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  1. The most important use by far is resetting crew skills for 6th and BiA. You don't want to be losing 10% off all accumulated XP. When retraining crews for a new tank, you can use credits, because then you'll only lose 10% of the primary qualification. If you remove equipment, do it for gold. I rarely remove equipment at all, because I tend to just sell the tanks that have the equipment mounted on them. It depends on how much credits you have, and how quickly you want to progress. I've never converted free XP, because I prefer to slowly grind it through playing. Premium time is great to buy for gold if you only play seriously every now and then. Camo, especially summer camo, is worth it for keeper tanks.
  2. Early damage is the best damage. You could've went south to punish enemies as they climb the hill. Spotting the north flank is not that viable. Alternatively, had your Ltwt friend come north with you, maybe you could've cleared the northern flank faster. Karelia with a slow team just happens to be painful. Also, it's beside the point, but your use of manual fire extinguishers bothers me.
  3. *ZOOM ZOOM* *SNAP SNAP* *DING DING* The minimal bloom gives it a unique playstyle. Some people go so far as to replace v-stab with vents, although that's a bit unorthodox. Though lower than that of other t9 LTs except the 13 90, the pen of standard ammo is now workable. The Ltwt makes up for the lack of WZ-132A-grade alpha with both speed and armor.
  4. The 113 and TVP seem to be all the rage nowadays, if you want to be competitive. The E 50 M is heavy duty, and could be fun also. Edit: I do still love my E5. It's not as immune to arty as superheavies are, but the 113 is also weak in that department.
  5. This option seems the most likely to me. With his bullshit, Foch finally succeeded in breaking Ph3lan et al. I doubt the ensuing witch-hunt will help towards: WG explaining their strategy on why they are releasing OP tanks. Stopping their release.
  6. Nice ridgeline fighting. I think you could've taken advantage of the E100's mistake. There was no saving her, but it's as if you stayed behind out of spite. Instead, you could've moved up to take shots while the E100's HP was beind depleted. Arguably, you could've also taken a shot for the T-62A to avoid a perma-track. It would've been a waste, though, since the guy was a potato, anyway.
  7. I've come to suspect that I may be more of a scumbag than I thought I was. It boils down to a lack of girls. Therefore, I'm thinking of playing only the French SPG line from the tier V upwards. Should the Stug and HTC scumbag missions be relatively painless to accomplish through casual play? Edit: Come to think of it, I should stop at the French T8. Then the question becomes whether you also need to grind other lines, such as the 261 and T92
  8. 13 90, T-10, PTA, and even the T50 and 50 120. There's not much reason to play their tier 10 counterparts until ranked battles come along.
  9. After having the rampage gamemode fail so badly, I don't understand why they keep pushing the same old headless, respawning chickens running trough a maze. In particular, the repair zones are an annoying and broken mechanic. In a team-based game, I'd like to see team-based solutions, such as having heavy tanks giving out repairs to adjacent vehicles, or something. I like having objectives around the map and seeing the battle develop, but the game must reward smart plays. There should be both clear frontlines, as well as opportunities for flanking and scouting. It runs the risk of turning into another impersonal slugfest.
  10. Speed, vision, and high clip potential take player skill to be fully realized. Since Victor Kislyi "reshuffled" the dev team and embraced populism, a dumbing down of the game was all the could ensue. Superheavy meta reigns.
  11. +1 on cola. Similar to the T69, I run GLD instead of optics. I started with 100% repairs, but training camo after that was very noticeable despite the poor base camo. This tank repairs its tracks insanely fast, so to me 100% repairs is not a must. BiA, sit. awareness, and gun handling skills have priority. Due to the long inter-clip reload time, hitting your shots is imperative. Every bit of extra gun handling helps. Patience is key: don't rush your shots. It's rare to find situations where the enemy is distracted enough so that you can take all 4 shots. As said above, the T54E1 can't currently compete against the 50 120 and Skoda T50. It could use an improvement to gun handling (between shots) to reduce the infuriating RNG factor.
  12. My point was the the ltwt is not supposed to engage top tier heavies at range. It's supposed to either spot for TDs and arty, or it can circle heavies if they're caught alone.
  13. Rather than a problem of the 54 ltwt per se, I think this reflects the current corridor maps and the overbuffing of superheavies. The ltwt can easily outspot and outrun those tanks. One-on-one, the ltwt can't run circles around them if the maps are too confined. Also, if arty won't be able to hurt heavy armor at all, the usefulness of scouts will be diminished.
  14. According to Power/weight has been buffed from 22.85 to 32.64 and reverse speed from 20 to 23. Dispersion nerfed from 0.36 to 0.40. Another tank that has 0.40 dispersion is the T29, so this is very bad. However, the bloom is phenomenal at 0.08 when moving and 0.06 on turret traverse. View range increased from 390 to 410 m. Penetration increased from 175 to 208. APCR pen is unchanged, though. DPM increased from 2085.71 to 2300.42. Health increased by 50. It seems to specialize in brawling enemy lights, scouting, taking out arty, and flanking. No more chai, I guess.
  15. The T-55A indeed uses USSR clan camo. I just double-checked ingame.