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  1. That moment when you actually have a good game in the Foch 155:


  2. First time I've 3 marked a tank in at least a year (counting the 7 months off I took from this game):
  3. Bonds and camouflages have been given out, global map has updated, pick your tanks now.

    1. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      where do you go to get your tank?

  4. Will suck for loot boxes.
  5. So I'm on a week long vacation in California right now and currently staying near downtown LA only about 16 miles SE from where all the out of control fires are.... hmm.

    1. orzel286


      At least you're warm. :doge:

    2. DirtyACE7


      Those are actually all campfires. People absolutely love their camping in LA.

  6. *Sigh*

    I went into the theater today with low expectations after the first few DC movies, knowing Justice League probably wasn't going to be that great but.... wow, it kind of sucked actually. I mean, I actually liked Batman V Superman more when it came out and that movie was mediocre (though the Ultimate Edition was decent). Justice League had a rushed plot, forced comedy, plot holes, no Darkseid other than Steppenwolf saying his name once, and a Superman return that felt so underwhelming (spoiler, but come on, everyone knew he'd be coming back in this movie). Not terrible, but even worse than my expectations going into it.

  7. Z-52 is all but obsolete once you get to the higher leagues. Moskva and Des Moines radar spam make it extremely difficult to get into torpedo range, yet alone getting into a cap and doing the smoke hydro combo against opposing destroyers. Many teams I faced tonight brought no destroyers at all and instead went with a battleship, about four Moskvas, and a couple other assorted cruisers.
  8. Pretty much this, I ground through tiers four and five and part of tier six on both carrier lines playing nothing but Coop mode and learning the basics. Watch and read all the guides you want it won't help anywhere near as much as hands on experience. Once you feel you're ready, probably around tier six or seven, start playing randoms. I just bought both the Midway and the Hakuryu this weekend and I look forward to playing both of them.
  9. Fuck these moron teams tonight:
  10. As someone who dropped around $250-300 on those Christmas containers, they were too generous there. I got around $700 worth of goods for about 2/5 of that cost. Now they're making up for it (and then some).
  11. Here is the saddest part of all of it. Look back at WoT a few years ago with their clan battles, where you could farm mad gold and actually enjoy playing in clan activities, not to mention all the tournaments every week to farm even more gold. You see how WoT has nerfed all of that into the ground, or even outright removed it.... AND YET, the current rewards in WoT for clan activities are still MILES better than the absolute trash WoWS is offering. There is NO INCENTIVE, NONE WHATSOEVER, for me to invest any time or effort into this garbage. Look at this trash, who the fuck actually would put countless hours into a mode that gives you these tiny 2% or 3% bonuses? Come out with a global map where I can actually earn at least a few thousand Doubloons a month or have a crack at getting a super rare ship (Musashi perhaps?) and MAYBE I'd consider it, anything less isn't worth the time or effort.
  12. DezGamez using my gameplay, not sure I've ever been on Youtube before:


  13. Atago, New Orleans, Kutuzov, Chapayev, Edinburgh, and Martel are all solid to very good. Hipper and Eugen are pieces of shit.
  14. So I heard the Conqueror is a good tank....


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      been loving mine :)

    3. Fulcrous


      hearing that its getting an armor buff makes me sad i sold mine. at least my female crew will find use in the 215b when it becomes prem

    4. RollerCoaster47


      Just realized I linked the same pic twice instead of the first results screen:


  15. When you stack all the dank exp flags with Victory Salute camouflage on a x3 weekend:
  16. The AA is shit already so who cares if it gets destroyed You should be spamming HE in it, not relying on the AP except in very limited scenarios I've had no problems with the accuracy It's certainly not my most enjoyable grind, but I'm not having much for problems with it.
  17. I didn't like the King George V my first few outings with it, but now I just fire HE most of the time and don't mind it. Not great, but not the worst ship either.
  18. Take tiers four and five with a grain of salt when it comes to carriers, things don't get interesting until you get to tier six, where you can actually do strafes and manual drops. Tier six is also arguably the most balanced tier in the game for carriers with the Independence versus the Ryujo, after that it's all downhill for the U.S. carriers, though the Essex and Midway aren't too bad.
  19. If only the shit for brains pubs and forum warriors who constantly complain about cruiser HE spam knew what was coming with the arrival of British battleships...
  20. I didn't play artillery in WoT until I had played the game for over a year. Same thing with WoWS, started playing CVs maybe a year or so after it came out and unlike artillery in WoT, I actually enjoy CV gameplay in WoWS. I'm about 1/3 of the way through the Essex and Taiho at the moment. My multitasking skills still need work, but I'm improving and enjoying the grinds, except for the Lexington, that thing was AIDS.
  21. When you hit a Tirpitz so hard at the beginning of a game he gives up and doesn't even bother to hit Damage Control:
  22. So I told myself I would start at the King George V for the British battleships because 1) I had the free exp to do it and 2) the Queen Elizabeth looks like a slightly poorer version of the Warspite and I've played the shit out of my Warspite already. Looking over the stats once I free experienced the modules a few things stuck out to me: The AA is quite pitiful and in my opinion it's not worth trying to buff with any upgrades or captain skills The ship is 25 mm of armor EVERYWHERE aside from the typical places such as the main armor belt and turrets At 6100 alpha damage, 41% fire chance, and a 25 second reload, this thing is the king of battleship HE spam at tier 7 Full concealment build brings the detectability down to 12.2 km which is not too shabby for a tier 7 battleship I played 10 games in it tonight and after some initial dissatisfaction with it, I think it's alright. The AP on this ship is very fickle and generally I only load it when I know I'm going to get the broadside of a cruiser or battleship at short to medium range. The 14" guns just aren't good enough to deal with angled battleships and even many angled cruisers since the 14" guns can't overmatch the 25 mm of bow armor many tier 7 and higher cruisers get. This is the first ever battleship where I actually would recommend spamming HE most of the time because it hits hard and sets fires often. I routinely do 7 or 8k volleys with this ship's HE and even had a 13k volley on a Colorado. That being said, this is not a BB you can tank in very well. The 25 mm of armor everywhere means larger caliber cruiser guns and smaller caliber guns using IFHE will shit on you. I had an Atlanta sitting behind an island spamming me with IFHE and he took away over half my health in no time at all. Not to mention every tier 7 and higher battleship is packing 15" or larger guns (aside from the Scharnhorst) along with a few tier 6s so don't think you're going to win a dual swapping AP shells with them unless they're a Nagato giving full broadside. My best advice for this ship is load HE often, play it as a heavy cruiser, at least early on in the battle, and you'll enjoy it. If you try to play this thing like a brawling battleship where you're getting up close and personal with the enemy, especially early on in the battle, and attempting to tank their shells (like I did in my first couple games) it's going to be a very frustrating grind for you. Get focus fired by multiple ships at the beginning and you will watch your HP melt away.
  23. A little birdie told me the Havok physics engine is coming "soon". How'd that work out? WG can try whatever they want, the game will never be revitalized.