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  1. How many hours of play, or how many matches does it take to level up to T10 in wot? prem or no...

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    2. leggasiini


      It depends fucking alot.

      It can take between 400 - 4000 battles. 400 battles is possible to do in under week if you are crazy and play hella lot.

      I grinded Kranvagn in 400 battles. When i grinded it, i had purple recents, premium account and reserves activated basically all the time.

      I grinded FV215B in more than 4000 battles. I was bright red, didnt have premium and reserves didnt exist back then. No matter how much i played it took me ages to get it.


    3. jodgi


      Thanks guys. I'm involved in testing of Naval Action so was curious to see what kind of grinds we accept here.

    4. Archaic_One


      An IS-4 requires ~560k XP, IS-7 590k XP, and an E5 about 600k XP.  A few tier Xs require over 800K XP to earn, the average seems to be around 720k.  A really strong easy to play line like the IS-7 could be done in under 500 games by a good player using XP boost reserves.  On the other hand, arty are all up in the 800K XP range and arty is shit at earning XP, so 1K games would not be unexpected for a clicker driver to get tier X.  Or, what @leggasiini said, because I am a scrub and did not 'view previous comments'