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  1. Just a quick note to those like me who are still working on the 260 missions. @StranaMechty suggestion to use Obj140/T62a for MT-4 (track 4; damage 4 immobilized) worked great for me after I had been struggling to get this one done with other tanks..
  2. I blew through them using the US line. Give it a shot, even if you have to start the line from scratch. And then promptly sell them ( f arty).
  3. Apparently the Type 59 rumors are true - bought an 11-pack and won a Type 59! Nice!


  4. Sacrilegious? Hilarious? Not a "booty shot" but 1k+ damage to another T-49. First attempt at a gif but got my first MOE so why not?
  5. Confirmed great streamer! Very helpful commentary. Thanks for letting us know!
  6. At one point I was trying 12.3 in the T29, T32, OI, E75, and then ultimately the Maus line. In my experience (again - perma green), each time I took the VK100 out I felt like I had a chance and it happened in the course of normal play. With the others, I never really felt close, just hoping for the perfect conditions. My advice (which is really WTS's advice) is if you are an average/good player and you want to maximize your chances, the Maus line is definitely worth the grind.
  7. i did it in the VK 100 initially (and then also in the Mauschen). The grind up to the Mauschen was pretty relaxed tbh, and the VK 100 was fun to play. I am not a huge fan of the Mauschen, though. In both tanks, I found that side scrapping is not as effective at baiting and bouncing as poking my front out at an angle. Gl!
  8. Thanks again WTS; was able to get HT-15.3 with the Mauschen on game #34 and now have the T-55a. Much appreciated! It probably seems like obvious advice to many, but the mental hurdle of starting a new line from scratch was pretty big without knowing this was the best way to get HT-15.3.
  9. Totally right my bad. Fixed.
  10. From a perma-green's perspective, for the T-55a missions: LT: Type 64, WZ-131, WZ-132, and T49, with LT-15.3 in the T49 (with honors) (post 9.20) [I found the WZ-132 to be the least helpful so you can probably get by without it] MT: Rudy, Bromwell, Pershing, and T-54, with MT-15.3 in Bromwell (not with honors and something I was never close to) TD: SU-122-44, Obj. 704, and Obj. 268, with TD-15.3 in 268 (not with honors but something I think would have been very easy but I was too lazy) SPG: M44-->M53/55, with SPG-15.3 in M53/55 (with honors) HT: IS-2, Tiger 2, E75, VK 100.01(P), and Mauschen, with HT-15.3 in Mauschen (not yet with honors) Hope that helps someone !
  11. Advice much appreciated WTS - already did 12.3 in the VK-P (in a game that would have also done 15.3). This tank is not super fun, being swiss cheese to everything tier X and all tier IX TDs, but easy mode top tier. On my way to the Maus and HT 15.3 ...
  12. As always, big thanks to those taking the time to give advice on this thread. All I have left for the T55a is HT-12.3 and 15.3. As for 12.3, it requires 2k damage + 3x HP blocked. Can I ask for advice on this one, particularly suited for a perma-green? I have not even gotten close in the T-29 or O-I (which I am still trying with). I have gotten close in the T-32 (which I am still trying with), but it does not look like it will happen. For the O-I, it seems like Swiss cheese to anything Tier VII + (and with the 3-5-7 seeking to balance TDs for some reason I see a lot of Tier VII+ TDs), and each match seems to be at least 2 arties. So this likely will not work for me. For the T-29, it seems like everyone avoids shooting at me after the first miss. And for each of the T-29 and T-32. HE and HEAT are ubiquitous and a problem. I am grinding to the VK 100.01(P) now (Tiger (P) sucks but is playable for grinding purposes, particularly with xp boosters). I guess my main question is this: is my best bet, as a green player (not capable of QB-style T-29 completion), to grind the VK 100.01(P), or is there another line I should shoot for? I have the E-100 unlocked and I will try 15.3 in that. Thanks!
  13. This is miserable; I just cannot get 6k damage with the 704 or JT. 268 looks just like the 704 so not sure it's worth the 6M silver just for TD 15.3. And I will quit before grinding up the Grille line (which would require me to start at Tier 3 I think). Shit maps, shit MM, and bad luck with teams ... I got LT and SPG 15.3 w/honors. It seems now impossible to get MT 15.3 w/honors; w/ current MM not sure what medium can get games with enough one-tier-higher TDs AND be capable of dishing out 3k damage. And I just suck at HTs. I now have the E75 (which is surprisingly fun), but I am not optimistic about finishing out the personal missions for HT. Was hoping to get MT and TD w/honors. For the first time, this does not seem like a clever challenge and instead just feels ... stupid.
  14. Struggle a bit with SPG 15.3. Using the M53/55. Should I use the bigger (slower) gun or the smaller (faster) gun? - *Nevermind; ofc as soon as I post I get it (using the big gun). Also with TD 15.3, using the 704. Been very close many times. Is it worth the big spend to grab the 268 and JT to maximize my chances or should I just keep at it with the 704? I got MT15.3 w/o honors but like many others not sure which tank is best w/the current MM to do it w/honors.
  15. Thanks for the tip - the bundle for all three was almost the same price as for W3 alone.