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  1. Batchat change is fine if gun handling gets buffed bit. Also very intresting to see if BC keeps its camo as good as currently.
  2. 2400 damage clip in 10 seconds, not too bad. Can easily keep target permatracked while clipping it from full to zero health. Possibly very good, but gotta see soft stats and gun depression and also traverse angles. Decent angles can go long way fixing otherwise bad hull. Clip size of 6 fixes one of bigger problems foch155 has had, it has been really bad at sniping because of 3 ammo clip with big reload. Shoot once, no more targets visible: do you take LONG reload or wait more targets, or go potentially fight with 1-2 shoot left and long reload after that?
  3. About lights: I have wz132-1 but dont like it much really. Its like cheap, worse, lite version of tier 10 mediums. Bit more camo and speed compared to real meds but well, not enough camo to be scout like T100LT. Batchat has close to same camo rating as wz132-1... Same bad gun dpm and accuracy as all t10 lights etc etc. Chinese tree would not be bad. 113 is decent tier 10 and also remember there should be new optional t10 coming pretty soon(?). Especially as tier 9 heavy WZ-111 model 1-4 is one of best and funniest tier 9 tanks in game so grinding tier 10 should be breeze, that tank is even more seal clubber than e50 in randoms especially with new 3-5-7 MM.
  4. Maybe in random matches if there is more heavy tank targets but in ranked 58 is fine arty, its is probably most used arty in rank5 battles and seems very dangerous to all but heavy tanks. For example they can hit russian mediums for 300 or so in good hits, I have been killed by them far too many times in ranked. Played few games with one in ranked, their new clip reload time is perfect, just enough to reposition between clips but still short enough to not have wait like prepatch over minute reloads. That movement speed is also one of reasons they been soo popular in ranked, they can move with team, so if one flank crumbles they easily evade. And like I mentioned earlier speed and turret allows them get firing positions/angles no other arty can. 261 is nowhere as fast as BC, its effective speed is like half of batchat artys. Any kind of longer repositioning means losing multiple reloads worth of shoots.
  5. 121 still has problem with shitty gunhandling, it literally takes like two times aim time to achieve about same accuracy as russian meds. With gun handling buff it could possibly be somewhat competitive as high alpha is always good perk to have, makes trading much better.
  6. WoT version of World of Warships (real) ranked battle would be about this: - Team 8vs8 or about somewhere there size, less players so indiviual skills AND tank composition matter more - Ladder starts from about rank 23 or so and ends at 1. First ranks are only 2 chevrons each, highest 5->1 like 6 chevron or so each rank. So grindy, but also real ranked - You get real rewards when getting higher ranks. 10 and higher about every second ladder level gives in addition of other rewards also special module when first reaching it. In WoWS those modules are mostly sidegrades or bit weak but in WoT they could be these new improved versions. - Other rewards for reaching ranks: decals, camos, consumables, gold. - Teams compose of players in about same rank advancement. Players in rank 1-5 play in their own games, 5-10 own games etc unless there is too few players to fulfil games - Matchmaker is much more strict to balance tanks. Mostly same amount of heavies, lights arties, at most +-1 difference Thats about how it works in WoWs. Its not perfect there either and causes lot of tears but at least its more about skill and less about grind. Not like in WoT currently how end of week your rank5 team can be composed of yellow level players with no camos in tanks, map closed and no skills.
  7. Superheavies are not only reason for gold spam. Another big reason is amount of russian medium tanks as HEAT is hugely better against russian mediums than APCR. For example 907 whole turret top is soft against HEAT whereas apcr will bounce. When two equally skilled 907 fight each other hull down, one shooting HEAT wins hard. Or when you see o140 peeking over hill and you can just get shoot on his upper front plate but its heavily angled... apcr will autobounce, HEAT no problem comrade... Basically gold HEAT is just too good most of the time, of course APCR is still superior when shooting lower hulls or from side but chances getting shoots like that are far fewer in CW like ranked battles against better players. So its better just keep gold HEAT loaded and only switch to APCR in special cases like long range against soft targets.
  8. One guess: fix that new birds eye angled aiming view which they copied from mod. Currently its almost useless because it used somehow bad angles, original mod one was lot better and usable
  9. Buffs to high tier chinese tanks coming. Lets have some guesses for fun: 121: Gun depression increased to 5 degrees. Gun aim time buffed to 2.2 seconds, and/or soft stat buff. WZ-120: Same style of buffs as 121, aim time and depression 113: Upper and lower frontal plates buffed to 120mm-> 150mm WZ11111-5: no buffs, its good.
  10. Just doing climb once a week could be worth for weekly rewards, both weeks have gotten to rank 4 in about 3 hours, after that getting up from there is harder and more time consuming. But farming those first ranks is fast at least in EU with bigger population. And yes, last night saw couple bad redline snipers in medium tanks who clearly ranked by camping behind sniping and did seem to be doing well by this tactic. Expecting to see this behaviour spread, even to normal random battles.
  11. Not just CW niche, Strv103 is by far best TD in high tier ranked battles against hordes of gold spamming medium tanks which tell lot about it, and how underestimated it has been IMHO. Not only sniping, but it can be used in close range brawls peeking over hills just fine as long as it can keep enemies front of it (there is friendlies close so that enemies cannot rush past it). Its surprisingly tough target when played well, even in close range. Taking 263 to that kind of medium brawls would be totally useless with its lack of gun depression and huge vulnerable sideprofile and even front armor is effectively worse than strv103.
  12. There is just no point in 263 when you can also take stv103b. Also, new arty is even worse than previous against 263. Yes new arty hits half of damage compared to old, but new arty can also aim LOT faster and is more accurate dropping HE shells on open top 263. And 263 is really big target. Btw remember there is russian tank tree rebalance coming just about now, maybe next patch. If that also touches 263, things might change.
  13. Just fyi, Strv103b is imho one of best or maybe even The best tank to use, though also high skill needed with positioning. Gold ammo cuts through superheavies easily, high camo, decently tanky especially against mediums, pretty fast, one of best dpm in game so given chance and it racks damage fast. Just small caveat: if matches stay 3 arty a side next week too, it counters td's pretty hard.
  14. Random comments: - Tried using wz132-1 scout. After few games started to wonder why it did feel like it had almost no camo advantage. After checking in garage got enlightened: batchat has almost same movement camo, difference is just couple percents. And batchat gets 500m+ view range with good crew while still keeping its medium tank qualities. So i guess T-100LT is only choice for scouty scout. Maybe not even that as it has pretty bad view range. - 3 arty a side is cancer just like pre-arty-changes. Do something agressive/advantageous for your team like push forward to spot.... and you get focused by 3 t10 arties raining shells on you. And as they aim faster, reload faster and are more accurate than pre-patch, evading them is almost impossible unless in cover. - Quality of gameplay is crashing end of week as expected. Bit too many chevrons going out I would thing when even sub 50% players can get "highest" rank - IMHO 15vs15 is too much and leads campy games. Something like 10vs10 could be better both for less campy games and more teamplay. - Is there rigging going on? I have seen many top list peoples like half dozen or more times in games during week... and then some peoples never. Which sounds like some peoples are playing private games with counted countdown.
  15. Seems amount of arties is exploding at least in EU server, got this game just without even trying: