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  1. that's insane. at that point you'd probably be better off soloing also, no friends => no platoon => profit
  2. 3 battles in after a year break and my shoulders ache already



    1. DirtyACE7


      One of those times when the wretchedness of the team is just high enough for you to be able to still carry. Nice job man! But remember, the mongoloids are easily startled but they'll soon be back... and in greater numbers.

  3. Quote

    The Rheinmetall Skorpion G, German Tier VIII tank destroyer, was off the charts in terms of popularity since day one, thanks to its very enjoyable and fun gameplay.


  4. watching some old 8.X replays (c.2013) has really made me want to play that patch for reasons @Rexxie explained here. without arta of course

    wot 2017 doesn't appeal to me at all enough to want to return even after a year break

    1. Fulcrous


      Was that when vision meta was still a thing?

    2. Fulvin


      I guess so. at least the original redshire and el hallouf and murovanka were definitely maps where nothing happened without someone spotting. everyone just camped because there were few or none funneled brawling areas

  5. if yellow threshold is 50% a highroll would suffice
  6. let garbad back on wotlabs so he doesn't need to waste his breath arguing with shitters in /r/worldoftanks for lack of better outlet
  7. dce9c3v.png

    tfw only one of these wot streamers plays the game anymore


    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Assassin7


      I know im not in the screenshot but shameless self promotion and all that

    3. Devo


      I was in a match with Sela within the last month iirc.  Maybe just not streaming anymore?

    4. Zepherex


      @Assassin7 those are good players he misses watching :^)

  8. going by RNX's site, the type beats all t8 mediums in expected WR for all skill levels. it loses to a number of the best t8 heavies though. http://jaj22.org.uk/expvals.html also hypehype https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/05/28/wot-grand-finals-qa-part-3/
  9. you're probably right, but that's not the point as an answer to WN8 related question, your post is a shitpost as it doesn't help OP at all. This view has nothing to do with OP's being a "pro" either. You just shouldn't assume the worst and answer cheekily to candid inquiry overall, I'm starting to get sick of clicking on these kind of threads just to find the first reply to be some variety of "LOL who cares about stats" type of drivel regardless of what was actually asked and for what reason.
  10. you're right, and the decision was made for several reasons that I can regurgitate here: after the introduction of new LTs and changes to MM and arty, WN8 loses yet more validity for historical reasons (an inherent problem, but these recent changes are unprecedentedly significant) up-keeping the expected values is a job that hasn't got eager volunteers left, hence the move to tier averages that needn't active maintenance as regards to the addition of new tanks
  11. netflix doesn't accept paypal unless it has credit card linked to it. their "first month free" can get fucked

    1. Android25


      They do it so you can't get unlimited months free... On the plus side you can get as many months free as unique credit/debit card numbers you have...

    2. Kolni


      You don't have to wait a month to end the subscription either, literally just put it in, then end subscription and woopdido netflix works for a month for free

    3. Fulvin


      I know Kolni, but I'm paranoid about getting my card stolen. anyway I ended up putting up with it and entered my debit card.

      I had this picture about netflix that they had an awesome selection but they haven't got a single movie I had on my list to watch, including but not limited to

      whiplash (2014)
      inglourious basterds (2009)
      full metal jacket (1987)
      apocalypse now (1979)
      das boot (1981)
      platoon (1986)

      well then. I guess that's on me for not checking up on this beforehand, but I honestly expected better for all the hype

      not even GoT is available. what is this trash

      so get VPN or go home apparently

  12. that is quite intentional. WG said not balancing the number of mediums and heavies is good because it adds variety, lol https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/04/22/wot-0-9-18-developer-qa-42017/
  13. Every time I see a piece of insubstantial but incredible news, I might take them for being true just on the assumption that nobody could possibly have anything to gain from fabricating something so meaningless, but seeing there are people out there making up bogus news for pixel tanks for no reason, I suppose anything is possible
  14. I still prefer CraBearOff
  15. playing the t10 russian pancake LT on CT, I went to spot middle on lakeville but drove through the bush I was supposed to set up behind and into the lake accidents happen