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  1. tfw you fulfill the requirements for LT-15 in a light, but you weren't able to select LT-15 yet.

  2. is using the numbers you get with a 100% crew, not base values like we are with the T-103 stats
  3. Next one seems to be 10 wins as top 3 damage.
  4. tfw I did 1.5k dmg in my Valentine II yesterday yet lost because I ran out of ammo. I hate myself for doing yesterday's.
  5. Running luchs nonstop should do the trick. It's a light so it shits out exp, and it's strong enough that I don't have any issues with the fact that it sees tier 7 tanks.
  6. @Marty Engine was 500hp, now it's 530
  7. Which reminds me. I did some "math" a while back, and since I by and large quite WoT, only 10% of the premium tanks added were put into the ingame store for sale. That's 3 vs 27, if you include the 7 duplicates from speshul skins (otherwise is 3 vs 20). Looking through patchnotes would likely yield a more accurate answer.
  8. Thanks for pointing that out, you're right. Doublechecked with a Cromwell and Cromwell B and it is hull traverse.
  9. @GehakteMolen @Felicius I was actually wrong with my original statement, so ignore this
  10. I will say one issue with the VK 100.01 (P) and Liberte that's not been mentioned here is they're much larger than a 252, while also being slower, meaning nice fat brick for arty and TDs to nom. There may be niche cases where one of those is clearly superior in some regard to the 252 (i.e. corner poking), but the 252 has its fair share of those as well (i.e. >200mm effective turret sides). The 252 gets comparable armor to them while not being a fat brick in the process. I'd actually argue it's superior to the liberte generally speaking, but this is not the liberte thread. I'm fine with comparing it to an IS-3 though. 252 has better armor in most cases and hits harder, but the IS-3 is overall more reliable in what it does. 252 is better in a pubbie's hands than an IS-3 I'd imagine, and vise versa for uniscum. It being powerful in the hands of an idiot is one of my main complaints, the other being the armor letting it stomp all over things with guns smaller than an IS-3's while paying relatively little for it.
  11. Guys, I've got an even better idea. Just don't play WoT
  12. I guess we can't see all the soft stats yet, but I think what they did to the M7 says enough. They made the gun actually be able to hit stuff, but the M7 is also going to lose almost a quarter of its HP and reload a second slower. Nothing else seems to change. It's obvious that WG can't balance for shit, but I do want to know how exactly we're getting this sort of "balance" in the first place.
  13. I don't play the game anymore and even I can tell QB was playing like an inbred potato. You don't camp base on campinovka in a HT, especially with arty on the other team. 9 line on Abbey is almost always shit to begin with, but don't push it alone and then blame the tank. This stuff should be common sense.