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  1. 705A side armor seems to not have tier 9 trolliness. Boat hull does not go all way down, instead its "normal" vertical non-angled armor behind tracks. Even tier 7 would have no problems penetrating that with normal ammo as long as they would aim low enough.
  2. Initial opinions after one night: - 268-4 looks really really good. Faster than some mediums, armor can bounce some gold which is more than what most tanks can do, decent gun. Still, its turretless TD which means it can get fucked in some situations. It will get tracked lot so better have full repair skills crew with this, for ranked mode alone could even thing about using Toolbox module. +40% track repair speed could be extremely useful when opponents are actively trying to keep you tracked. - Strv103b still strong, needs high situational skills and map knowledge I guess. Boost nerfs maybe make it little weaker than previous season but not much. - Type5 as strong as ever, could be optimal for ranking if playing scummy. Aka play ultra-safe, be last alive, farm easy shoots. Probably top exp in losses. I mean, when you see Type5 same side as you, its just better go other side of map... - 430U is good, I dont own 907 but I thing 430U is best alternative. That boat hull can sometimes save it in situation any other meds would die. Can tank pretty well when sidescraping or hull down though not TD gold ammo. 340 Heat is nice against superheavies and 268-4's. - 5a, S-Conqueror seems reliable workhorses - Scouts seems bit too much hit or miss. Lot of bad city maps, and even good maps its hard to get good exp for some reason. I had 7k assist, 500 damage win in scout and did not even get 2 chevrons, was like 4th or 5th in exp. - M48 patton feels good, turret is now good enough to bounce some gold. - IS7 is bit question mark. I like tank nowadays after buffs but that weak premium ammo is bad against tier 10 superheavies/TD's and low dpm is weakness if going against mediums. Maybe not that good for ranked. - T110e4 could be intresting with gold spam. Turreted tank but still enough oommph to go through superheavies. Feels this season is more about heavily armored tanks and TD's than previous season. How is 705A, seems very rare soo far so no idea about that? Gun seems meh.
  3. Yep against BB around 12km is magical limit where shell travel time is too short for dd to dodge effectively.
  4. I have tier 5, 6 and 7. All feel ok or well balanced except tier 7 could be overpowered with its 16 guns. Especially tiers 5 and 6 turn tight, feels like Warspite where its often better turn ship to get guns on target instead of turning guns. Helps evading enemy fire and dodging torps. Turret traverses pretty bad, use new french special captain with turret traverse skill if you got it already. At first looked like guns would be too small calibre but they feel better than expected, maybe they have good sigma and penetration or something. Not getting that much citadel hits on enemy bb's but still doing decent damage even when they angle. And of course tier 7 with its 16 guns absolutely murders cruisers even with its bad sigma. Not BB expert but their armor feels adequate, as usual you can get citadeled if showing side but angled feels they tank fine. Though turret angles are pretty bad on all of them so forces showing side often but low tier players do not punish that too much.
  5. Do I remember right that you get bit of whole teams experience as long as you are alive? If true, dieing early can make less experience even with more damage done.
  6. Tier10 needs to start fight already loaded to be even bit viable with these stats. If it starts reloading at the start of the match like autoloaders normally do its joke. Average fight length is something like 4-5mins. So tier 10 would get about 4 reloads worth of damage in 5 mins x4 ammo per clip x 350 damage per ammo= 5600 damage MAX and this is with every single shoot doing full penetration, no misses, no waiting time etc etc. Not even mentioning that 60 sec initial reload would mean missing important early shoots on many maps, or taking shoots and losing even more reload time/damage over whole length of match.
  7. Played 430U and 121 after each others... yes this is straight out better than 121. For me biggest difference is not armor, camo or mobility but gun handling. That aim time difference really makes 121 feel lot clumsier. Even though 430U is nowhere as good at snapshotting/aiming as t62/o140, its still good enough whereas 121 is little bit too weak for tier 10 medium.
  8. I thing in earlier test there had setting for showing that red line, and if I recall correctly there was even couple different options how to display map edge. Video streamers prolly forget to toggle red lines on. And yes, these new advanced background graphics make it hard to see where battlefield ends, even with red lines enabled. As funny as it is, background graphics are too good. Maybe it just needs few games of learning...
  9. 40 solo battles, 29 wins 11 losses. Such bad tank, please buff. If you like scouting very fun tank and creates at least some credits even with food. Yes enemy scouts are worst enemies for this but gun is still perfectly capable of hitting enemy scouts close range, even without vert.stab, so if they are low health, just clip them. Btw, if someone likes this tank, T-100LT is bit same but at tier 10. Not same, bit less camo, more firepower, more armor. But can often pull almost same cloaky moves.
  10. 8,3k spotting damage on Highway map, very good matchmaking even though lower tiers have less hitpoints. Enemy amx13-105 was permamenty spotted by me while poor guy had no idea how close I was. And after he died whole side open, perfect for spotting camping TD's
  11. Personally I thing that chinese tier 8 TD is even worse than amx65t. No turret, low hp, pretty slow, no effective armor. Gun is good but getting it aimed to anyone is struggle, and staying alive after shooting even more. Amx65t at least can play hulldown, non-turreted td's are forced to sit and camp behind or take huge risks. And that TD has premium, same tier sister tank which is one of best vehicles in tier Wow such coincidence.
  12. Dont hold your breath...its not mistake from WG this tank is that bad, its on purpose. WG admitted years ago that they make some tech tree tanks bad on purpose of making more money from grinding/free exping. Usually those bad tanks were in tier 7, but as this new tank (half-)tree only starts at tier 8, they have had to put bad tank there on tier 8.
  13. New ship lines always overperform because of early adopters being more experienced and better players. It takes many months before winrate drifts to proper values. Still Gadjah is surely good ship but hard to say if its really overpowered when there is ship named Leningrad in same tier... I mean tier 7 Leningrad could be played in tier8 ranked and it would very good even there... Have used this bit on ranked for fun, experienced exactly these same problems. DW torps in this are too slow when ship does not have that much else to go with it. Need torp speed boost to 65kn imho. Radar is intresting and pretty well balanced, short time and short ranged but still situationally very good. Problem is smoke is too valuable to lose especially as guns are overall stronger than torps on ship. Maybe give ship class combined smoke/radar consumable, shared cooldown and only one can be used at a time, not both. This idea has been surely mentioned already elsewhere (reddit etc), whats problems with this?
  14. I did that mission ages ago with e100. Key was getting full HE penetration on enemy t54, that one lucky hit gave like 5 internal module/crew kills. I would guess HE ammo stopped by armor is not that good giving internal module kills. Like others already said, your critical hit sound comes mostly from detracking enemies or other external modules which are not counted for mission. If you have some other heavies than E100 then could be worth taking the most fast firing heavy tank you have and just do normal penetrating ap/heat/apcr hits to achieve mission. Amx50b, amx50-100, Conqueror etc and then just have very good game with lot of damage, internal modules and crew kills come automatically if bit lucky. Even then try to hunt HE targets like WTpzIV. With Conqueror's HESH even more choices... Thinking more about this, if you use E100, concentrate shooting especially scouts if possible... if you get through armor, almost whole scout tanks small internal space is inside explosion radius so you would hit almost every internal module/crew with single shoot and even with module saving throws at least some of those get damaged. If no scouts to shoot, then soft td's, or backs/sides of medium tanks. And try to not hit tracks so HE do not get eaten by them. When no soft targets available maybe try HE hit turrets of opponents as there is most crew members in small space so HE splash can maybe reach multiple of crew in one hit even from outside, so multiple chances (dice rolls) for kill? Though not sure whats better in that situation, HE or AP/HEAT. AP ammo only damages modules/crew in who are in line with shoot after shoot pens armor so it can hit empty space enemy tank. Also ap/heat only goes set distance after armor (10x shell diameter so 1 meter for 100mm gun), so you can easily pen armor, do damage but there is no modules/crew in path of shell so it wiffles out without damaging any modules.
  15. So how many hundred times have you tried spots to get proper sample size?