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  1. I see people commentating about the higher FPS limit in sandbox, just so you all know that was because of me. The +1button is down below :Flair:

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    2. BlackAdder


      Only  bolagnaise is fucked :doge:


      Man I expected some more votes, Wotlabs is ded confirmed :notlikethis:


    3. DirtyACE7


      Sorry I'm out of upvotes according to Wotlabs. Got a little pop up message about it. I guess I'm fucked too.

    4. TheMarine0341


      @DirtyACE7 Patron is the way to go 

  2. M48 is super balanced now



    11 Games total


  3. If i remember correctly marks did not drop when they where first introduced, so it was much easier to get marks than it is now, as battles with dmg below the required value to make it rise did not count.
  4. Oh carnts, I'm in adelaide for work. im meeting up with Eugene for beers tommorow in bed. feel free to join. lol, CBD....CBD guys promise
  5. That's a well know weak spot, the 215B is terrible at side scraping against competent players Luckily the ratio of competent to potato's is in the potato's favour.
  6. Hopey, your a crack head. It's nothing like clan wars. Well maybe it is for you, Does your clan (will any clan even take you in) sit at the back of the map and never leave the cap circle. I like how you use the word Hassle Free, I guess playing zero skill arty is hassle free isn't it. Get Ebola.
  7. im in hotel at the moment, it is 100/40 nbn but sometimes goes slow, im at 30Gb now
  8. Changes to tank parameters China 121: Depression of the 122 mm gun 60-122TG is increased from -3.5 to -5 degrees.
  9. How has nobody commented about -5 depression next patch, is this going to be godlike or what now.
  10. He realised about 20 mins after we where G'ing him up, and he apologised to us. Welcome in my stream anytime