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  1. Okay, so grinding this currently. Had the top gun for about 15~ish games and just unlocked the top engine. I get a lot of people say this is completely OP, and certainly as a top tier it's pretty crushing with the armour and alpha combination. I have to say though so far I'm not feeling it. It's terrible in a landside game, either winning or losing side, because in the former you can't keep up and derpy gun handling mean you end up missing out on a lot of damage, and in the latter, the long reload mean you get swarmed and die very quickly. Side armour is less reliable then I had hoped, and the cupola is troll but still quite vulnerable (and huge, so hard to hide). In the right circumstances it's very reliable, but I've had too many matches where it's hard to get to a position to leverage it's strengths properly, so lots of sub-par games in the 900-1400 damage range (although somehow I'm currently averaging 1.7k damage, which feels surprisingly high to me). The new MM probably hurts it too as it doesn't get to be top tier very often.
  2. Whoa, 1,346 base XP only 1st class mastery on the VK 100.01P o_o

    1. hazzgar



    2. Balthazars


      I was hoping for the mastery, 4k plus damage (top of my team) in a tier 10 game, including a good chunk of that on one of the tier 10s (a 113 which yoloed right around the corner on Cliff). I'm guessing I wasn't too far off but frustrating after a whole series of games where I either couldn't get to the fight in time or my team just collapsed in a heap to not quite nab it.

