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  1. Low tier arty to my mind became a huge issue after the arty 're-balance' because they saw substantial buffs to their reloads. It is absolute cancer playing a lightly armoured heavy (e.g. a Tiger) in a match that has two or three of the fast-firing arties. If all three of them decide to focus on you, they can permanently stun/track you and will very quickly whittle your health away. It's also cancer in a lightly armoured medium or TD because these suckers fire so fast and only need 2-3 direct hits to kill you outright they can delete you extremely quickly if you're in a bad spot or if they get lucky.
  2. Balthazars

    P.43 ter: it ain't too shabby

    Funnily enough my first Ace Tanker this this thing came in exactly that kind of match. Top tier on Province, I potatoed down the slope to the other side and clipped into the cliff, rolling my tank and doing 700~odd damage to myself 30 seconds into the match. Went to do to 3k damage and carry the team to victory, which was quite funny. As for the tank, it is a huge improvement over the tier 6. Mobility is better, the gun is the same but even the stock version handles better, the upgraded version gets just enough pen to compensate for the higher tier and still handles pretty decent. Not outstanding but well balanced and certainly not a chore to grind through, which I am part-way through currently.
  3. Finally got that new Polish map a couple of times. I don't really like it. And the intro the music makes me want to go and play Witcher 3 again...

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    2. tajj7


      I've had a 8.5k game in the E75 in it, seems IMO to work better tier 9 and down, it seems to amplify the brokeness of the tier 10 meta. 

    3. Assassin7


      I mean, the bottom village area seems to be a fairly decent place to fight. Its just the entire rest of the map is sorta useless. The games I have played, they have mainly been won or lost because the winning team took that village and pushed around to the factory side.

      It amazes me how WG can somehow turn a map that is 80% open ground into a corridor map. 

    4. leggasiini


      @nabucodonsor lol no, Kurwandzki is quite bad but it's still significantly better than that shithole called Province. Tier 10 Province was beyond trash, thank god it's gone.

      Agreed with Assassin tho, the bottom village is the best place to fight and I like the dip in the mid. It's just that the factory is poorly designed and so is the camping spots in the spawn as well as the hill area in the north.

  4. Balthazars

    My impressions of the Polish line (Wotlabs edition)

    I like the look of the tier 10, and I do like heavy tanks which is why I decided to grind the line upon release. I free-XPed to the tier 6, as that is pretty much all I can afford. Calling it a turd is an insult to turds. I normally grind tier 6 tanks from stock but could not handle it, so free-XPed the turret, tracks and eventually the engine after grinding out the gun. Totally agree that the mobility or lack thereof kills it completely. There is no way something so slightly armoured should have such poor engine power that it can barely hit 30kph on soft terrain. Given the alpha, it directly competes against the Italian tier 6 med which is the other new tank. I don't think the Italian tank is particularly good, but this is markedly worse, and they are both substantially worse than the VK30.01P which only has 10 less alpha but actually gets mobility and usable armour. I hate it so far, but the tiers 8-10 look fun so I guess I'll have to slog through the tier 6 and the tier 7.
  5. Balthazars

    New Pilsen

    I've only had Pilsen once since it was re-introduced (had Minsk a few times but still haven't gotten the new Polish map yet at all). I was a bottom tier heavy (AMX M4 54) in a tier 9 match. Didn't try going east, went middle. Pushed into the central area but because of some potatoes on my team who pushed on not clearing out a medium at the opposite corner of the middle warehouse, I died to a crossfire from higher tier tanks. I'm not sure pushing west is that good an idea if you don't also control the middle, because it's easy to end up stuck in the exposed, much bigger, gap between the western warehouses. Controlling the middle seems important but it's also hard to push there. I may end up trying to go east more if I get the map more in future.
  6. Balthazars

