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  1. Everytime I see 2 Mice matched up against the 2 50bs on my team I die inside.
  2. Jurtis please. If i was pez my post would have looked like this. Jurtis you're an autistic faggot. I can't believe we made you a DC instead of meowmeow (Jur)(tis)==================D~~~~~Meows
  3. I'd rather exceed in most battles than be mediocre in all battles.
  4. What was your high school grad quote? Just wondering...

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    2. HemanathanRX7


      something about 420 blaze it

    3. kreigermann


      "never pet a burning dog"


    4. Raj


      I didn't even have one because I never attended the last 2 years of highschool... Feelsgoodman.

  5. 15cm heat spam at heavies is probably the most satisfying thing ever.
  6. Join for stimulating conversations
  7. There's no way my little E-25 can earn all these medals
  8. To be honest you just need to avoid touchy subjects as it may offend people with inferior tastes. But we're still up for banter, whether it be about the chem trail runoff that's turning our frogs gay and making our salamanders rainbow coloured or how the VK 10000000001P is just a device that wargaming used to make 440 alpha the norm at tier 8 so they could introduce the defender is all fair game. We're talkative people. Talk to us about how you've been bouncing to on your boy's wn8 for hours on end and how it made you feel warm inside, or how much you want our glorious field commander ZibbleZobble to pen the rear of your 50B with his Type 5 HE shells.
  9. You go somewhere else.
  10. Don't go trying and start Waifu War 3 (WW3) in our thread please. This is a positive vibe zone free of the malignant tumours that are arty and high alpha HE guns. Really though, anime is the true evil that tears a clan apart. It's not CW 2.0 or trying to maintain the balance of skill and activity. It's the way that anime creates segregation in clans between the "weebs" and the "non-weebs". Please try not to bring up touchy subjects such as this and politics as it usually results in unrest and inflammatory remarks. ~Head of the Purples Ensuring Negativity Is Stopped movement. Meows
  11. Purchased: 'T95' successfully purchased. Spent credits:  3,500,000. LUL

  12. Does anyone else think that tier 8 is absolute cancer to play with the new mm

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    2. SkittlesOfSteeI


      Tfw trying to play T28 which relies on it's armor, but keep getting matched up against things that autopen the front plate.

    3. DirtyACE7


      I'm hesitant to play any of my tier 8 premiums right now.

    4. SchnitzelTruck


      Implying t28 was ever matched up against something other than high pen tanks :P  



    Only took 29 games of not shooting anything 

  14. Potassium