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    1. DirtyACE7


      Just a different shade of shitter. Bet you can't wait until you're a purple shitter, that's when you get shit on the most ;)

  2. T-54 prot is 33€ right now bundled with 15 x5 xp missions and 5 300% 2h crew xp boosters (and 30d prem time). additionally, a +50% xp event starts tomorrow. basically you could train a killer crew with that tank really fast the question is, is this tank a complete turd? does present t8 mm make it unplayable?
  3. my last 100 games solo. fortunately I'm teal so wargaming's hacks don't work on me
  4. this tank has exceptionally long stock grind. it takes 93 000xp to unlock top modules, which almost rivals the E50 in that regard. I guess the second gun isn't unbearably bad, but still much worse than the top gun. fortunately all the top turret does is add 50 hitpoints, so it isn't essential. I honestly don't know why it is even there. once elited though the tank looks great. basically T-34-3 firepower at tier 7 with better RoF. excepting better DPM, the IS-2 has identical gun hardstats to pre-9.20.1 T-34-3 so it can't be bad. bloom is worse though
  5. 118mm long, 115 grams literally a brick
  6. T-54 still pretty good if you hate credits
  7. I played some ten games today and mm was better than what I had come to expect from all the talk (I hadn't played since defender introduction and mm change). most of the time I just fired AP and avoided 1v1s with the biggest bricktanks. even t9 games had few enough t9s, so I won't complain. the gun feels new, and not having to juggle 30 rounds between APCR and AP is a big pro. now you can hard-carry and make money with one ammo loadout. those poor t6 tanks didn't stand a chance.also look at how small the reticle is on the move now. replay
  8. what equipment do you guys plan to run with these changes? vstab and rammer, but I'm not decided on optics vs. vents vents seem to do little while optics give full +30m for 418m view range (no vision crewskills, no BIA) food and optics seem like the best combo
  9. try out strv103

    flip over

    friend T57 comes to help

    he fails, I die

    friend T57 gets -1 for tk


    1. Fulvin



      was close

  10. old stats vs. new T-34-3 is also getting type's turret and hull armor with HD model, and aimtime of 2.78s from 3.26s which is the same as type's present aimtime gonna need to reinstall to try these out
  11. super conqueror is pretty good/10 another:
  12. fv4005 makes for healthy gameplay
  13. wanted to try buffed type on test  server, but because my RU alt with 12 battles has the same email, I couldn't login with my EU account. rip

    1. DHP


      can't you log with Ru account and free xp everything ? 


    2. Fulvin


      by type I meant type 59

  14. Type 59 no more trash gun soon™?


    they mentioned buffing DPM too, but didn't say by how much

    1. mostlyhybrid


      Still hoping for some sort of ammo count buff like the 54 Prot got

    2. Errants


      Still want it for sale again...

    3. hazzgar


      Any more info?


  15. it only includes players whose stats have been looked up on wotlabs