    The ARL 44 - Actually Trash

    Thread resurrection. So now in 2018, grinding through this, it's actually... well, personally I found it not too bad. It's probably one of the best tier 6 heavies, although that's not saying much as it's generally a weak group (KV-85 and KV2 lead the way obviously). The stock grind is absolutely horrendous, and very painful, but once you unlock everything it becomes kind of usable. It's reasonably mobile for a heavy which helps, although that's only going forward. The reverse speed is so slow and will absolutely tend to get you wrecked in trading matches because you can't back up fast enough to avoid incoming shots. Armour is paper apart from the odd troll bounce against lower and some same tier tanks. What makes it manageable is the gun. The 105, while with awful gun handling that requires you to sit still aiming for an eternity is good for the tier. 300 alpha (or 330 if you spam gold) means you can wreck lower tier tanks in one shot towards the mid and end parts of the battle, which means you are great at cleaning up. It's also enough to make you relevant against higher tiers too if you can avoid getting shot, so it makes a decent second-line support tank. Pen is acceptable for the tier, there's nothing you can't go through with gold. Not a great tank, but manageable once you get everything unlocked. The combination of a good gun for the tier (despite horrible handling) and mobility means you have some things to leverage. I was surprised, it was painful stock but became better, and my win-rate shot up noticably with the 105. 59% win-rate after 68 games, 954 average damage (I feel if I keep playing it that would definitely go up).
  7. Balthazars

    Am I the only one that likes 3/5/7?

    I don't hate the 3/5/7 template either, although it definitely has its flaws based on the current way WG set it up. As you note, being bottom tier at least half the team is the same tier, so you're not completely swarmed out by higher tier tanks, but it is painfully obvious that tier 8 in particular has been borked (yes, this is the case on NA same as EU). Tier 8 tanks seem to get top tier far less compared to tier 6 through 9 in my experience (and I have pretty much been playing in those tiers since the changes as I have been grinding a few new lines). It's not too bad when the tier 10 tanks are not completely unbalanced, but given there are more of those around it does tend to accentuate the fact that power increases exponentially after tier 8. Yes, when your top tier tanks are brain-dead it doesn't help the likelihood of a win. Yes, it seems to love spitting out 3-arty games again recently. But I don't think it's substantially worse than the old MM, just a slightly different set of problems.
  8. Balthazars

    Winged Hussars - your opinions?

    I have fewer than 5 games in the tier 6 and can already feel it will be the type of tank that will make you want to break your keyboard in frustration. So damn slow but it has no armour.
  9. Balthazars

    Mäuschen appreciation thread

    So I shall revive some old threads, continuing my trend of giving the perspective of an average-ish player playing through tanks months after they were introduced and thus 'flavour of the month'. I've just finished grinding this, 155 games. 52% wr with 2,106 dpg. Damage is about par the course for my recent tier 9 tanks, but the win rate is on the lower side, although I count that mostly towards the fact that as this thing is so slow, sometimes you will lose simply because you can't get to where you need to get in time. An easy grind as I've done the E100 line previously, so in particular you get the top gun straight away. It's pretty much exactly what you expect it to be, a slightly less armoured version of the Maus a tier lower. The gun is pretty good, reliable and hits hard, with a rate of fire that feels about right for a super-heavy. The armour is predictable and reliable, although the turret face will get penned by standard rounds of same tier and higher tanks far more often than you would like was the main thing that surprised me (the others are as expected, the bigger lower plate and cupola). Mobility of course is bad and sometimes gets to killed/wrecked simply because you are so slow (curse you Mountain Pass). It's nothing too special, but it's a good tank to get you prepared for the real thing at tier 10 I suppose. Fun enough if you like super-heavies as it rewards you for knowing the armour layout and has a gun that is highly competitive in the tier. You won't hate it grinding it but there's no point to keep it once you unlock the tier 10.
  10. Balthazars

    The P.43 Bis, 240 alpha ? Yes please !

    Yeah, the mobility is a big draw-back for this tank, as it doesn't really gain enough in armour to counter the poor mobility relative to some of the other tier-6 mediums (which is full of strong options). I loved the VK30.01P (my only ever 3-mark tank) and as a similar alpha tank, I find it vastly superior. Finished the grind after 55 games with a 55% wr, 1,046 dpg (which is about on par for me). I feel that the poor pen also hurts the tank when paired with its fairly lackluster gun handling. It's okay as a bully when top tier because it's hull can bounce, but realistically you want a turret that can bounce when you're a tier-6 medium, especially one with poor gun handling which needs time to aim, and I feel this doesn't really get that. So-so tank in my opinion.
  11. Balthazars

    Wheeled Light Tanks/ AFVs

    I don't get why WG seems to think that low-VR means you are effective as an active scout. High VR is required for both active and passive scouting to try and burn through camo, especially when there is a lot of bushes in the way. If you have low VR and trying to active scout, you have to take more risks and get closer to enemy tanks to light them through bushes. If they have poor VR then that would seem to defeat that purpose. Interestingly the official WG announcement trailer seems to suggest that they will have good guns, not bad ones. Will have to see I suppose.
  12. So finally ground out enough XP for one of the top guns on the T54. Which one do people recommend? The DPM one or the gun handling one?

