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  1. I wouldn't play it if I could buy it. I just want things I can't have is all.
  2. Lol at the people in this thread that thought WG had any scruples or moral compass.
  3. I saved that comic just so I could post it here. OOP beat me to it
  4. Romantic Plantasaur (I have no green thumb, it's well on its way to dying)
  5. I've been logging every single thing that I eat or drink for the past 340 days in MyFitnessPal. I lost the weight I wanted to lose while using it. And now I'm still using it mainly because it's just a habit/routine to log everything. The end result there is that I've held steady at my target weight for more than 6 months now. Lots of good advice in here about this. The keys to success for me were to log everything, even if I "fucked up" for a meal/snack/day. As long as I didn't screw up for a whole week it doesn't matter. When I was actively trying to lose I was more concerned with where I was at at the end of each week for calories than worry about each day. Also, one of the most important things I learned on my journey to be more healthy was self-forgiveness. We're all human. We're all going to make mistakes. We're all going to have rough days, weeks, even months. As good people we often show compassion and empathy for others. We forgive them when they wrong us. And that's great, and that's good. But really it is so critically important to forgive yourself. Maybe we ate a tub of ice cream because you had a bad day. It's done. Beating ourselves up over something we did in a moment of emotional weakness just perpetuates our negative emotions and can lead to downward spirals. If my girlfriend ate all of my delicious cookies I wouldn't hold a grudge...I'd forgive her without a second thought. And as such, if/when I mess up on my regular food routine I forgive myself and move on...move forward. And once you learn to forgive yourself for something as simple as food it becomes easier to have self-compassion in other areas as well. You can do it! Edit: Here are a couple of podcast episodes that I find really helpful in explaining what I tried to convey in this post: http://www.successpodcast.com/show-notes/2017/5/3/proven-strategies-of-mindfulness-and-self-compassion-with-dr-ronald-siegel http://www.successpodcast.com/show-notes/2017/3/22/the-neuroscience-behind-building-a-sustainable-healthy-lifestyle-with-foodist-darya-rose (I love this entire podcast series. The things I've learned from it starting at Episode 1 through current have really helped me get a handle on my life and increase my satisfaction, happiness, and success in multiple areas. I highly recommend it!)
  6. I made the mistake of opening WoT a few weeks ago. My last battle for the day was me in my E-50m south spawn lakeville. I went east with one other medium. The entirety of the other 13 members of my team camped near where arty would normally set up. I realized I had make a huge mistake even trying to play this shitty, shitty game. So I drove into the water and closed the window. I'd imagine i drown.
  7. Nope. Being unable to tell shitbag retards on the enemy team that they are shitbag retards pretty much ruined this already awful game.
  8. I've replaced the vast majority of the time I used to spend playing WoT with running and hitting the gym. Been running 5Ks for fun. It's nice to be able to climb a flight of stairs and not be panting when I get to the top.
  9. MaxL is too busy streaming Space Engineers these days to rage at everyone in tanks while simultaneously bleating autistically play this shit game.
  10. Yep, if you enjoy half of the newer features in the game such as tank filters, two rows of tanks, circles on the minimap, last spotted on the minimap, many features of the aiming reticle, etc please thank mod creators, especially the XVM builders for vastly improving the vanilla game experience by having WG steal their ideas and put them into the game.
  11. Has enough time elapsed where Tank Companies no longer matter though?
  12. I accidentally left my game logged in yesterday while I was at work. I arrived home to see that I had missed a platoon invite from Crab (among others). By going to work it would seem that I wasted a perfect opportunity to have someone I like be disappointed in me over a string of games approaching the amount before he politely quit, all while eloquently expressing the specific reasons why he was disappointed in the interim. This is, of course, preferable to having MaxL been disappointed in you over a string of games approaching the amount before he tells you that it would have been better if your mom got an abortion.
  13. As someone who is in the sorry situation of already having the M60, Obj907, T95e6, and Faillowe, I get the honor and privilege of acquiring a 121B. Hooray!. The Obj907 is the best of the campaign tanks by a fairly significant margin. The Faillowe is probably second and might be getting better next patch. The M60 is a decidedly worse M48 Patton...worse in every way. The T95e6 isn't much better than the M60. And from everything I understand the 121B is far and away the worst reward tank ever released.
  14. How can you even say that when this thing has amazing temporary 'MURICA paint? All it needs is a MAGA emblem on the side of the turret and it would literally destroy everything in its path.
  15. Thank you for confirming that the 121b is a steaming pile of horse excrement so I can continue to gleefully not play this awful game.