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  1. Balthazars

    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    All these 'soccer' heathens... Don't disagree too much with any of the above, except I would tip 7) to be Serbia over Argentina. Also for 10), Poland v Columbia is probably 50-50 but inclined towards Poland as well. As a general rule for those uninitiated, at this stage of the tournament you can probably pick winners with 70% chance of success by picking either the South American nation or the European nation. Where two Europeans/South Americans playing or a European v South American playing then that's where it's a bit more complicated, but even then, you could probably flip a coin and do okay or go off the FIFA rankings (although they are generally pretty rubbish for the World Cup it's probably a good enough guide).
  2. Okay, wow looks OP as heck in its current form. Also very strange that it is a medium given it looks like it's supposed to be a premium TD for the Shitbarn line. It's definitely too good in its current form. Agree with some comments here that giving it 200-220~ish pen HESH and a low-pen AP round would however make it interesting. Will probably sell like hotcakes.
  3. Funnily enough even Quickybaby is basically saying that off the bat it will be OP because of the gun handling and the amazing gold round penetration. It's not too often that he flat-out declares a tank is likely to be OP before it hits live as he tends to be 'conservative' in his opinion. Frankly, this would be the first OP tier-10 that I could get straight away as I have 224k xp saved up on my T10 so wouldn't mind being able to try one out straight away lol. It does seem a bit ridiculous when you consider it. Nerf its gold round and it's still a very good tank. One question: can it sidescrape? Given it has the semi-rounded lower plate and doesn't seem to have much of a pike nose, it seems like it might be able to do so reasonably well?
  4. Balthazars

    The P.43 Bis, 240 alpha ? Yes please !

    I loved the VK30P for the combination of alpha, mobility and armour that can bounce (turret in this case) - it's my first ever 3-mark. This one certainly sounds competitive as it seems to have a similar combination. I'll probably look to start the grind here, assuming I can scrounge up enough free XP, and my usual is to stick around at tier 6 to grind crew skills (as I didn't end up buying the premium). Thanks for your mini-reviews. Will probably look to skip the tier 5 but may try out the tier 4 for the luz.
  5. I imagine that they will start with the Tier 8 tanks first, as these are the ones that are likely causing the biggest impact on the MM, plus they are also the most plentiful in number. Any premiums between tier 5 and tier 7 that has pref MM will likely get rebalanced too. Below that I can't see them caring too much, to be honest. Hard to see how this will go, to be honest, the KV5 stuff seems insufficient to make a slow 'super-heavy' relevant in the current tier-10 meta, especially when it still has the kind of frontal weakspots that it currently has. It will likely be underpowered, but the KV5 is probably, along with the Super-P and Jag-88, the hardest of the tier 8 pref-MM premiums to balance because they rely on armour, and you can't let tier 8 tanks have armour relevant against tier 10s and not be broken when top tier. The other tier 8s though are probably okay. The IS6, 111 and 112 are probably okay with just penetration buffs. The 34-3 and Type probably okay too, maybe with some gun handling thrown in. The FCM will need both gun-handling and DPM. The bigger problems are the pref Tier 7s. I can't see how they can rebalance the E25, AT15A or the Panther M/10 to make them relevant against tier 9 tanks without making them even more completely broken when they are top tier.
  6. Also moron question - is there any way to select more than one of the reward consumables at a time? I know arty and airstrike will rotate between each other when you have both at level 5, but found them to be underwhelming (especially the airstrike). Given I just went through my first re-set, decided to play a bit with the others and am trying out a max Inspire as my first consumable instead.
  7. FINALLY achieved SPG-15.3! But missed out on the secondary condition by about 400damage (about one shot) :( But still, now just one step closer to my T55A, just LT-15.3 to go.

  8. Balthazars

    On Allchat

    I don't miss it too much. Occasionally you do wish you could still banter a bit with the other team, but I understand why they removed it. It probably has helped with dealing with the toxic comments too, although probably not by that much given that most of the toxic stuff is usually directed at your own team anyway...
  9. The best thing about this mode is definitely that the rewards are good even if you lose as long as you are not a potato and still put out good damage numbers. A few games I've started slowly but gotten into the game, lost and still gotten good results for hitting General or Major rank. It doesn't feel that you're punished so much for getting a bad team if you still did a decent job. The problem for this is that it does encourage camping and sniping as opposed to actually attacking/defending a cap like you're supposed to. The other main thing I dislike is that it is not active outside of 'prime time' which means I can manage 2-3 games of it max.
  10. You must be lucky. I got hit 3 times the very first game I played. That's normal arty, by the way, not counting the times I get artied by people with the arty consumable.
  11. I've tried it only twice due to limited time. To be honest found it tough, but had really potato teams both times (both times defence as well). Easy wins for the attacking team. First one, I finished top of my team with only 8.5k damage which seems abysmally low. I died heaps in the second one because the team didn't seem to realise there's no point packing into and holding the first zones on A and C if you allow the B lane to just be walked over by the attacking team all the way to the castle... But can definately see that the mode has potential and probably one of their better done extra modes. They should keep it.
  12. Balthazars

    The return of Province

    Had this just once, tier 10 game. I was in the tier 9 Mini-Maus. Was not stupid enough to try and cross over, but thankfully a good chunk of the mediums on our team did cross. There are many cross-fire opportunities, but if the opposing team is smart enough not to give those away, it quickly can become a stalemate. As it is, they were stupid giving me flanking shots so I wasn't completely useless. Solid-ish win. Can easily see how it will become a camp-fest. Basically the team that is able to get enough of its faster tanks over to the other side to give vision and open up the cross-fire will win. If neither team can do so, it will become a camping stand-off as there is no cover in the middle area and trying to cross it with set TDs will mean certain death.
  13. Hmmm....managed to get 40% off on the Progetto, but with exchange rate currently that still over AUD50, and that seems a bit much to spend on the game at the moment. But it seems like an interesting tank to play. Conflicted. :/

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. 8_Hussars


      In the same boat with a 60% discount and exchange rate... conflicted

    3. NightmareMk9


      70% off and ditto...But im probably going to buy it...

    4. Balthazars


      If I had managed to get at least 50% off I think I'd be a sure-buy. But right now, I think I'm probably going to pass. WG will probably flog it again at some other point in the future I guess... still will probably end up regretting it :P

  14. Balthazars

    Fjords 1.0

    Yeah, yet to see any kind of deployment from the North-west spawn that has even a 50-50 chance of winning unless the other team plays like complete idiots. One change that could help would be to make the road up the central hill favour the North-west spawn instead of the South-east spawn as it currently does. Because that hill favours the SE now, the NW team can't contest the A8 area because you will just get shot in the back. If the NW team could at least regularly secure the hill, at least in the initial stages of the map, it allows the team to try and push A8 and prevent being stuck camping the base.