    3. hazzgar


      This tank is broken so ace is probably somewhere crazy

  3. Basically what Crab said - most of the time the critical hits you land, especially with HE are to the tracks and vision devices, which don't count as internal modules that you need to complete the mission. I'm fairly confident that the critical bell also rings when tracks and vision devices are damaged, not just when destroyed (i.e. de-tracked or completely knocked out). This probably explains why you hear the critical bell pretty much every shot but why you may not actually satisfy the mission requirements (especially with HE, you will damage tracks often without necessarily de-tracking them very often). HE-100 should be able to complete this mission pretty easy, but actually just firing HEAT or AP will probably do the same too. You just need to look for juicy soft targets (Swede TDs or light tanks) to slam a shot into, almost guaranteed to do crew or module damage on a penetrating hit (if not multiple).
  4. For me, I'd rank this above (slightly) TFA and below Episode I. Episode II is the worst for my tastes by a long margin, it is just full of stupid. The only great moment (as in laugh out loud hilarious) was seeing Yoda jump around like a hyperactive rabbit. Episode I is saved in all kinds of ways for me by the Duel of the Fates. That is the first time I really though "whoa, damn" when watching a lightsaber battle. While it's probably because I love a good racist stereotype, but I found the Japanese-accented trade federation and Jar Jar actually kind of hilarious. I found TFA so utterly boring and average. I actually predicted the entire main plot just from watching trailers. I'm terrible that predicting movies, that should not be happening! I only enjoyed the action scenes in TFA, at least TLJ had some good acting and character stuff (Luke and Kyolo mostly). And how the laser on the starkiller base worked irked me no end.
  5. At least if it had the same DPM as the Tiger I it would have one advantage to leverage. The armour is just so riddled with weakspots it can't be relied upon. I've finished those last 2 games, and have now sold this tank. Thank goodness.
  6. Yep, as per comments in the other thread, a lot of this stuff bugged me too. Gravity bombs v spaceships. Why? Why not just fire all those explosive as missiles with propulsion? I'm not even upset about the 'science' behind it (gravity in the ship to give momentum, gravitational effect of the target given it's clearly quite a massive object etc.) but logically it makes no sense because it would be the least efficient way of attacking an enemy capital ship, given we know they have the technology for missiles. Yep, the New Republic was apparently a pacifist organisation with no apparent military. Unwilling to confront another organisation (the First Order) that clearly has no intention of living peacefully alongside you, unable to stop them getting their hands on a whole lot of old Empire military tech, and then rolling over and dying despite said enemy losing their super-weapon after one shot (which must have taken a ridiculous amount of resources to build. If the First Order's standard military was so powerful it could take over all of known space so easily, why bother with the super-weapon in the first place? Just build more of these 'fleet and base killing' dreadnoughts and go roll the enemy. The villains are ridiculous. We know nothing about Snoke. Who is he? Where did he come from? How did he get so powerful with the Force and yet escape everyone's notice for so long? How did he get inside Kyolo's head? How did Luke and Leia know that he was the one responsible for turning him (unless they're just assuming that after the fact)? Why is he intent to raising a new Darth Vader when he isn't a Sith? What is his motivation for trying to Take Over The Galaxy(tm) now all of a sudden? Apparently, all of it not relevant because he gets sawed his half. Okay. Once that happened, it was obvious Kyolo wouldn't turn, because there are otherwise no antagonists. I actually don't mind his story, it's one of the better bits of the movies. He's a young guy that feels betrayed by his master and struggling to live up to an expectation set on him. He wants to cast all of that off by killing everyone. It's more interesting as villain backstories go. But he's such an attention-grabbing emo teen it's impossible to like him. I give kudos to the performance by Driver though, it's pretty convincing (as in enough to make me dislike him as an actor now). As noted, Phasma is a joke. Falls for the lamest of all sucker-punches and falls into the fire. May or may not be dead, but right now, who cares! It's entertaining in places, but the writing is so bad that it feels hollow as a movie, like it just sits there on its own and doesn't contribute anything towards an overall narrative. Average.
  7. I've just finished the grind today - last 150k to unlock the Ferdi. I ground all 3 of the branch tanks as well so never have to go back to it. It's a pretty terrible tank, but I perform reasonably well in in. 123 games to complete the grind (will play 2 more to get a nice round number for my OCD). Just under 60% win rate (pretty darned good for me), 1,490 damage per game and I managed to 2-mark it (if I keep playing probably will 3-mark it eventually too, I think my marks are still going up, but...yeah, no I don't think so). Somehow haven't managed a mastery badge though! I think playing the Types so much helped get some armour usage because you can angle the front heavily and bait a shot if you can hide the shoulder. Although part of that is helped by people usually aiming centre of mass and hitting that autobounce plate. The turret is utter garbage, everything goes through it and you have the huge cupola on the top. Against anyone spamming gold or who knows how to aim, the front is trash as well. It's slow. It has awful DPM. I don't understand how the 'armour' is apparently worth half the DPM of the Tiger I in the same tier. It's decent enough as top and middle tier, but will get absolutely manhandled by tier 9s (well, most tier 7s will I suppose) and if you let a light tank get close to you, it's goodnight because it turns slow, the turret turns slow, and it's really long. Will be glad to see the back of this thing.
  8. See my spoiler comments above, but this is one of my big bug-bears not just with TLJ but also with TFA as well. There's a lot of hate on the prequels, but at least they were able to world-build properly. This new trilogy has some new super-all-powerful threat appear out of nothing with no context and no scene setting, just a whole lot of plot holes.
  9. So as promise here I am having just seen the movie a couple of hours ago. Without spoilers.... It's meh. It's an entertaining enough action quasi-sci-fi movie (while there was nothing as weak and downright irritating as super-laser-beam-that-magically-splits-into-multiple-beams level from TFA, again the science elements feel weak), but the movie itself feels kind of hollow and lacking anything to really grab your attention. There's just something lacking about it. Some of the set pieces are very good and the action certainly is great. There are also some good performances: I thought Hamill does a great job as Luke, and while it's still too attention-grabbing emo for my tastes, Adam Driver's performance is really good (as in, it's so convincing I really dislike his character). The jokes were on the most part pretty good, although in some cases perhaps a bit too self-aware. But the story-telling...I dunno, it just doesn't work for me. I'd give it a 5/10. I agree with a lot of what Errants said, but some further comments on my major bug-bears:
  10. Can confirm am in the 'no premium tank' cohort. Not even one of the small tanks. Bought the 25 box option (about AUD50). Didn't get a huge amount out of it, a few thousand in gold, bunch of credits, some premium time. Had rotten RNG to be honest, a bit salty. That said, as someone else noted, one of the big advantages is that the sets allows you to get your boost right up for different nations. That means you can get some very nice XP and credit bonuses if you then manage to play a bit. I'm travelling over Christmas/NY but will be able to play a bit this week, so probably worth it for grinds and credit stockpiling.
  11. I'm going to see it later today as my dad wants to see it and my sister is a huge geeks who watches a ton of movies anyway so will let you know in a few hours time. I'm not a fan of The Force Awakens for what it's worth, thought it was entertaining but extremely bland as a movie. Going in with low expectations.
  12. This is really the only problem with the Type 5. It is not really OP, but the fact that with gold HE ammo it can do 500-600 damage consistently is what makes it a problem. If it didn't have the gold shell, you're only doing 300-400 damage on average per shot, which at that reload, would be abysmal when pretty much every other heavy in the game can simply load gold and go through the front twice for every time you reload. You can still get 500-600 damage if you know how to aim, which does actually take skill to get 'maximum value' out of your HE shell. I agree what they should have done is kept it as just standard HE, with a weakish AP round, and then buff the 14cm considerably to make it viable as an alternative.
  13. Really interesting reading your thoughts on this Crab, and thanks, you articulate yourself very well and it helps for scrubs like me to get a bit of perspective. My little take on the above: the Type 5 might be pretty good for the HT position given the role you want the HT to play is very defensive and an attrition battle. It has excellent armour (a bit vulnerable to gold-spam but if you can hide the shoulder and only poke showing a heavily angled front you can still bounce plenty) and with the derp, is pretty good in an attrition battle because 'HE always does damage'. Because of the derp and HP pool a lot of people also aren't keen on pushing into you. Main disadvantage over the IS7 is lack of mobility (important if you need the HT to get somewhere quick) and lack of DPM, meaning very vulnerable to being rushed if on your own, but in a platoon, that shouldn't happen. Oh, the other main disadvantage is probably that most skilled players probably hate driving it.
  14. There's basically two ways to make money in this game without running a premium account. Firstly, be stingy with gold rounds. Especially without a premium account, you have to just not fling the stuff around like crazy. Yes, you'll need some, but you don't need to fire it every shot, and accept that if you say try to re-locate instead of loading gold when faced with that super-heavy frontally, you may not win quite as much as you might like. Secondly, grind lower tiers at the same time as playing higher tiers. With a premium account you can turn a profit up to tier 9 (and sometimes tier 10) with moderate to low gold usage. Without a premium account you should still make a profit in tier 8. Tiers 6 and 7 are quite profitable without a premium account and gold usage should be quite minimal. Good tier 6 tanks, such as mediums (there are many good ones, Crom, CromB, VKP, Rudy etc.) and the KV-85 don't need gold and and turn good profits even when bottom tier.
  15. I can't offer much I'm stuck on the same mission as well (I have completed TD, MT and HT 15.3 with honours) and also only need this to get the T55A. Very close to using orders to unlock it. I've found the issue is that with the reduction in arty damage, if you end up doing enough damage to get top on XP, you've likely done too much damage to get the assist damage that you need. Games where I have finished top on XP (to be honest only a handful for me since I got to this mission, probably 4 or 5 games, I'm not a very good arty player) have almost all involved pitifully low amounts of assist damage (such as on Prok or Mali) usually because enemy tanks don't tend to sit in the open to be stunned/tracked and you end up hitting them while they are in cover. I'm trying to complete it in the tier 9 US arty.