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  1. #remove jap heavies from the game

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    2. Hellsfog


      Has much as the Type 5, Type 4 et. als. are annoying. The 268v4, on the hand, is just broken. 

    3. nabucodonsor



    4. leggasiini


      I like how Type 5 goes from the one of the worst tier 10s into one of the most canceorus ones. In all cases it has been a hated vehicle in a way or other. Poor thing.

      Was buffing the bloody 14cm really that hard? I guess it doesnt have possibility for P2W gold HE so ehhh. I wish they removed the derp but that wont happen.

  2. join date July 2013, zero poasts until today. requesting OP's member title be changed to Supreme Master Lurker Overlord
  3. I waited 78 games for this moment. 15-0 lmao http://wotreplays.eu/site/4171502#malinovka-fulvin-elc_even_90
  4. I'm trash :/ how is it possible to avg more assisted? it feels like I can never get into position to spot without being lit by another light tank because there are three of them per team zooming around every game
  5. weird, because this bit says that's not to happen. maybe they have a broken phone between WG's news and development departments
  6. @CraBeatOff do you think it'd be playable without BIA or vision skills? my crew only has 6th and full camo, so carbon's binocs setup would give measly 405m vr on the move, which seems super low to me
  7. if you look up the stats of anyone who had the waffle, the stats are still there. sela for instance http://wotlabs.net/na/player/sela
  8. the tank will stay on service record the same way WTE100 stats did meaning that if you play the 430 badly now, the stats will be preserved to shame you forever :^)
  9. good meme :doge:




    1. Assassin7




      My highest is in the M4 Rev, pre buff, if that beats you

    2. Errants


      Damn, well done.

  10. Researched:
    Object 430 researched. Undistributed experience spent: 260000. Free Experience spent: 0.


    p.s. 430v2 is a sidescraping beast but otherwise I like the T-54 better

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      i was surprised by how fun/good the 430 v2 was, and the fact that i had never played it until now.


    2. Darvek


      I've been enjoying it too. Though I started off playing terribly so my DPG is still lagging a bit. But those 4k+ damage blocked by armor games in a medium tank make me smile. Doesn't happen all the time, but in the right spots (and without HE spam) it's fantastic.

  11. >arty steals your Pool's


    1. TAdoo87


      Would have been your first Pool's? :brokenheart:

      Actually, it probably doesn't matter.

    2. Fulvin


      would have been my second one. :brokenheart:  last one was at t7 tho


    3. orzel286


      Pool's closed.

  12. behold the crappiest kolobanov's of all time



    1. hazzgar


      Why the hell are you playing the jtig? I know it's a prem but its slow and shit and boring

    2. Fulcrous


      easiest 10 bonds at tier 8 ever xd

    3. MAJEST1C


      That 725 damage...

  13. how to win less than a bot quick guide right here. the amx 30p went to K0 and akf'd there the entire game after that. it was a close game too, but we lost to cap
  14. guess which team won :doge:


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    2. snowdude21325


      I'm surprised because I've been told the 110 is a better IS3 with better DPM, mobility and other shit

    3. Darvek


      You've been lied to snowdude. Someone does not have your best interests at heart. The 110 awful. Armor's no good, mobility isn't enough to make up for the lack of armor, and the dpm isn't high enough to reliably trade 2:1 against many of the things the things that you face, most of which have higher alpha.

    4. snowdude21325


      Oh I know, I had a couple people trying to tell me that and I laughed till they left the channel in TS that I was in