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  1. I haven't really paid attention to this retard before, heard people talk about him in whatsapp etc. Who is this tinfoil wearing shitlord?
  2. So can you sit in TS with me and say 'it's ok Bol, everything is fine, dont worry about that bad game, you got this' I recently 3 marked my second tier 10 and it was the most enjoyable session I've ever had. But most of the time I want to kill myself attempting them.....
  3. Can we please get a Tracert from everyone as well so we can confirm that it's us and not you PS Its you
  4. I think it's much more than that. Tan is actively trying to fix the server issues I think.
  5. More than likely the sound card is soldered to the motherboard so no, Just get a cheap USB DAC like the creative E1
  6. Sounds like sound card has died and is short circuiting. Youll need to buy a USB DAC I reckon to get sound out of the laptop now.
  7. Arty is balanced. Little cunt followed me around the entire map so I just gave up and parked in the open. Straya cunt
  8. I see 2 people complaining about E5 in status updates right now. Meanwhile I'm like


    1. sohojacques


      Nice work. Even at my shitty level of play I'm not really feeling the nerf. Everyone spammed premium rounds at the cupola before so...

  9. Why would I be trolling. Unlike most shitters they actually are aggressive players and play high tier tanks competently. Add the fact that our server population is now larger makes it much better to get balanced games with more HP to shoot.