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  1. Glacier

    I just got it for the first time in a T-44, tier 9 game, so will give my opinion for what it's worth. I went south from north spawn along the 0-line. I had early shots on a T54-lwt and a Charioteer that poked the middle (the former was around F6, and it took him a long time to get out of sight of my gun (hit him 3 times, but one was a bounce). Use of trees meant I could shoot him without getting spotted. They didn't commit too many thanks this way, whereas we had 4, so quickly won the road at K-0. I then continued to around H5 which allowed me to spot and/or get flanking fire on any tanks remaining in the middle area, as well as their surviving heavies which won the north part of the map and were trying to push our cap. Solid win. To me it feels like the south would be more important, as even after winning the north, their heavies had little option but to push into spaces where they are vulnerable to getting shot in the rear if the south is lost. Given the south also has much better cover in general, I think a reverse of the situation isn't as strong, as it's probably easier to dig out the north corner than the south corner.
  2. Well, got to play a bit in 1.0 this morning so first impressions:

    1. So much for optimisation. New max settings tanked my framerate down to about 60fps. Tweaked settings and got it back to the more usual 120fps.

    2. Definitely an issue with the saturation/contrast/brightness combo. Took a while to get settings that were at least manageable. Still not convinced I'm comfortable with the settings though.

    3. The eye-candy is certainly nice, but it does feel distracting at the moment. Probably will get used to it in time.

    4. Most of the maps I got haven't been changed much, and on the ones that have had a few changes, I somehow managed to die early...

    Otherwise, same old pubbie madness. 6/10.

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    2. Balthazars


      I got Mountain Pass (no change, still my most hated map), Murovanka (went west, seemed no real change), Abbey (no real change on east except the central rock is a lot smaller), Steppes (east seems quite changed but died early like a potato), Arctic Region or whatever it's been renamed to (again north seems changed but died early like a potato), Paris (unchanged from what I can see), Karelia (unchanged), Live Oaks (seems unchanged on tracks but died early).

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    3. Fulcrous


      I get the same frames... if not better because its unlocked now on max everything.

      I have a 7700k @ 5.0GHz and a 1070

    4. Balthazars


      I'm running a much older card and system (about 5 years old now), an [email protected],400k and a GTX 760. The auto-detect settings put pretty much everything to max but the frame-rate hit was real. I knocked a couple of things back to just 'high' settings and got my frame-rate back to 120fps which I like more. Not too fussed to be honest but it's a bit strange when the game auto-detects to that level but the performance is quite poor. I do run the SD client though, not sure if the HD client is better optimised?

  3. T-34-3 First impression: A solid and underrated premium tank.

    Seeing that they're going to remove it I'm kind of happy that I didn't end up trading mine in for something else (was close to doing so at one stage). I've not played it since the buffs, but I have a soft spot for it given it was my very first tier 8 premium tank. I moved the crew to something else, so need to scrape together a new one, but will probably now hang onto it. It was decent without buffs, now with buffs, it should remain decent despite the tougher MM and the awful 175 pen.
  4. VK100.01 - the new "Mini-Maus"?

    Double post but whatever... finished the grind now, 125 games. 53.6% win rate and only 1,750 damage per game. Had a pretty rough run towards the end of the grind. Overall, I do get a bit more why people say that it is OP. As top tier, it is very powerful as you can basically roll straight through tier 6s with ease and can 2-shot most of them with your alpha. The high alpha and good pen also means it is decent when bottom tier, as at least you can do more than just tickle higher tier tanks. Gun handling okay if brawling but not made for sniping, which is fair enough. The armour is... well, in some ways excellent, in other ways it will let you down. The side armour is actually really bad for a sidescraper and higher tier guns will pen you in the side if you are even slightly over-angled. Those high-pen TDs can also yolo straight through your turret front too which doesn't help. Lower plate is of course trash as it is the main weakpoint. As a slow tank, of course you will suffer in a landside game, either way, and the lack of mobility will get you killed and / or lose huge chunks of your health (e.g. mountain pass - my most hated map - trying to cross the open space either side of the bowl in a tier 10 game, goodbye half your health), or simply force you not to go to important areas of the map. All up, I did kind of enjoy it (I do like slow heavies generally) and it's probably one of the best tier 8 heavies in the game currently. May actually keep it.
  5. T-44 undervalued

    I should probably point out that shortly after making my post above, I ended up going on a 10 game losing streak in my T-44 and dropped from nearly 55% WR to 50% WR. But yes, I do agree with @Tanager above that being a generalist gives it more options in poor MM situations unlike more one-trick ponies like the Indien, Panther II, Cent I. The Pershing is probably the other 'good' tier 8 medium, and it also happens to be a generalist.
  6. T-44 undervalued

