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  1. Problem is, current WG balancing seem to be around having gold ammo shoot on heavy tanks. Which leads to far too much armor if they are shoot with normal ammo. I hope WG does not thing gold is new standard. Short term financially surely good for them, but peoples are already getting pretty tired of how expensive this game is. Even WOWS from same company is LOT cheaper to play, even with full premium consumable loadouts.
  2. Its fine, got rank1 with it and Gaede. Good/Strong but not overpowered. Not very interesting compared to all other tier 6 dd's, does not bring anything really new to table. Well one thing, single launch torpedode mode which are most often not worth using though rarely in some situations with skillfull use they are advantage. Otherwise ship is just good mix of usual stuff. Good concealment, decent firepower but really floaty arcs so best at close range fights. Best torps in tier but also longest loading time of all. Small size, feels lot bit sturdy against enemy bb's trying to snipe as some other dd's. LittleWhiteMouses review has pretty much everything anyone needs to get about it, just conclusions can be bit wrong depending whether you like it or not. What comes to smoke mechanic changes, afaik they are already discarded in form they were posted in reddit. And anyway, peoples seem to be as usual far too stuck upon current mechanics and raging every time WG tries to change them. Just like stealth fire nerf, lot of whining how it would ruin game or spesific ships... and they ended up being fine.
  3. Yep, one of best maps in game. And they see it as problematic it while real "quality" maps like Stalingrad and Kharkov exists. Well one can always hope they plan to dump those maps and only concetrate making modifications on good maps...
  4. Plural "lights" is bit wrong as T-100 LT is the only light with real camo advantage. Rest of lights have pretty much have movement camo as Batchat... Nerfing medium view ranges well under what scouts have could work.
  5. 150mm, decent fire chance even without skills. Also _feels_ like their HE does lot better damage on BB's, maybe smaller guns HE shatter more?
  6. I am seeing Fusos doing same, spamming HE... It seems noobish but guess it could be pretty good in times. Fuso often struggless damage to angled enemy bb's, doing quaranteed damage and lighting fires and forcing damage control party could be pretty good really. That french tier 6 cruiser has also pretty dirty fire chance, something like 15%. Though I thing Budyonny is bit better at that role, less firechance but lot better shell arcs. Ranked to 5 with Gaede, I thing its again little underestimated. Lot of weaknesses but also hydro is really really good. Tried also Farragut bit, surely good but cant be assed to gamestyle where you sit in smoke spamming guns. Also, playing Gaede no-one expect me to smoke friendly BB's Fubuki and Hatsuharu has 10km torps, thats enough if you like torping safer. Especially Hatsu which has best concealment, only 6 torps and weak guns but ship still works fine.
  7. Effectively heavy tank with 750dmg alpha gun. Wow such balance.
  8. Played from rank 13 to 10, was easy going but initial experiences: Gaede is better than expected, feels very much like tier 6 version of Maass. 17.8k hitpoints with captain skill is no joke at tier6 against 13k health japan dd's. Though ship turns pretty damn slow for being dd. Tried both guns but I thing I stay in 150mm guns despite less dpm, feels 128mm guns do far too often zero or low damage HE hits on enemy dd's. Gotta test more. Warspite also strong, especially its special heal is very strong. Whatever they little it loses in tankiness compared to other bb's is nothing compared to how good its Repair Party is. Gun range is not that big problem with spotter plane and plane allows also shooting smoked Leanders. Btw did not realize untill now that high rank rewards are pretty bad this seasons, just getting to rank 10 gets most flag rewards and rest is mostly smallish amount of camos until rank 1. Yep those torpedo launchers it has are noob trap. They cannot resist trying to torpedo enemy dd's or something and getting side full open to enemy bb's.
  9. Pretty sure i have seen WG devs straight out say they do not like it. But I guess its typical there-is-no-easy-answer problem. Yes one big reason is probably just that XVM is soo popular. Unicum surely wont like when he gets yolorushed but then some worse players surely enjoys thinging "I killed that superplayer". More intresting/fun compared to "I killed player13 in enemy team". Gives more color to fight, har har
  10. Nice solution which would not work. I can thing right away at least one way to go around this: Everyone with xvm mod installed would automatically, at the start of the match, send their own team composition, names and tank types etc to XVM server. Remember, you are only hiding enemy team, names, you are still seeing own team names... As long as both teams has ONE xvm user who sends data, xvm server can easily compose full lineups for that match and set full xvm match data available to download for any xvm mod user in that match. Of course, xvm mod could have some difficulties matching names if there is multiple players using same tank type but I am sure there is ways around that using whatever info is available like tank types, first spotted location in map, if wot server always arrange names by alphabetical order etc etc, endless possibilities. Now, this kind of functionatility would probably need out-of-game installable program same style as vbaddict stat-uploader. So there would probably be less users than xvm mod currently has. But its also pushing average clueless wot players downloading and installing out of game, potentially very dangerous programs to their computers and this is like last thing WG would want. Normal inside WoT installed mods are more or less sandboxed to be safe and not able to do bad things.
  11. You dont need gold, that big rangefinder top of hull is 175mm effective and cupola is ~215mm. Lower front hull 210mm. Or did FochB get frontal armor buffs? But I thing you are right there is risk its too good especially against mediums/light tanks and lower tiers. I mean, with these stats it can drive around corner, clip full health IS3 in like 6-8 seconds and have still couple shoots in spare. By giving it bad penetration with gold devs made it possibly pretty balanced/OK again T10 heavy tanks/super heavy tanks but against lower armored enemies it can be too strong as it seems to have decent enough gun handling and angles to hit them reliably. I am betting devs cut clip size to 4-5 before release.
  12. WG has been saying in some dev comments they do not like XVM but then anyone with clue understands WG cannot do much against XVM either. Banning mod wont work, it is trivial to make out-of-game program which would show player stats in overlay over WoT or in extra window. Hiding player stats in WG API would just force mod makers to grap player data using other ways like fake modified game clients or crawling player data from WoT web site. Hiding player data everywhere would make lot of things more boring, despite all xvm whining lot of peoples like to compare stats for epeen and try to achieve better. Just look all these stat showing signatures in this thread posters are using...
  13. Sonar was really really good in Maass even with radars being around in tier 7 ranked. But Gaede seems to have just too bad ship compared to competiting dd's while Maass was about equal even without sonar (good torps, very highpoints, guns, competitive concealment).
  14. So effectively TVP but with greater clip size (8x220dmg = 1760, clipping lower tiers opponents in 8-11 seconds), better hull, better camo, better handling, 300 pen as standard... That would be blatantly overpowered.
  15. Easy to see why Foch B does not get good gold ammo. It would be far too good if it could unload 2.2k damage frontally against any target, in 10 seconds. Even now its potentially too good. In fact it has pretty insane dpm for autoloader. I thing normally tier 10 autoloaders are somewhere between 2k-2.5k dpm, FochB is 3.1k according to article. Gun seems to have decently good handling. Also more sideways traverse which is another big weakness in current Foch155. "Gun depression/elevation changed from -5/+12 to -6/+18 "