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  1. Just search youtube for them, filter for newer results so you wont get some 2015 results. For example
  2. Feels like derp gun is just too inaccurate for this hull. Tank really wants to snipe long range and derp guns weakish accuracy, slowish reload and bit weak penetration is bad match for that.
  3. Also gotta remember german BB's are very vulnerable being erased by new AP bombs, for example new test version Graf Zeppelin can outright kill full health Tirpitz using autodrop and one wave of dive bomber planes (3x 6 planes or something). Ok GZ is still test version and prolly gets nerfed/changed but point stays, german BB's are very vulnerable to AP bombs which seems to be coming more common. Especially Tirpitz which have worse AA than Bismarck. What comes to original question, I would not buy Tirpitz just because OP already has played Bismarck just recently. Gets boring play same style/almost same ship.
  4. Might be better set flap-button keybind so that flaps only stay lowered when button is kept pressed, there is option for that in same place as where keybind is set.
  5. Remember Tirpitz does not have hydro which imho makes it straight out worse than Bismarck, those Tirpitz torpedoes do not really compensate that.
  6. Medium? Old article speculates its heavy. Maybe t10 for upcoming separated heavy tree.
  7. They are coming, was mentioned in some dev interview. Map sizes are same as old, backgrounds just make them look larger. Most of maps are identical compared to old ones except small changes there and there. Like those temple ruins/pillars/castles they have springled here and there to give arty cover. For example El Halluf top corner medium brawling area has now castles/whatever giving arty cover for meds peeking each other close range. Anyone can say what is problem when I feel textures look little bit of pixelated/flickering especially when moving? Too low fps at around 55fps? Edit: hmm could be Chromatic Aberration
  8. Yep Prokhorova map can see bit of gameplay change, hill and top right corner are lowered, also some other angles are different. For example south side middle near track seems more gently sloping, forcing driving more open to shoot hill. Also some bushes top of hill removed or rearranged etc etc. IMHO Prokhorova is kind of special map where even slight changes of angles and slopes can make big differences. Unfortunately makes even more open for arties. Like how they added some random pillars Cliff middle, gives some arty cover. Probably reason they have added castles and pillars and stuff all around. And same with Mines.
  9. Kind of miss z23 big guns, remember citadeling Zao and Ibuki with them... though I guess on average they were about equal to small guns.
  10. Does small differences in concealment matter much when there is coordinated radars in enemy team... Btw Z52 has soo short torpedo range that it needs be inside even US 9.5km(?) radar range to _effectively_ torp and any dd spotted in open 10km away will die really fast against 4-5 Moskva's/Hindenburgs railguns. Does not help German DD's take lot of AP damage. Though I guess Z52 is still good if there is rocks to hug while keeping most of cap lighted up with hydro or just covering team with extra hydro in addition to what other ships have. Still also negative of extra short smoke duration. Why bring Minotaur when you can bring Des Moines instead... no torps or hydro but does not die immediately when Hindenburgs shoot smoke with spotter planes. And Minotaur damage output is abysmal bad against angling/manouvring targets 10km+ range.
  11. skill4ltu said something like this: tier 8 premium 9/10 or 10/10, tier 8 tech tree version 3/10. But then its non-turreted td', not all like that style tanks.
  12. Flanking/harassing/spotting from side worked fine on ranked as long as it was done with proper ship and using brains. Just spotting from side was often extremely valuable, revealing enemies hugging island or behind smokes. Except when there was CV, then it was no more possible as CV could keep flanking dd spotted too easily. Fast ship could run and evade chasing enemy ships and get out of spotting range pretty easily, but there is no ship fast enough to outrun CV planes. Using own RDF and also using RDF spotted indicator for locating enemy RDF ship is minigame in itself. Though at tier 10 problem comes from cruisers having too high radar ranges against dd's, especially Moskva's 11km+. Covers too much area.
