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  1. What's the WoTLabs consensus on the T25 AT? Good or trash?

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    2. Inciatus


      Very mediocre.

    3. Errants


      Better than mle 46.  Felt similar to JP... though JP felt stronger from my hazey memories.

    4. EndlessAgony


      It doesn't matter since you are trash, so you are going to do shit regardless of the tank :doge:

  2. This is interesting

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    2. hallo1994


      But what's yall match? Mine is liberalism.

    3. Android25


      @hallo1994 It says it on the chart picture, to the right of "8values" and under "8values.github.io"


      It's silly how it figures it though... It should ask you which of the 4 categories mean more to you. I consider myself a conservative because of my views on market and military spending but I'm more liberal on civil and social liberties. I'm not religious but I would rather have someone strong in capitalism and defense than worrying rights of the people, which I consider far reaching enough for now.

    4. hallo1994
  3. Too bad that and the accuracy and speed are all it has going against the Sheridan
  4. Arty and T10 Lights aside, I'll never forget this joke of a MM
  5. Cheeky cunts, you got me there
  6. got into the 51-75% bracket too, but i was like 7 minutes late
  7. I'll just post this here. Be wary.
  8. What fucking MM is this? Wargaming seriously need to reconsider how they MM tanks. We're lucky we actually won this one, I fear for teams that aren't so lucky.

    1. SaintLaurentius


      I think you were lucky the game was on Derpenberg. Imagine Ensk with those lineups...:MingLee:

    2. mati_14


      Tier 12 :PogChamp: so much dmg to farm


  9. He's certainly a good asset for players who want to become good, but at the higher end there are people who can teach better than him. Sort of like what Tazilon is/was for scouting but actually a good player.
  10. TDs are cancer.

  11. Nope Also if you run the 152mm, this tank got straight-up buffed. More HP, VR, better acceleration, while keeping everything else about the gun pretty much the same
  12. To all the unicums that get focused who are rejoicing about the changes to arty, I'd hold my breath. Better acc + aim + stun means that a triple whammy from accurate arties mean 50% crewed for a dangerously long time while still losing a good chunk of your health. This is even more aggravated if you're in a medium tank, which is a staple class for good players.
  13. It's not as prominent as I've remarked but you can kinda see it here. Again I kinda overblew it, but they really should have taken MM weight into consideration more, especially with heavies because of HP disparities.
  14. reposting my status update:
  15. 7 matches in this patch and I literally already want to quit playing this game and/or kill myself. Retarded stun means you get shat on behind cover from 10m away + less one-shots but arty still does a crippling amount of damage, and a lack of MM weights mean that it could literally be a Maus, an E-100, and an E5 v. 3 arty on the other side (Which I've sort of experienced)

    WG really dropped the fucking ball with this crap, I hope they get their collective shit together and do something about it.

  16. WoTLabs has known for quite a while now.
  17. Spammed light tanks in their final hour, can't be honored to have this as a final battle. Full pen the ass of a gold-spamming SU-122, knock out both their arty, then work with arty to kite a KV-5 since I was at such low health for the win. tbh this tank is the least affected by the changes, since the 152mm is viable because lolHE.
  18. SU-8 HD model leaked


    1. Greatspank


      why on earth a defibrillator or a welder or whachamacallit is there? :jebaited:

  19. 2014:
    Load up triple IS-6 platoon and club the enemy to death

    Load up triple Patriot/Liberte/Defender platoon and club the enemy to death

    Oh, how times have changed.

    1. DirtyACE7


      Also 2017:

      Load up in IS-6 and get clubbed by a Patriot/Defender/Liberte platoon.

    2. Enroh


      dude you playing still? add me you pleb :doge:

  20. Buff HP to Ferdi levels, buff Pen on AP/APCR such that it's the same as the L/100, problem solved.
  21. x5 teams + shit RNG + this = fuck this game for a while

    1. Mibbs



      Totally same. Been going back and forth with WG about connection issues since the start of the month.  Initially told me it was my internet connection so I called the company and had them come out and check - NOPE - sent the report to WG and their next step in the process... Please delete and reinstall the game.  I have way to many minutes of ping plotter stored.  you would think with all the $ they are bringing in they would have more servers and better connections.  

      Good luck to you. 

    2. TAdoo87


      There are some internet spikes in your packet loss. :minidoge:

  22. I remember when 203 pen was already pretty good for a tier 8 pref
  23. WG right now with the LTs
  24. The RNG aspect of this game frustrates me and drives me to anger sometimes all the time but at varying degrees