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  1. that is quite intentional. WG said not balancing the number of mediums and heavies is good because it adds variety, lol https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/04/22/wot-0-9-18-developer-qa-42017/
  2. Every time I see a piece of insubstantial but incredible news, I might take them for being true just on the assumption that nobody could possibly have anything to gain from fabricating something so meaningless, but seeing there are people out there making up bogus news for pixel tanks for no reason, I suppose anything is possible
  3. I still prefer CraBearOff
  4. playing the t10 russian pancake LT on CT, I went to spot middle on lakeville but drove through the bush I was supposed to set up behind and into the lake accidents happen
  5. can't login to SB even though I was told I was accepted. anyone else got it?

    1. Rspctd


      You need to go to the link in your email and redo the new password thingy. Worked for me once I did that. 

    2. Fulvin


      thanks, that was it. that was on me for not reading the email, lol


  6. NClpZpr.jpg


    1. Assassin7


      those stats and 0 damage in 10 shots dafug

    2. Luna


      That PR makes me erect

  7. there were surveys about the arty changes for SB players despite my being glad they were trying to fix arty, I never neglected to express how arty is the greatest source of frustration for me, and how an indirect-fire class should not exist
  8. lmao


    1. MacusFlash


      I miss that map so much :cri:

  9. https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/607inl/garbad_reviews_the_t25_pilot/ TIL early/mid 2015 was three years ago
  10. 145 ap pen is bad, so you'd often have to spam gold which costs 4800 credits for 180 alpha, which is absurd. it wouldn't be hard to lose money doing so. 131 gets better and cheaper gold ammo for its 85mm for some reason. if you want a rare tank then whatever floats your boat, but this tank doesn't seem to have an awful a lot of utility. most premium tanks have their unique quirks that make them interesting, but the type 62 is a carbon copy of the 131 that looks and plays exactly the same while being worse at everything.
  11. I rate the sandbox experience AIDS/10


    1. TAdoo87


      I didn't have time to play on it yet. Would you elaborate?

    2. Fulvin


      @TAdoo87 I guess you didn't see the picture I had linked. turn on "Use rich text format?" in the status update bar options

      it was just that my winrate sucks balls, and SB players are terribad

    3. nabucodonsor


      Terribad is a compliment. I dont know why WG would want people who can not imagine the idea of having an opinion. So retarded

  12. M4A1 Revalorisé: 14 AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 36 Lowe: 39 T26E5 (Patriot): 37+1=38 strongest of the murican t8s and makes money Skorpion G: 20 STA-2: 11 M46 KR: 21 112: 23 Pz. 58 Mutz: 8-3=5 typical shitter t8 med needs to go, STA-2 is next T26E4: 6 Type 59: 1
  13. Quote

    Latest Sandbox News

    Regardless of how frustrating it can be at times, artillery belongs in the game.

    uhh, no

  14. type is a great for credits. 252 credit AP rounds with high credit multiplier means 50k just for leaving the base. maybe you'd have more success with making money if you didn't spam APCR if you miss/bounce three APCR shells then you've just cut 13.2k off your earnings, so better not shoot any at all if you're in it for credits. it's honestly not that bad. bully low tiers and stuff you can pen, and don't fight IS-3s head on