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  1. I hate loosing lots of credits in ranked because I'm bad playing mediums and heavies (and I spam a lot of prem. rounds). Found out that E4 is a fairly good pick (not just for me but for other players too, judging by result screens). Usually I don't enjoy playing TDs anymore, but with E4 I just play second line, heavy/support role. You actually bounce quite a bit if you wiggle and there is almost no need for prem. rounds (and if there is, you have great one). So I can actually make like 30k + credits on good games. And you only need to connect a few shots to be near the top.
  2. Also, I think that there was an option to buy reward CW tanks with bonds, if you didn't get enough points with your clan. Anyone knows how it worked exactly? How many bonds were needed and is it worth piling up if you want to get, let's say 907, but your don't really participate much in CWs?
  3. Anyone knows about some good invitation/bonus codes?? Starting a new alt and need some boosts. Want to grind tier X to get  T95E2 so I guess fastest way is going IS7 line right?

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    2. monjardin


      I saw a player yesterday with a name like New_Account_to_Get_T95E2. I chuckled. Wish I had done that to avoid all the “reroll” discussions in chat. 

      I’d play the T95E2 more despite the worst-in-class gun if it didn’t hemorrhage credits like mad. I don’t like having to grind credits just to be able to play a tier 8. It’s dumb. 

    3. snowdude21325
    4. _Dean_


      The Russian med lines aren't a bad grind. Pretty easy and not really too bad xp wise

