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  1. Compare Charioteer to ScorpionG... both same style weakly armored, turreted tier 8 td's with good mobility. Except ScorpionG does almost everything better. Charioteer needs BIG soft stats buffs and maybe little bit more gun depression and it still would not be too powerfull compared to lot of other t8 tanks.
  2. Having played in Sandbox Frontline mode, there it already starts to feel that game basic draw range is too short for big maps. Because Frontline map is divided to 3 tunnels its not too bad except north edge of map where all tunnels join and firing ranges are bigger. Maybe this is one of reasons why map is designed for such tunnels. So for 2x2km map to really work, maybe game engine should be changed for 1km or more draw distance, also spotting ranges scaled up bit but not as much as draw ranges. This could also make more room for scouts between lines of enemies and friendlies and increase camo importance. Basically scaling ~tier 6 gameplay to tier10, drawing and fighting ranges scaled with tank capability increases in tiers. As been said many times, current maps are too small for t10 tanks. Which leads to stupid question, why there is even draw range limit in game? Some maps would need slight redesigns if that was changed but still... invisible long range campers would be problem but maybe map design could control it.
  3. Yep, my fast&dirty excel match says that Conqueror GC aims ~30% faster from full turret traverse speed compared to patch 9.17. T92 prolly gets even bigger relative aim time buff.
  4. Some of new released WoT tanks are outright best in their tiers so seems WG has copied WoWS premium policy to WoT. For example Scorpion G which is best TD in tier with no competition even close.
  5. IMHO if there was no Belfast, tier 7 balance would be excellent. Cant thing any other premium ship that tier which is considerable better than equivalent tech tree ships. Maybe Leningrad little bit but saw them soo rarely that hard to say if they are that good. Scharnhorst was hyped before seasons but seems many good players instead ranked with Nagato with its lot better firepower. Still having to use same ships two ranked seasons in a row would be bit boring so maybe tier 9 would be good... though wonder if its too high for lot of wows player.
  6. Rip Amx CDC. Most other weakly armored tanks have still at least some armor to stop nerfed penetration arty HE ammo, but CDC is soo thin that it can get full pens. For example tier 8 lorraine arty has 45mm penetration HE ammo, strongest armor CDC has is 30mm upper plate, most of rest tank being 20mm or less so often autopen for any arty hit. And now it gets hit lot more often as arties aim so fast and accurately.
  7. Before. When new scouts come in game, there will lot of scouts every game when peoples try and grind new scout tanks. Its lot easier to do scout missions when its one scout each side than when its 3 scouts each side.
  8. Got poll from WG asking opinions about seasons. Among other things, they asked what tiers would prefer play in ranked, what maps liked/not liked, what modes like/not, if it would be better to have two tier ships in ranked or one tier like last seasons etc etc. So maybe they have not yet decided how next seasons works seeing they poll peoples.
  9. Played like 8 games, experiences: - its not really 3km x 3km map, its more like 3 maps of 1km x 3km (height). So they made mother of all tunnel maps. There is some crossroads between each slice but they are limited, minimap in image above shows them pretty well. Most of crossroads are at top/bottom of cells (remember 3x3 grid system, you conquer one grid at a time each lane going upwards) so they do not allow much flanking except couple places. - There is plenty of cover everywhere, hills, terrain countours etc. No Malinovka style open fields without cover. Good for most tanks. - Cant rush one one lane as attacker, after sector is conquered it takes 60 seconds before you can go next sector upward. So no medium wolfpack rolling whole side in 3 minutes, guess its good. - Scouts need not apply, there is no role for scouts. Mediums are always better. Reasons: * Respawn means even at end game there is still plenty of tanks alive each side, and anyway timer is running tight, so no time to dig enemies out by scouting and spotting. Spotting is mostly useless, ranges are usually short enough that all but rare td's back are spotted anyway. And usually maps give plenty of cover to get closer. Better just rush, dpm is king. And autoloaders, just like domination. Axm50b, tvp50/51. Str103b really good for defenders. * Various mechanisms which limit parts of maps out, you cannot use whole area all time. Guess these are subject of change but forget about speeding far back enemy lines. * Scouts could work if they had very high dpm (like in AW). Bad handling, bad penetration but when they would get behind and close they would kill. * Even if you go enemy weak side as scout, dieing and respawning enemies can instantly teleport (after cooldown) to that lane so there is soon 12 enemies against you and no room for anything in light tank. Overall mode feels fun, but its missing few vs few endgame situations that happen in normal modes. Also personally I dont like too much about fighting against clock as it is, would prefer more about being able to bleed enemies out of tanks.
  10. Exactly this, too much view range for scouts is very dangerous for for game balance. Like seen in Armored Warfare where scouts could even see through bushes with really good view ranges, good scout could decide games alone. Or in WoWS where having destroyer class (can thing them as scouts while they are also damage dealers with very slow weapons) ship alive gives huge advantage to one side if other team loses all of its dd's.
  11. Seeing video, typical area of fight at the start of the match is like 1km x 3km so about three times larger than wot normal mode maps... but there is also twice number of players + unusable areas like water, open fields where no-one can go etc. Respawns so there is less of empty space in end game? To be seen if there is really any more free space compared to normal fights. Maybe later in match there is more free space when teams split and there is 4-5 sectors open. Seems there is also artillery bombardment like Domination ( 7:07 in video)? 5 mens platoons sound very dangerous, platoon of 5 good players can prolly run over enemy team using coordinated focus fire and voice coms even more so than in normal game mode.
  12. Very unlikely...
  13. When do you peoples understand that soft stats alone mean nothing if you dont take account gun aim times. Tank with 2.3 second aim time has worse handling that tank with 2.0 second aim time unless latter has LOT worse soft stats.
  14. AFAIK they have never removed tank without replacing it with something equivalent so what you say is pointless. WtfE100 owners got equal level, equal cost tank Grille15 as replacement so effectively they did not lose credits or experience. Just removing hard grinded tanks (often with bought gold) is simply not option for WG, they would have to compesate it somehow or they will start getting bricks through office windows (in real life). No clue how its in test server but if arties still get lot better aim times there, they are even more dangerous to soft skinned vehicles than in live. Thing about batchat for example, even with nerfed arty stats (~60mm HE pen at tier10?) arties can still fully penetrate turret and hull tops of batchat. Difference is that in test arties can aim lot faster so spotted meds/lights get hit by arties lot faster... sounds like medium/light nerf.
  15. Total bullshit that they could just remove trees. In cases where player has multiple arty trees grinded to tier 10 that would mean removing millions of xp and tens of millions of credits from player, and associated hundreds/thousands hours of grind. Peoples grinding those tanks could have used bough gold to that so removing whole tree without compensation is just same as removing premium tanks without compensation. Doing that would cause shitstorm and negative feedback of level wot never seen.