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  1. Contrary to popular belief, there is indeed such thing as a ethnic Jew. Wikipedia, the great book of knowledge, happens to agree with this statement of mine. Figure I should make mention of this, just like how someone earlier had to point out that the ability to censor does not lay solely with the government. Also @Griphos, I don't think the neighborhood Gestapo officer was calling the undesirables "Jewgaming" back in '39 either :^) I don't give a shit whether or not a slur was used, but this is one of the more hilarious derails I've seen on this site. Suprised we've not had a mod swoop in yet, but if slurs are such a big deal to others here, just report it instead of pissing and shitting all over the thread about how slurs are bad and why.
  2. Because calling them retarded fucks is ableist, not racist Anyways, this is quite the derail
  3. Shit, didn't even realize the gold ammo has better pen for no real reason. T32 seems to pay a lot for that gun depression. (comparison vs T32)
  4. Or, we can just use math and realize that [email protected] is 218mm eff (198mm vs AP, 205mm vs APCR).
  5. Traded in my CDC for the ravioli, though it'll take a bit for all the shit RNG to get rinsed off it. Have had some good battles as well as some moments that make me question why I play this game.
  6. Ignoring the flat little 220mm strips along the border of the mantlet and the 230mm parts of the mantlet not overlapping with the turret, the thing looks to be >260mm effective, so tier 10 tanks would have a 50/50 chance with standard ammo for going through. As you aim further from the center, the armor gets tougher as you'd expect. It does get that 60mm tumor on top. I also question the ability of this to sidescrape. The turret is mounted on a big and fat 100mm ring that would make the VK 72.01 jealous. Hull down would be a much more viable tactic. You can always use friendly heavies to hide your hull :^)
  7. Unless we're talking relative to its tier or something, it's still weaker. The mantlet is thicker in exchange for losing the extra armor behind it. Think Fury with x2 mantlet thickness.
  8. You are fake news. M26 has a 203mm mantlet and is better shaped. But yes, this should bring it up to being very similar to the old model. Instead of it being 89mm+76mm rounded, it's a single flat 178mm piece. WG finally realized that removing 76mm of armor from the front of a tier 6 tank is a pretty big nerf and decided not to do that.
  9. I guess it's not that important since pretty much no one will have one in the first place, but the ISU-130 is actually pretty nice to play after its buffs. It can be awkward to play since it only has 215mm pen and is less agile than the ISU-152, but FUCKING 4K DPM WITH GOLD. That's 700dpm higher than any other tier 8 and only beaten by the Tortoise and STRV 103B. Just go on the flank with the mediums and laugh maniacally as their HP melts away. The AT 15 has the second highest DPM at tier 8, but needs constant exposure to make use of it. The ISU-130 with gold has JT levels of alpha. Also unlike before, the gun handling improvements mean I'm not missing as many shots. New MM also means you're not fucked when bottom tier either. It's gotten a lot better since its release. I think there's only one or two other people on here with one, but it should at least be in the average or can be fun sections.
  10. I'm tempted to trade in my CDC for the ravioli sherman, but I know if I do that, the CDC will get T-62A levels of gun handling in update 9.20. Since we're talking premiums, is that tier 6 Swede premium any good? Looks like a generally worse T 25 skoda, but with better pen, dmg, and larger clipazine. I've got enough gold either for that or a ravioli w/ trade in.
  11. I've got it in a status update, but 177.8mm. They've basically all got the top turret from the Jumbo now (stronk mantlet, paper turret).
  12. Next update gives all tier 6 shermans a 178mm mantlet a la thunderbolt

  13. I told you all it'd be a HT No. VI for wehraboos to wank over. Also, gamemodels3d is already updated with the supertest models if you've got an account.
  14. I've not played either yet, the BC 12t still sits untouched in my garage, but the ammo count boost is a big deal. Unless you roll max dmg with every shot and pen every shot, neither of those two games he screencapped would have been possible in the 13 75. While those games certainly aren't the norm, not always running low on ammo is a nice comfort. I will agree that there could be room for debate over whether or not the BC 12t improves enough over the 13 75, but the BC 12t certain isn't worse. There's a few stats that are vaguely inferior on the BC 12t, but the gun is more potent, is 7 hp/ton faster, 10m view range, and has superior gun elevation and top speed. I thought this tank would be garbage at first and only kept it to grind out the AMX-30, but it's not looking too bad to me. To put things into perspective of how I'm seeing this, the gun is an autoloader version of the LTTB's gun. It's much closer to an 85mm than a 75mm.
  15. WG says China server only, but WG also said the WZ-111 is China only and that they'll never limit MM to 3 arty per team.