  4. I really don't get how everyone says that this tank is similar to T-10. Even the main official info says "This tank plays very much like an T-10". And bc I love my T-10, I was excited to get and play the 1-4. But when I did, I was quite negatively suprised.. The gun is just bad for snapshots (or even fully aimed shots tend to go nowhere near) and I swear there isn't single game, where I'm not ammoracked (even multiple times) and have some of the crew down. Can't play with food, I have to use 2 repair kits, just for the stupid ammorack. I'm not saying tank is bad, it's got good potential and I just started learning to play it, but still... T-10 was like constant love and it is comfort tank for me. 1-4 on the other hand, it just plays with my nerves sometimes. Can I expect similar experience with tier X?
  5. I wonder too. For me, using scroll is always bit clunky, compared to one hit on the keyboard. Also, i would love to have the setting in game, which allows you to have default zoom-out level. Now this is possible only through mods, which I hate reinstalling after each mini-update. Most top streamers tell you that it's best to play with no mods at all, which would be totally possible if WG would give us couple more setting options.
  6. Hi, anyone still plays this tank? Is it worth keeping?
  7. Hey Tutik, I see we that we may be on somewhat similar skill level in WOT. Are you Czech? If yes, then you don't have to worry about your English, there is no language barrier If you want, you can add me in game, nick is: matzermike Would be nice to grind credits in premiums and exp. with someone in platoon.
  8. Anyone willing to share any tips and tricks how to play Type 61 in current heavy corridor meta? I keep struggling with this tank badly, even if I'm top tier. Like this one tier IX battle on Mountain Pass, south spawn. I really didn't know where to commit, so I tried support the push on 1. and 2. line. I tried to peak on enemy reloads, but the gun isn't behaving as I would like on snapshots (using vents and BIA), so I didn't do much damage and any time I tried to aim a bit longer, I got punished hard (even from tier 8 tanks, as there is no armor on the damn thing). Since there were no hull down positions, I decided to re-position and cross the valley and attack enemies on 1. line from behind. But after two shot (0 damage for the record, wanted finish low HP IS3, one shot bounced on its ass and the other went to the tracks) and I was then one shoted from enemy arta (my mistake, but still made me angry). So I ended up doing like 1.500 damage. And this similar scenarios happen to me way too often with this tank.. So guys, can you share any advice for this noob trying to play jap. paper tank? I really hate failing my team when I am top tier, but I just cannot find the ideal role in most games.
  9. So I'm griding this tank with the 105mm gun and it's not so bad as I though. Apart from the awful aim time and handling, missing fully aimed shots quite too often for my taste. Do you recomened to unlock the top engine or skip it? With the second one, I have 100 HP less compared to fully upgraded tank. But it also means that I don't need to grind as many games with this thing if I skip it. Also, so far I'm using the stock turret as well. The other one has better view range and side armor but it's much havier so I wonder if it makes the tank even more sluggish then. (I would need to unlock the tracks as well then).
  10. Hi happy people of PFU, I would like to apply to join your gloriously fluffy clan. I haven't contacted any recruiter from your official forum post yet though (and I hope its ok to post here), as I am slightly below your requirements (1757 overall and 2025 recent). I've been grinding tanks lately that I don't really enjoy playing that much but I am positive that when I play more of tier IX and X, the numbers will be rising again (my sessions with purely tier IX and X are usually between 2500-3000 WN8). Most importantly, my aim is to keep improving in this game and I'm more than willing to learn a new things from experienced players. The other requirements are ok for me. I have 10 tier X tanks and bunch of VIIIs. I would also really like to participate in the upcoming campaign.and I am usually free in the evenings, able to use TS etc.. Other than tanks, I am 30 yo (so I guess mature behavior is expected, hahaha.. not really), living in Czech Republic, Pilsen (yes, the holy Mecca of the fluffiest beer ever - Pilsner Urquell and also the inspiration for one of the WoT maps). I work in hotel management and I spend my free time either playing games or doing WW2 reenactment. So again, I would like to be a part of PFU and I would appreciate any feedback or suggestion on what to improve before applying. Thanks!
  11. What about adrenaline rush instead of safe st. on loader? Isn't getting more dpm better than perk, that is probably not so useful? Sometimes, I have my best farms when I get fucked right at the start and only survive with few HP, because it would force me to play more wisely and camo farm.
  12. Hi, as the title says, I would like to know what is your most played premium (tier VIII) these days in terms of credits making. What do you think works best and how long your sessions usually are? Do you use PR and play like for two hours just one or two vehicles? I recently bought Lowe and while it makes good credits, I usually get bored quickly after just couple games. I like to play mediums - Mutz, PIlot or STA-2 but since I'm not that good player, I won't make as much credits as I would like with mediums. Also, mostly it's tier IX and X, so I have to spam premium a lot to have some impact on games. It's just a constant dilema - play something boring, but with good credit making ability, or play what you like, but spam gold, if you have to have at least decent stats (and thus not making much credits). What is your mental approach to this?
  13. Hey, I'm wondering if someone is still struggling with this mission.. I need 7k spot + damage combined and trying to do it in tier IX lights, Is it better to pimp the tank purely with view range stuff (bino, optics, possibly vents) or should I aim more for damage (rammer, vstabs)? Is it harder for mediocre noob like me to get this amount in spots or damage? My max are usually around 5-6k combined.
  14. What would you recommend for LT-14 (T-55A) in the current meta and reworked lights?? I need 5k spot and I tried inv people to platoon, but they either do too little or just ignore. It is possible to solo it I guess but I cannot make it work. I'm trying with WZ-132A and RU (tier IX) but so far no luck in like 50 battles. Problem is there are way too many lights in game now (usually 4-5) and if I try to run for the usual "sweet spots" on Prochorovka or Malinovka, there is always at least one enemy light contesting it and spotting me. If only tracking damage counted too.. I have these 2 missions left for T55A and I'm losing my nerves over this..
  15. Personaly, I'd put STRV S1 a bit higher. Although there are much more enjoyable prems to play (esp. meds), it is harder for me as a baddie to do well in them and make credits at the same time. Thanks to Defenders and Patriots I need to spam skill ammo more and thus I wont make that much money in KR or STA-2 and if you lose, you really don't get much On the other hand STRV S1 has excellent rounds and yes, it is map dependent, but the moments when you drill enemy heavies (even tier 10s) with your regular ammo are priceless. I can usually make good credits even on a loss, which I cannot really say about prem. med for example. So the ranking should also consider enjoyment vs. profitability as the STRV S1 is kinda boring to play but usually effective creditwise.