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  1. It has a tad bit more base DPM than the Skorp (2.5k-something v. SKorp's 2.4k), So It trades off some mobility and accuracy for better armor (but not by much) and DPM. Honestly I think the Skorp is still better purely based on the fact that it serves a more popular line
  2. 121: 21 113: 20TVP T 50/51: 21Foch 155: 14 -3 = 11 This tank is so shockingly bad it's forgetful, I too am surprised nobody cannibalized this tank before the FV4005, at least that had an arty gun to scare people off, this thing might as well not have one AMX 50 B: 20Bat.-Chatillon 25t: 20AMX 30 B: 20Jg.Pz. E 100: 17Maus: 22E 100: 21Pz. VII: 20Grille 15: 20E 50 M: 21Leopard 1: 20STB-1: 21Type 5 Heavy: 23Centurion AX: 21FV215b (183): 17 FV215b: 20T57 Heavy: 20T110E4: 18 T110E3: 20M48 Patton: 21 + 1 = 22 Despite my shit WR in it (first tier 10 so I need to adapt to the meta more), I enjoy this tank immensely. It has enough of everything to make it work excellently, or as Garbad said the American specialty of tanks being more than the sum of its partsT110E5: 23Obj. 268: 14Obj. 263: 20T-62A: 20Obj. 430: 20Obj. 140: 21 IS-7: 17IS-4: 17Kranvagn: 17
  3. me when i play wot

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  4. As a rule of thumb, I always carry enough premium rounds to take out the highest HP tank two tiers higher from full (So if I'm in a tier 8, I load enough gold to kill a Maus) If your chance of penning a tank is at best 1/2 with standard ammo then you should load gold. Then like what Pity said if even with gold your chance is still 1/2 you're most likely in the wrong engagement and should find a way around it
  5. I'll miss having another soul online with me in the American morning, see you friendo
  6. 121: 21113: 20TVP T50/51: 21Foch 155: 20AMX 50B: 20Batchat 25t: 20AMX 30B: 20: 20Jagdpz E-100: 20Maus: 21E-100: 21Panzer VII: 20Grille 15: 20E-50M: 21Leopard 1: 20STB-1: 20Type 5 Heavy: 22Centurion AX: 20FV215b 183: 20FV215b: 20FV4005: 5 - 3 =2 I'm pretty sure there's a reason this thing is called the shitbarn. It's shit and looks like a barn. Also borderline arty is never funT57 Heavy: 20T110E4: 17 T110E3: 20M48 Patton: 20T110E5: 22 + 1 = 23 Still a pretty good tank post-nerf, although it probably won't win anymore because Maus. I would have updooted the M48 last year, but a year can change a man and meta Object 268: 17Object 263: 20T-62A: 20Object 430: 20Object 140: 20IS-7: 17IS-4: 20Kranvagn: 17
  7. (transcripted by me) -1st iteration is for balancing penetration, accuracy, and alpha at tier 10 -2nd iteration is for artillery -More iterations are for gameplay and balance features (unspecified) EDIT: This is what's in the first test, courtesy of TAP
  8. So I've gotten bored of playing the same tanks over and over and would like to grind a new line. However, I'm undecided what it should be. I'm really willing to play any line, as long as it won't give me too much AIDS. Currently, I'm deciding between: -German MT line -German HT line -German TD line -Soviet HT line -Soviet MT line (heh) They're all split branches, but whichever one of those lines is fine. Since I know it's important to have a premium for the line you're grinding, here's a list of premiums that I have in the garage at the moment: -Pz. 58 -Skorpion -Obj. 252U -IS-6 -SU-100Y -Dicker Max -TOG II* ()
  9. Purely decorative, WG was going to implement something akin to WoWS with the emblems system but scrapped it because a shit load of people got mad
  10. I've grinded through none of the lines I've picked, I'm starting fresh on those So far I've only gone all the way through on the American HT/MT Line, stopped at the T49 at the LTs and stopped halfway on the TDs (stopped at Jackson/Hellcat)
  11. Can't wait to see how rusty as fuck he's going to be
  12. fuck im about to turn blue overall

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  13. this tank is so balanced lmao :serb:

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      Shitgift me the Defender bae

  14. Although I didn't mention it in my post above since I only wanted to answer your question and reiterated by many others, the Kewei method isn't exactly the best way to improve in this game. I suggest reading on the Garbad method if you can manage to dig up that post from ages ago. But what do I know, I'm just a plateaued padded blue
  15. bFLpwLo.jpg

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  16. In order of get if you're gonna do that method: T25>M4 Ravioli>112 Since the first two tanks will force you to vision/camo/trade/flex, which will pay of in the long run because good players use these to farm damage/win games, but T25 is better since it only has 240 alpha. 112 is a very rrr-rightclickleftclick tank that doesn't require much of a thought process, but it is good for winning TL;DR T25 because it forces you to play like a good player more than the other two
  17. You appear to have mistaken Purple Heart from some pervert fujoshit how unfortunate. If it's any consolation Vert is my #2
  18. tfw you unironically enjoy playing Roblox more than WoT

  19. Nobody platoons with me in NA West, so I need some help
  20. So have I, mate If I ever drop tags at least nobody can call me unfaithful
  21. Have you guys passed LABS_NA in activity yet? It wouldn't be hard to do also purple heart best waifu
  22. /pol/ found the location of the 3rd HWNDU stream that has nothing but a camera pointed at a flag towards the sky

    my fucking sides

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