    I've had the tank elite for a bit now and continuing to grind through (started it just before they announced changes to the Russian tree, so yay I guess?). I actually find it's quite competitive in tier 10 games for a tier 8 medium because it has no 'bad' areas while also not having any outstanding areas. It has enough pen (both standard and gold) to counter most threats, except of course superheavies from the front, but then it's a medium and really shouldn't be able to engage superheavies higher tier from the front. It's mobile enough to flank. Has a reasonably small profile so can do a bit of camo spotting in bushes. Gun handling is actually pretty darned good. Has a little bit of turret and hull armour (the former enough to troll higher tiers on occasion, the latter enough to troll lower tiers on occasion). I actually don't mind playing it at all, even with the dodgy tier 8 MM.
  7. The T54E1 is killing my will to live. Somehow just about 2k dpg after biting the bullet and firing a lot more gold but 45% win rate after 70~ish games. So frustrating...

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    2. Balthazars


      @Kolni yeah, obviously I'm nowhere near your level of play, but bad pen coupled with bad gun handling certainly means I find a lot of shots either miss or don't pen, especially once you go beyond brawling range, which is kind of bad news given this tank can't brawl very well given it is pretty much auto-pen for everything.

    3. Kolni


      Well it's all relative, it was my best t9 tank for quite some time. Now I'm pretty sure it'd be one of the worst ones :doge: 

    4. MatzerMike


      The real question is though - is it really worth grinding toward T57?? I just recently bought T54E1 but thinking about selling it soon..

  8. So, so close to finishing SPG-15.3... 4,915 damage, 3,472 stun damage, 3 kills, High Caliber, Confederate, Mastery, 1,235 base xp... and I lose out by 78xp to a Skoda. F.M.L :cri:

    1. Fianii


      In what Cancer?

      Need to score honors on that to salvage a commendation for 260 myself.

    2. Balthazars


      M35/55 on Malinovka - it was a rare combination of a map good for arty where the game was actually slow enough to rack up the damage/stun assist. It's been pretty rare to try and get that combination, and in most arty games I play (not many to be honest) I'm usually nowhere near the stun assist requirement (been top on XP a couple of times).

  9. T-44 undervalued

    No, I only recently unlocked it, but have to admit, not particularly keen on trying to use a 175/217 pen gun in tier 10 games...
  10. How the heck does one play the T54E1? No armour, terrible gun handling, so-so mobility, bad penetration. Seem to spend one third of the game trying to find/wait for an opening to use the clip on, bounce half of the first clip, get frustrated, get lol-penned by everything that aims at me, die with <1,000 damage. :(

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    2. GehakteMolen


      cola + full APCR + rage  (and 1 clip of AP, for late game arty kills and so)

      ps: there are very few t9 tanks i hated more as the T54

    3. hazzgar


      Strange. I liked mine but I played it like 1.5 year ago. It was easy to keep 2400 dpg since the damage output is very high given the tier. 

    4. monjardin


      Shoot drive wheels

  11. T-44 undervalued

    I'm part-way through grinding it, and the buff to the dispersion is definitely noticeable and it can now snap-shot reasonably well. Overall, it's pretty good for a tier 8 medium, which is generally a class that suffers. It's an all-rounder which helps: decent gun, decent mobility, decent camo, armour that will occasionally troll people. Enjoying it so far and grinding out both the T54 and the Obj 430 should be pretty enjoyable.
  12. Obj 257 - the Armored Catamaran

    Trying to figure out if this thing is worth the effort of sinking a crew into it. I already have the IS7 researched (not bought) so don't need to grind it, so playing it would only be for flavour. Armour seems like it could troll people but at the same time, so many people running around with it at the moment and it doesn't seem that strong. Still generally think the T-10 seems the stronger vehicle.
  13. Satisfaction... a 5k damage, 1.7k spotting (1,33k base xp) mastery badge tier-10 game in your T49, including a 800+ damage pen on a DeathStar who in the previous game was on your team and accused you of being a shit LT driver. :disco:

  14. This, this so, so much. I'm stuck on SPG 15.3 for the T55A as well (I do have the orders but trying to see if I can get it done). It feels close to impossible to do this mission since the re-work to arty, mostly because either the game is over so quickly you have no chance to do damage, or if the game lasts longer, it's usually because you team is potato and never shoots the tanks that you stun and while you have the damage and maybe the XP on your own, you don't have the stun assist that you need. So frustrating.
  15. Whoo, managed to get the mastery badge for my VK 100.01 - only took 1,438 base xp to do it! Probably close to one of my highest base-xp games ever now that I think about it...