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  1. I can't offer much I'm stuck on the same mission as well (I have completed TD, MT and HT 15.3 with honours) and also only need this to get the T55A. Very close to using orders to unlock it. I've found the issue is that with the reduction in arty damage, if you end up doing enough damage to get top on XP, you've likely done too much damage to get the assist damage that you need. Games where I have finished top on XP (to be honest only a handful for me since I got to this mission, probably 4 or 5 games, I'm not a very good arty player) have almost all involved pitifully low amounts of assist damage (such as on Prok or Mali) usually because enemy tanks don't tend to sit in the open to be stunned/tracked and you end up hitting them while they are in cover. I'm trying to complete it in the tier 9 US arty.
  2. Already missed one day of grinding because so busy at work. Probably not going to be able to do this. Bleh. The damage one is certainly achievable if you play tier 8-10 tanks at a half decent level, so I'd actually say it's a very generous marathon mission compared to some of the others they've done in the past.
  3. Okay, so I finally got around to looking at the new interface, because I finally got a map where it is possible to do LT-12.3 (2k spotting without being lit at the time) after endless trolling in the map rotation while playing light tanks. Great day in the morning is this new interface bad. I can't tell how many Orders or whatnot I even have and what I need to sink to complete anything. Who designed this garbage? If I understand it correctly, I have orders sunk into LT-15.2 (completed without honours) automatically. I completed all Stug level-15 missions with honours. I have MT, HT and TD-15 missions for the T55A completed with honours. On Arty-15.3 and now LT-13.3. Not sure if I'll be able to get my T55A and it's impossible to tell without spending more time than I'm willing to do trying to figure out this stupid interface. Bleh.
  4. Thanks guys, I wondered whether the extra pen on the gold round was worth the difference, my gut feel was an extra 9mm wouldn't mean much, but good to get the lowdown from those more experienced. I'm currently carrying 4 rounds but will probably drop it to 2 as I've barely ever fired any. Still getting used to the gun handling on this thing, and I admit I'm too cheap to run premium consumables at the moment. That said, game last night was glorious. Full ass-pen on a T95 (fire) for 1k+ damage, then got to finish him off a second time for his remaining 400+ hp. Then got to derp a Foch B pen in the side for 930ish damage as he tried to stop me getting his rear. He failed, and I finished him off too. On Kharkov. I admit, this thing is darned addictive.
  5. In a follow-on from the ammo selection, for a T49 noob... I get the selection between HE/HEAT reasonably well enough, but do you T49 pros use the standard HE or the gold HE? If I'm using HE, should I be going the Type 4/5 route and simply spamming the gold version of it?
  6. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry when I saw it, to be honest!
  7. Apparently for September 2017, I am No.1 on NA for the Tiger P lol.
  8. So I'm 50 games into the Emil II, and I have to say that I regret going down this line. Pretty much only just finished unlocking all the modules. 40% win rate with just under 2k DPG. Painful. Stock grind has to be one of the worst I've experienced thus far - the gun is bad against the plethora of tier 9 and tier 10 heavies. It still has bad gun handling, and the alpha and pen are terrible, barely enough to do 50% damage to in-tier tanks. It is SO SLOW for a tank that has basically no armour - barely manages 20kph on flat ground. Turns extremely slow, meaning relocating is basically impossible. Thankfully the top gun is lighter than the stock gun, which makes the rest of the grind a bit easier. Firstly, you can pen things, and your clip finally means something (although it's still not great, especially when you get all those sub-400 damage rolls). The lighter weight helps with the mobility (at least can get above 20kph on the flat, and can keep speed built up going downhill a little while). Even fully upgraded (haven't had it for too many games to be honest), it still feels terrible overall. Mobility is frustratingly bad. It is a hill-fighter but struggles getting up and down hills. Flat, straight-line speed is also disappointing. The gun is... okay, pen is acceptable as is the clip potential. Gun handling is still bad though (I bounce a heap of shots on the sides of things that really shouldn't be bouncing 240 pen), and it retains this awful 3.3 second intra-clip reload that often means if the enemy is close to cover you usually only get to land that first hit. Plus, if you don't have a hill to utilise, the turret armour is weak against anything higher tier (I had a T57 heavy pen me straight through the turret with heat on flat ground). Can't say I'll keep playing this once I unlock the tier 10.
  9. So I finally got around to moving a crew into this thing after having it unlocked for ages. I totally get what @CraBeatOff is saying. For a middling player like me, the 90mm is much easier to be consistent with. The playstyle is similar to other light tanks and mediums and a lot of things that you've learned going down the line still apply. It's a fat light with a great gun and can contribute as a damage dealer. The derp however... I've not had it too long (just about 10 games) but boy oh boy is it still famine and feast at the moment. I've had close to fully aimed shots just fly off into the ether. But then you have those glorious moments when you penetrate some poor sod and either delete them outright or shave off a huge chunk of their health. I'm a solo player so you absolutely have to be careful, and will get let down by your team on occasions. I totally get how in platoons, especially skilled ones, this tank becomes deadly. Still learning how to play it with the derp, and to get used to the gun handling, which is by far the worst on anything I've played apart from arty, but it's different, a challenge and fun. I can see why this tank is very popular.
  10. I'll be happy if this change just helps me get the T55A... I'm stuck on LT-10 or something stupid like that (2k spotting while unspotted) mostly because MM refuses to give me a map in my light tanks that is big enough and/or has bushes that allows you to spot stuff without getting lit straight away...
  11. 800 battles for you top-tier players. Probably more like 1,500 for plebs like the rest of us... That said I totally agree with the sentiment. It's a game, if you're not having fun playing it, you're doing it wrong.
  12. So I finally got to the Type 5 heavy, was waiting for ages for a crew retraining sale to move the crew up from the Type 4, which I actually got really used to playing and was performing quite well in. This thing is basically a better version of the Type 4, which is hilarious. 10 games, 2,900 dpg, 40% win rate (lol), and average damaged blocked of 3,400. Literally play it like the Type 4 heavy, except the derp now has better handling and reloads faster, the frontal armour is even stronger, and you still have the same weaknesses to gold-spam and the fact that it is slow as **** and because of that sometimes you will simply lose because you can't get to where you need to be at the critical moments. You still need to angle properly lest many tier 9 and 10 tanks will pen you if you are flat-on, but it's all the same tricks as with the Type 4 so the adjustment isn't very difficult. Fun to play - none of this weakpoint aiming nonsense (although people that argue there is no need to aim aren't really right, because you can get a lot more out of the gun if you do aim for parts where you know the armour is thinner), simple angling requirements to get use out of armour (hide the shoulder on a corner and poke out at 45-degrees or as close to it as possible and bait shots), and keep moving until you get to the brawl zone. And keep moving the moment you win the brawl zone. I like it.
  13. Okay, what's the recommended upgrade path for the Emil II? Completely stock: the gun is pretty awful for tier 9, it's slow as all heck (barely managing 22kph on flat ground), and I imagine it needs tracks to mount engine (but not gun, as top gun seems lighter)... already want to die trying to grind this thing...

    1. SaintLaurentius


      Get the top gun ASAP. That's all you need to prioritize.

  14. Yay, first ever 3-mark! \o/ So it's only the VK 3000P at tier 6, but given I've never been anywhere close to 3-marking anything else (and have only managed a handful of 2-marks) I still feel pretty happy lol.


    1. kukis12345


      My first was T-34, still remember that amazing feeling xD

  15. Yeah, thanks to those who posted links. I tested and indeed, the EU servers will all be over 300 ping from East-coast Australia. One of the servers though is only about 317, which would be playable assuming no packet loss. Probably not 'sure' enough to take the plunge though, guess I'll keep playing on NA until it dies lol. That said, the new central server has been pretty stable for me so far at about 240-250 ping.