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  1. So i dont know where to post this but my stat page didnt update in the last 3 days. Played around 20 battles. Does it take some time until it refreshes the 24h and 7 day stats?

  2. Hey lads, i am not dead. World of Tonks just burnt me out and i stopped playing it for now. I have some private stuff aswell which i have to take care first. Sorry for me disappearing out of nowhere. I promise that i will come back, just not now. ~constie 

  3. Why are you still dead?

    1. Siimcy


      He's probs MIA :feelsbad:

  4. Guess who is back? (kinda)

    Update me plox :3

    1. Scout_in_da_house


      I'm still your god :doge: 

    2. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      solono still shits on people in typical solono fashion =3

    3. koel76


      You are missing the campaign.

  5. fgt stahp being dededed u shud be back nao ;__;

    1. Constie


      oi still alive just 3 more weeks, not time to do stuff. be back soon :d

  6. They gave me two pussies for the price of one.
  7. Wow, seems like someone at the WGEU HQ pressed the wrong button. I personally don't care, whoever bought gold and got a bonus should keep it. They should not make it even more complicated.
  8. Kittteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehy
  9. Yes bby, this gonna be awesum. Asking myself what the lower ones will be. Gotta finish the Obj 260 missions quicker
  10. Heard of it, never saw the actual battle.
  12. Just realized that i am already one year on Wotlabs. :fish: