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  1. So finally ground out enough XP for one of the top guns on the T54. Which one do people recommend? The DPM one or the gun handling one?

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    2. Assassin7


      @Haswell not anymore, they rebalanced both guns, DPM gun has much better DPM but worse gun handling, other gun has better gun hamdling but a worse reload than it used to. 

      The DPM gun also gives you an extra degree of gun depression. So I highly recommend it as still being the gun to go for.


    3. Ham_


      Oh yeah that too, -6 is the game changer for the dpm gun. The guns are supposed to mirror the tier 10 play style, thats why dpm gun leads to 140 and sniper gun leads to 62A.

    4. Haswell


      Huh. Knew about the extra depression, but didn't know other comfy stats got shafted.

      Extra depression still counts as superior gun handling though. :doge:

  2. Balthazars

    Object 430 Appreciation and Boasting Thread

    I've just finished the grind to the 430U. I really enjoyed it overall. 165 games, 58% WR, 2,243 DPG, but fairly low assist (only around 750), although I've just realised that I did the whole grind with less-than-max view range because I didn't re-train Situational Awareness off the loader. It's a good package. It's quite nice to have the 390 alpha on a Soviet wedge platform. The tank is maneuverable, although not the best in terms of straight-line speed or climbing. I didn't find the 5 degrees of gun depression too difficult to use, which was surprising as I have struggled in the past with poor-depression tanks. Good turret armour, although not the best, and troll hull armour. Can side-scrape sort of okayish but not reliable. The low profile gives it decent camo and helps to find those little spots to go hull-down. The gun will troll you every so often, but the AP pen is pretty good and it's not often that you'll find the APCR that much more of an improvement, so it also makes pretty good bank for a tier 9. That lack of 330 pen HEAT will make you cry though if you're stuck facing a super-heavy from the front. It's not overly outstanding in any area but not really lacking in any area either. Good fun, highly recommend. My one regret is that despite some nice 'peak' games and I think base-XP games in the 1.2k range, it's the first tier 9 tank that I've failed to get a mastery badge during the grind. Looking forward to the tier 10.
  3. Hmm, I kind of don't mind the FCM which I picked up a little while back. DPM and gun handling were the two areas I would have suggested to be improved if it lost pref-MM, and also its main weaknesses (DPM in particular, when you compare it to say the T-44, which has 10 more alpha but a better rate of fire). That it's getting a DPM buff is decent, and slightly improved mobility will basically make it slightly better at what it currently does. I've done okay with it so far so I suppose that's okay. T-34-3 buffs are disappointing, only HEAT velocity (but not pen) and slightly better AP pen, whereas the Type 59 gets a lot more love. Will probably trade in the very first premium I bought at this rate.
  4. So, ARL44 - are either of the top guns and improvement on the second 90mm? The top 90mm gains pen for worse DPM and worse gun handling from what I can tell. The 105mm looks like a smaller pen gain, more alpha, and even worse gun handling. Trying to figure out if it's worth grinding these because this thing is pretty rubbish...

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    2. Nekommando


      Do you want to aim forever to hit for 240 or do you want to aim forever and hit for 300/330?

      The answer is simple. 


    3. Hîr-am-Helcaraxë


      With the 105 and apcr you almost have Tiger I levels of DPM, way better trading capabilities, same cancer aim time, 3° better gun depression and oddly enough better dispersion both on the tank and the turret. Just worse accuracy, much worse. 
      Both 90mm are bad, back in the day I used the top one for 2 or 3 battles, then mounted the 105 again and never regretted once and when I'll bought back the M4 to grind the new heavies I'll surely use the 105 again.
      For me it's like this: M4 with 90 mm is a worse Tiger I, M4 with 105 is a better Tiger I, easy.

      Edit: Sorry for some reason i read M4 45! Basically it's the same argument though...

    4. Balthazars


      Thanks for the input guys. Guess it's grind for that 105 and spam gold like no tomorrow. May have to start running a premium tank again for a bit I suppose... so far this grind is painful.

  5. Balthazars

    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    All these 'soccer' heathens... Don't disagree too much with any of the above, except I would tip 7) to be Serbia over Argentina. Also for 10), Poland v Columbia is probably 50-50 but inclined towards Poland as well. As a general rule for those uninitiated, at this stage of the tournament you can probably pick winners with 70% chance of success by picking either the South American nation or the European nation. Where two Europeans/South Americans playing or a European v South American playing then that's where it's a bit more complicated, but even then, you could probably flip a coin and do okay or go off the FIFA rankings (although they are generally pretty rubbish for the World Cup it's probably a good enough guide).
  6. Okay, wow looks OP as heck in its current form. Also very strange that it is a medium given it looks like it's supposed to be a premium TD for the Shitbarn line. It's definitely too good in its current form. Agree with some comments here that giving it 200-220~ish pen HESH and a low-pen AP round would however make it interesting. Will probably sell like hotcakes.
  7. Funnily enough even Quickybaby is basically saying that off the bat it will be OP because of the gun handling and the amazing gold round penetration. It's not too often that he flat-out declares a tank is likely to be OP before it hits live as he tends to be 'conservative' in his opinion. Frankly, this would be the first OP tier-10 that I could get straight away as I have 224k xp saved up on my T10 so wouldn't mind being able to try one out straight away lol. It does seem a bit ridiculous when you consider it. Nerf its gold round and it's still a very good tank. One question: can it sidescrape? Given it has the semi-rounded lower plate and doesn't seem to have much of a pike nose, it seems like it might be able to do so reasonably well?
  8. Balthazars

    The P.43 Bis, 240 alpha ? Yes please !

    I loved the VK30P for the combination of alpha, mobility and armour that can bounce (turret in this case) - it's my first ever 3-mark. This one certainly sounds competitive as it seems to have a similar combination. I'll probably look to start the grind here, assuming I can scrounge up enough free XP, and my usual is to stick around at tier 6 to grind crew skills (as I didn't end up buying the premium). Thanks for your mini-reviews. Will probably look to skip the tier 5 but may try out the tier 4 for the luz.
  9. I imagine that they will start with the Tier 8 tanks first, as these are the ones that are likely causing the biggest impact on the MM, plus they are also the most plentiful in number. Any premiums between tier 5 and tier 7 that has pref MM will likely get rebalanced too. Below that I can't see them caring too much, to be honest. Hard to see how this will go, to be honest, the KV5 stuff seems insufficient to make a slow 'super-heavy' relevant in the current tier-10 meta, especially when it still has the kind of frontal weakspots that it currently has. It will likely be underpowered, but the KV5 is probably, along with the Super-P and Jag-88, the hardest of the tier 8 pref-MM premiums to balance because they rely on armour, and you can't let tier 8 tanks have armour relevant against tier 10s and not be broken when top tier. The other tier 8s though are probably okay. The IS6, 111 and 112 are probably okay with just penetration buffs. The 34-3 and Type probably okay too, maybe with some gun handling thrown in. The FCM will need both gun-handling and DPM. The bigger problems are the pref Tier 7s. I can't see how they can rebalance the E25, AT15A or the Panther M/10 to make them relevant against tier 9 tanks without making them even more completely broken when they are top tier.
  10. Also moron question - is there any way to select more than one of the reward consumables at a time? I know arty and airstrike will rotate between each other when you have both at level 5, but found them to be underwhelming (especially the airstrike). Given I just went through my first re-set, decided to play a bit with the others and am trying out a max Inspire as my first consumable instead.
  11. FINALLY achieved SPG-15.3! But missed out on the secondary condition by about 400damage (about one shot) :( But still, now just one step closer to my T55A, just LT-15.3 to go.

  12. Balthazars

    On Allchat

    I don't miss it too much. Occasionally you do wish you could still banter a bit with the other team, but I understand why they removed it. It probably has helped with dealing with the toxic comments too, although probably not by that much given that most of the toxic stuff is usually directed at your own team anyway...
  13. The best thing about this mode is definitely that the rewards are good even if you lose as long as you are not a potato and still put out good damage numbers. A few games I've started slowly but gotten into the game, lost and still gotten good results for hitting General or Major rank. It doesn't feel that you're punished so much for getting a bad team if you still did a decent job. The problem for this is that it does encourage camping and sniping as opposed to actually attacking/defending a cap like you're supposed to. The other main thing I dislike is that it is not active outside of 'prime time' which means I can manage 2-3 games of it max.
  14. You must be lucky. I got hit 3 times the very first game I played. That's normal arty, by the way, not counting the times I get artied by people with the arty consumable.