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  1. M4 Ravioli is a great tank from what little experience I had with it, so you can get that. If you're not bothered by bush-wanking you can pick up the S1.
  2. who sed IS-6 in need of buoff? RASHA BIATCH

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. leggasiini


      It still kicks tier 6s ass, sure. When you play against them you can feel a memories flying of what IS-6 used to be.

      Most matches it will cry from pain when it fights only tier8s and 9s over and over again.

    3. ZXrage


      Can't argue with that. It was only 1 match

    4. DirtyACE7


      Nice game but for every one of these there are going to be many where you are just about useless with the current pen.

  3. Still here, Comrade Chode o7 I don't run the 152 on the T49 atm, though. It's memed me one times too many. Maybe someday I'll learn to love again.
  4. Gee, I didn't know .33 accuracy is bad. It's already pretty good at its niche, and that is boomstick medium, especially since it's a tier 8 medium and those are usually pretty bad in this day and age. Plus, it can pen the Defender more reliably than most tier 8 meds with standard rounds. That's a bonus.
  5. Just checked my Tier VI tanks, wtf I have a HT No. VI?????????

    1. saru_richard


      i see you unintentionally completed that back to school marathon WG held last month

    2. Nicarasu


      There was a mission this last month to earn one.

  6. Filipino here, get battered by typhoons practically every year. Prep your food, water, flashlight with extra batteries, make sure that shit is non-perishable or you're fucked. Keep a radio with you and stay updated on the storm, especially when the internet inevitably goes down. Even if you're planning to hunker down, pack a backpack with some clothes and canned goods if you pussy out last minute and want to go. Surely at this stage you would have assessed structural integrity, but if you haven't make sure you go ahead and do that. After the storm passes look around the area and asses damage, help out whoever needs it, and contact your family and tell them you're okay. Stay safe there, man. I hate the howling winds, sounds like Mother Nature laughing at me.
  7. jvyytqu69ekz.png

    1. EndlessAgony



      >write stupid shit

      >manage to fuck it up

      >not worse than what you wanted to write

      That's when you know your opinions suck.

      Edit: Of course, I'm only talking about flat earth :doge:

  8. Would you say the turret is reliable enough? It has a pretty glaring cupola weskspot.
  9. The turret got a lot stronger, bar the bit above the mantlet and the roof because both of those have always been garbage
  10. what the fuck

    1. DirtyACE7


      It's simply hilarious how you got less than half XP compared to the window-licking E75 on the enemy team. That shit is funny Ha Ha Ha.

  11. IS-3: 33 Object 416: 9 - 3 = 6 This tank wanks bush harder than the Skorpion, and that's a fucking paper TD. Lowe: 36 T26E5/Patriot: 33 Rhm. Skorpion: 16 Obj. 252U/Defender: 30 + 1 = 31 I play this tank to pad WR. Sorry not sorry.
  12. Couldn't agree with @Fabunil more. If you're going to take a dump, either make it reek as much as possible, or don't do it at all. All or nothing, baby.
  13. I hate bricks (Maus/E-100,Type 4/5, JgPz E-100). It's always such a grind to get rid of these things, and by the time you're done you'll get fucked by the rest of their team
  14. what do you think of the T-54 changes, and which gun would you prefer now?

    1. hazzgar


      Accuracy > DPM I'd say 

    2. Assassin7


      I think they can go stuff it. Leave it alone.

      And ill probably pick gun handling.