only four or five of them aligned properly into the case.

    3. Assassin7


      well, they have to allign. theres no way they shouldn't. 

      maybe the case has the wrong standoffs in there, are there other holes in the backplate that you can screw extra standoffs into that would line up with the mobo holes? sometimes you have to do that yourself. 

    4. RollerCoaster47


      I'll probably have to. My motherboard only has eight standoff holes, and the bottom two are offset while my case, if I remember right, has the typical 9 standoffs in a rectangle pattern.

  8. Dat free exp part 2:
  9. Not too shabby for a fighter build Lexington:
  10. That free exp with those special flags though....
  11. First ever game in the Shokaku while divisioning with @TheMarine0341
  12. This is like when wh1skeybarrell was constantly bumping the thread on the WoT forums, except all he would say was "bump".
  13. All this drama has to be fantastic for Foch. Think of all the extra viewers and donations he's probably getting over this feud with WG. Best thing he's ever done. Would be the GOAT if this was his plan all along before he even released that rant video.

    1. DirtyACE7


      I'm sure he'll gain additional viewers/subscribers because of all this controversy but I doubt it was engineered on his part as that video is really not much different from any of his other ones. He has his blatantly honest (and vulgar) style and that's all it was.

  14. WGNA are a bunch of retarded faggots. Just when the drama was about to be over they go full autism mode. You can't even mention anything about the drama on the WoT NA forums or else the mods will delete your thread within minutes and give you forum bans. They truly are the stupidest gaming company alive. If WG actually goes after Foch and this goes to court somehow I would personally donate money to Foch's case.
  15. I'll be honest, I was surprised they gave Foch CC status in the first place (as were many people I'm sure). I've said for quite a while now they're just gonna milk the game for every penny before it dies completely, and WG hasn't done anything to prove me otherwise this last year or so. I look forward to seeing what ridiculous premiums are introduced in the coming year or two.