  13. Trump news: Richard Nixon disappeared because WG hired him to make new PR rating. And new WG PR is in fact WN9. You heard it here first.
  14. So what is exactly problem why it does not work? I would thing its not possible to send two ships to chase flanking dd with rdf's because then your main group is 5vs6 against enemy main group? Flanking dd prolly cannot hit anything with its torps but it can still force your main group to turn sideways possibly making them take more damage from enemy main group or risk eating torps? Like forcing bow tanking Moskvas to turn or eat torp. Were radar changes dropped? 11km+ radars seems to be making dd life really hard even without CV. Though I guess depends what one means by flanking, is it being 10km away from main group or 30km away... Is there youtube videos of 7vs7 games without carrier?
  15. 260 was never overpowered, not even when it was new. Pubbies prolly though back then that it was OP as most peoples playing it back then were really good (and try-harding with it). And now its powercreeped by normal tech tree tanks getting buffs (for example IS7 is good now).
  16. Tier 10 carriers are same as old prenerf arty in WoT or even worse. When good t10 CV player decides you die, there is not much you can do if you are alone. To evade it, you need to hug with rest of your team for AA cover. Any kind of going solo, flanking or agressive play means getting removed by enemy CV. And as its 7vs7 game mode impact of the CV is even far greater. I guess WG absolute wants game mode be t10 and 7vs7 but with these limits CV just cannot fit in? Not really same, DD's and cruisers can counter BB's pretty well. Balanced team with well played Khabarovsks, Hinderburgs, Shimakazes etc could make team with too much BB power suffer. Though Conqueror could throw balance bit off with its ridiculous HE and repair party. But maybe peoples with real T10 competitive experience can say about their experiences?
  17. Does not seem to work too well, Something like 70% of my solo IS7 games last days been full t10 matches. Which probably means everyone is playing t10 tanks, more and more. Though as always, depends time of day lot. Daytime/early night sealclub t8 tanks, late night almost every match is full t10.
  18. There is two small problems with gun: firstly dpm feels little lowish and secondly more importantly gold ammo penetration is little on lower side so even perfectly aimed shoots on e100 or Maus turret face are random rolls if they pen. 10-20 more penetration would be big boost but well, tank is strong enough already so cannot really ask that. Especially as gold ammo is APCR which is often lot better than HEAT.
  19. No-one told how good IS-7 is now? No wonder I saw some random match teams having 5-6 IS-7 in one match. Fast, impenetrable turret, decent gun handling. Only weakness is bit low health for heavy tank.
  20. FV215B has good turret armor and best gun in its tier, its still more underpowered side than overpowered. This looks about same.
  21. Remember AFK Panther hull is at least twice as big target as real scouts, easy target for enemies. Cannot be played like normal scouts even if camo values are good. Also mobility is probably little weaker. Still looks intresting with that gun.
  22. At least it has still bad gunhandling so it wont be as good as grille at that. Also grille has some camo, 4005 II has none, helps bit too. And having barn as turret so it wont fit all camoed shooting spots, its really pretty big tank. Still, makes life of lights and meds harder. FV183 armor is perfectly usable (not reliable but usable) even against t10 tanks when used properly. Sidescraping works decently thanks to rear turret, yes there is fv215b style weakspot under turret but peoples usually do not aim much when they see fv183 aiming them back. Turret is workable too, there weak spots but its not easy autopen like 4005 II. Yep at15 was surprisingly good when played it couple years ago. Even nowadays I see them often doing pretty well in randoms unless downtiered lot though I guess new op premiums make AT15 life harder.
  23. Not that it mattered much, when your army is mostly horse-powered and you are still running out of fuel...
  24. Who doesnt like large, open topped vehicles in world of fast aiming, pinpoint accurate arties?
  25. Anyone noticed funny coincident: Most of Admiral Yamato campaign missions opened this week has using high tier CV as requirement. And Graf Zeppelin just happened to be hastily released same week