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  1. Nagato also has 305mm belt and Amagi actually has it thinner at 254mm. It's more often than not the overmatch mechanic and arbitrary plating coverage and value that determines a ship's tankiness in this game. If hood will have an xbox hueg surface area that's overmatch-able (Nagato, Colorado), then it wouldn't feel so tanky. If it will have a sizeable portion of side hull covered by main belt (Amagi) or have its freeboard covered in overmatch-proof plating (Amagi, Scharn), then it'd be quite tanky even if it'd have 25mm bow.
  2. When this patch goes live, will there be any reason to pick Blys over Leningrad? When introduced, Leningrad had bit better camo, comparable torps but more, almost same HP and better speed. I'd argue better overall agility as well b/c Lenin can comfortably afford accel. upgrade while Blys handles bit clumsy without rudder upgrade. What it lacked vis-à-vis Blys was gunpower - although shell arcs were similar, it lacked both Alpha and DPM (about 2k short). It also lagged in stealthfire abuse department as well. Recent Russian DD HE damage buff to 1900 has placed Leningrad DPM over Blys by about 1.5k. When stealthfire is gone, it will also be decidedly better in AFT range fights thanks to the speed. About the only advantage Blys will have post patch is the alpha damage. Edit: I haven't checked but does Blys have better fire-per-minute stat than Leningrad?
  3. It uses exact same Khaba torps (the 10k one). Spec is comparable to Benson torps, which says a lot of USN DDs.
  4. Airship Kitakami?
  5. The biggest gripe for DDs is that their camo bloom from firing got nerfed hard even when knife-fight spec'd. Taking AFT for whatever reason would be highly discouraged for any DD that wants to actively contest caps, toning down the skill's roll as primarily AA skill for larger ships or RU DD staple.
  6. It seems Alabama is getting underwater Citadel like NC for final testing just before release.
  7. Words are that it'd be opposite of Saipan: more planes of lesser tier. Speculated flight comp is 2-2-2 with 5-plane TB squads and DB squads. If Kaga uses same T6 TB like Hiryu does, 10 torps per drop and large plane reserve might prove to be rather nasty for the tier.
  8. What ship is the best winrate option for a two-men div with a Yamato? Excepting CVs of course. Gearing?
  9. I say Maass is an oddball out in the tree in that it enjoys a combination of good things that other ships in the tree enjoy only in separate parts. 1. It has fattest hp pool with a comfortable 2k difference between the second best (Blys). 2. It has a competitive HE dpm nearly same as that of buffed Minsk/Leningrad and slightly higher than that of Blys. Situational AP usage will ofc bring the dpm higher. 3. It has a competitive stealth value (same as Blys) compared to best knife-fighters in tier, which are Mahan and Sims.
  10. IIRC Benson-B is used for both randoms and ranked, while Benson-C is widely used in competitive clan matches for DF.
  11. My opinion: 155 Mogami is more or less a one trick pony: damage dealer at range. She can occasionally surprise DDs and cruisers at close range with devastating alpha strike but any prolonged engagement at such range is detrimental due to its turret traverse limiting her firing while maneuvering. Number crunching: Kiev is actually slightly ahead of Lo Yang/Benson-C in both HE DPM and Ship HP thanks to the recent RU DD damage buff. Ognevoi HE DPM is similar to Kagerou, which is underwhelming. But it does have a great torp suite better than that of Benson.
  12. How does the game treat the decimals when calculating normal penetration damages?
  13. Camo, range, and citadel armor seems very similar to Aoba. Seems like a good light cruiser with scary fast yolo torps.
  14. Gun caliber quirks: can overmatch Brit cruiser bows, can HE-pen 50mm with IFHE, damaging things like Yamato/GK deck and Moskva sides.
  15. He's just kidding with you, like I'm doing right now Many delightful ways to butcher pronunciation. Emil lee bert in La Garlics Sain-"T" Loo is Hen-ree the fourth. Alternatively, Hen ree "eev" Why is Chally still on WG payroll? Judging by tank museum videos, he isn't even doing the supposed armor expert job properly.