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  1. jodgi

    Naval Action

    They have a bunch of stuff up their sleeve. First they have to get the thing out of the door and get the queue populated, so hold that thought...
  2. jodgi

    Naval Action

    I've ground up to Renommee and since the semi open beta the queue is filling up. Had a battle with mostly players:
  3. jodgi

    Naval Action

    The arena version of Naval Action: Naval Action Legends has now gone to (closed) beta. When released the game will be free to play but everyone who has purchased Naval Action now has Legends in their library. You might need to relog your Steam client for Legends to show up. Don't buy Naval Action to get access to Legends only to get mad when everyone gets access for free at release! We're still low-pop and bots are used to fill the queue. #FuckBots Premium stuff isn't in yet so it's all stock grind hell that will get wiped before release... You know how it goes...
  4. jodgi

    Naval Action

    Halloween sale on Naval Action, if you wanted to try it out but money was an issue.
  5. jodgi

    Naval Action

    I was messing with the capturable forts in one of the game-modes:
  6. jodgi

    Naval Action

    Well, in that case... Here's how you fire it up. Server is up only on weekends at this point. Could you do me a favour and not be a little bitch on the forums should you become an NA forumite? I'm sorry, you're a wotlabber so I know you are better than that. key in PM.
  7. jodgi

    Naval Action

    The first days of the first stress test is done, next window is the coming weekend. We're allowed to share closed beta access keys to "friends", so if there's anyone here who'd like to help hunt the inevitable bugs gimme a PM shout.
  8. jodgi

    Naval Action

    First hint at UI from Naval Action arena version:
  9. jodgi

    Naval Action

    How is it crap?
  10. jodgi

    Naval Action

    NA is crawling along. OW version is being updated to Unity 5 and the next thing on the list is to make it ready for release. The closed beta release of the arena version is being held up by the Unity 5 bugs. I expect to be able to share more details sooner than later. A random hostility grind mission against bots on the testbed:
  11. QuickieQ: Does standard account players have access to three man toons in WoT these days? (honestly don't remember)

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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      That was changed like 5 yrs ago, wtf

    3. Kolni


      you're alive???? :PogChamp: 

    4. jodgi


      Hi, Kolni, baby!

  12. jodgi

    Naval Action

    UI is the last thing they'll work on. The economy is probably what's changed the most. The EVE lovers like the new eco though I doubt it has the depth of EVE nor the numbers (currently) to make things go round. I REALLY like the game despite being rather averse towards eco boredom and loss induced PvP timidness (personal taste). That brings us into why I came here today: The arena version, working title: Naval Action Legends, has opened for applications to the upcoming closed beta testing. I'll stay in the open world version depending on this and that, but the arena version that revolves around the absolutely glorious skill-based fighting mechanics will be my bread and butter as well as the love of my life
  13. How many hours of play, or how many matches does it take to level up to T10 in wot? prem or no...

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    2. leggasiini


      It depends fucking alot.

      It can take between 400 - 4000 battles. 400 battles is possible to do in under week if you are crazy and play hella lot.

      I grinded Kranvagn in 400 battles. When i grinded it, i had purple recents, premium account and reserves activated basically all the time.

      I grinded FV215B in more than 4000 battles. I was bright red, didnt have premium and reserves didnt exist back then. No matter how much i played it took me ages to get it.


    3. jodgi


      Thanks guys. I'm involved in testing of Naval Action so was curious to see what kind of grinds we accept here.

    4. Archaic_One


      An IS-4 requires ~560k XP, IS-7 590k XP, and an E5 about 600k XP.  A few tier Xs require over 800K XP to earn, the average seems to be around 720k.  A really strong easy to play line like the IS-7 could be done in under 500 games by a good player using XP boost reserves.  On the other hand, arty are all up in the 800K XP range and arty is shit at earning XP, so 1K games would not be unexpected for a clicker driver to get tier X.  Or, what @leggasiini said, because I am a scrub and did not 'view previous comments'

  14. jodgi

    Naval Action

    Update. Things are chugging along in Naval Action, and I should do an update, but today I'll just give you a heads-up about Game-Labs' latests announcement: CLICKY I'm EXTREMELY hyped for this. Naval Action Open World is great and all, but I'm not a fan of the boredom in sandboxes like NA or EVE. If you haven't tried NA ship pew-pew you're missing out and soon you'll get to roll in the fun without having to deal with the boring activities of the sandbox. For those of you who like sandbox stuff the current Naval Action game on steam is worth checking out, btw
  15. I get these from time to time, at least as much as I get the pubbie rage (which is great entertainment to me, mind you). Lovey, dovey pubbies.