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  1. Sauce:https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/05/23/amx-canon-dassaut-de-105-upcoming-tier-viii-french-td-pictures/ I can't pronounce the name because it's French, but here are the stats (subject to change, ofc) Pics: https://imgur.com/a/UFdwp Looks nice, but its a premium for arguably the most unpopular line in the game. It's gun also isn't very nice with these stats.
  2. The AMX-30 work was something I didn't expect, simply because that line is so unpopular compared to the Leo 1 and the B-C 25t. Also wow that burst. I bet they're gonna balance that with atrocious soft stats, which was one of the reasons that the Foch line was bad in the first place. Also they can increase the side armor as much as you want, but it won't help much since that entire line suffers from horrible weakspots, but hey, at least they have one.
  3. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/06/16/supertest-t92/
  4. Why are podcasts so comfy?

  5. It basically made the the Patriot as a heavium obsolete, which was already a pretty good heavium. Also the Liberte, but it's not as strong if your analysis is correct.
  6. It all comes full circle now, the Strv S1 is the anti-premium tank premium tank...
  7. Just get a Strv S1 and shit on these things. 88mm gun means no overmatch and your 288mm pen can butter the armor. This tank is disgustingly overpowered, though.
  8. As you all know, bonds is the new in-game currency you can only get form the new ranked game mode. What you can do with it is posted here: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/05/02/wot-9-19-bonds/ What interests me, however, is the equipment and the crew skill buff you can get with it: Thoughts?
  9. It's only 200mm pen in WT so it's shitty wherever you go
  10. From my understanding of the patchnotes (very confusing stuff anyway), it'll only be a premium in the CN server. In the other regions we'll get both the 5A and the 113 in the tech tree.
  12. Ain't dissing MtM, though. It's still 2nd tier, but Meteora is just objectively better. Honestly had to pick between Meteora and Hybrid Theory, but I had to jam it lower to make room for more songs on 2nd tier
  13. It was pretty hard trying to nail the top 4 because I had to diversify, but if you were around the forum long enough you'd know what my top 1 album is ill just ping @flare_phoenix because quoting is shit >Linkin Park in the Top 4 My n-word
  14. Playing WoT?
  15. I hope WG make the IS-6 go 40kph and give it the IS-3A gun and make it the games strongest hovermed that's actually a heavy
  16. What's the best equipment for the M46 now? I assume it's shit that would buff the accuracy, so rammer/vstab/vents and the vents directive

  17. It certainly isn't perfect. It has its own certain problems (BR is a lingering one from what I gather, and a fuck-ton more RNG than WoT), but WoT also has its problems (it has a shitload now) and I can enjoy both. I really, really enjoy 1-shotting things.
  18. tbqfh it's its own niche. It certainly tried to compete with WoT (it still kinda does) and has WoT bashers that refuse to accept that it's a different kind of game, but it kinda does its own thing. 1-shotting shit is nice.
  19. Haven't played WoT (seriously) in a while.

    Are ranked battles cancer? Is it worth playing the game with a brain again?

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    2. Rspctd


      Ranked is so hit or miss. At the top rank, you either get really good games or really shit games. All depends on how MM deals with the Mice and what team gets more trash. 

    3. Zepherex


      Ranked is ass. People just camp trying to screw thier team while collecting xp.

    4. Fulcrous


      The only good thing about ranked is if you want to convince yourself to quit the game. Red line snipers everywhere. There is a 3 chevron > 12 chevron mentality held by the majority of players

  20. Tryna get the M551 Sheridan for that ATGM memes, but the T92 is pretty painful with the stock APCR. I imagine it would get better with APDS and HEAT-FS?
  21. Slowly, little by little, I'm being convinced that winning in this game is just a roll of the dice. I don't even think I'm doing badly. If someone is willing to review a match, I'd be more than happy to provide a replay or two. But fuck, this has gone on for the last ~100 games. I'm sick of doing my damn best and just losing. How do you fucking win? i mean how to win in this game, not win this game. Winning this game is quitting xDDD