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  1. MrChameleon

    LF tier 9 frand

    Hi. I'm running E-50 and T-54 atm if you would like to play. I prefer to silent plat too.
  2. MrChameleon

    Tier x platoons anyone?

    Hi. I'd like to platoon if you're still looking IGN: MrChameleon
  3. MrChameleon

    NA West Platoonie

    Thank you If anyone else is looking to platoon, I'm available!
  4. Your projected winrate is 54%, that's teal. If your stats are accurate, and they probably are considering you already have 6k battles you'll get there eventually.
  5. MrChameleon

    NA West Platoonie

    it's happened to me many a time my friend a slot is open everybody
  6. MrChameleon

    NA West Platoonie

    Hi everyone. Been back for about two weeks from my hiatus and my friends list is dead. I feel confident again in my skills. I can use TS if needed, but I also enjoy to silent platoon and listen to music. I would prefer players above 1600+ wn8, so teal. I'm really just wanting to have a nice tanking session on my weekend off. I mainly play west server, but east isn't a huge problem. Add me in game: MrChameleon. I like to play Tier 8, 9 and 10 mostly. Thanks everyone!
  7. MrChameleon

    I would like a little help...

    I won't be able to take a look at the recordings you have posted tonight but if you want a few pointers and maybe some teaching, add me in game: MrChameleon. I'm typically on everyday during frequent hours, more-so on the weekend (NA). I can help answer any questions you may have and help you improve your stats and gameplay. Best of luck
  8. MrChameleon

    E-50/E-50 M Fan Club

    T-34-3 <3
  9. MrChameleon

    Getting worse and worse. I need help

    Just took a 3 month hiatus. Got sick of arty and all the bullshit this game serves you on a silver platter. Came back and I am finding it equally retarded, except for the fact I have regained my patience.
  10. MrChameleon

    New to Wotlabs

    Welcome to WotLabs! Enjoy your stay and happy tanking
  11. MrChameleon

    E-50/E-50 M Fan Club

    Swag. Tank is the best.
  12. MrChameleon

    People Who Play Only One Video Game - Kotaku

    If WoT was the only game I played, I too would kill myself. I promise. It's not hate. It's just how it is.
  13. MrChameleon

    Lager is recruiting 1700 wn8 60 days For Clam Wars

    d00d whats up with that account
  14. MrChameleon

    People Who Play Only One Video Game - Kotaku

    I kind of hate myself for trying to play like, 5 games at a time. At the moment, I play WoT, Eve, Mount and Blade Napoleonic Wars, ESO. I hate it. I feel guilty for playing one now and not the other, and I don't know what to do. I constantly feel as if I am going to miss out on something. My first world problems are real guyz
  15. MrChameleon

    Coming from the Left Coast

    Welcome! I am from Portland too