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  1. Remember AFK Panther hull is at least twice as big target as real scouts, easy target for enemies. Cannot be played like normal scouts even if camo values are good. Also mobility is probably little weaker. Still looks intresting with that gun.
  2. At least it has still bad gunhandling so it wont be as good as grille at that. Also grille has some camo, 4005 II has none, helps bit too. And having barn as turret so it wont fit all camoed shooting spots, its really pretty big tank. Still, makes life of lights and meds harder. FV183 armor is perfectly usable (not reliable but usable) even against t10 tanks when used properly. Sidescraping works decently thanks to rear turret, yes there is fv215b style weakspot under turret but peoples usually do not aim much when they see fv183 aiming them back. Turret is workable too, there weak spots but its not easy autopen like 4005 II. Yep at15 was surprisingly good when played it couple years ago. Even nowadays I see them often doing pretty well in randoms unless downtiered lot though I guess new op premiums make AT15 life harder.
  3. Not that it mattered much, when your army is mostly horse-powered and you are still running out of fuel...
  4. Who doesnt like large, open topped vehicles in world of fast aiming, pinpoint accurate arties?
  5. Anyone noticed funny coincident: Most of Admiral Yamato campaign missions opened this week has using high tier CV as requirement. And Graf Zeppelin just happened to be hastily released same week
  7. French BB' coming before end of year... so guess pretty soon in supertest etc? Only 3 months left in year. Q (arilies0): Will you add French battleships? And what will be the approximate release date? A: We are obviously looking forward to the grand French battleships and expanding the French navy in that direction. We can’t commit to any dates at the moment though, but as announced earlier, we hope to deliver them by the end of the year.
  8. Bough it, played like ten games. Initial impressions: - Slowish as expected - Feels ship turns decently fast after rudder is shifted, nowhere near Warspite but still not bad. OK maybe its just average, feels good after playing high tier German BB's. - Gun layout is really good when advancing. Bad when fleeing, especially gun angles firing backwards are pretty bad. - Special for this ship, UI has no indicator for when last turret is blocked from firing by front turrets, bit irritating never knowing if ship is angled enough for 3 turret fire or if only front 2 turrets fire. - AP feels very good, enough so that using HE feels waste despite really good HE/fire chances. Getting long range citadels against enemy BB's is not rare. - Ship is little on soft side being tier 7 BB. Especially agains enemy BB's firing AP ammo. Sides are soft, and even head-on feels I get big AP hits/citadeled now and then. Huge heal ability makes HE/Fires less dangerous. Overall, first impression is ship is strong but not overpowered. Ye those stats I listed were only about citadeling ships through bow head on.
  9. I find it pretty hilarious how he springled medals left and right while fleeing for various peoples being his taxi drivers, that guy really loved his ass it seems. Ok could be just for propaganda purposes but still...'s_escape_from_the_Philippines Silver Star medals for for torpedo boat squadron crew for driving couple days across sea, no combat, mostly just bad weather conditions. Silver Stars for two B-17 crews, no combat, just taxing Mr General and rest of precious party
  10. Gneisanau has 70mm bow plating protecting most or all front citadel I thing? Is it even possible to shoot over 70mm bow plating but still hit citadel front, at close ranges shells will travel almost horizontal. Gamesmodel3d Nelson model seem to be bugged/old, citadel extends outside ship, but still looks like it has highest/largest citadel front of all tier 7's? Colorado about same but 40mm more armor (343mm), no clue how much it helps against typical opponents. Nagato has only 289mm but citadel is lot smaller and low in hull but looks pretty vulnerable too.
  11. If forum thread ( is still valid for current model, dispersions increases fast until 4km, after that its much more slower increase per km. Yes in picture dispersions is zero at point blank range but after that until 4km it increases much faster than at 4-21km band. Still twice as accurate to shoot at 4km compared to 21km but if dispersion increase stayed like 0-4km band, 21km dispersion would be 500m+ in picture. So that model clearly wants 4km distance (and around) shoots to be bit less accurate than they would be with linear model. Still, shooting at any closer range should be more accurate than any longer range
  12. No-one answered original question: Close range accuracy is bad on purpose to prevent ships being too lethal at close ranges. Thats why spread (relative to range) is lot higher shooting close range than when shooting long ranges. Bathoz explained bit on his post, accuracy works different on different range bands. Yes spread gets smaller at highter tier ships but basic idea stays, close range volleys get artifically larger spread.
  13. Good luck sitting somewhere top of hill while 4 arties concentrate on you
  14. Tier 8 and 9 are very good, well they are almost same ship. But gamestyle is mostly sitting long range and spamming HE with excellent fire chances. Close range AP is fine too. Very agile, can dodge returning BB fire almost better than any other high tier cruiser.
  15. Yes I thing guns are nothing special, mostly good at close range against other dd's but at farther ranges about as good as as other dd's in tier. Farragut is only dd with real gun firepower in tier. IFHE sounds bit odd for ship, would need to drop some other good skills for that. One less consumable charge (only 3 smokes), or not taking Survival Expert. Pretty big skills. Also one could want to take 10% torpedo reload speed skill, ship has already longest reload in tier and torpedoes are still maybe better than guns in that ship even with long reload.