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    2. Assassin7


      @Haswell not anymore, they rebalanced both guns, DPM gun has much better DPM but worse gun handling, other gun has better gun hamdling but a worse reload than it used to. 

      The DPM gun also gives you an extra degree of gun depression. So I highly recommend it as still being the gun to go for.


    3. Ham_


      Oh yeah that too, -6 is the game changer for the dpm gun. The guns are supposed to mirror the tier 10 play style, thats why dpm gun leads to 140 and sniper gun leads to 62A.

    4. Haswell


      Huh. Knew about the extra depression, but didn't know other comfy stats got shafted.

      Extra depression still counts as superior gun handling though. :doge:

  13. Balthazars

    Object 430 Appreciation and Boasting Thread

    I've just finished the grind to the 430U. I really enjoyed it overall. 165 games, 58% WR, 2,243 DPG, but fairly low assist (only around 750), although I've just realised that I did the whole grind with less-than-max view range because I didn't re-train Situational Awareness off the loader. It's a good package. It's quite nice to have the 390 alpha on a Soviet wedge platform. The tank is maneuverable, although not the best in terms of straight-line speed or climbing. I didn't find the 5 degrees of gun depression too difficult to use, which was surprising as I have struggled in the past with poor-depression tanks. Good turret armour, although not the best, and troll hull armour. Can side-scrape sort of okayish but not reliable. The low profile gives it decent camo and helps to find those little spots to go hull-down. The gun will troll you every so often, but the AP pen is pretty good and it's not often that you'll find the APCR that much more of an improvement, so it also makes pretty good bank for a tier 9. That lack of 330 pen HEAT will make you cry though if you're stuck facing a super-heavy from the front. It's not overly outstanding in any area but not really lacking in any area either. Good fun, highly recommend. My one regret is that despite some nice 'peak' games and I think base-XP games in the 1.2k range, it's the first tier 9 tank that I've failed to get a mastery badge during the grind. Looking forward to the tier 10.
  14. Hmm, I kind of don't mind the FCM which I picked up a little while back. DPM and gun handling were the two areas I would have suggested to be improved if it lost pref-MM, and also its main weaknesses (DPM in particular, when you compare it to say the T-44, which has 10 more alpha but a better rate of fire). That it's getting a DPM buff is decent, and slightly improved mobility will basically make it slightly better at what it currently does. I've done okay with it so far so I suppose that's okay. T-34-3 buffs are disappointing, only HEAT velocity (but not pen) and slightly better AP pen, whereas the Type 59 gets a lot more love. Will probably trade in the very first premium I bought at this rate.
  15. So, ARL44 - are either of the top guns and improvement on the second 90mm? The top 90mm gains pen for worse DPM and worse gun handling from what I can tell. The 105mm looks like a smaller pen gain, more alpha, and even worse gun handling. Trying to figure out if it's worth grinding these because this thing is pretty rubbish...

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    2. Nekommando


      Do you want to aim forever to hit for 240 or do you want to aim forever and hit for 300/330?

      The answer is simple. 


    3. Hîr-am-Helcaraxë


      With the 105 and apcr you almost have Tiger I levels of DPM, way better trading capabilities, same cancer aim time, 3° better gun depression and oddly enough better dispersion both on the tank and the turret. Just worse accuracy, much worse. 
      Both 90mm are bad, back in the day I used the top one for 2 or 3 battles, then mounted the 105 again and never regretted once and when I'll bought back the M4 to grind the new heavies I'll surely use the 105 again.
      For me it's like this: M4 with 90 mm is a worse Tiger I, M4 with 105 is a better Tiger I, easy.

      Edit: Sorry for some reason i read M4 45! Basically it's the same argument though...

    4. Balthazars


      Thanks for the input guys. Guess it's grind for that 105 and spam gold like no tomorrow. May have to start running a premium tank again for a bit I suppose... so far this grind is painful.